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  1. Really, you wan't ME to stick up for "Kanuckians"....LOL.. I don't even like myself..... I only keep Carl in line because I get HUNGRY with all his seachifying.. LETS EAT !!!!!!
  2. Because I don't have a clue what you guys are talking about ?? I am confused, very very confused....my piggy bank is empty and I ain't got no steer. And when Carl starts a speechafying I well, you know......????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my OLD friend !!!!! Hope you have many many more .:Happy Birthday::Happy Birthday::group cheers::group cheers:
  4. Thank you Carl for doing this.....
  5. Thanks Carl , I sent you a few more to post...For those of you who took pics at the rally and cant post them, I have been sending them to Carl and he is doing the pics for me.. Thanks Carl...
  6. You want to kick a man whens down????
  7. OK, at the rally somehow I dislocated or pinched a nerve my hip.It was getting worse as the rally went on. By Sunday I was barely walking, but I could walk.. When I got home I could not walk at all..I managed to get off the bike and work my way up to my bedroom by using a chair to hold myself up. Vickie hooked me up to my Tems unit...laid there in pain since Sunday. There was no walking even to the bathroom buts that's another story...Couldn't go to dr. or hosp. as Vickie could not help me, besides I was in too much pain and could not even sit up or stand..I laid there for two days trying to
  8. Same thing with pics...can't down load them to the site from the phone ???.. Just got home. Hip went out due to all the fun, frolic, and pole dancing.. Can't take but a few steps at a time for now..in pain....We had twenty something venture rider members and guests attend.. Food was good as usual, the steak dinner on Saturday was excellent as was the stuffed pepper dinner and fish dinner.. BISCIUTS AND GRAVY FOR BREAKFAST THIS MORNING....YUM YUM ! Winner of the miniature golf contest goes to RDAWSON (low score) and higest score went to mj44 Mary jo...BOTH RECEIVED A $50.00 GIFT CARD FOR Pio
  9. No problem....better safe than sorry...call Jenny at the shores....
  10. When handed lemons....make lemonade !!! That's what we will do @ the rally. We will make the best of it . We will have less stories and less lies to tell. lol
  11. KY. is not on the list.. you are good to go...
  12. Yes, you are right there were additions added today. I Can't tell anyone what to do...
  13. I will check with Ernie when I get there tomorrow about your refund...
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