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  1. Just do what we do in Buffalo...Put a sweater over your shorts and fire up the grill... The snow will melt by May !!!! Lake Erie finally is at 32 degrees as of yesterday...The snow machine if shut off as long as it stays frozen.. Ice fishing time.....lol
  2. Went to calendar................... still can't sign up guests ???????
  3. Carl, how do you put your guest down for the rally ? Do you plan to put this on the calendar ? Do you have a number for reservations ? Inquiring minds want to know..
  4. Carl, just wondering if you have heard any new .
  5. As you might have figured out by now, Carl will be running the WNY Rally for 2021. Thank you Carl for being VOLUNTEERED lol. I hope to see you all there. I will be waiting for new news also. Thanks again Carl and good luck.
  6. If I can recall correctly, I believe it was 1976. Went up to the Skyline towers for an anniversary dinner. Paid an outragous price for dinner that tasted like cardboard without any seasoning. Came back to the USA and stopped at McDonalds to get the bad taste out of our mouths... True story.....you asked !!!! STILL LOVE YOU GUYS....LOL
  7. Ain't nutten up thar I need to see...Don't need no excuse..
  8. I talked to Ernie to set the dates. I will confirm with him availability of that week. He has a lot of advance booking for this year. Give me a day or two to get these dates confirmed. He did tell me that no payment will be due at booking , but FULL payment will be due ONE WEEK prior to the rally. Also he got rid of the company that was doing on line bookings... they were messing up the bookings. He will take care of the bookings himself and I will give you his cell no. as soon as I confirm the dates. Bare with me..
  9. Really, you wan't ME to stick up for "Kanuckians"....LOL.. I don't even like myself..... I only keep Carl in line because I get HUNGRY with all his seachifying.. LETS EAT !!!!!!
  10. Because I don't have a clue what you guys are talking about ?? I am confused, very very confused....my piggy bank is empty and I ain't got no steer. And when Carl starts a speechafying I well, you know......????????????????????????????????????????????????
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my OLD friend !!!!! Hope you have many many more .:Happy Birthday::Happy Birthday::group cheers::group cheers:
  12. Thank you Carl for doing this.....
  13. Thanks Carl , I sent you a few more to post...For those of you who took pics at the rally and cant post them, I have been sending them to Carl and he is doing the pics for me.. Thanks Carl...
  14. You want to kick a man whens down????
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