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  1. Great news. Thanks for the update. We will keep praying
  2. Our prayers will include Marca and the surgeon, for the best outcome and recovery. A Blessed Christmas present it will be.
  3. Enjoy your time on the water. You deserve a good break
  4. Yes, Bob was a gem of a man. I feel lucky that I had met him and became friends with him. My thoughts and prayers still go out to Becky and hoping she is at peace and living an active life.
  5. Don, 61! Really! Must be all that enjoyable living and riding that has kept you looking young. Pretty exciting to be crossing that 100,000 threshold. Congratulations, you the Man.
  6. Well done Ben. Your a good person and neighbour.
  7. We can’t be there and know we will miss out on a really enjoyable time, but last night in BongoBob’s honour we had a toast and Hot Sex. All previous attendees will know what this is about.
  8. Have a great time Craig, we are missing you and Kim. Don’t let them talk you into eating too many gummy bears
  9. Ya'all have a great time, and you know we Canadians wish we could be there with you. Please post pictures and a few stories for us.
  10. Im glad to read that the windshield was the only thing that got damaged.
  11. That is terrific Don. Nice to hear that Eileen was able to get out and enjoy some time with you on the bike. I'm now toying with the idea as you did last year and selling my bike. Very little riding last summer and this year have been home all summer and still very little riding. I'll have to mull it over and then see what it might be worth to list it. Keep the rubber side down as they say and keep smiling.
  12. Dave great news on all accounts. Nothing wrong with your convertible, but it truly doesn't replace the enjoyment on a bike. Congratulations.
  13. dogman


    A Big, Congratulations and Happy Anniversary.
  14. Hello all, unfortunately, I did change my attendance to a no on your list, but best I also say so on here. Because the boarder has been closed until July 21st, I wanted to give you the heads up for numbers of attendees. I will miss seeing you all there and enjoying the rides along with the great evenings around the campfires. I hope the weather will be perfect for all that are able to attend so you can have as good a time as we always do at the WNY Rally in past years.
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