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  1. I hope to take the SS. Badger from N. Mich across Lake Michigan to WI. Been to LaCrosse, WI 3 times but always in Car. Want to make RSV w/ Trailer on a Camping Trip your way S.W. WI. Plz PM me some Pictures of Camping Area and local sites and roads? Charlie
  2. YES the instructions clearly stated "Skyward" when I installed mine a few years ago on my RSV 2008.
  3. Yes Eastern TN... I have NASCAR Bristol Race Night Race on my Bucket List too 3 cents
  4. Jeff, Yeah that is what I was gonna say... NOT...LOL. I think you have found the problems based on what you have told me at MD-2013 and read here. Charlie & Tess PS: Thanks for the SS-Kickstand Plate again.
  5. Larry, Maybe since we are spread out we can do a Flag Relay around the state (Fri-Sat-Sun) people can join in at any defined point and drop out at a defined point to hand off Memorial Flag or something similar to that? Standing by in N.W. Michigan Charlie & Tess
  6. Same here Orlin on this side of the big lake. The SS Badger and Bike is "VERY COOL" adventure. Will try again for FALL maybe. Charlie & Tess
  7. What the HECK.... Last link I seen last week was it was canceled
  8. My 3 cents / vote is for the approximate center of Lower MI, like Mount Pleasant, MI.
  9. The pumpkin on the rear wheel and left side has a breather Cap on the top... maybe this however it is a bit further back than the kick stand. Also the color seems to match that lube too. How bad did the Fairing get scratched? Insurance? Good Luck
  10. Dan & Son, It is encouraging to see you remembering Her best of times shortly after the worse of times for your family. The healing comes from time and transisition to celebration of a life. GODSPEED & GOD BLESS
  11. I met him once at MD-2011 next to the Campfire near Don's Pond. Beautiful Starry Nite and we talked about Living Life to the Fullest... and he walked the talk. He was VERY KIND HEARTED GENTLEMAN. You know when you spent just 1 hour with someone 3 years ago that is how much of an impact he had on all people including me. Heaven just got an upgrade...GODSPEED. He would want us to celebrate his life after the shock has warn off. Charlie & Tess
  12. Any MAN who is layed off on Monday then is looking for a job on Tuesday - Friday of the same week WILL find a job! You are resilient and dedicated, my HAT is off too you Sir. As a man of the military myself for 30+ years of doing what others tell me 24x7 it helps me to keep serving for MEN such as yourself. KEEP DIGGIN Brother!
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