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  1. Thanks all for the replies, we do like riding together. The bike I bought was the V Star 1300 Deluxe, it was a new model in 2013. V Twin liquid cooled,no trunk. Sort of a want to be Venture Below is the link to the web page. http://www.starmotorcycles.com/star/products/modelhome/672/1/home.aspx Bob
  2. Bought my venture in 2012 for my wife to ride 2 up with her having a comfortable ride for long trips. My mistake, in 2012 I had my wife take a riders edge course and get her license. I also bought her a 950 v star (she hasn't been on my bike since). I also bought a trailer to tow the bikes to Florida instead of riding them down there. Liked my Venture but it was a little heavy around town and had tight turn issues. So this past weekend I traded it for a 2014 tour deluxe. This is a great forum and I will continue to check in in the future. Bob
  3. Nov 2012 bought a 2011 left over only 2500 miles on it. Summer was crazy and didn't have time to ride.
  4. I was out of town for 3 of them and the 4 th had to go to a wedding. All the time wihing I was riding.
  5. The new wiring harness at the IPOD adaptor fixed the problem. This weekend was the first time I rode my bike in 4 weeks. Waiting to have either a dead or weak battery I got my charger out and was ready to charge the bike. Instead when I hit the button it started right up. Hope this helps anyone else that is having the same problem Bob:)
  6. This is what I have found out. It is a letter from Yamaha Customer support dated a little over a year ago ( no number). It advises that if a customer complains of the battery on 2010 and 2011 Ventures with in 3 weeks of last operation should be advised to do the following: 1. Buy a battery tender and plug it into the bike when not being driven and also disconnect the Ipod. 2. When parked disconnect the connection to the IPOD adaptor. 3. Install part # 1BMH259LV200 wiring harness that will disconnect the power to the Ipod adapter when the key is in the off position. If you own a 2010 or 2011 the harness should be in warranty. Hope this helps Bob
  7. The battery on my 2011 Venture S kept going dead in 2 to 3 weeks of not being used for a ride. I bought the bike new in Nov of last year and I guess I had enough of hooking the battery tender up every time I parked the bike at home. I took it to the dealer this week for him to check it out. Of course the first comment was parking it with the switch in the ACC position. My reply to him that is kind of hard to do when I remove the key when it is at home. He agreed to check it out. The next day he called me to let me know that Yamaha had issued a letter for the 2010 and 2011 Ventures in December of 2012 stating that the condition exists. They are to run a test and check the draw on the IPOD adaptor and amp. IPOD out of the bike. If the test is positive they have 2 solutions. 1. Disconnect the connector to the adaptor every time the bike will be parked for more than a week. 2. Replace the wiring harness to the adaptor that will stop the current draw when the bike is parked at no charge. He ordered the harness and it will be in a week from CA. Just figured I would pass this on to anyone have the same issue with a 2010 or 2011 venture s. Bob North Georgia
  8. MY first bike was a 1970 Honda 125 had it 3 months and traded it in on a cl175. Should of kept the 175 it was a fun bike. Bob
  9. I was told by a HD mechanic that this is a stop gap move and that a true water cooled engine is being developed and is in testing now. He said they will also be doing changes to the frames to accommodate the new motors. Just figured I through this info out to the group.
  10. Well it is done. Apparently the factory over torqued the 2 bolts for the bracket that attaches the fairing mount to the top of the triple tree. The treads where beginning to strip on the bolts. It took 2 people a hammer, vise grips and Allen headed bit to remove them. Was able to get replacement screws from Yamaha. Raised the fork 3/4" and put it back together. The bike diffidently handles better. Another plus is the loud cluck I heard on large bumps (since new) from the front of the bike is now gone. I have no idea what was changed to cause it to disappear. My thanks to ragtop69gs and djh3 for their help. Bob
  11. Attempted to lower the front forks 3/4" today. Had everything done down to removing the 2 Allen head screws in the front of the Triple tree to find that the heads are striped or close to it (6mm). Putting in back together until I can find some help. Did not want to push the issue without having someone with more experience working with me. Especially removing the rear fairing. If anyone lives near Carterville Georgia that can help let me know. Bob
  12. Thank you all for the help. I was planning 3/4" since 1" is to much. It will be my weekend project for sure. Bob
  13. I have a 2011 venture and want to lower the forks 1 inch. My question is how do I remove the inner fairing to remove the triple tree to do this. Anybody have instructions or pictures. Thanks in advance Bob
  14. Last night I checked the shock and it is dry, so are the 4 vent hoses. The entire bottom of the bike is dry also. I plan on checking the coolant and gear lube level this weekend. I had installed the handlebar extensions and they moved the handle bar back enough to not protect the cowling. I have a 6" x 1" area the is scratched up. I plan on sanding and painting it with color right. The bike is blue and it takes 2 colors and clear coat to repaint. Will post a picture once I get back home. Might take the extensions out, so if I drop it again it is protected. Thanks to all Bob
  15. ok I did it. Dropped my 2011 bike on its left side. Scratched up the cowling and rad cover on the left side of the bike. When I picked it up it was leaking from the rear of the motor housing behind the kickstand a blue/green fluid the I believe is gear lube. looked like an ounce or two leaked out. Could I be right and do I replace it through the rear end housing. A friend of mine thinks it is the shock. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance Bob:225:
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