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  1. We have an Aspen Classic, similar to the Bunkhouse. We had an old Bunkhouse to start with, we sold that to friends and upgraded to a 2006 Aspen. We love it, very spacious and a king size bed. Lots of storage underneath. Wolfrider here at VR.org was selling his Bunkhouse, it's a very nice one and I believe he was only asking $2500.
  2. It is a Bunkhouse. We had a 94 that was very similar, our friends bought it and still use it.
  3. So you ate at the Mexican restaurant 2 days in a row? Hmmmmm, could be the issue. Just kidding with you Eck, hope you feel a lot better. It was nice seeing you again. Til the next time.....
  4. Nope no problems. Looks like Eck is the lucky one. The mexican food was pretty good, but the beer was a little bit better.
  5. Nice looking machine Carl, congratulations. Let us know how you like it.
  6. Happy Birthday Don! Hope it's a good one.
  7. I have a friend who's got a HF trailer with a Sears cargo topper on it looking to sell. It's also full of their tent camping equipment he'd sell along with it if interested. They bought our Bunkhouse camper last year and don't need it anymore. You can pm me if interested.
  8. Chris, Check out Skydoc's ad in the classified's here for a clutch or Barnett makes one also. Shorter windshield? You can cut yours down (you could ask Darrin to help).
  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I did have a great day, the new job is working out very well. Just another year closer to a Goldwing......lolololol!
  10. Dan, We have a JMCB2003 unit. It was on Sue's Shadow. She didn't like to use it so I'm going to put it on the Tour Deluxe I bought last year. CB works great and you can run audio through it too.
  11. Sorry to hear this Dennis. You have our condolences and will be in our thoughts and prayers. Give Val a hug for us.
  12. I had this happen to two rear Avons, they did warranty them but after the second I switched to E3s and haven't had any problem.
  13. great upgrade, no more lugging, good acceleration. RPMs, if you have the Dyna 3000 ignition 7250 works good , I love mine, will put them in the 99 RSTD this spring
  14. Welcome back James, it's about time. Hope you and Stella are still getting along. You get her put up right for the winter? Can't wait for Spring, might have to make a root beer run when it warms up.
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