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  1. Hi Don, just been busy with life and work. Thanks for doing this.
  2. Hi all..Been off the grid for awhile.. Got the sad news of Bob's passing. He was one of the happiest guys I have ever met. Always willing to lend a hand.... You will be missed big time buddy... Prayers to Becky and the family..... Here is a couple of my favorite memories of Bob from MD 2011...
  3. Thanks to Orlin and Sharon for hosting another great event.. And to all my friends and especially you Candy, I apologize for getting there late. And more importantly, it was very selfish of me not to call or text. It's nice to have friends that worry and care.. It won't happen again..
  4. 'Bout done with the white stuff.....
  5. I kept trying to tell you that your too old to try out for the X-Games..lol Real glad Slim wasn't on the back. Awesome news that you will have a full recovery. Take it slow buddy. We'll catch you and Shirley down the road.... Rest up and heal quickly my friend.
  6. So sad to hear this news. RIP Black Owl..... Red1,thanks for getting the patches.. Shari and I will take 2... Thanks man.....
  7. The south is ready. They have their one sander ready for action.....LOL
  8. Glad your on the mend. Tell Hal to step up his game and fill your freezer. Lol
  9. Could have been worse Eck. You could have dropped your phone in the drain pan. Sorry buddy,the Bike Hopper made me say that.
  10. Sounds like that cop couldn't find donuts at a donut shop.
  11. Had a great time as always....... Did the gravel pit tour on the way home.lol
  12. Scooter Bob,is this you running an alias? lol Nice trip so far...Awesome write-up.
  13. This one is for the after market light bar that replaces the reflector. It will not fit without the light base.IIRC
  14. WOW,what a great story.... Congrats to both of you..
  15. A big thank you to Orlin and Sharon for hosting another great get together. Great rides and awesome company. And for all the folks that left early this morning,you're doing it wrong. We pulled out at 14:30 and stayed dry the whole way home. Cowpuc and Tippy.it was great to have met you and hope everything goes well tomorrow. And Bill,Bill,Bill.I reckon you didn't get the memo that the 4th of July is next saturday. We are so glad that you and Jim made it thru ok. Thanks again to everyone that showed up and contributed to a great rally.
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