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  1. Kind of correct. My '83 had a pin that would allow you some rotation around the risers. If you drilled a hole in the lower part you could move the lower part of the handlebars 360°. I did that to mine to get it comfortable. However, it affects the clutch/brake reservoirs and hoses and the throttle/choke cables, and you can't use the circular cover at the base of the handlebars (mine was missing). But it was comfortable for me. I eventually changed over to standard handlebars (Ø7/8") from a Maxim that I bent a little so they're comfortable. I do have different handlebars I want to try next. -Andrew
  2. Have something similar on my bike. I used a wire coat hanger, wrapped around the grip, twisted it together and added a section of vacuum line to make it look pretty. Just twist the wire to get a good slip grip, tight enough to hold it but loose enough to allow you to return the throttle. Been running with it for many years, even before I had my Venture I used one on my Maxim. -Andrew
  3. I was getting overflow but that was with a stuck float that I think I fixed, haven't noticed/smelt gas since before Orlin's MD. And at Orlin's my carbs were synced, they were close and only needed one small tweak. I have used a lot of Seafoam, especially with the stuck float, would the new plugs I put in a month ago be fouled by the Seafoam? I did a pretty concentrated dose with the float, and have used a whole can over the last few weeks. It's just that it suddenly acted up, not a slow loss of mpg & rough running, just one day fine, next acting up. -Andrew
  4. I used a harbor freight gift card. Rounded edges & plastic, and right there in my wallet. Don't have a guitar so no guitar pick. Drumsticks are too thick, unless I whittled one down... -Andrew
  5. Do you have a list of those who are registered? Did you get my form? -Andrew
  6. Ok, tried a search, but there is a boatload of search returns for running rich & poor mpg. Here's the problem. Last weekend I ran out to Orlin's MD. The bike was running fine (other than a stuck float just before I left, fixed with a hammer whack & drained the bowl 3 times). I had good mpg readings and it was zipping around fine. Came home and took the bike to work on Monday and it wasn't running right, and the gas gauge moved way too soon for the miles on the odometer. So what would cause it to go out of whack so quickly? I had the carbs out about a month ago, and all the jets were cleaned, and I tighten a screw that I must have not tighten last time I was in there as it was loose and causing problems. I really don't want to pull the carbs again, and I'm leaving on vacation this weekend so I'm running out of time. -Andrew
  7. BINGO! I wanted to take more but those durn twisties... Yeah, Orlin really knows the roads to take out there, I know I scraped a couple of times, and we definitely did a lot of back & forth. I need a GoPro to capture all the curves yet keep my hands on the bars. -Andrew
  8. Now for the big addition. Drum roll..... A sidecar! Yeah, this model is intended for smaller bikes, but I'm not adding it like a normal sidecar so it won't see the same stresses. I blame the ADVriders site, they put ideas in my head. I wanted to keep on leaning on my bike, but also wanted to have more passenger space. Enter the leaner. The sidecar mounts to the bike with 2 Heim joints, so you can still lean the bike around corners. Upside is you don't need to make steering head adjustments, it rides more or less like a standard bike, and with the removal of a few bolts and unplug the wiring you're back to a solo bike. Downside is you don't have the training wheel for slippery/gravel/winter roads and you have to put your foot down at stops. Started off with the layout and built up a subframe for under the bike. Then started the sidecar frame mods. Put it all together. Taking it out. Added a third support so while it's parked it stands straight up. It also allows me to roll it backwards w/o having to balance the bike, and I have used it to go off-road (slowly) and use it for support. I made a temporary cover (didn't come with one) to keep the rain out. I also want to make a foldable windshield so I can have it down when there isn't a passenger, up when needed. I also need to paint it up and finish adding lights to it. So far I've taken a few people for rides, and it's been on for almost 1k miles with no issues. I'm really enjoying it. -Andrew
  9. Well, it's been a few years since I posted anything here, so I guess I can add some more to it. From the parts bike I put the '83 gauges in the '84 gauge pod (like the style of the '83 gauges better, plus it kept my mileage), which allowed me to hook up the gear indicator. I put in Progressive springs in the front forks, added the Dano starter clutch, and put in a blade fuse holder. I relocated my trunk back about 3 1/4" with some straps. I cut apart my collector to gut it and I also reworked the routing of the exit pipes for a future mod. Stay tuned for the next post, it's a BIG ONE! -Andrew
  10. Ok, got a few more from the camera. Oh, and ladies, Bill cooks very well, so... -Andrew
  11. Other than a few sprinkles and about 2 minutes of medium rain in Madison, I didn't get that wet. I am glad I left early, Teri's grandpa had passed away on Friday and there was a private family viewing Sunday afternoon, so I got to go to it. Thanks again Sharon & Orlin for opening up your place to us, it is always great time, even when there is a 30% chance of rain. You said there's another meet on Aug 1st? Put it up on the calendar, this time I'll bring Teri and at least Tiva, if not the teens... -Andrew p.s. I posted some pics in flyingfool's Orlins MD pics thread.
  12. Here's a linup of the bikes, if I screwed up on your name, missed your copilot's name, etc, let me know and I'll update the pic. Sat morning we had a great breakfast, I'm so glad we DIDN'T have to kiss the cooks to eat. Of course, no one will ever forget (least of all Bill) the excitment that comes with older vehicles. Just ask Bill. And of course, can't forget the evening's bonfire (no, it wasn't started with a fridge). I have more pics, the rest are on my camera (these are from my phone) and some are being held for blackmail... -Andrew p.s. There, I posted some pics, so nyah.
  13. Mine was having this issue, in that the light wouldn't go on at all with the pedal. The switch was adjusted all the way but still wouldn't turn on. I saw that the spring part that hooks the pedal to the switch had stretched, I squished it back together and it worked, adjusted the switch so it lit just after the free play portion and the brakes were starting to be applied. Might want to check the spring, even if it isn't stretched out, you could put a kink in the straight part to shorten the overall length of the spring. -Andrew
  14. On both of my saddlebags, the linkage/bits & bobs inside the lock to remove the bags are trashed. The key fits, turns the lock, but doesn't move the latch. Luckily, my latches are in the latched/unlock position (not locked), so a flat blade screwdriver can coax the latch open, then I just slide the bags off. Maybe yours might be in the same position and you can pop them off with a screwdriver. -Andrew
  15. How will we ever start that bonfire without a rumball?!? Get better, you need your 4-banger pumping right, there will be other meets. I will do a fly-by of Orlin's place in your honor... -Andrew
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