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  1. For sale 1996 Royal Star located in Clinton IA. runs great white and blue. Jardine exhaust, engine guard , driving lights leather saddle bags looks good, sounds good and rides good. I have a 2011 Venture so don’t hardly ride it. 563-593-1136 . Message me and can send pictures
  2. I would be interested also in a meet and eat or ride or all the above. from Clinton Iowa
  3. That I pretty cool! My aunt has one also. I'm sure my wife would like it also. probably would feel more secure when inclement weather hits when your out. I am pretty sure some day I will do the same.hopefully they keep making them and the government wont stick their noses in Polaris's slingshot business. Are You guys going on the 3rd annual Rootbeer run in June? Hope to see you at a few rides.
  4. Just swapped out Road King slip ons for the Rush Slip ons. Wow Awesome sound , pretty loud. Sounds a little like a muscle car. I like them. Hopefully not to loud for my wife or other riders. Love the sound.
  5. This years in st Charles was my first international. Wasn't sure what to expect.made a lot of new friends and enjoyed chatting and riding. Learned a lot about the bikes and the people.. One of the most rewarding experiences ever. Had a few people that wanted to go.. I'm sure that just a few circumstances would have changed and allot of people could have come. Also I posted a few pictures on I think 4 facebook royal Star and Venture pages and a few didn't know about it that said they would have gone. As a lot have said distance and timing are key factors.publicity is a key. I can come up with
  6. Awesome time. I first would like to thank the Eykamps for suggesting I go to the International Rally. I would have missed out on making/meeting a whole lot of new friends. Glad you were able to put up with me. I learned a lot and laughed. And enjoyed everyone of you. Wish there was more time. there were a few I didn't get to know and maybe next time. Having a hard time remembering everyone's name and handle.... I tried to add friends to who I found and remembered. So if anyone (which is a lot of you) would send me a friend request maybe I could remember everyone. Thanks for welcoming me into
  7. Getting there Monday morning I got campsite 01. Look forward to meeting everyone.
  8. I bought same one but couldn't get it on with rubber gasket. Was thinking about putting on crash bars and reaching back to get bottle. Maybe I will try electrical tape
  9. Cool yep that's one I'll plan on ridin.probably should post in watering hole I guess
  10. Who all is going to the international Rally riding through Illinois or Iowa? Looking to leave sometime on Monday Morning. Thinking about riding the Great River Road on Illinois side down.Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  11. Hah lol saw your post I am going to international rally was going to camp at the campground and sent them an email no reply so might try calling them if I get time. Saw a post they are full with primitive spots. Do you know of any others that VR are camping at in the area of the international rally. Just thought I would ask. I figure I will find something nearby.
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