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  1. well i thought i put pics in but here we go again. the left slash cut muffler tip is not round will need a expander to straighten if it bothers ya. All the damage is from me trying to put it in my box truck killed it at top of ramp. Lesson learned dont wear flipflops when loading not a fun deal going backwards. If you still want it @AKRefugee I'll hold it but please reply.
  2. pizza what i want. i really like the grid it has pictures
  3. Well I would like to sale my bike. Going to need to pay off some dr bills next summer. Havent been riding it as cant hardly get on and is real shaky getting back off. I've replaced clutch, installed sonic fork springs, changed rear shock out, added blue tooth, adjusted valves, replaced twinkie gaskets, have 50,000 miles on it, replaced battery last spring wont take less than 4,000. thanks for looking
  4. well think i would have been in more trouble.
  5. you know puc i didnt even give those overflows a thought. so that water has to be making its way through the intake passage. If thats the case a head may fix it.
  6. " TO late, Yous snooze ya looze"
  7. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/prochatrooms/plugins/share/view.php?id=160073965581982
  8. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/prochatrooms/plugins/share/view.php?id=160073950661459
  9. Well we dare ya to show up and play. bring your humor:bagpipes-emoticon:
  10. It would have been fun bringing that 63 vette back to life. Maybe the dust would blow off a little. Wonder what made it sit. the red one sold for about the same price
  11. david silver spares. honda crusin image.net in japan. takes about 6 weeks to get parts. but you save a lot. might try cycle parts warehouse 866/926/2427 there is a good recycler in ohio you have to email Brenda. but cant remember co name. well remembered it its Brenda from bikeboneyard. I have bought quite a few parts there there no contact other than net
  12. the biggest thing is all the dang pee bottles. road workers hit them while mowing. have to wear it till they get to a restroom. nasty
  13. Back when i worked on ih trucks there was a porn site one letter off of ih tec site. Would blow your mind the first time it happened. What they go crazy on there site. Then you would get emails from them then you had to block there path
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