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  1. I am done riding. So I'm not going to renew my membership. I have had a blast on this site. Will miss you all but I need to move on. Dont bother to reply as wont be checking in again. Keep on riding
  2. well I had the mad-derna first shot no problem. second shot 5 day bad headache. And now I'm fat😉
  3. It a subaru forester. Used a small amount of bike money to buy. If i want to feal the wind will have to roll down windows. I still have the boys bikes I can ride but wont take them to far. Here in about a month will have nerves in back burned. So may be able to get around better. Keep riding wish I could
  4. i spoke to soon its a 87. trace the positive battery to starter relay and jump across the two big terminals. just make sure its in neutral
  5. well first thing i though of is has it had the ignition switch relay bypass upgrade. there would be a little relay under the tank. this is a second gen correct. the start relay is buy the battery if im remembering correct two lugs will by pass all and should start to get ya home if relay is bad. if the switch bypass relay is wired correct should be able to unplug and plug the two ends together witch puts all the power back through the switch. just make sure and get a new relay and put it back in unless you want to repair the ignition switch in the future. windy i is....
  6. well as of fifteen min ago I sold my bike. I could get on it but there was no way I could get back off except fall off. Sad day for me but never going to get better. I will pop in still just not riding anymore.
  7. rbig1

    Charger system

    in read only there is step by step instructions
  8. yes but i used them and even snap on looses chrome on the jaws. you ever hear of cornwell tools there is a tool truck that has a route. But I never saw any of there tools
  9. I don't care for craftsman hand wrenches as there to bulky. wont fit in tight areas
  10. well i have proto tools among others. The problem i have with them is when its below zero. You put a good pull on a socket and they split right in half. So you drive your knuckles into something. the chrome peals on the hand wrench jaws.
  11. pop in and give us a high goodbye post or join in. we only bite a bit. Anyone making a modified project?
  12. Wow never expected this. Condolences to his family. Went to my first maint day with him. He even let a stranger stay in his house. Very stand up person. Love to his family.
  13. is that a early version of dust buster
  14. wow 11 pages and only two of us logged in. is we all hiding lol.😶
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