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  1. Hey Ed, would you happen to have or have a lead on a trailer hitch for 2nd Gen Venture? I have a 2012. Hope you're doing well...Ron

  2. Hope she is ok and the tests came back negative.
  3. Have a big moving sale and get rid of everything then buy new once you settle somewhere. Lots of great riding all around Tennessee and North Carolina, Florida is to flat, lol.
  4. Thoughts and prayers up and out.
  5. The blue ones are also the fastest 😎
  6. Yes Jack we have. Was going to try to gat back to CA again this year but weather didn’t cooperate. Hope everyone is doing good there.
  7. Was great to see you and Joyce again. Had a lot fun at the RB run.
  8. Thanks Doug. Hope all is well with you and the family.
  9. Zzyzx

    Sad News

    Wow! Prayers up and thoughts out for the family.
  10. After a short absence from the site I’m finally back. Met a wonderful lady a couple years ago that loves to ride as much as me and we’ve covered nearly 15,000 miles and 35 states together. We made made a few changes of late. I picked up a nice 2007 RSV in October. We sold our GL-1500 Trike and 3 weeks later found us a 2007 RSV Hannigan trike. We now have a set of twins, (a bi-pod and a tri-pod) Traded my 1999 RSV for a 2003 V-Max thats in near new condition. Still have the 1983 VR and finely got her back close to where she was before the fire. We are in the process of completing a 24’x24’ shop/man cave where I can work on stuff and just hang. All in all it’s been a good year.
  11. Our thoughts and prayers are with your brother and you as well during these times and trials.
  12. If I remember an MU 90-16 and MT 90-16 is the same size, just a different load ratings with the “MU” being the higher. If so Dennis Kirk still has some in stock.
  13. I’ve done it a number of times but...I also have a motorcycle loader in my truck so I don’t crash trying to ride into the bed.
  14. In my opinion Metzler suck on the RSV. I’ve had 2 delaminates on my 99 and would never use them again. I like the Dunlop E3 if you can find them and have gotten 12k + miles out of the rear. The front has 14k and still has 40% tread left. I just picked up an 07 and putting the E3s on it. That’s my thoughts but as everything goes from oil to spark plugs gaps we all have our own opinions.
  15. Ice it up, take some Aleve, and get out on the road. Hope the Med gets better quickly.
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