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  1. carbon one do you also do flag mounts? if so let me know what you can make and how much thanks
  2. hey Puc I think that flyinfool really missed the mark this time. We got snow in central Texas up to about 3 to 4 inches this past sunday. Been in this part of Texas all my life and this was the best snow fall that I remember.
  3. Has any one used the bike master aux fue tank I purchased one off amazon has hose at top and bottom. I hooked top to the vacuum that hooks under the tank and the bottom to the fuel line. I noticed if i just open the petcock nd let the fuel flow i get fuel dumping ( not a whole lot) under the bike near the battery. Is this Normal or do i need to bypass the fuel pump or what. i kept the bike running for a while use about 1/4 gallon by opening the petcock and closing it. any help would be great. Thanks Pictures are the aux tank, and where the fuel is leaking
  4. sent my address is 1907 oxford blvd Round Rock TX 78664 Thanks
  5. look good I will send 115.00 include the male end with about 2 foot of wire. and Instructions Thanks
  6. if doing straight 5 pin light to light do you need the convertor? And would it be a plug and play and where would i be able to plug into ? I understand the isolator will keep form blowing circuits.
  7. ow long is the cord I usually have it ware I can disconnect from Bike when not in use Also do you provide the Male prong as 5 pin as well? Send me your info and i can PayPal 101.00, I need Brakes, Right and Left turn, Park and Ground, i do not need power to the trailer Thanks John jwbest216@gmail.com
  8. Do you or could you make a 5 pin isolator, i run 5 pin on my trailer. Thanks
  9. Installed a blue tooth receiver Bluetooth Receiver, Oliomp Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Car Adapter & Bluetooth Car Aux Adapter, Receiver with Clips Design 3.5mm Stereo Output for Home Audio/Car System, Car Audio Stereo System(Black) Powered by usb from the power plug in the fairing. Bought a two prong so I could power my phone also, ran all the wires thru the fairing. Put a Y on the Aux wire in the fairing coming from the back of the cassette deck. So I could use both my Ipod and Bluetooth. Also put a ROAM phone mount for the phone.
  10. Have a local friend with an 09 (i think) maroon venture his pipes had 4 1/2 holes in the rear of the pipes. he thought it was stock until he saw mine. We drilled mine this morning the sound is great, not as load as a Harley but loader than stock Yamaha pipes. You have to start the outer hole at an upwards angle drill it thru and then go to 90 degree and drill thru the second flange
  11. drilled my pipes, MY friend has a venture and his were drilled he thought it was stock but when he saw mine he realized it wasn't stock. We drilled 4 1/2 holes in the pipes sounds loader but not as load as a Harley
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