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  1. Any body for the group going to thunder in the hill country in bandera Tx, hit me up I will be there starting Wednesday, in the camping area
  2. changed out the clutch plates and oil change upgraded to heavier spring.
  3. I am looking for some who could fabricate a couple of flag mounts for me I could get my son to do a cad file our send pictures and specs. Thanks it
  4. Try oRiellys for the filter they have a glass one that is small and cylindrical
  5. Try draining all the fuel and refueling i had what seemed like a similar experience years ago and found out i had got bad gas at last fill up. I ran bottles of fuel treatment and finally flushed thru. Worth a try before going to the dealer
  6. I lost on of the deflectors that attaches to the bottom of the front light bar. I bought some Plexiglas and ordered a few parts and it turned out pretty good.
  7. welcome back i was wondering where you took off to
  8. anyone heard from PUC, i heard there was flooding in Michigan, I had texted and PM'd him some pictures and no replies.
  9. Thanks and with the advice of two great minds i will go with clamps Thanks
  10. My kid is wanting to mount cow horns on his Yamaha 650 custom. We want to mount them right above the headlight. Not a lot of options. Will it hurt to drill into the tree to mount a bracket?? Thanks
  11. yes it was. at first it looks like the R6 are an inch smaller but they bolt up directly, the stock has basically 3 bolts the R6 has 2 but it works,you'll see
  12. Thanks for the responses, I will share with my friend on Friday
  13. Got a question for you, have a new friend with a venture and he was bleeding his brakes with a back feed method,I have never heard of it. What is your take on the method? i watched a video and it seems a lot more time consuming and more tedious. Is there a benefit in doing that method. You input would be greatly appreciated Thanks trying to get him to join the group
  14. I have a friend who is needing a stock tail light for his venture. If you have one let me know He currently has an LED tail light that is not working Thanks
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