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  1. How many guns will be there? What do you have against the guy 😉
  2. There was 1 guy I've seen bash this site for charging $12 per year. When I asked him how much he made from the advertising he allowed on the group page he went silent. The guy is a shill.
  3. I'm on the Owners Group FB Page and have recommended this site to many.
  4. I was just happy to throw the leg over the bike. Was out of town nearly 5 weeks. Even though it was a quick ride to the grocery store it is good to be home.
  5. I'm right there with you @Freebird. That is just scary. How many of us would have even thought to stick your finger in the hole that quickly. I had a run in with a table saw about 15 - 20 years ago and I remember the feeling of running the first board after that. Luckily I got past it so . . . . . . the image below is what I was working on at the time.
  6. In Albany NY area longingly and wishing I would have brought her with me.
  7. I went Dark on my '06 using a Nexan CT. I was very pleased with the performance and the wear. I had a break down on a trip and the only place around would not work on it because it had a CT on it. I had 18K on it and still had 3/4 tread remaining. If I would have know how easy the repair was at that time I would have put many more miles on it.
  8. For the $12 it's not worth either of our time to look into it. Money well spent
  9. I believe I renewed early and got the renewal notice again. Which I did anyway instead of complaining because this site is worth it! Keep anything extra from me and don't extend. You put a lot of work into this site.
  10. Right there with ya @Freebird. @Flyinfool in my case I am a prime member and everything indicated next day delivery. After 3 days I checked and it was sent via USPS with a tracking number. I'm good with that and didn't double check them. After not getting it for a week I see the tracking number and now check to ensure it was not stolen off the porch etc. Tracking number not even showing on the USPS site. call and nothing. So I paid for the faster service and get nothing until I start filing complaints. I have seen this through work too. any little bump in the road is used to justify a del
  11. I had a very similar experience recently with Amazon for a sprinkler system anti-revers flow valve repair kit. They were drop shipping from the seller and even provided a USPS tracking number. It never appeared on the USPS site. Called the post office - nothing. Contacted the mfg (yes was supposed to be direct) and got we are looking into it. - 2 weeks and nothing. Finally posted a bad review on Amazon. It was delivered 2 days later by an Amazon driver.
  12. Post some pic we could share around?
  13. Is the speed off on the digital display too? That comes from the GPS and I think that may be accurate. Either that or my early tests with the wife following me in her Tahoe were faulty.
  14. I couldn't get mine to connect to the Venture. I just connect it separately to my phone.
  15. Well I will be in Albany NY for the month of April (work related). I've been checking around for bike rentals but it appears (or at least what I've found online) they don't start renting until May. I'd ride my SVTC in a heart beat but my wife is coming and she cannot handle that length of a ride. Anyone in the area there have any thoughts? Even ideas on what to do around there. Looks like I will be open most weekends while there.
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