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  1. I need t test that. Since I really wasn't prepared for it to work so well after all the other issues I didn't know what to do if I could do anything. Wasn't going to play with it while riding.
  2. Man, after reading all this I think I need to watch 'V is for Vendetta' again.
  3. We have neighborhood kids that are outside a lot playing ball in the street. When it gets to hot they all hide inside. We didn't care what the temperature was when I was kid in Northern Ohio, we were outside all the time. BTW I always did my homework during class and never took a book home until college just so I could be outside, working or riding.
  4. Here's my issue - RNA or mRNA vaccines are primarily synthetic and have not been fully approved by the CDC. They have been provisionally approved. Why have they not been fully approved has a lot of speculation but a veterinarian friend said that they have a lot of adverse effects in animals. This should be a major concern. We are showing proof now that the current vaccinations do not stop the spread. They are being called 'break through cases'. These numbers are being kept from the general public and when they are released we are told they are too minor to consider. This means the medical and scientific communities have been given an opportunity to conduct human trials in the guise of a virus that can have a serious affect on very few. Evidence clearly favor that the drastic effects on some are because they also have additional underlying conditions. This was noted in a CDC memo released last year stating that 6% of the deaths related to COVID were COVID only and the other 94% had underlying or other conditions. This memo was shoved under the rug to keep the fear narrative going. Even more so in the US it was shoved under the rug for political purposes. The scary part of some publications (which I really don't believe) is that it (the Virus) was developed to attack specific DNA type individuals. If this is true and can be done then our fear should be of something completely different.
  5. My Son and Daughter (in law) were in an accident early this year. If it weren't for the seat belt and the car in general (crumple zones etc) it would've been a lot worse. As it is she was released that night. Went back into the ER 2 days later and was admitted. ER DR said 2 tours in the middle east and 20 years as an ER DR and he has never seem such bad seat belt injuries on someone who lived.
  6. Agreed but we are not doomed. Gain of Function on virus', chemicals and weapons in general have been happening in humanity since the dawn of time. I read an article the other day Where the headline read 'France warned the US about Lab in 2015. Well needless to say it got my attention. After reading the Article is was clear that France got the US to fund (in large part) the building of the Wuhan Lab ~2009 and indicated they would have 50 of their scientists there to monitor, train and help the Chinese. Well the Scientists never left France and China blocked all access to the Lab. At this point it is time to HEAVILY sanction China and enforce those sanctions completely.
  7. Not fitting the Narrative is so true and the narrative is fear - on both sides of the coin. Before SARS-COV-2 (COVID 19) the fear narrative was pushed around the Flu every year but it would never really fly. The use of fear by governments and politicians is ridiculous. COVID gave them a foothold to push fear and control in the MSM. It gave the other side a fear to push against government overreach and control. It boils down to individual choice, you either have it and exercise it or you just don't have it. Many are being forced to take the vaccine under many circumstances and I personally feel that is wrong. Basically it's none of my business what anyone else chooses to do and I don't need to know one way or the other.
  8. Ram X for the moment. The problem with it is that the rubber covering the metal that grips the phone is deteriorating. I use it just about ever day. I recently saw a QuadLok on a buddies bike and I really like it. That will be my next mount purchase.
  9. I know the GPS has been a pain point for a lot of us including myself. I was just able to get past the 5 waypoint issue with ease. Here the gist of my experience with the GPS and what I found last night. First, let me say that I have tried many different route-mapping tools over the years. I was excited to see the SVTC had a GPS when I bought the bike. I wasn't looking for that as I've ridden all 3 generations of the bike now, I just love the Venture line. When I found out that I could only have 5 waypoints etc etc, just like everyone else I was drastically disappointed. I’ve used MyRouteApp many times in the past even with HERE Navigation on a Windows phone a long time ago. The last time I used the app was in 2020 and there was a 1.1 GPX format that would download all the waypoints and POIs into the GPS but the route would not come across. Frustrated I just continued to use google maps on my iPhone. Last night I purchased and downloaded the MRA app hoping to use that since I had already built the route. I was getting errors on my iPhone with it. Then, on the MyRouteApp site, I noticed a new 1.1 GPX format that listed the route, waypoints and POIs. Early Saturday morning before the ride I put this file on a thumb drive and uploaded it to the NAVI on the bike. Bing, Band Bob’s your uncle (yeah bad pun I know), there was everything. Heck yeah! As we rode everything moved along perfectly. Even auto advancing as we passed waypoints. We even stopped for breakfast, waypoint 5. Came out fired up the bike and it picked up right where we were and continued on fine. That is until waypoint 14 of 20. There was a road closure and we ended up taking a different route around the closure. At this point, we did not go past waypoint 14 and the NAVI just got lost. It kept trying to loop me around and back track to the closed road. I switched back to google maps at this point. Let me close with this though. Since I had not used the NAVI GPS before I have not looked into the use of it much. This was really a fly by the seat of my pants use today. Overall, I think it was a huge success compared to all of our previous results. The biggest take away though is use the file format GPX 1.1 with route, waypoints and POI. I know this busted the 5 waypoint limit but I don’t know what that ceiling would be now. Here is a link to the route we took this morning so you can see what I saw. https://www.myrouteapp.com/en/social/route/4951794...
  10. This is the route I put together. https://www.myrouteapp.com/en/social/route/3563084?mode=share @Squidley Think you'll Make it to the bakery?
  11. This is the route I put together. https://www.myrouteapp.com/en/social/route/3563084?mode=share
  12. Looking at Newman's Bakery in Bellville. ~9:00am. 504 E Main St, Bellville, TX 77418
  13. We'd be looking at Bellville instead of Coldspring. One of he guys in the group that is going is just getting back on his bike after shoulder surgery so we are trying to keep it a little close to him. Shepherd, TX 77371 to Bellville TX - Google Maps. Not sure if that's too far for you.
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