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  1. It's been a long long time since I've ridden in snow. I highly doubt I would do it today. Cold - no issue but snow on the road is a different story today. BTW knobby tires were worse unless there was at least a few inches on the ground. I found a Mid level tread pattern worked best. The pic below was the bike I rode in the winter in Ohio as a kid. He found this going through his stuff a few months ago, it was right after I gave it to him.
  2. I need a vacation but not in that storm.
  3. That's normally a driver issue. If you want to dig through logs to identify well. . . . . . That can be annoying. I would just check the Video adapter mfg web site, motherboard chipset and the subset for the hard drive. Most mfgrs have tools on their web sites to help with this.
  4. Remember as far as Drs go, they don't call it practice for nothin'. You know yourself far better than they do an you need to push to get better. All Drs I know want you to stay home from work and sit around, I'm not that type. I had a run in with a table saw ~20 years ago. I'll keep it short but I missed 1 day of work right after it happened and 1 day after surgery to repair most of the damage. I feel this really helped me mentally as well as physically. I'm and IT guy so I can work with 1 hand if necessary and was not putting my well being at risk although but the Dr thought differently
  5. I know nothing, NOTHING. 🤪
  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 So drunk neighbor it was.
  7. Your Drunk Neighbor trying to get to the wrong house. 🤣
  8. Good luck with the surgery and the recovery. The disclaimer sounds more like an opportunity to have some fun?
  9. Reminds me of those 1940's chase scenes where they double the film speed.
  10. It's a time issue. I'm working at the moment. I may or may not get back to it.
  11. OK I watched the first 5 minutes but it was really the still shot in the comment that got me. Specifically after @Patch's comment above. My first though was Stargate the movie. 🤣
  12. OK b4 y'all run me down I did do a text search on all the posts. Before I joined I had an '06 that started running hot on me. I went through a lot of stuff and spent a couple hundred on parts and the bike kept running hot. I'm on a ride with a group, get stuck in traffic, the temp light goes on and have basically given up thinking out loud of selling the bike. I open the manuals on my laptop as soon as we get to the Hotel and Pour through the electrical first. No reason just did. Then it hit me The radiator fan must not be coming on. I start looking for a replacement. The that light bulb mome
  13. Beautiful and a great bike. Loved my '06, if it would have had reverse I might have waited a little while longer before getting the SVTC.
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