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  1. Here's a clip from a TX State Trooper in Waller County about 30 minutes north of where I live. Talks about Soccer Moms, Deer and other items that have hit and killed bikers. That area is building up quick now and I can vouch for Dogs, Cats, Livestock (from goats and sheep all the way to horses and cattle). This applies to all rural areas around the country.
  2. I did a thing. Found an affordable Eluder seat too. First 2 Pics are with the Venture seat. Last 2 are with the Eluder seat. Thanks @Tutor. Been a while since you showed us all this but I finally got to it.
  3. Let us know what you think after a while. Can you wirelessly charge with the case on a desk base? I've got the X mount so I can use any case but like the idea of the quad, for the trucks also.
  4. I have 0 faith in media, on either side of the spectrum. They will lie to meet their agenda - Sorry not tell the whole truth. They have spent the last 30 years changing the reference from Jounalist to Media. We have very few Jounalists anymore and the ones that do exist are stifled by their superiors or editors.
  5. Take the test again. 50% accuracy rate. I actually have a friend that was preparing for a cruise and tested Positive. Went to a different testing station and tested negative. He was told by his Dr to come in and take a 3rd test. They administered 2 tests at his Dr's office. On in each nostril. Lo and behold, 1 positive and one negative. I won't give the rest of my opinion as I'd probably get banned LOL.
  6. Were you successful? Any Pics?
  7. Mid 50's is a good ride temp. Mid 70's - mid 80's is perfect. A good leather coat will keep you warm. I don't mind being cold and I don't mind being wet. I never want to be cold and wet again. BTW here's the weather for Houston TX. Our highs are dropping 30 degrees F overnight. You Northerners need to keep your weather up there.
  8. I ran Nexen on my 06 Venture for roughly 18 months. Put 30K miles on it and never had any issues. I scraped the floorboards a few times and had not tread transition issues/feelings. Had the fuel pump fail on a trip and they guy would not work on it with the CT on it. I probably had another 10 - 15k of tread left on the tire. I spent roughly 6+ months going back and forth with Dunlop and Metler's R&D group after having to put 3 tires in a single year. Both brands had the same issue for me on the Gen 2, They wore out at 5K - 6K miles. Garbage for the price I was paying. (I don't have the means to mount my own tires) Front tires I'd get 12K - 14K out of from both brands. Same old scare tactic a CT will kill you on a bike, the bead won't work etc. etc. I did finally get to one development engineer who was very clear, we had our heated debates but. . . . Anyway, he said the bead difference between the CT and MT is not the issue, the issue is the softness of the side wall. MT side walls are designed to be very "stiff" as he put it. Most CTs are designed to be soft so the tread will move from the G-Force pressures during cornering. So 'any' CT will not be safe, you have to pay attention to the sidewall. Bias-Ply should be avoided. Radial should be fine. Also, he said to avoid low profile, well, duh.
  9. Of course, no milage estimation or guarantee.
  10. Engineers Exist so the rest of us can make a living fixing what they imagine will work.
  11. I've just started trying to weld with a low end flux welder. Not like using a torch like I did many many moons ago.
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