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  1. Not long after I moved to Texas where everything is a hunting lease, I met someone with access to 4500 acres and culling permits. At the beginning of the season, it was $250 for the first buck then $500 each buck after that. Does were $100 flat. 1 buck and 1 doe. At the end of the season the guy called me as he had 15 more doe permits to fill and asked me and my boys to come back out. No extra charge and any meat we did not have room for we would donate to those in need around the ranch. Boys couldn't come so I took a week off and cleared his tags. Topped off my freezer, one of the boys freezers and we went to a neighborhood about 30 minutes away, butchered and gave the rest away. That was probably the most satisfying week I have ever had hunting. This was the only time I've ever done anything like this as he started doing a dear lease the next year.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving all. And I'm jealous of all you getting to go out and do some hunting.
  3. I found subscription information under the store dropdown at the top also. Subscriptions is the same for me but Manage Purchases allows me to see the detail of the PayPal and manage that.
  4. I found this in the dropdown Under the Managed Subscriptions it tells me about Auto Renew with PayPal has been setup. I've been a member for a while and I seem to remember this being here. @Freebird or @Marcarl may need to chime in
  5. There's a topic here on doing this. We combined to do a writeup, instructions and pics. Let me see if I can find it.
  6. Yeah, I'm finding that dealers in general won't work on anything older than 10 years. Kind of forces you to find a quality small shop or trade/sell.
  7. How would any of us know until we try 😉 Again, and Again, and Again. LOL.
  8. Hey Tony, have you considered setting up a go fund me? If so, can you share the link?
  9. @etcswjoe did you find @Skid
  10. Don, Please no credit. This site is worth more than the $12.00 per year membership. We all do what we can.
  11. We have offices in Florida and close friends in Port Charlotte FL that too the direct hit from the storm. They were out of town on business and found out late yesterday that their house was fine. I was somewhat suprised by this as they are on one of those finger canals about 1/4 mile inland. Here is part of a report (I handle the business continuity for our firm) I do. Ian and strengthened back to Hurricane status as a cat 1 storm. Tracks and models still look for a 2nd US landfall in Georgetown South Carolina around 2:00pm today. As of the NOAA report at 5:00am it is in the Atlantic east of Georgia. Landfall likelihood:
  12. I just read an article where Canada is lifting the travel restriction related to COVID. Our friends along the border should be happy again. Let the meetups startup again, LOL. Canada to end entry requirements: Travelers will not be required proof of COVID-19 vaccine, testing (msn.com)
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