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  1. This could be a very good reason why Yamaha went they way they did on the Gen 3. Low RPM, the manual recommends shifting at 1900 RPM and the rev limiter. I've bee reading good reviews about Ivan's Performance finishing their ECU changes for the Venture/Eluder Ivan's Performance Products (ivansperformanceproducts.com)
  2. Glad your all OK. I've hit multiple crows and one duck. The duck it was about 5 years ago while my wife was learning to ride. I was behind her on my gen 2 at about 30 - 35. She spooked the duck. It came up and all I could see and feel was it's wing across my face. I was wearing a half helmet at the time. Scared the crap out of me but it gave us nothing more than a good laugh.
  3. I carry a small gallon can in my saddle bag. Have for years. I personally have never used it for me but have for many others. Bikes and cars. If it is not used within 3 months I pour it into my truck and refill it.
  4. I'll give you a good laugh about grass. We moved from Northern OH to Houston 15+ years ago. 1st time I'm mowing a neighbor comes out and starts telling me how I shouldn't mow in the middle of the day. Asking why he's "you'll die of heat stroke" because your from the north and not used to this heat. After I get done laughing I explain that the 15 - 30 minutes it takes me to mow this postage stamp lawn we have isn't going to give anyone heat stroke. Well I finished mowing and just cleaning up and started pulling this 'vine'/weed. Ove the next few weeks and months these things just keep getting worse - I couldn't get rid of them. I was telling a friend about the issue since he's a native Texan and he comes over to take a look. I show him what I was talking about and after he stops choking on his beer he looks at me and goes "That's your grass, dumb@#$." 🤣 I had never seen St Augustine grass before. LOL
  5. Great job. I wish I had time to do more. Ad a nice cool shop to do more in. We're expecting to get to 95-100 most of the week.
  6. Here's another but I think you could almost buy the whole bile for what they are asking. 99 Yamaha Royal Star Venture XVZ1300 Tour Pak Back Rest Luggage Trunk Speakers | eBay
  7. Can we safely assume its for the 2010 in your tag line? This one should fit the bill after some paint to match. 2007 Yamaha XVZ1300T XVZ 1300 TFW Royal Star Venture Tour Pack Trunk Complete | eBay
  8. OK So I am googling this and what do I find on YouTube - Your short video of the problem 🤣. I'll keep looking as time permits.
  9. My '18 Venture gets 40 when I'm in touring mode, Sport mode Well let's just say that is still being evaluated. My Truck and the Wife's Tahoe are both older like us but they get about 15 - 16. Raining in Houston today and it was painful putting $70 in the tank of the truck and we have some of the lowest gas prices in the country at $4.16. Hell it was just below half a tank.
  10. Sorry I won't be on but we don't like nice LOL. We prefer naughty. Wait did I just think that while typing? Yeah, I'm sticking with that.
  11. More pictures. I love the early model Gen 1s I just don't think I would know how to work on it and the dealers her post they will not work on anything older than 10 years.
  12. 2 weekends ago up on the Pitbull it went. Oil change, check the air filter and a general look see and check 'most' bolts. Then a good bath cleaning of the underbelly of the beast. A lot of road grime now washed down the drive. Then Thursday out for new rubber on the rear.
  13. An interesting read and also points out what happens when a bunch of people work together. https://www.theepochtimes.com/astronomers-discover-cosmic-angel-wings-caused-by-collision-of-2-galaxies-in-leo-constellation_4433343.html?utm_source=ref_share&utm_campaign=copy&rs=SHRJBKNC&
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