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  1. Don't think you're nuts at all. When I had bikes in northern Ohio I always tried to go for a short ride every couple of weeks, mainly because I needed the therapy 😀. Pick a day where it's somewhat sunny (it was NE Ohio so few and far between in the winter) dress warm and go ride. When I was in HS it was the only form of transportation I had so I rode snow or shine. Never had problems with the bikes. Here in SE Texas I have found the hard way that my truck is affected by not running. I had a 2003 F150 and because I ride all the time it sits, only about 3000 miles a year are put on it. It developed a leak at the rear main seal. My mechanic son told me it was probably because it sits so much. Got a buddy who has his own auto shop, said the same. A couple of other mechanics I've ridden with agree. So 4 - 5 mechanics that basically don't know each other all agree. Can't argue too much with that assessment. That truck now has ~160K mi on it and I just sold it to my son who will fix the leak and drive it as a work truck.
  2. I didn't buy the SVTC for the GPS although I found it works very well with a GPX 1.1 formatted file. A few features like automatically bypassing way points or shaping points would be a desired update. I used the GPS multiple times now with 15 + way points. You just have to be very accurate on your placements. Don't put them in fields like I have a tendency to do 🤣
  3. Go get the add in called IE Tab. Work in a Law Firm and many courts around the country are so far behind it's insane. This works very well. is the local loop back for testing basic IP communication using a virtual NIC. Ping is nothing more than a 'Hello are you there?" tool. In Windows it does not open a back door. I have asked everyone who as ever told me about this to prove it. No one has succeeded yet. Any basic Windows Firewall configuration will return a proxy not found with any other tool than ping. Hacking attempt through power shell, C Shell and C Sharp have all failed. The only time you could gain access to was with Windows 95 A. It was patched in a week. Linux, which is at the core of MAC OS, on the other hand, it can be configured so that it can be accessible using the # Shell environment. Google it if you want more info. MACs and iPhones are getting better with their security but there is a reason Apple is patching every couple of weeks. Their old policy was security through obscurity. No on would attack their systems as the market share was to low to make it worth while. Now that iPhones have the lions share of the telecom market and iPads are the predominant tablet you are seeing them attacked more. Back in ~2008 during the big Apple show of the year Apple wanted to prove they were secure offering several thousand $$$ to the first 'hacker' to get by their security. One guy did it in 2 minutes. He did the same thing for 4 years running using the same hack. The 5th year Apple banned him from the competition. iPhones are a necessity for me at work as the Lawyers love them. I like them but could use anything. MACs are a PIA in a large scale windows network environment. They require special setups to be truly secure including the use of NIC (MAC address) level security and reservations. Too much effort when Certificate Authentication for Hardware is simple with Windows. Heck it's even easier to use Hardware Certificates on printers today than to secure a MAC on a corporate network.
  4. Thanks, That's awesome. I have the Packtalk Bold because that's what our group uses. I would love to be able to connect the bike comms to that with full integration and a headset like this. I just haven't found anything that says it will work. Even the Sena Freewire says it may work. I have a lot to think about since I only use the Packtalk for handfree phone and group rides.
  5. I was thinking about something similar but with the hinge inside the lid. Did you remove the plastics to do this? Is there room to put it inside. Some nice black Hex head bolts would make it look closer to factory.
  6. We've done the this with our family vehicle for 20 + years. This year we expanded.
  7. Welcome aboard. We look forward to seeing the work you are doing to the bike.
  8. I've always loved the look of the Gen 1's. Can you share photos of your work / changes?
  9. Sounds like a screen name change is in order Lord Voldemort
  10. @ChiefGunner Can you update us on your experience.
  11. Finally got lower wind deflectors the other day. spent Saturday installing those, a quick oil change and a few other TLC items. My youngest son was there to help too which made the day a lot of fun.
  12. Blue shirt = Brad (Squidley), White shirt = Mike and the other mangy thing is me, Bob
  13. It was a pleasure to me you and Lonna too. Glad we didn't break the camera with that pic.
  14. I also found this thread here Barnett Clutch Kit & Spring Conversion - HELP - Royal Star Venture Tech Talk ('99 - '13) - Venture Rider
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