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  1. My '18 Venture gets 40 when I'm in touring mode, Sport mode Well let's just say that is still being evaluated. My Truck and the Wife's Tahoe are both older like us but they get about 15 - 16. Raining in Houston today and it was painful putting $70 in the tank of the truck and we have some of the lowest gas prices in the country at $4.16. Hell it was just below half a tank.
  2. Sorry I won't be on but we don't like nice LOL. We prefer naughty. Wait did I just think that while typing? Yeah, I'm sticking with that.
  3. More pictures. I love the early model Gen 1s I just don't think I would know how to work on it and the dealers her post they will not work on anything older than 10 years.
  4. 2 weekends ago up on the Pitbull it went. Oil change, check the air filter and a general look see and check 'most' bolts. Then a good bath cleaning of the underbelly of the beast. A lot of road grime now washed down the drive. Then Thursday out for new rubber on the rear.
  5. An interesting read and also points out what happens when a bunch of people work together. https://www.theepochtimes.com/astronomers-discover-cosmic-angel-wings-caused-by-collision-of-2-galaxies-in-leo-constellation_4433343.html?utm_source=ref_share&utm_campaign=copy&rs=SHRJBKNC&
  6. When I used to do this a lot (before wife and kids) I always carried home made fire starters. I would grab wood from around where I would be and start a ground fire. I always had a small hatchet with me. For the meals I always carried tin foil and made foil packs. This way I could stop at a small store and grab what I wanted. I only carried a small metal cup, a metal spork and used my pocket knife to eat. The metal cup was good for boiling an egg if I had them but mostly cowboy coffee. I also only use water from nearby streams. I used to drink directly from them and by todays standards I should be dead just from the water. Fire starters were basically a cardboard egg carton add a mix of saw dust/shavings and wax, (thick on the saw dust) and add a candle wick sometimes but the egg carton worked just fine.
  7. Well, when we were in school we were responsible for our actions, not a teacher, a parent or a friend. You take away that responsibility of action you take away any deterrence of said action. And yes, I've done street racing, burnouts etc etc but we ALWAYS chose areas of little to no traffic or housing. Those in NE OH should remember when sections of the new 4 lane (20, I think, from 57 to the JVS) were held up in court (or something) in the early 80's. (Same happened with sections of 480). It was built but not "open" for a year or so. That was fun. Racing up one side and down the other with only farm land around.
  8. I miss the country but my wife is from Long Island and loves where we are. I keep beating the we need land drum but alas I believe it is falling on deaf ears.
  9. I build a small wood box for my '06. Worked great to hold smaller items.
  10. I saw pictures of an adapter someone made for a 2 post lift. I can't find them now though.
  11. We had an old Farmall Cub and a larger Massy Ferguson which both had the PTO drives. One of them we used to run a neighbors small saw from the 40's. It was pretty cool how it worked. When he moved to southern OH, near Seneca Lake, He bought a new one with a front bucket, a backhoe, forks, brush hog and a side mower. That side mower was awesome for him. He had rolled one of the tractors mowing a dam on the small lake they were on. That side mower made it so we didn't have to worry about that as he got older.
  12. Does that has a PTO. Would be cool to run some vintage stuff off of it like a sawmill etc.
  13. I'm not a big Birthday guy either. I can only say we're glad your (all of our) parents made the right decision. Happy Birthday
  14. I would venture to say that if the number is entered on the Bike's computer then Mama Yama has a way to read it and spit it out so it can be duplicated.
  15. The bikes come with only 1 FOB and 2 keys. The number may be on the 2nd key. I wrote mine in the owners manual too but unless you did that I don't know if it would have been on any of the other paperwork
  16. There is a recall on the brake switches. I never had a problem with mine but I took it in for the recall. I think that's the only recall on the bike too. That's awesome for a 3 - 4 year old bike. Remember this model line was revamped in 2018. Most of us agree and wish they would have went with the V-Max 4 cyl but this thing gets and goes.
  17. I bought mine in April of 2019 and love it. They're great bikes. They have had their own round of issues. Some people have had heat problems others have had starters and break switches. These seem to be fairly uncommon and I can say I have had none of these. The Navi system is a little off in that it won't accept straight up GPX files for maps and routes but We've found what seems to work well.
  18. Welcome aboard. I joined about 2 years ago. Good people here and a great knowledge base too.
  19. LOL We are the only group that can secure our employment. If it ain't broke upgrade it.
  20. It wasn't I that started you there. But, it was fun throwing in all the little nuances we deal with daily. LOL
  21. Anyone see the idiot in Ohio throwing snow across the 3 opposite sides of the highway. Ohio Turnpike snowplow damages at least 40 vehicles, injures 12 (news5cleveland.com)
  22. I'm going to make it hurt more too. The ALT codes usually only work with a numeric key pad like those on most full size keyboards.
  23. I've heard similar stories from a few friends and they were all shaken. One to the point where he requested permission to speak at schools about this and a few other don'ts that kids should learn regarding city vehicles.
  24. This is brand specific, i.e. Lenovo, Dell and Toshiba do not have this (or at least the ones I have access to). My son's HP does though. In most cases you will see it on the keys if it does.
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