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  1. Blue shirt = Brad (Squidley), White shirt = Mike and the other mangy thing is me, Bob
  2. It was a pleasure to me you and Lonna too. Glad we didn't break the camera with that pic.
  3. I also found this thread here Barnett Clutch Kit & Spring Conversion - HELP - Royal Star Venture Tech Talk ('99 - '13) - Venture Rider
  4. I used the Barnett clutch replacement kit with clutch plates and gasket. It was super easy. It was a job I was really worried about doing myself but was able to knock it out. That was before I found all the excellent advice here too. LOL. there a a lot of good YouTube videos too
  5. I used to get Poison Ivy so bad they would give me shots for it. That was as a kid. I've had it as an adult only a few times but never as bad. I feel for ya.
  6. Reminder for all. Looking forward to it also, a couple of Friends coming along. This will give it a bump too LOL
  7. I agree. but I will leave one last link from my side. The craziness around all of this: https://www.theepochtimes.com/ohio-judge-orders-hospital-to-treat-ventilated-covid-19-patient-with-ivermectin_3972447.html?utm_source=sharenewsnoe. Nuts, I work in a big Law Firm and to have to sue to get treatment even when prescribed? Just Wow.
  8. do you spit when you whistle? Are you a good whistler? That may play into the request too ;-O
  9. That is pretty interesting. Early on the reports were that 6' social distancing should be enough to keep people from getting infected. That's still one of the battle cries to defend against infection. I wonder where the intake was and whether or not the individual in the room was the actual case 0 for that scenario. Could the infected individual even been in another room to have it travel via an air duct.
  10. @Du-Ron Go ahead and wear your ribbon.
  11. I read the whole article and I only draw on my own experience. Everyone I know from work (nationwide company) and personal friends who have been infected over the last several months have already been vaccinated except 2. I know of 26, with 1 dead (vaccinated) and 1 just the opposite of your argument as they had the vaccine and are having extreme side effects. She passed a comment to her boss that she wished she hadn't take it. Again both are the extremes There are going to be people on both sides of the extreme. Sad but true. As stated above there are fear mongers on both sides of this that are just insane. This Dr. Cobia is one of those people, if she even exists, from what I'm reading several people have searched for her and cannot find her. Dr. Brytney Cobia Does Not Exist. Prove Me Wrong. | claire (gab.com) Whether this Dr. exists really doesn't matter to me as there are many references from both sides of people, researches Drs. etc, that no one can find. Many valid researchers and Drs. are just plain being censored by big tech. Like this guy - Dr. Destroys the Entire COVID Narrative | Warren (gab.com) and many others that agree with him. No he has not treated hundreds or thousands of COVID patients but others like him have and they are being censored and blocked also. Even the Microbiologist I personally know was shut down for dissenting against Fauchi. You have to ask why are all these well educated Drs and Scientists being shut down? That answer is really the scary one. One last note: I'm not sure who said it above about taking animal medicine. You vaulted RNA vaccine and other regular COVID vaccines have been used in cattle and sheep for a very long time - at least a decade. The RNA vaccine base has been used with test with dogs before SARS-COV-2. Another article Bovine Coronavirus and the Associated Diseases (nih.gov) I don't understand some of this and I'll bet the majority in this thread don't understand it. My point, Nearly all medicines you take today are available in animal doses. That includes essentially the little blue pill 😉 that some here might use is used for breeding in its animal dose or format.
  12. This just made me laugh.
  13. One additional note: I don't believe that many here will change their mind. For me it is never about changing someone's mind on their own beliefs. If you feel you need or want the vaccine for whatever reason that's fine. If you feel you don't want the vaccine for any reason that's fine too. But know this I will never discriminate or berate you either way because it is our own choice in the end. At this point anyone of us could be a carrier, vaccinated or not.
  14. I just found these quotes from recent articles: CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walenksy and others have cited studies saying that the vaccines don’t necessarily prevent transmission of COVID-19, but have stated that the shots limit the severity of the illness. and a preprint Israeli study that found that previous COVID-19 infection provides better protection against the Delta variant than any of the COVID-19 vaccines. “SARS-CoV-2-naive vaccinees had a 13.06-fold increased risk for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant compared to those previously infected, when the first event (infection or vaccination) occurred during January and February of 2021,” the study reads. Again, When do we stop calling it break through infections?
  15. I think you still have to take this as a whole of the population. That number is more like 0.0125% in the US. Unacceptable? Where I agree with this is in that it does not happen without Humans creating it though Gain of Function work. We all live to die, it is inevitable and sad but true. BTW I read a chart from WHO the other day and now I can't find it. It listed the Flu and Pneumonia both having more than 2x the number of deaths attributed to it than COVID though the first 4 or 5 months of the year. Wish I could find that now. I found that stupid meme that was supposedly based on it but I want the report again.
  16. Thanks @ChiefGunner & @saddlebum. Speaking for myself I don't think the person has been born that can offend me, maybe tick me off a little but never offend. LOL
  17. @Du-Rron There is a very valid reason why I don't trust a particular set of the data from both and it is a real simple concept. From the CDC, a memo that stated 6% of the COVID death total was actually due to only the COVID 19 virus. at the time Fauchi and the Media chastised anyone who made this statement. This is a Government Bureaucracy leadership blocking or trying to control their own data. Ask yourself why. I just learned a friend passed away. I spent many years working with him in Boy Scouts. He went with his grandchild on a campout with the scouts. When he came home a few days later felt ill, Went to the Dr. and had a severe lung infection that had become pneumonia. He became infected with the COVID19 virus and passed away a week later after that. Statistically he will be listed as a COVID death but from what we've been told they were not expecting him to survive the pneumonia. While listing him as a COVID death could be construed accurate it was really the pneumonia that was the largest factor in his death. BTW: He was fully vaccinated months ago. When do we stop calling them break through cases?
  18. I monitor storms for our Firm and wanted to share info here as this thing is growing quick. I can't see to attach the graphics at the Moment so I've attached a PDF of the info. If you can get out of the way of this storm it might be a good idea. Otherwise, stay safe. The eye of hurricane Ida is becoming better defined as crossing Cuba had little to no effect on the storm. Maximum sustained winds have increased to near 85 mph with higher gusts. Rapid strengthening is forecast during the next 24 to 36 hours and Ida is expected to be an extremely dangerous major hurricane when it approaches Gulf coast on Sunday. The SHIPS and LGEM models are showing a little less strengthening than previous runs. However, the HWRF and HMON models continue to forecast Ida to reach Category 4 intensity before landfall with winds approaching 140mph. Please note that these are 2 of 20+ models predicting Cat 4 status. We know this storm will be a strong Category 3 storm. The majority of the models are showing an expansion of the wind field as in it increases in strength. Tropical force winds are expected to affect the coast line beginning Sunday morning. Storm Surges in some areas are expected to be 15 + feet near Morgan City, LA, the mouth of the Mississippi River to Ocean Springs, MS. Overtopping of local levees outside of the Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System is possible where local inundation values may be higher. As Ida moves into the Louisiana coast late Sunday, total rainfall accumulations of 8 to 16 inches with isolated maximum amounts of 20 inches are possible across southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi through Monday. We could see major flooding along Ida's track and in to MS. Flash floods are a high risk along the LA coast to north of Lake Pontchartrain but chances of flash floods cover the entire LA, MS and AL coastlines and extend out to the FL Panhandle, Western AL, MS and portions of TN. Ida.pdf
  19. These are the extremes that are being used as fear mongering as they can be documented and they are the rare outliers. Again there are estimates as high as 40% of the population have had COVID with little or no symptoms but unfortunately these cannot be documented. I personally know 15 - 20 people who have had COVID or tested positive for the antibodies who have had little to no symptoms. I also know 3 that have died with the Virus but all 3 had severe underlying conditions of Cancer, major heart conditions and diabetes. I personally don't know any one who died strictly because of SARS-COV-2.
  20. Maybe true but looking at the age segments in the beginning of this the percentages followed the average ages of other deaths in the previous 10 years. Also, this is survival of the fittest. 94% of those that die from COVID have underlying health issues. These items have only changed slightly. The biggest concern that keeps getting pounded by the media is the asymptomatic carriers. I believe that is what most would have been 200 years ago. moot, point anyway as this virus is man made.
  21. As a kid I broke my arm and spent 13 + hours in an emergency room before seeing anyone. When my son had to go to the ER after cracking his head wrecking his bicycle - 9 hours. This has never changed - at least for me.
  22. As I stated above I've spent way too much time in Hospitals the last 2 years. The hospitals I was at with my son stated they were out of beds but even in the ICU floor I saw whole sections with the lights out. I've seen entire floors shut off. Send the patients to other Hospitals that have Room. I've talked to nurses that say this is not happening because the Hospitals would not get the $$$ for treating a COVID patient. I don't buy the whole we don't have room stuff.
  23. You will never see those wanting power saying those in power are doing a good job. But the flip side is look at the 'job approval ratings' put out by everyone, average them and then subtract 10 points. You may get a closer/accurate number. Our current congress in the US has an approval rating of roughly 26%. Frankly I expected that to be much lower but it is abhorrent. This is why many citizens want term limits and many politicians do not. Sorry that went a little political- delete if needed.
  24. LOL, yet you still find it and comment. I love the tag line too.
  25. Agreed. There is a ton of knowledge here.
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