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  1. Is the speed off on the digital display too? That comes from the GPS and I think that may be accurate. Either that or my early tests with the wife following me in her Tahoe were faulty.
  2. I couldn't get mine to connect to the Venture. I just connect it separately to my phone.
  3. Well I will be in Albany NY for the month of April (work related). I've been checking around for bike rentals but it appears (or at least what I've found online) they don't start renting until May. I'd ride my SVTC in a heart beat but my wife is coming and she cannot handle that length of a ride. Anyone in the area there have any thoughts? Even ideas on what to do around there. Looks like I will be open most weekends while there.
  4. Should be all you need after adding the driver 😉
  5. And . . . . Every one of these set will be missing the 10mm within a month .😂
  6. I say go for it. I had an '06 and put over 100,000 miles on it before selling it. Heard from the new owner 8-9 months later. He had already put another 15,000 on it.
  7. Yes it was cold. Did all Texans die like the MSM is boosting this up to be - no. We weren't home (Houston) during this we were north of here. Our house got hit bad. No power in the neighborhood for 3 days of the coldest weather. Tankless hot water heater had a pipe bust inside but a neighbor caught it early and minimized that damage. When I got home I found a pool pump cracked, an outside spigot busted and the main line to the sprinkler busted. No one had a replacement water heater so I found one online. That was installed today. total cost 1350 for heater and 925 for labor to install (flat fe
  8. Hmmmm, I have a Pitbull jack and just use a block of wood. I would like to find a way to extend it to the back of the bike more on the SVTC.
  9. I had my MC license when I was 15, I had been riding since I was ~6 and that was 40 years ago. We were also in a rural area so a lot less traffic. I didn't let my sons get their license because we had moved to Houston. Only my youngest is even considering it now because they have seen the nutty driving that happens every minute of every day here. People trying to drive 10 - 20 mph faster than everyone else, weaving and bobbing their way through traffic. Then you have those that are driving 10 - 15 mph lower than the speed limit. These 2 groups are just looking to die on the roads and take so
  10. Interesting. Does the storage door still open without interference from the holder? It also looks from the Pics that a cup may rub the side of the bike?
  11. You're 100% right that the power system was not ready for this cold. Of the ~54% capacity that was lost 17% was due to wind turbines were frozen. The rest was Natural Gas and Coal plants. They could not keep the supply of NG going due to the cold. This happened about 15 years ago when we moved here and then again about 10 years ago. At that point they said they mitigated the issues. Yesterday a power company exec said the systems here are not designed for this cold and after looking into it they said it was too costly. For me that is neglect. I pay for a product that comes from a monopoly r
  12. When I moved to TX the guy buying our house in Northern OH wanted my grill. It was his sticking point. I took him into the garage and showed him my 36" 2 stage snow thrower. Said he could not have my grill. Look at that driveway (3 cars wide and ~50 long) do you want to shovel that or will the snow thrower do? needless to say I kept the grill LOL.
  13. Thanks. They are doing surprisingly well. Son had left foot surgically repaired and left leg immobilized because of broken kneecap. Boot on right foot with 1 broken bone there and 8 broken ribs. Daughter in Law didn't have broken bones but was released then readmitted due to pain. She pulled her oblique muscles from the pelvic bones. She gets out of rehab today. We will be trying to get them to their house on Saturday weather permitting. We will definitely vouch for the Hyundai Santa Fe Safety ratings.
  14. We are in central TX because my son and his wife were in an accident and just found out we had a waterline break in the house. Luckily neighbors shut off the water.
  15. I'm about 2 hours NW of Houston for family matters and we are expecting 4 degree weather in the coming days. I haven't had a real winter coat since moving to Houston 15 years ago from northern Ohio. Only my leather for the bike. I remember my first year here and getting a dusting of snow. got up to go to work, get to the gas station and all the lights are off. Figured they had a problem. Go to the next station and the same. Turn on the radio and they shut everything down. It's all perception and my perception is the north can keep this ~!@#$%^. I moved to warmer weather for a reason.
  16. Hopefully its not like other 10mm and goes missing LOL
  17. What more could you ask for? Oh, Allen wrenches
  18. We will be keeping your mom, you and the entire family in our Prayers.
  19. Well an investigation of someone dying after getting the vaccine is underway. California resident dies several hours after receiving COVID-19 vaccine | Fox News. If they use the same methods of defining a COVID death then he died from the vaccine. I feel like we all need the Fawkes masks.
  20. Alzheimer’s is a rough condition for the afflicted and the family. We wish you and your family the best and offer prayers for your mom.
  21. Absolutely true on the apples to apples comparison. Reminds me of when we were looking at a minivan 30 years ago due to kids. If you mentioned a Ford or Chevy for comparison The Dodge people would scoff and basically say nothing else is in the same class to compare. My comment to them was if you are not going to have an honest discussion I'll take my business and money elsewhere. No reaction until I started walking out then they were groveling to have me talk. Ended up with a E150 conversion van and no minivan. Best vehicle decision ever. Overall that E150 was so far superior to any miniva
  22. First, never be sorry to disagree, at least with me, its all an opportunity to learn. As far as 720, this was based on several cameras we used on a couple of rides as a group. The two 1080 cameras were better quality than the three 720 cameras in that experience. This was in 2019. All of the cameras we supposed to have stabilization. could this have been related to lenses absolutely. I don't even remember the brands involved as it was what ever each rider had. I've been wanting to do this on the new SVTC since I got it and want the cameras to be small and hidden as possible. I also agree th
  23. A draw back on this would be the image quality @720p.
  24. I may or may not have been on the receiving end of a switch or belt a few times. We didn't live where Mattekloopers would be needed.
  25. There is a guide stamped on the frame but you can also get a gauge for measuring the tension. I have one like this:
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