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  1. Well, as if my SVTC doesn’t have enough lights already... I’ve been installing some more. Installed a great triangular light below the Venture emblem that is a running light & turn signal. Also install some strips on my forks that do the same but the turn is a fluid directional. I think it looks great but comments are welcome. Now to see if I can post the videos. Also did a short evening walk around video. IMG_1584.MOV IMG_1586.MOV IMG_1588.MOV
  2. definitely interested.
  3. Two questions @JR333 ...how did you get the piece off the air cleaner and did you clear coat over the pieces once you got them polished?
  4. I hear ya! Sometimes I have to look in the mirror and chew my own butt out. (looking in the mirror pointing sternly at myself) “You do that again and you’re FIRED you got me?!!” 😁
  5. @Black Bart Where’s the pics?? We’d love to see some pics of your new lady!
  6. Here is the flag I have on the bike in addition to the American Flag.




    1. ChiefGunner


      Very nice! I have the one with the soldier kneeling at a cross and a regular POW/MIA I can swap with.

  7. Well, as a business owner covering a 5 state area I have unique opportunities. Sometimes I’ll get a service call and I’ll reconnoiter the issue and find out it’s relatively simple with few tools needed. I’ll load up the bike and then take off from Charlotte to Nashville or maybe Atlanta or up in Virginia. Here’s the best part... I get paid for the travel time riding and my company pays for the gas! Sometimes I just LOVE my job!
  8. Everybody wants to cry “Covid” when it comes to delivery delays yet has everyone else seen that for some reason it doesn’t affect Amazon orders? If I order some thing on Amazon it will give me a delivery date and almost every time the item will arrive much faster than predicted. If they can do it, what the problem with UPS & FEDEX?? I’ve heard the two carriers are merging into ONE company. They’ll call it FEDUP!! 🤣
  9. “Politics” comes from two words.. POLI - meaning MANY & TICS - meaning an undesirable blood sucking creature!
  10. I don’t know you nor have I had the pleasure of meeting either of you, but nonetheless your “family” here! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEVERLY! Make sure he “spoils” you today! 😁
  11. Have never had a problem locating switches on this bike. May have taken a few rides to get switch positions memorized, but why would I want to take my eyes off the road ESPECIALLY at night to look for a button?? Wouldn’t it be safer to just know where they’re at?
  12. Not sure about that. Between the “dimple plugs” and my “Filter Mags” ZERO metals will circulate through that engine. The lifter/cam issue happened at 7800 miles which interestingly enough... anyone who has had that issue occurs by about 8k miles. The final drive issue happened at almost 50k miles which is right about where the guy in Florida I mentioned (Rob) had his issue, yet he never had a cam/lifter failure. But I do agree that getting a new engine was awesome. I hope everyone understands that my particular resolution is not one that can be expected by everyone. I and the new mot
  13. Bummer dude! Hope you’re back in the saddle again soon. Sadly the ONLY way that’s going to happen is if no parts are needed for the repair. I’ve been waiting 45 days just to get a replacement right side mirror!!
  14. Couldn’t agree more @cowpuc. I don’t understand Yamaha’s position on this. Their greatest completion is the Goldwing when it comes to touring bikes. And yet the BIG difference is that the new wings which also had problems after release have all been addressed immediately. Not only that but when they down sized the 2018 Wing to be less true touring and more sport touring like an ST1800, there was an outcry about the too small storage. What did Honda do? They immediately produced a newer model which gave back the storage and then some. In other words, Honda actually listened to the people who
  15. Despite the issues I’ve had I still love this bike. Yes, having issues with a new design does happen. You’d hope that the R&D department did their homework and worked out any issues before production begins. Problem is that real world use is a lot different than a testing environment. Personally, I think that given the number of issues with cam/lifter that have occurred, Yamaha would issue a recall and deal with it proactively but this sadly doesn’t seem to be the case. It seems they’d rather just deal with it as it arises. I don’t think that’s a wise move by Yamaha to let a customer ta
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