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  1. Hey everyone. I’m sure we may have some riders here who either have or have had an XVS1100. My daughter gave me a project bike to fix up for her, and anyone who has done any engine work or final drive work would be a valuable source of info. Yes, I have the shop manual but YOUR personal experience can help avoid pitfalls. Thanks in advance!
  2. Had to reach out and call you Andy or I’d be here texting all day! 😁 Pleasure talking with you. I hope the info helped. IMG_1588.MOV
  3. Although it might work it looks as though you’ve destroyed the automatic opening of the lid by the spring. While mounting it inside may have been more difficult, the resulting “factory look” is always worth the effort. You may even have been able to find a hinge that was spring loaded to maintain that function. Case in point when I installed the remote microphone for my dual camera system. Installing it wasn’t easy, but the results speak for themself.
  4. The problem is @Kybronco that your seats are not actually “upholstered” but rather “injection molded”. That looks like a foam fill point. You can see the seat stitching is not actual stitching but a molded stitch for appearance.
  5. No, @RDawsonit not. This is a 2018 SVTC here in NC. Like I said, the “circles” was my fault in the route planning. I learned you need to be very specific on way point placement. Close enough doesn’t work. The good thing is that it works!
  6. No problem. I was the ride coordinator for a recent forum rally here in Maggie Valley. I used the MyRoute program and did each days ride with Route, Way points & POI and saved as a gpx1.1 file. Was able to let everyone have the same route whether it was their phone, Garmin, Goldwing or SVTC. The first days ride had 11 way points with a stop for lunch. The SVTC nav performed FLAWLESSLY! It was exciting to actually have it work the way it was expected. The second days route had 27 way points and did outstanding right up until point 14. It was actually my fault because my way point wasn’t exact. With the Venture nav, you have to make sure that the point you’re going to cross is exact. If not, it will take you in circles until you reach it. I did however in the midst of “circles” find within the nav a place at the bottom which said “Edit Route”. Once I went in there STARTING AT THE BOTTOM I deleted way points until I got rid of the problem one and suddenly the nav system acted like nothing happened and show where to go for the next point. The item that we have to figure out is WHY each of the way points have no info! Even though it was there when creating the route, it doesn’t seem to show on our system. Once we figure out what our system is looking for as far as format or information then the sky is the limit! You can have as many way points with stops as you want, and even delete way points (can do that now)on the fly. Just need the way points info to show up so you know what you’re deleting. The other days rides had anywhere from 8 way points as a straight out and back in the Cherohala Skyway and others which had 22 points. In all other rides except that one day, the routes worked perfectly!
  7. Sorry @Kent but last news I had is that there will be no new software updates. There is a story on another forum of a guy (actually 6 bikes) in Ontario which were gone over by 3 Yamaha engineers in which all the modules and some wiring harness work was done. It seems hat they put 2020 modules in the 2018 to upgrade them. Despite Yamaha being aware of the problems, there will be NO recall and only a case by case based on who is the LOUDEST complainer.
  8. UPDATE: well the camera unit mounted in the trunk contains a “built in” mic, but that doesn’t help much. All I’d get is some engine sound and rear speaker music. Fortunately it had an AV jack for an external microphone. I did some research and found a small waterproof mic, mounted it in a perfect place “no wind noise” cockpit. The cockpit acts like a reflector to pick up voice comms, some engine sound and of course music. Perfect blend! Here’s the final results. It’s the black center dot. I think it looks factory and you’d never notice it unless it was pointed out. Of course now that everything is recorded, I have to watch my “road rage” verbiage! 🤣
  9. Understand your point and empathize with it. Where is the same passion for the millions who have died annually from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, pneumonia, flu, drugs, suicide, car accidents, abortion? Are they unworthy of your sympathies? Do they not merit concern? If so, what shall be done for them? Do we not sell certain foods to fat people? Or maybe have a card to prove you don’t have diabetes before ordering a piece of pie? How about permanent license revocation for 1 DUI? Have govt exercise cards to prove you are reducing the risk of heart disease? Shall we lock down & mask up every flu & pneumonia season? Where does it end?
  10. Just because it hasn’t been said does not mean it’s not there. The fact is the issue has been and needs to be approached without emotion and dispassionately. Emotions thrown in always tend to cause people to make decisions based on the emotion and not reason or logic. And before you say anything else, yes my step father is in the hospital with covid. My mom had it 3 months ago and recovered at age 77. My step father is 69 and otherwise healthy except being overweight. He was on a ventilator for 6 days and they took him off yesterday. He’s doing well. I mention this only because I DO feel, but feelings don’t rule over my decisions or actions.
  11. Your numbers are not accurate but part of the “hype” to keep the fear factor high. This is about control not about dealing with a man made illness. We already know factually that hospitals and Dr’s are being pressured to make a covid diagnosis. The pressure is so great that if I myself were to go play on a highway and get hit by a semi and become decapitated so that there is ZERO question as to the “cause of death”, and they test me POST MORTEM and find covid antibodies then my “cause of death” would be listed as “covid related”. The obsurdity of such a practice is nothing less than deceptive. It is dishonest and it’s only public purpose is to keep the fear factor high. https://freedomwire.com/cdc-new-death-stats/
  12. Did you not read that the vaccine has caused blood clots and does cause sterility? Oh, and let’s not forget the proven fact that those who have had covid whether mild or severe and recovered have stronger immune response than any given by a vaccine and therefore do not need to be vaccinated.
  13. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2021/06/09/hydroxychloroquine-study-n2590700
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