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  1. Thanks for that @revpat. Not sure what bike you’re using that on. Remember the “wig-wag” modules seen on a lot of wings? Wish I could find a way to adapt that for my SVTC. The electrical system is CANBUS so I’m not certain it would t cause an issue.
  2. Have done 12 oil changes on mine. I keep a flange style automotive plug on hand in case the CC OEM plug breaks.
  3. Glad you visited and saw this. I was worried about you running around low oil!
  4. Sorry for your loss Don. May the presence of Christ comfort you and your family at this time of loss.
  5. Remember doing exactly what you were talking about with the green book in the Navy. That’s a blast from the past. 😁 On a side note, the torque spec for the crankcase full plug is not accurate. If you tighten it to the specs listed it will break off by the second time you do it. Basically lightly snug by hand. I use my fingers until it sears and then the Allen wrench I gently “tap” it once using 3 fingers. Never had any leaks and have been doing that since the first one broke during my second oil change.
  6. Very kind of you Eric. I’m not sure why though seeing as how the entire service manual is available on this website isn’t it? I may be wrong though.
  7. @dragonstorm Yup! Check the tightness of your steering head nut. The “thunk” is from the movement. The fact you’re now having cornering problems confirms this. These are the most stable bikes in corners even two up and pushing it hard. Long ago I had a similar “thunk” noise as you described and found the nut loose.
  8. I would agree with @cowpuc on this. You didn’t have the “mushy” brake before you took it in and did after they did the job. i replaced my pads at about 43k miles, but I probably didn’t need to. Still had half the pad thickness left, but I did go with EBC and not OEM. Reason for that was 4-6 weeks waiting for OEM pads! Not in stock?? I guess they don’t plan on anyone needing a common item. Point I’m making is that I had no problems when done and didn’t have to bleed anything. They messed it up, have them fix it.
  9. Yes Eric @ecbaatz Many are under a false assumption that the oil will “level itself out” to what is needed in the crankcase and that is NOT the case. The scavenger pump cycles the oil but the flow rate just keeps it at the level you filled it to. You can’t overfill the tank and under full the crankcase and think it’ll be ok. It won’t.
  10. You’re welcome & Thanks @videoarizona
  11. Hey @N3FOLI noticed you said you added 2qts to the crankcase. The manual states that with filter change to add 2.4qts to the crankcase and 3.2qts to the oil tank. If you only added 2qts you’re actually running low in the CC. The system is not “self leveling”. The scavenger pump flows at a rate to keep the CC at the level that was put in there. In other words, if you start out low, you stay low. That’s why it’s important to fill correctly and one of the reasons it says not to overfill it either. Just thought I needed to share that, although everything I said is in the maintenance manual.
  12. Yea @cowpucthat idiot saw me coming and still pulled out.
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