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  1. Just remove or disconnect the alarm speaker behind the left saddlebag.
  2. Dude! @Joe in WV you’re “preachin” good! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Rev TJ
  3. Well @circa1968 I feel your pain. Lived in SanDiego and surround counties for 31yrs before retiring from the Navy in 98. The sprawl, the illegals, the insane regulations and policies I saw coming in over the years was sad. We left to North Carolina in 2009 and I know it hasn’t got better since then. California has become a “GRANOLA BOWL”! Nothing but NUTS, FRUITS & FLAKES!!
  4. Yeah, apparently I do too @Marcarl😁 The white van is my work truck for my business.
  5. Well, despite the custom seat and the console wrap along with the saddlebag lowers of course the trailer had to have a matching bra. Today completes the “wrapping” as I had the spoiler on the trailer wrapped to match the bra. Loving the look.
  6. UPDATE: Well, after warming the light up in the oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes to soften the seal and get it apart I find the LEDs are mounted to a sealed circuit board with no access to connect a remote sequencing module. That being said, here’s what’s up. My wife was a circuit board designer in Space Systems at General Dynamics for many years, and my background in electro-mechanical engineering hope is not lost. I’ve designed a sequential light circuit and with the board measurements now complete the wife is going to lay out the circuit within the size/shape parameters needed, and then we’ll send it out for production. Once we get the prototype back and installed, I’ll use video of my bike as advertising. This will work out for the best as it will truly be “plug n play”. Just remove 5 screws, unplug the light, install the new and plug it in, that’s it. If this goes as well as hoped, I plan on creating the same thing for the mirror turn signals. Thanks for your patience while we get this perfect.
  7. Yamaha has issued a “Service Bulletin” regarding the starter. Some have had issues and some have not. Type in your VIN# and check. NOTE: unlike a “recall” which is safety related and ALL vehicles must have it done, a “Service Bulletin” may apply only to certain bikes and is VALID ONLY WHILE BIKE IS UNDER WARRANTY PERIOD. https://www.yamaha-dealers.com/public/web/techpubs/nhtsaPublications.html
  8. Gracious offer and would love to come but just too far under the circumstances.
  9. Not sure about “brighter” there @N3FOL. I’m using the OEM lights but re-wiring them internally to accommodate a sequential module.
  10. Thanks Carl. Right now I’m waiting on the sequential modules which should be here March 4th.
  11. Well, not sure how many people we still have here with these bikes. This section seems really quiet. Anyways, I get many comments on some of the custom mods I’ve done to my bike. So here’s what I have that I’m working on. I’m re-wiring saddlebag lights so that they will have a sequential signal like a Mustang! The lights run about $120 each + $25 for the module, another $25 for wire and connectors, and lastly $100 for me for my design and the labor. That puts price point at $387.64 + tax and shipping for a set. I’ll be posting a video of the results when I’ve completed it. I will also include detailed installation instructions with the kit so that anyone can do it. Wish me luck!
  12. I did have to adjust mine because I have drilled out pipes and a K&N air filter.
  13. I don’t know how many people have had success using that “card” type thing. Most people have a 8 or 16mb usb they use that has been fat32 formatted. Clearly your dealership DID NOT do their job. The software version you have showing is the original software version. There have been two FREE updates since then and a 3rd which is ONLY used if you are purchasing the map update for $100. Also, you cannot skip software versions and just go to the latest. You must upload each one because they are built upon each other. Secondly, BE SURE you are getting the proper software for your year of bike. The software versions for 2020 are not compatible with 2018. They have completely different software platforms.
  14. Yea Dion @djh3 I saw that too. Pretty disappointing. Are they abandoning true touring line? While the Tenere has always been used for a type of touring, it’s by no means a true tourer. Yamaha was so close to a true touring winner if only they’d change some things to deal with known issues. Yet rather than admit they missed or need to adjust they move on like it doesn’t exist and nothing ever happened. It’s sad.
  15. Thanks @DarthJ! So, when will be making a decision and the resulting purchase??
  16. I can carry pretty much everything including the kitchen sink! 🤣
  17. You’re right Don. I picked mine up Dec 29 of 2017. Was supposed to get it in August but production issues delayed that. I won’t complain though. Yamaha gave me a $1,000 spending spree for my wait. I used that to buy both headsets, the taller wider backrest and the bike cover.
  18. @DarthJ I was the first in the Southeast to get mine on the Priority delivery program. I’ll be up front with the issues I’ve had. In the first 3k miles I had a “paint bubble” issue on the tank, they replaced it. At 7800 miles I had a cam lifter failure, they fixed it. At 23k miles I had the left rear speaker fail, they replaced it. I had software issues with NAV locking up or going blank, they wiped the software and re-loaded it… no problem since. At 35k miles I had cracks in both saddlebag lids radiating out from the hinge. They replaced both complete saddlebags. At 48k miles I had a final drive gear issue, Yamaha replaced my complete engine! Even though my brake switch has not failed, the dealership gave me the replacement to install myself if it ever needs it. I have 63k miles on it now and despite the issues (not uncommon in a new model) Yamaha has been faithful to address each one. That being said I absolutely LOVE this bike! It is the best touring model I’ve owned and would make the purchase again if I had to.
  19. I know we have a lot of “gear heads” here with much more experience than I have, so let me put forth a question. We know that the new Venture motor uses hydraulic lifters which actuate upon TWO valves. These spring pressures are reaching “high performance” pressures which is why hot rod cars go with roller rockers. Because Yamaha has it this way it has proven to be a weak point with this engine. The question then is.. Is it possible to have this engine re-done using roller rockers and solid lifters? If it is, what are the pro’s and con’s?
  20. It’s all in Gods hands Don. He has gone before you and his grace goes with you.
  21. Wow Don @Freebird, I wasn’t aware of your previous or current battle with cancer. 😢 As someone already stated YOU are a blessing and we will surely lift you before the throne of God. May Gods hand of grace and mercy be upon you and his covenant of healing by the stripes on Jesus back be yours. We look forward to your testimony of victory! Godspeed
  22. @Salmo What @Freebirdsaid is correct. You can find chrome trunk racks that will fit the SVTC bit there are NO saddlebag lid rails except the black flat Yamaha ones. I know cu I’ve searched for 4 years! Your only option… or should I say OUR only option is to have the black Yamaha ones chromed. And I may yet do that!
  23. Well, the other day it was 72 here in NC. I got a chance to meet up with another local venture owner for a short meet n eat ride. He’s only 1/2hr away so we will definitely be getting together for more rides.
  24. Well, I did ride for a few hours yesterday. it was 72 and I met up with another local SVTC owner for a short meet n eat.
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