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  1. Thanks @Patch for boiling that down to such a simple explanation for me. I tend to over-complicate things...😆 The lambda stuff sounds really cool. Wish we had such a closed-loop system on the Venture w/ fuel injection, O2 sensors and computer control. Wow, wouldn't that make an awesome bike awsomer! Now that I've got a set of rebuilt and clean carbs, I'm off to put a crankcase breather filter and oil catch can on the bike. I was working that out while waiting for the rebuilt carb shipment. No more oily mess @ the intake.
  2. I can't say enough good things about @eusa1 (aka The Diamond Cut Guy) and his rebuilt carb swap program. Mike's a straight shooter, highly responsive and does what he says. Buy with confidence and if you are having carb troubles, don't delay. What a difference!
  3. Well, as a final wrap to my heat saga, the rebuilt carbs from Mike, the Diamond Cut Guy, has solved the issue. While I learned a lot through this process, I can't begin to explain what the underlying root cause was (frustrating to me personally as I used to do root cause failure analysis on electronic stuff) and how/why the rebuilt carbs solved the issue. But in the end, none of that matters. My beautiful moto is finally running the way she should!!!!!! Hats off and a big Thank You to everyone who helped and encouraged me along the way. I was frustrated at times, but also found it
  4. Great video and I've done that on my 2nd gen. I'd say its probably a little bit dicier due to the 2nd gen gas tank location raising the center of gravity (best not to do with a full tank!), but doable. I found its also helpful to start with the kickstand on a 2x4, so only have to pull it up a little bit to level.
  5. https://reno.craigslist.org/mcy/d/carson-city-venture-royale-touring-bikes/7248849430.html Sold! Hoping the buyers of these bikes and the '83 I missed out on show up on here and give us all an update on their new toys!
  6. Do not judge a man by his past. As he stands before you, he is defined by his current path in life. But, do not judge the man by that path either, lest he may also judge you for the path you are on. It is not for either to judge the other! When your path's cross, appreciate the uniqueness of the two separate prior paths which brought you to that very spot where you now meet. If you now walk on the same path, even for a short time, you both benefit from the other's knowledge on their prior path. I write these words from what I've learned from my own failings on my path. We lea
  7. @saddlebum yeah, I have the perma-cough too, but from allergies. Constant congestion, post-nasal drip, etc and throw in a health rash of sneezes as well. I'm not saying I'm an anti-masker. If that's what gives people comfort, go for it. I just personally don't believe they do anything based on my interpretation of the science. My son just started college in the midwest & they've had a rash of cases on campus, as to be expected. It just so happens that my 82 YO mother lives 10 minutes from his campus and she keeps wanting to go visit him. I say absolutely not! She says, "but I'll be
  8. As somewhat of an aside to this discussion, it was briefly mentioned early on that one could have the flu and covid at the same time. I have not seen or heard any mention of that, probably since ~March though. Just logically thinking, that would seem like a potentially deadly combination. I've had cases of the flu that I thought was the beginning of the end for me. Add another virus to that and Yikes! Perhaps that's a good reason to get the flu shot this year....
  9. Hi Saddlebum, no the virus is not a farce. It is real. Is it as deadly as we're made to believe? Any virus can be deadly under the right circumstances for the individual who contracts it, this one is no different. But myself and many others are skeptical of the nature of the reporting, for good reasons. If the vaccine is truly effective AND safe, sure go for it. But I will wait until we know more about its longer term effect on a larger swath of people who are willing to be guinea pigs. I am not one of those. I would rather catch the virus and develop antibodies to it naturally,
  10. First. Randy, I hope you and your GF are doing ok. Prayers for both of you! The virus itself is ~ 1/700th the diameter of a human hair, so unless you're walking around in a fully contained space suit with sub-micron filtration, don't count on that mask doing anything for ya. CDC recently said 70% of people contracting the virus regularly wore masks. The people's republic of CA has had a mask mandate, social distancing, economic lockdowns, etc in place for months on end and the cases are rising. Perhaps its because our wannabe emperor himself is the super-spreader who doesn't wear a m
  11. Before anyone rushes out to get the vaccine shot, I suggest reading this: https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/the-vaccine-questions-a-summary/ I'm not an expert in much of anything other than my own opinion and my opinion is that the truth was lost long ago in this whole thing. Corporate profits, political power and desire for control over the masses are ruling the day. Yes, the virus is real, yes some people are sadly losing their lives to it. This also happens every year from the flu, which is also highly contagious and the flu shot is not always effective as it is a best guess, ma
  12. Sorry to hear about the C. You're still kicking, so I'm hoping that means you've managed to kick it back. I'm in San Jose. Look forward to the opportunity to meet ya & other fellow Venturerider members. I'm not much for the online social media stuff, shun it really, but this group is different. I like it! Well, seller stopped responding to me and the ad is deleted. So, I guess someone smarter than me didn't dilly-dally around and jumped on it. Win some, lose some.... Back to lovin' on the '07 baby girl! Thanks for all the inputs, I know more about what to look for and watc
  13. Thanks for weighing in @cowpuc!! Yes, its the Vacaville bike - now don't go buying it out from under me! Haha! Assuming it lived most its life near Vacaville, yes that's a pretty warm & dry climate so I'm feeling a little less concerned about the frame. And not too terribly concerned about 2nd gear. Was not aware of stator or water pump issues, but not feeling too afraid to tackle those. Fork springs, yeah that makes sense, so I'm game for that too. At this point, I'm just waiting to hear back from the seller to take the next step and go see it in person. @Flyinfool, yep I'm
  14. Yeah, I'm not under any impression that a 37 YO bike wouldn't need a variety of things, like you listed, to be taken care of in short order. I can either handle those or handle paying for them. My big concern is getting into something major as I don't want a big project. I have spoken with a shop nearby the seller and they can do a thorough inspection and give me their assessment for a very reasonable price.
  15. Awesome, Thanks for the responses and feedback! This group is really amazing! I'm oscillating between extreme excitement and extreme caution. There are some things in the seller story that don't quite add up. Like, he can't remember the name of the shop that did the carbs and he claims he put $3k into getting it running, but then the wife said no. Ok, maybe that last part is completely feasible.... Seller also mentioned he doesn't ride, did some of the ancillary work (brakes, etc) himself and has basically let it set since he did all that. Its just over an hour away,
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