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  1. Is Motus coming back to life???
  2. Uh oh, look what I started... The harley livewire thing is actually pretty interesting. HD spun Livewire off as a standalone company, rumor has it someone thought it didn't fit the HD "image" and would turn off their loyal customer base. Well lo & behold, Harley now sells a Harley branded Livewire and I've seen two in the last week on the streets. Perhaps common sense prevailed and they realized growing their loyal customer base with a variety of offerings is how to grow a business. I actually talked to a youngster over the summer who was on one, charging it at the nearby grocery store's charging station. I would say he was mid-20's and he could not stop grinning ear-ear as he raved about how much fun it was. He said he could get 140-160 miles range, depending on where/how he was riding. Its sport bike ergonomics is definitely not for me, but when he zipped away with nothing more than a Jetson's like whir, I was in lustful awe. I will plead the 5th on any immediate weiner proportion changes that may have occurred.
  3. Mother Nature has cast her vote. LOL!
  4. If Dion, isn't up and running, you can make your own. I put the relay under the seat, behind the battery for easier access. I carry a spare relay, just in case it craps out and just in case the spare relay also craps out, I put butt connectors on the wires so I can just bypass the bypass relay - and put it back to stock.
  5. There is no such thing as 'clean' energy, be it wind, solar, lithium batteries, etc. Ok, maybe nuclear energy. I wasn't aware there were hybrid motorcycles out there. Personally, those are not as interesting to me as pure electric. If I still have to maintain an ICE, I'd rather just stick to what we currently know and love.
  6. 100% agree on to each his own...pursuit of life, liberty and happiness (choice of motorcycle) and all that. Unless we are talking about the "rebel" who lives near me with extremely loud (illegal) pipes who infringes on (pisses off) the entire neighborhood's pursuit of happiness (sleep) at 5am. Then no. I will fight for you to ride whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want, until you wake me up at 5am, then its a different ball game. If noise is your thing, fine, keep it within the legal limits, respect everyone's else rights and we'll all get along just fine. Like I said, I'm not interested in electric bikes for the "green" aspect. Its just cool new tech that intrigues me personally for a variety of reasons. Not for everyone, I understand. BTW, Harley now has an electric bike in their lineup. You can probably put a bluetooth speaker on and ride around playing Billy Idol's 'Rebel Yell" at full volume at 5am and still piss off all the neighbors... ;-)
  7. Yes, that's your freeze/drain plug. When changing your coolant, you need to pull all four out to drain the coolant that still surrounds the cylinder. Not sure what will happen if you pull it prior to draining the whole system though, you might get more than you bargained for.
  8. Pictures look identical to the custom dynamic one I installed. My guess would be they all come out of one factory over yonder and then get shipped to different resellers.
  9. But, is he pregnant yet? Apparently that's a thing now too. I'm probably venturing (no pun intended) into trouble land here..
  10. Quite tempting, but my heart will always be in the midwest. Crappy weather and all. But, way back when Cali was a great state to live in, I married a Cali girl....
  11. Sport bikes, I understand, but why not any electric vehicle? Just curious. Is it cost, range, aesthetics or something else? I'm no greenie, nor am I convinced EV's are as green as purported to be, so that's not my motivation here, I like that there is new technology challenging old technology. At the end of the day, that may even be a positive for the old tech if it is forced to advance to keep up with the new kid on the block. Competition is always a good thing. Hopefully, (not likely) the gov't doesn't muck it all up. I used to think electric bicycles were, at best, a fad that would quickly fade away, but I was wrong. There was market demand for the product and mfg'ers innovated and came out with a wide variety of great new products. I see them everywhere now. For example, a few months back, I met two guys, well into their 60's at the end of an 1800' mountain bike climb. They were both on electric mtn bikes. Two things were clear to me, 1) they were either brothers or lifelong friends doing something they enjoyed together and were having the time of their lives and 2) they would not have been there with me at the top if not for the electric bikes. I'm not yet at the point where I need electric pedal assist to climb a hill, but when that time comes, darn straight I will buy an electric bike and enjoy it.
  12. Sorry guys, didn't intend to suggest these electric bike are currently a viable alternative to our Ventures or any of our other favorite gas-powered rides. Range and cost are limiting factors, for sure - today. I guess the point I was trying to make is the rate of progress does show a path to viability. If you do an internet search on electric motorcycles, you'll see the obvious - every mfg'er is working on one now. Competition is a good thing, it will drive better technology and lower costs. For me personally, whether it be electric cars or motorcycles, in addition to range/price, I want to see easily swapable, low-cost and modular battery packs that let me select how much battery to install based on my driving/riding plans. I suspect profit margins and gov't mandates will prevent the swapable battery packs though. There are also new battery technologies being demonstrated that can recharge very quickly & hold higher energy capacity. https://www.electronicdesign.com/markets/automotive/article/21245207/electronic-design-siliconanode-lithium-ev-battery-fully-charges-in-under-10-minutes I'm going to be watching craigslist and marketplace for a used Zero, hopefully I can snag a decent used one at a good price and I will happily share my experiences if/when that happens. In the meantime, here's a fella in New Zealand doing a range test on his 4-year old Zero:
  13. Here's what I did: The Custom Dynamics LED/control module is very good. Its programmable and I have mine set to quickly flash the brakelight for 3 seconds before going solid. Their customer service is phenomenal too. A few months ago the left side blinker was blinking slow. I emailed them on a Saturday morning, for whatever reason, not expecting to hear back until Monday, at the earliest. Got a response back same day! It ended up being a bullet connector that came disconnected on the front blinker and caused some weird load imbalance on the controller, which has some smarts built into it to at least tell me something was wrong.
  14. Just throw in the towel and move to Cali. At least we have (mostly) good weather. I need someone to keep me company out here.
  15. Thanks for the links @cowpuc Silence is golden! haha I know that's definitely not a shared feeling in the motorcycle crowd. I don't subscribe to the 'make everyone hear my motorcycle withing a 1-mile range' so I'm safer theory. Just ride safer is my theory. For anyone else interested in keeping up with electric motorcycle news, here's a good website I found, focused on just that. https://thepack.news/
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