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  1. Hi, Tried to PM you but got a message you cannot receive messages. I am interested in ordering one of your stands. Thanks, Dean
  2. Did you ever get a resolution on the heat issue? I'm dealing with the same thing on an '07 and currently awaiting for a thermostat to arrive. Hoping that is the issue as changing the coolant helped only a little.
  3. Seems that turning the petcock to off after riding has solved the gas smell problem. Unfortunately, the coolant change did not fix the problem of running hot. Just order a new thermostat & radiator cap. Praying that solves the problem. Rode yesterday, it was in the mid-70's & it was better but it was also 20 degrees cooler than the last two rides.
  4. Just a quick update on the heat issue. I'm hopeful I may have found the issue, but won't know until I get a ride in a few days from now. I drained the coolant and it appears the PO used straight, undiluted antifreeze. In looking at his maintenance log, it looks like he may have done this fairly recently, mileage wise - within the last 1,000 miles. It was clean, but a very dark green and thick, almost like a light syrup consistency. I first refilled with just water and then redrained, getting more green coolant out with that. I then refilled with straight distilled water and ran the bike
  5. No drips on the floor. Also plan to check around the filter & pump area based on a few other threads I've been reading. Hoping its something relatively easy and can avoid a trip to the shop, but with the cooling issue that may be in order anyways.
  6. Thanks, will take a look at the carbs ASAP. So I've been reading some of the center stand posts and didn't realize it was not stock. My '99 had one and I bought it brand new from a dealer. I'm wondering if Yamaha included it very briefly on the '99 or if the dealer added it on.
  7. After selling my '99 to take an 18 year worldwind tour through parenting, I'm back in the saddle! Recently picked up a 2007 w/ 21k miles and loving it. I've noticed a couple things about the bike and don't recall having these issues on my '99 but 18 years is a long time.... Q #1 : Is it normal to have a faint whiff of gasoline near the bike in the garage? I can't pinpoint where on the bike its coming from but just noticed at times its stronger than other times. Anything to worry about? #2 : She runs hot! Like uncomfortably hot to the point I have to stop & get off the bike. N
  8. Did you ever find a solution to this? I just purchased an '07 RSV and also have the same issue. I had a '99, many years ago (pre-kid) and never had this issue. I noticed today that after about an hour of almost unbearably hot riding, including one stop for me & the bike to cool off a bit, that the heat coming off the engine suddenly dropped, dramatically. Just an guestimate, but I'm thinking the temp in my cockpit dropped a good 20-30 degrees and it was comfortable. I'm going to drain, flush & replace coolant, but thinking it also sounds like a sticking thermostat based on how
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