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    100% agree, Mike is awesome. He not only helped me get my bike running right w/ rebuilt carbs, he helped me getting it looking right too! He will tell you differently on that last point though as we seem to have a difference of opinion on how much chrome is too much chrome. 🤣 He's a standup guy and genuinely cares about helping a brother out. Between @eusa1, @Patch, @cowpuc and the many others who gave me advice, encouraged me and taught me, I'm enjoying the heck out of my Venture now that she's running right!
  2. Awesome @cowpuc! Sorry, not to be judgmental, bossy or controversial, but please wear a proper bicycle helmet when riding. I ride ~1300 miles/year, road and trail/Mtn. I average going down 1-2 times a year, mostly on the mtn bike but I’ve gone down on the road bike too. I track my rides on a garmin gps & have literally gone from 15-20mph to 0mph in an instant when crashing. It doesn’t sound like much but I can assure you the noggin is along for the ride at that point & will hit the ground hard. Look for a helmet with MIPS design. The outer part of h
  3. I've been told that getting old is not for wussies. I plan to find out. I'm 52 and turning 50 was a wake up call to take better care of myself. Cycling, working out and an occasional jog are part of my regimen now along with intermittent fasting, eating lots of fruit & veggies and drinking green tea. But damn, I still like pizza, a good ribeye, hamburgers and ice cream! Be well @bluesky and keep inspiring us!
  4. Words of wisdom and prayers for you to have a speedy recovery.
  5. I’m interested, about 500 miles from you. Just sent you a PM with my info.
  6. What I did to my venture today.... Gave her a bath after finishing a 5- day, 1900 mile road trip! BTW, does anyone else ever think about selling all other worldly possessions and spending the rest of your life just seeing the country on your Venture???? Couldnt stop thinking how awesome this is! Photos from middle of nowhere(northeast corner of New Mexico, Hiway54). Small town with three buildings, one of which was this tired old service station. After snapping a few pics, curiosity got the better of me & I had to peer in the garage bay windows. I was floored by wh
  7. Good for you @cowpuc Cycling is my other 2-wheel passion. I was once a naysayer when it came to electric bikes but I’ve seen so many people out enjoying cycling that otherwise would not be doing so without an e-bike. That’s a good thing.
  8. Very cool! I imagine there would be a slight loss in audio quality but nothing you are going to notice on a motorcycle. I might have gone this route if I’d known about it at the time, but chose to remove the cassette play, make a storage cubby and hardwired a BT receiver to power & the aux input. All hidden inside the fairing. In the end, I’m happy with what I did, but it was a lot more work than this solution. Just finished a 5-day road trip to KC and having some good tunes via BT while traversing the desert was a blessing!
  9. @KC61, the Venture is a great bike. I had a '99 until I gave up riding after my son was born and just picked up a 2007 last year with 21k miles on it. I loved my '99 Venture and had no reservations about picking up another one to get back in the saddle all these years later. However, it turned out I did have carb issue due to my bike having had some sit time on it. One of the members here does a $400 carb swap, which is what I ended up doing & the bike runs great now! BTW, ironically, I am leaving in a few days to ride it to KC!
  10. $200 for the lot? Anyone? Tired of looking at these just sitting here, they need to go to someone who can/will use them.
  11. @Fresnojoe I picked up a 2007 last year with just 21k miles on it and ended up having to have the carbs rebuilt. That's not so much a bike issue as it is a crappy ethanol gas and probably not stored right issue. In my case, the bike ran extremely hot due to running lean due to gunked up carbs. With such few miles on a 2000, I would place a bet that a carb rebuild is not far off. Changing the air filter and coolant is not terribly difficult if you have basic mechanical skills. Going from memory, for the air filters you will need a 10mm socket with ~6" extension and a longish phillips
  12. Congratulations! Beautiful bike! Now, can you do something about the weather back there? I'm planning to ride to KC at the end of the month and will be there most of April, bouncing down to St. Louis on a couple of occasions.
  13. Winter? I gave that up 30 years ago.... Great looking bike! Nice work
  14. We've never met, but I still wish you a happy birthday and many more Don! I sure appreciate what you've done here with this website and this group and hope to get to meet you in person some day.
  15. Yeah, in the picture, I thought it looked like something wasn't lined up right there. I still say cut the zip tie and investigate further. Definitely get to the bottom of it before riding any more.
  16. I am not a motorcycle mechanic, but fairly mechanical and handy, so take this with a grain of salt: First thing I would do is cut the zip tie to see what it is doing. Personally, I can't see how that zip tie would do anything other than hold the boot on. I don't see how it would fix a shifting problem unless the boot was loose and interfering with movement of the linkage, in which case a new boot is in order and should be a simple, low cost fix. Albeit not as simple and low cost as a zip tie. Please see attached photo from the Yamaha parts website.
  17. BTW, any prizes for correct guess? 😎😪😶
  18. Awesome, you learned some things along the way, as did the rest of us from all the great advice and tutorials given here. Venturerider.org is the internet done right!
  19. I ordered paint for my '07 from here: https://www.colorrite.com/ They have a look up tool by make/model/year. They might possibly ship to UK also. On their shipping page, they just say if ordering from outside US, you are responsible for customs
  20. I'm a newbie type mechanic & have torn into my RSV multiple times learning and trying to get to the source of what turned out to be gunked up carbs on a 13-year old bike w/ only 21k miles. That said, I would look at rubber bits for signs of decay. Things like brake lines, fork seals, etc.
  21. @PastorCurt wait, are we still talking motorcycles here?😇
  22. Check with @eusa1 aka the diamond cut guy
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