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  1. There you have it! Proof of global warming, 3 degrees warmer after just 57 years.
  2. Lenny, sorry for your loss. No doubt his family and your entire community are reeling and hurting from losing someone such as Fred. The way you described him, I have no doubt he understood how precious and precarious life is and long ago decided that when his time came, he was going out happy. Those who cherished him may never know if the vaccine contributed to his passing or was purely coincidental but I hope and pray everyone can find comfort in knowing that he lived his life to fullest and died happy. That is his legacy. As far as your decision about the vaccine, I hope you can
  3. I want to start this by saying I do believe the virus is real and has sadly caused much heartache from the premature death of many people. My heart goes out to all of those affected. I still have much skepticism though on the impact of this virus to the majority of the population, many who contract it and have few, or no symptoms. There is much, imho, opinion still not known (like why some people have no ill effects from contracting the virus). Enter the "vaccine", which may not technically and legally meet the definition of a true vaccine. Please read what this Dr writes about the 'v
  4. I have the following which came with the purchase of my bike last year. The woman's Yamaha star jacket was never worn (according to PO & my wife has never worn it): Medium Star helmet, a few minor scratches that can barely feel w/ fingernail Small Star helmet, minor scratches and a couple of deeper nicks in the paint Women's medium Yamaha Star Jacket Women's size 4 Europa lightweight jacket The medium helmet scratches should clean up fine w/ some polishing compound, The small helmet could use a little touch up paint/clear on the nicks and then a polish.
  5. Thanks Patch. Definitely no air box drilling going on here. Appreciate the knowledge you share! My concerns about putting some mesh webbing in the down pipe would be 1) it getting clogged and not knowing its clogged, 2) pain to get to for maintenance and 3) since its inline to a 4 cylinder vacuum cleaner that it could get sucked in, especially if it gets clogged up.
  6. Yep, I sorta did both, but in the end, just got it where it would hold @ the 45 degree mark and it still had a small amount of "bounce", which seemed too objective of a measure to me. Definitely a worthwhile maintenance step! Also, good point on the right side, that was my observation as well and worthwhile pointing out for anyone who is going to do this for the 1st time. Love the knowledge that flows here!
  7. Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Z1R2MSN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Made a couple of modifications to it. The elbows shown did not come with it and as I found out after a trip to Home Depot, they are not NPT but rather BSPP (British Std) so you if you want to use those, have to order them separately. I found mine on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fitting-Hose-ID-1-2-13mm-Barb-x-1-4-Male-BSP-BSPP-Brass-90-Elbow/162893204537?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Also, replaced the the schrader valve core with a screw an
  8. Also in CA (SF Bay) and experienced the same last few days. But sunny today!!!! A little clean up work in order, but not unusual, we typically get 1-2 of these type of storms each year. If I remember correctly from growing up in the midwest, an inch of rain equates to a foot of snow, so it could always be worse I suppose. Good luck with all the cleanup/repair work.
  9. May she rest in peace and may your family find comfort in knowing she loved you until the end and she is now in a better place with your father.
  10. Ok, I removed the vent filter and routed the output of the little catch can back to the intake box. So, this is now essentially the stock config PLUS the catch can. Also, I did not modify anything else, including the stock hose which connected the crankcase to the airbox so in case this ends up being another of my useless hair-brained ideas, I can go back to 100% stock config. Thanks again for the honest feedback and great advice!
  11. So, now that other issues have been sorted out on my girl, decided it was time to address the loose front end, which flopped around like a fresh-caught fish! I followed the process in the technical section, but thought I'd add a few observations that I did not see addressed anywhere else: 1) The crown nut is 27mm. I purchased a Husk brand open/box wrench from HD for the job. Its quite beefy and there's not a lot of space between the crown nut and the handlebar risers. I ended up taking the wrench to the bench grinder to shave ~1/6" off the widest part of each side to be able to h
  12. Am I the only one who's inner 'beavis & butthead' came out upon reading that? 🤣
  13. Yes, I poke fun at them, only because of some of the extreme positions but I love nature and also believe where we can, we should do better. My biggest issue is where they use the "environment" as an excuse to command control over too much of our lives and in the US, we have such strong special interest (deep pocket) control over our gov't, which then has control over us, that so much of this stuff turns into protecting profits and/or large gov't employee unions and the balance of power, first and foremost. The truth dies a sudden death when either of those are at risk, IMHO. Industria
  14. Thanks @Patch! This grasshopper just got a little smarter. Been reading a lot about open vs closed loop crankcase ventilation and will get rid of the vent and go back to a closed-loop - with the catch can. Sorry, I wasn't suggesting the engine is 99% efficient. The only thing I know in the entire universe which is 99% efficient is me, in my proficiency to do stupid stuff! I just used 99% as a strawman argument about how much of the exhaust gas is exhausted vs blowby/recycled through the crankcase ventilation as to why the tree hugger argument does not impress me. Once again, once we
  15. @PatchDisregard, I was able to just select the text and then the highlight goes away so I can read it. Thank you for the feedback. So, are you saying I actually need the vacuum @ the airbox to properly vent (pull) any blowby that makes it into the crankcase? So far, on a couple of short rides it does collect a small bit of oil and other vapors so it seems something is pushing it out, or perhaps there's some venturi effect going on through the venting. My original plan was to route the output back to the intake port, as you suggest, rather than vent to atmos via the filter. I've read h
  16. @Patch Hi Patch, Could you repost with plain text? For some reason, it shows up as black hihlight on black text on my computer! Can't quite read it Thanks!
  17. https://www.venturerider.org/manuals/RSVservice.pdf See page 3-16. The adjusting screw is on the right (brake) side, just below the tank.
  18. Hope its ok to revive this old thread! Pic attached of what I just installed to capture oil and vent the crank case. The intake port @ the airbox, where the hose was attached, has been capped. This is on the left side of the bike, so aesthetically, my girl now has a good side and a less good side.... This was sorta proof of concept and now plan to see if it can somehow be at least partially hidden but still accessible enough to eventually drain any collected gunk. I think I will also paint the collector bottle black, save for a small window to watch the level of what's collected. Tha
  19. Thanks @Patch for boiling that down to such a simple explanation for me. I tend to over-complicate things...😆 The lambda stuff sounds really cool. Wish we had such a closed-loop system on the Venture w/ fuel injection, O2 sensors and computer control. Wow, wouldn't that make an awesome bike awsomer! Now that I've got a set of rebuilt and clean carbs, I'm off to put a crankcase breather filter and oil catch can on the bike. I was working that out while waiting for the rebuilt carb shipment. No more oily mess @ the intake.
  20. I can't say enough good things about @eusa1 (aka The Diamond Cut Guy) and his rebuilt carb swap program. Mike's a straight shooter, highly responsive and does what he says. Buy with confidence and if you are having carb troubles, don't delay. What a difference!
  21. Well, as a final wrap to my heat saga, the rebuilt carbs from Mike, the Diamond Cut Guy, has solved the issue. While I learned a lot through this process, I can't begin to explain what the underlying root cause was (frustrating to me personally as I used to do root cause failure analysis on electronic stuff) and how/why the rebuilt carbs solved the issue. But in the end, none of that matters. My beautiful moto is finally running the way she should!!!!!! Hats off and a big Thank You to everyone who helped and encouraged me along the way. I was frustrated at times, but also found it
  22. Great video and I've done that on my 2nd gen. I'd say its probably a little bit dicier due to the 2nd gen gas tank location raising the center of gravity (best not to do with a full tank!), but doable. I found its also helpful to start with the kickstand on a 2x4, so only have to pull it up a little bit to level.
  23. https://reno.craigslist.org/mcy/d/carson-city-venture-royale-touring-bikes/7248849430.html Sold! Hoping the buyers of these bikes and the '83 I missed out on show up on here and give us all an update on their new toys!
  24. Do not judge a man by his past. As he stands before you, he is defined by his current path in life. But, do not judge the man by that path either, lest he may also judge you for the path you are on. It is not for either to judge the other! When your path's cross, appreciate the uniqueness of the two separate prior paths which brought you to that very spot where you now meet. If you now walk on the same path, even for a short time, you both benefit from the other's knowledge on their prior path. I write these words from what I've learned from my own failings on my path. We lea
  25. @saddlebum yeah, I have the perma-cough too, but from allergies. Constant congestion, post-nasal drip, etc and throw in a health rash of sneezes as well. I'm not saying I'm an anti-masker. If that's what gives people comfort, go for it. I just personally don't believe they do anything based on my interpretation of the science. My son just started college in the midwest & they've had a rash of cases on campus, as to be expected. It just so happens that my 82 YO mother lives 10 minutes from his campus and she keeps wanting to go visit him. I say absolutely not! She says, "but I'll be
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