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  1. I have a few bikes. I am in Texas and my insurer is Markel. They have just started Voom insurance a pay as you go per mile for each bike for insurance with base line Comp insurance. VOOM Insurance Link (Click Here)
  2. Motorcycling is expensive. Just the nature of the beast. If you are sure it is your ignition switch, have removed the tank and inspected the wiring, made sure it does not already have a relay kit installed, then you really may have a bad switch. Ignition Switch Repair
  3. Here is my take on Fuel economy Fuel Economy discussion along with timing advance chart.
  4. To hear what you already know, go to 12:46 in this video. Pros and cons of all motorcycle engines.
  5. Nope, this is my same ole home wifi. Nothing was wrong here until some changes were made on the venturerider.org side a few days ago. Obviously I am still able to get in just fine using venturerider.org/forum/home. I have also made my memorized connections to venturerider.org/forum/home so that I can just zip right in. I am available for testing purposes to go to just venturerider.org whenever yall wish and report my findings back to yall.
  6. Hmmm.... Just reporting back in. All cookies cleared on a site basis on laptop and phone. Several times. (Must relogin after doing so) Still getting the https warning as of 7-30-23 @ 7:50am. straight "venturerider.org" does not work. It is no big deal, as I can get in by "venturerider.org/forum/home" just fine. Screenshot from my phone is 8am this morning. Cookie Site setting is from the laptop as of 8am also. Just passing this on as I do not know what a user would see that had never been here before and just used "venturerider.org" to attempt to get on.
  7. Dear @saddlebum, please see above. I can get in fine using venturerider.org/forum/home. @Freebird But today, something new happened. See enclosed pic. Like I say, I can get in now and I am just reporting back so yall can see what a remote user would see.
  8. yeah, I did that and still didnt work. still isnt working today. But i can get in by venturerider.org/forum/home though. here is more info.
  9. When I go to venturerider.org i get this. (The page isnt working.) I then got in from a google link that specified: "venturerider.org/forum/home". Du-Rron
  10. Check This Out .Battery Powered Lawn Equipment will soon be forced down your throat.
  11. @Dandy Randy, get a copy of the service manual from here on this site and starting on page 7-46 it will tell you how to remove the front forks.
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