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  1. The OEM Fuel pump is marked. If yours is not, with the pump held facing you with the tubes in the top quadrant position, the INLET will be on the right.
  2. Here is what NASA thinks of them... Click below. Click Here to see what NASA standards are on Solder Sleeves
  3. I believe the tech manual is right here in the 3rd gen section.
  4. Would like to find an Extra Wide boot or a EEEE at least.... Sadly...none made that I know of.
  5. Well...if you dont want to replace the points, and OEM is not a requirement like he wanted above, I prefer the Facet 40178
  6. Points are about $25.00 From Partzilla a Yamaha Fuel Pump is about $250.00
  7. You know about just replacing the points on the factory fuel pump ...right?
  8. No, I believe that is the fuel pump connector. I think the one you want is behind the center panel, next to the "left" panel you just removed.
  9. And notice...it is a 2020, not one of the 2018's that are still sitting around new on dealers floors.
  10. The idle is not adjustable. If you get no codes, nothing is wrong. The Service Manual is available on here.
  11. The oil check bold is the phillips-hexhead screw.
  12. I would do the stethescope thing as well. I would also crack open the oil check-bolt (oil-gallery bolt) which easy and only takes seconds to make sure you are getting oil to the top end.
  13. Here is the info, WITH pictures! https://www.venturerider.org/history/index.php
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