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  1. I will tell you the guy that wrote the message to me was Sonny Rattan. Yes, no warnings, (Dont do that again or anything) just bye....
  2. Ya know...I thought we were all in this together... (not on the FB group I guess)
  3. ...Nevermind... I cant read....I thought I was talking about a '99 - '13 Venture. Sorry.... Carry On!
  4. Has anybody mentioned the need to use a Jack Adapter to get the thing up in the air? Or Blocks on the Jack and tie the thing down real good.???
  5. @VentureFarAny comparison to a GoPro9?
  6. Venture Factory Clutch is kinda weak. See the following https://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?99519-Clutch-Upgrade-using-Skydoc_17-Kit and this
  7. To try and clear this up..... I do not work for Facet or Edelbrock. The Edelbrock 17303 fuel pump is an in-line rotor and vane pump and DOES NOT HAVE A CHECK VALVE OR POSITIVE SHUTOFF. Click Here for Edelbrock 17303 specs The Edelbrock 17303 is a pump style similar to the Facet Posi-Flo series of pumps which also does not have a check valve or positive shut off Click Here for Facet Posi-Flow fuel pump The Facet fuel pump you want that does have a check valve and a positive shutoff is the Model # 40178 Click Here For Facet CUBE Pump
  8. It is at 5:05 in the above video and was mentioned on their RADIAL tire for the FJR ( Not the 777 series we use ) and he did not bother to mention which series of tire he was talking about. It is vague blanket-comments like his, in his video, that is what is wrong with this country today. Nothing in this video would apply to Shinko tires used on the Venture or RSV. At best it would only apply to front radial tires in 17" sizes of you own another bike that used them.
  9. This is an old pic of under the tank before I added tthe relay. Dont see the connector here...at least from this view.
  10. You are looking for a BLUE connector that has a black wire and a blue wire with a white strip on it. There may be a pigtail connector on the left lower foot cowling, otherwise the book shows that it is under the tank (easier if you just trace from kickstand switch through lower left foot cowl once it is off . However, I am still thinking fuse or bad ground (cause it is easier, and it at one time cranked recently). Also, the bike does not care about the position of the kickstand as long as you are in neutral and of course the neutral switch is working. Did you get the Service Manual from
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