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  1. A tire plug kit available for $8 from WallyWorld or elsewheres
  2. Nope, no hidden tach. The manuals mean for you to hook up a tach for servicing. Some folks have hooked up an aftermarket tach.
  3. @bpate4home... yup... yer right. Ooops. Dont have a pic of the other side
  4. @Dutch Navigatorit mounts on the bracket on the crashbar as shown in lower right of this pic.
  5. 2012-2013 model in pdf attached 1BM-28199-12_02.pdf
  6. Of course I use the 777. I like the way it rides, and it doesn't "sing-moan" in the corners like some other tires.
  7. If you bought it used... it may have an ignition bypass relay installed by the previous owner. I installed a relay on mine a few years ago and recently the relay went bad. If you have to turn the ignition key ON/OFF several times to get any power, see here
  8. Ignition Relay Ordered and Received. Bought TWO Ehdis 30amp/40amp 5-pin relays (two to a box) for $9.73 off ebay. Installed to replace original relay and now all is well. Posting this if it helps anybody in sourcing a replacement Ignition Key Add-On Relay (or just a 5-pin relay in general). VentureRelayInstalled.mp4
  9. I went down the electrical isle and there were spots for some relays... but they didnt have any. I asked if they had some in the back and they said that whatever was out there on the isle is all they had. I didnt have access to the web page for the dodge relay you sent me at the time so I asked if they had any trailer light relays; generator relays...all blank stares.
  10. Thanks @saddlebum for the tip, Yesterday I ordered the exact Songle relay from Amazon and it should be at my door Saturday.
  11. @djh3, yeah, I know. Like I say, around here in San Angelo if you need air for your tires...it has to be ordered.
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