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  1. HOLY SCHNITZEL!!!! Was this parked at an acid rain factory??? What good work you are doing !!!
  2. @bpate4home posted a link where a patient's wife sued to treat her intubated husband, Jeffrey Smith, with Ivermectin. This is absolutely true. The Hospital said no, because it is not in their protocol, specifically against the CDC protocol, and specifically against the WHO protocol. (I'm not even going to bother to post all the links on this because they will never be read by those who need to read them.) The guy effectively made a "DYING DECLARATION" to his wife, which is admissible in court. (For you law types, look up what a Dying Declaration can do for you.) The Judge, acting upon a DYING DECLARATION had nothing to lose and chose to order the hospital to treat the guy with Ivermectin. The Hospital, that also now had nothing to loose since the Judge just ordered them to treat the intubated guy with Ivermectin, then did so. The guy will die shortly. We will all see it. And, the point of the matter is, that it could have been completely prevented if the guy would just have accepted a Covid Vaccination.
  3. @uncledj says, "The point(s) I was thinking of were that the mask Nazis use emotion, demonization to manipulate." Mysterious words bordering on accusation. I have done none of the above of which you imply. @uncledj says, "They are prone to embellish, or misinform, while screaming that those they disagree with are putting out misinformation...." Again more mysterious words bordering on accusation without forthright doing it. BTW, the ones so far that are mis-informing everyone, are the ones that have presented their "proof" to me, and I have dispelled that mis-information. @uncledj says, "They like to imply or directly accuse those who resist the mask or jab of being outright stupid,....which is absolutely not the case." Again, more round-about general accusation. I have pointed out errors in some posters own documents and presented mine in addition. I have accused not a single person, by general accusation or inuendo as a group, or by directly stating to any person that they are stupid. Period. @uncledj says, "We simply have reviewed the info and choose to decide for ourselves." And therein is my concern, because I don’t feel, given the arguments I have been given here, with the documentation provided by opposing posters of the Covid Vaccination, that any serious review of the Vaccination data...has happened at all. I feel if you were in San Angelo, and had given the data any serious accredited medical peer review, at all, that you may not feel the way you do. I feel if you gave the data any review at all from balanced sources you would voluntarily CHOOSE to get a Covid Vaccination. @uncledj says, "We choose what to allow into our bodies and what risk level to accept, whether that risk is of contracting covid, or dealing with the spike protein effects of this non-vaccine vaccine." Okey dokey. But you still have not pointed out any points that I have previously missed in conversation with anybody. In closing, VENTURERIDER.ORG I bet is a more well seasoned group than most. Why have you folks that have chosen to not get a Covid vaccine, have no problem with any other vaccine, like Shingles? The Covid Vaccine has been given over FIVE-BILLION times around the World (and counting) and carries extremely minimal risks for the benefit it provides to yourself and others. Since it is FREE it is the lowest cost insurance with the greatest payoff. At least I will get to watch some Football Glad to hear your 2nd Mom is doing better. Please go get a covid vaccination for you and others. Thank You.
  4. @bpate4home says Dr. Brytney Cobia does not exist, prove me wrong. Well, OK then. https://www.the-sun.com/news/3326005/who-is-alabama-doctor-brytney-cobia/ https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-brytney-cobia-xylf9ty https://health.usnews.com/doctors/brytney-cobia-1856965 https://www.al.com/news/2021/07/im-sorry-but-its-too-late-alabama-doctor-on-treating-unvaccinated-dying-covid-patients.html @bpate4home says this ONE Dr. Destroyed the ENTIRE narrative against Covid and mask wearing. Any other viewpoints are suspiciously being Censored. https://hancockcountypatriots.blogspot.com/2021/08/dr-dan-stocks-presentation-to-mt-vernon.html https://health.usnews.com/doctors/daniel-stock-479689 Really, the Covid Virus is world-wide. Folks in Scotland have never heard of this guy. Folks in Canada have never heard of this guy, AND WHY? Because the USA government, that is so lousy at everything else, is managing to cover up all the dissenting Dr.s with opposing information on a world-wide basis. You really cant believe this can you? Really??? I just showed you a video of 8 local Dr's right here in my home town that are so far removed from government control down here in Texas and being over run with Covid patients that they would laugh this guy out of the building. @bpate4home says that in this super technical article they give bovine strength VACCINES (not de-wormer) for the purpose of Vaccinating Animals. To which I heartily agree. The article says the best method to contain the virus is to VACCINATE them BEFORE they are shipped to auctions or feedlots (so they dont infect others). How about that? Here is a screen print of your article.
  5. @ChiefGunner mentioned Obesity, Drug Use, Heart Disease, Cancer, and some other things and asked where is my compassion for those folks. I cannot catch any of those items from those folks, and they are not, have not, and will forseeably not, be clogging up my home town hospital with their suffering and making those around them suffer needlessly as well because they will not take a voluntary step on their own. (Yes we have cancer patients, heart patients all the usual stuff, but they do not exceed the capacity of the Hospital thereby preventing treatment for other ailness, like motorcycle wrecks, etc.) In my compassion, if I could prevent, PREVENT , suffering in those people from Drug Use, Heart Disease, Cancer, Obesity, etc by a simple, free, safe, proven vaccination for these items, then I WOULD SURELY ADVOCATE HEAVILY TO THEM TO GET THE VACCINATION for those items.
  6. @uncledj said, " Clicked on it and read through about 1/2 of it. I got the gist.... Your post makes me realize you've missed the point of several of the other posts" I'll take the bait. I'll bite. Care to enlighten me on which points I have missed out on? I have read those other posts, fully understand them, have refuted their inaccurate contents, have refuted the contents some poster thought their own posts said (but didn't), posted informative information that may help a person go get a Vaccination, and then posted events unchallengeable by anybody, using events from MY OWN CITY. I don't really care to split hairs about the 4% of the 16% of the 86.4% of the 7 people that this or the other happened to upon getting a Covid Vaccination. The Covid Vaccination works, and you should get one period, right now, voluntarily. I can tell you this, everyone in the Shannon Hospital now is not Cherry Picking their treatments. They want whatever the doctors can shove into them as fast as possible. San Angelo is in a bad situation (as is the rest of Texas). I started out saying I cant change folks mind on an internet medium. I am not surprised where this conversation is right now.
  7. As of 08-28-21. I doubt anyone will read through or click the link below. “One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late. A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honor their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same.” DR. BRYTNEY COBIA https://www.kxan.com/news/national-news/should-i-feel-empathy-for-vaccine-refusers-who-get-covid-19/
  8. @Argo, no. The "live" unvaccinated Covid folks are clogging up the hospital in San Angelo, and the "dead" unvaccinated Covid folks I fear will be clogging up the morgues here, like they did last year in Austin & Houston (How soon folks forget refrigeration trucks full of body bags). God forbid I should get into a motorcycle wreck as there will be no room in the Shannon Hospital for me either. What really kind of chaps my ass is that none of you have offered ANY sympathy at all!! "Gee Du-Rron, sure am sorry it is tough down in San Angelo." Would have been nice.
  9. @ChiefGunner... in the article you presented... she advocated ivermectin.....
  10. @ChiefGunner I wish I knew how to quote on this thing, but wrong again on the fertility thing https://www.muhealth.org/our-stories/does-covid-19-vaccine-affect-fertility-heres-what-experts-say https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/planning-for-pregnancy.html I really dont know how to quantify your remark of the 0.00008% of folks not getting covid at all by the Vaccination process and having a weak(er) immune system, vs, those folks that have caught covid and remained standing. Even if you have had Covid in the past, it is recommended for best protection to get a Covid vaccination right now.
  11. @ChiefGunner, put it this way. The Covid Vaccination will probably keep you out of the hospital, and if you do go in you probably wont die. I believe if you get a vaccination you wont have much to worry about, even here in San Angelo, for the next fer months until it is time for a booster. If I should have to go to the hospital, and I can "improve my survival chances", which is what your link says, and really what it comes down to, then at that time I would personally tell the doctors to give me anything they got, as much as they can, as fast as they can. The debate is staying out of the hospital in the 1st place by getting a vaccination that is also free (as your ladies article advocates low cost health car) , the debate is not, what expensive, rare, drugs you give a person that is on the dead-roll once they get in the hospital.
  12. @ChiefGunner... I dont want to go to the Hospital with severe Covid .... at all.
  13. @ChiefGunner I might also add that you should not just "Self-Treat" with Hydroxychloroquine. You must get sick with Covid, put in a hospital, and then to be in a very elite group to get any. The Vaccination is free, for anyone over 12, and is designed to keep you out of the Hospital. In San Angelo, please read carefully, San Angelo I say, the dead ones are currently the unvaccinated ones.
  14. @ChiefGunner, no, at this time Hydroxychloroquine is not. Plus, it also costs a fortune, which is out of the realm of this ladies article advocating low cost use. Horribly expensive compared to the 5 Billion doses of the vaccination already given and cannot be made in the needed quantity either. https://www.fda.gov/drugs/drug-safety-and-availability/fda-cautions-against-use-hydroxychloroquine-or-chloroquine-covid-19-outside-hospital-setting-or https://www.goodrx.com/hydroxychloroquine
  15. @ChiefGunner, this lady is advocating in this quote, you presented, to treat folks with "Ivermectin", an over the counter de-wormer for farm animals available at Tractor Supply. This is what Caleb Wallace did and what he advocated others to do, (please see the plethora of articles I have attached which mentions this). It didn't work. Aren't we past that yet. In addition to Ivermectin costing very little, according to the lady, may I also point out, that at this time, a Covid vaccination is completely FREE of charge to anyone wishing to have one. Unless you have some Ivermectin already around for deworming your mule, a Covid vaccination is the lower cost alternative for humans.
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