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  1. Sorry for the delayed answer. I don’t get rely notifications for some reason. Yes the. 10s does music share, like from my mobile phone.
  2. Ok, never let an amateur touch your bike! That would be me. I had the ignition fuse in my hand and determined it was good. Except my mechanic “smitty’s” in Portland Oregon found it was bad ! Never let an amateur work on your bike🙂 The fuel pump points I replaced fixed the original problem so all is good with the world Happy Holidays all VentureFar...
  3. Friends, I just bought a house, we are moving shortly, I have 2 different dash cams and a new motorcycle phone mounting systems I have to mount and review. I just don't have the time to hunt down what will probably turn out to be a very simple reason. I am throwing in the towel. There is a local mechanic who usually does restores on bikes and antique cars that will troubleshoot it ( for a reasonable fee). I have to go the "save time" route this time. You all are great for trying to help from a distance. I will have AAA flat bed my RSV to Smitty's and see what happens
  4. where do I pick up the connectors to test the kickstand switch? Thanks VentureFar...
  5. I’ll stuff my air horns and give that a try. thanks. Kill switch is not the issue. Been rocketing it back and forth. Just Incase it had crud in it. VentureFar...
  6. Thanks for this starting point. I do have an ignition switch relay, purchased from someone on the forum ( can't remember who but thanks) so I doubt it is the ignition switch. checked: Have 11.53 vdc at the ignition fuse. 12.5 directly off the battery. Now what? baby steps please 🙂 Thanks for the guidance... VentureFar...
  7. Thanks for this starting point. I do have an ignition switch relay, purchased from someone on the forum ( can't remember who but thanks) so I doubt it is the ignition switch. But I will try to figure out which side of the fuse you are talking about and check for voltage. baby steps please 🙂 Thanks VentureFar...
  8. Yes clutch in and in neutral. Clutch out and in neutral. Keep helping please 🙂
  9. Thanks for the kind words. Yup, they stop at 14. sorry.
  10. HELP - So I went out to miss reliable 2007 RSV with 45,000 miles and got the normal fuel pump points issue. I ordered new points and while waiting for them to arrive I decided to "check for voltage to the points". I separated the two wire connector and stuck my probes in to check voltage. Turned on the key and saw a momentary digital run up past 7.?vdc and then nothing. I then hit the starter and nothing happened. pressing the starter gets a red idiot temperature light below the Neutral light. Did my kickstand down switch just go bad? I am not good at troubleshooting electrical. I di
  11. Hi all, I was hoping to get my feet into the new for 2020 Klim Adventure boots and Santa came through. They not only look awesome but are perfectly designed for their intended purpose. All day adventure riding - which means, riding, reasonable off road protection and importantly walking around or hiking comfort. It does all those and more. Of course you can always ask our good friend @cowpuc what he wears but remember that he rides two up on a loaded 1st Gen in the dirt where I would need a Trials bike to contend with the terrain....so where I need a suit of armor, he is protected th
  12. I had to replace my fuel pump points at only 18,000 miles. They were literally burned down to nubs. That was about 2015. Now have 46,000 miles and they have stopped working. They still look "square" and not burned out but they are not doing the clickety clack at all. Is it always, 100% of the time, the points and never the rest of the mechanism that is the issue with these stock fuel pumps? Thanks for the quick reply. Need to get parts ordered asap. VentureFar...
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