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  1. I have to admit I have had a few instances where I needed to get out from between two cars and did find she did have some real power. I do understand what you're talking about. But at the same time, I am content with her as an old man cruising bike as that's what I'm looking for. It is nice to know she does have the power when needed! I am still curious as to the recommended engine oil additive I've read about on some old posts on here that potentially helps with engine\trans whine. I can't seem to get an answer on that. There was one mentioned a long time ago but they don't make it anymore. Any suggestions? Also, I found that at a quarter tank she starts stuttering as if she's going to run out of gas. Is this normal? Thanks
  2. Ok, all said and done, because of finances and situation and because the owner dropped the price closer into my budget range, I went and purchased the 2000 I was looking at. I had originally walked away, but in the end it worked out. I certainly would have liked one of the newer or less mileage bikes suggested or that I've seen, but it just wasn't in the cards right now. Thanks everyone for all the help. That being said, this was a shot in the dark knowing whether it was going to be the "right bike" especially after working 5 months on the Goldwing and not liking it in the end. But after about two weeks or so, I have to say I really do like this bike. It's not the fastest bike. It's not the most powerful bike. Actually I think it's a bit of a dawg given the smaller engine on the heavy bike, but all in all it fits like a glove and does everything I need it too. I'm really enjoying it. One quick question.... I read an article on here from waaaaay back and they said there's a "special" kind of engine additive that might quiet the normal squeal these bikes sometimes present with. I looked it up but the company doesn't seem to advertise it anymore. I don't want to start changing trans baskets right now, but I would like to see if the additive would make any kind of a reduction. Can anyone suggest a more current special oil additive that I might try that might give me a bit of a muffling of this squeal? Thanks
  3. Someone mentioned an additive to use in the oil and listed it, but it was an old post and I can't find any similar product. Does anyone know which additive was suggested and if they still make it?
  4. This is an old post but hoping I can still get some feedback. The website for the Amsoil was https://motorkote.com/, but when I go to that page, I can't find anything on Amsoil additive. Do they still make this additive to add to your oil, or is it under a new name? Thanks
  5. Earl, Thanks, I really appreciate the leads! I have an appointment already set up for tomorrow night for one which is absolutely within my budget, but will keep these in case that falls through. A few I've already seen but as you say, were a bit of a drive. Let's see what happens... Thanks again, Wood
  6. Well maybe get a test ride this week, will keep everyone updated
  7. By the way everyone, that first bike I looked at was a 2000 MM limited with 88 K miles in pretty decent shape. The blue book value according to online sources said it was worth $2,700.00. What would be the max I should pay for it if I were to decide to change my mind? Plus, what would a 2004 regular Venture with 80 K with slight road rash on front fairing be worth? (still trying to figure out how that happened without road rash to rest of bike - I'm guessing maybe it fell over against a concrete wall or something, otherwise there would be more damage to other parts of the bike) This will give me an idea of gauging other bike prices as I go along as I don't have a lot of experience with pricing these 2nd gen bikes. Thanks
  8. Videoarizona I was going to "like" your comment but the site yelled at me and said "No more "likes" today". Hmmmmm, so I have to dislike everything for the rest of the day???
  9. Also, (and not on the right forum to ask this... LOL) what other bike would I look for to replace my Wing? The BMW (K1200LT) is too expensive to maintain, the Harley (FLH) is not an "everyday" bike, the Voyager is nice but I don't want the big engine for gas mileage reasons (especially right now), and the Indian bagger is too expensive..... I don't think there's other bikes out there with the wind protection, comfort, and carrying capacity that I need
  10. Thanks everyone, all great ideas. I think I'm going to move forward buying one. The one I looked at today didn't work out as it was above my budget and the owner wouldn't budge on price. There might be another one which might be more in my price range. I have to contact them and set something up. One of my questions was definitely answered above by RDawson as he's 1" taller than me and says he's comfortable on this bike. My other question is - Is buying one of these bikes at 80 K miles a good idea? As I said before I think it is given my last experience with 1st generation models (thanks Cowpuc for the great memories - mine was the gen after that but very similar)), but what do you guys say regarding these 2nd gen models? Reading online one author states 40 K is considered high mileage for these bikes while other authors say what I say that they last forever. What sayest you??????
  11. Hey all, used to be a member here long time ago for my old Ventures (87 - 92). Right now I have revived a 2001 Goldwing and after riding it, though it satisfies all my needs, I'm not happy with it. Feels like I'm riding on top of it and squished into the cockpit. I'm looking at a 2000 Venture with 88 k miles. The miles don't scare me too much knowing these bikes go for a long time, but there are other issues. The tiny fairing doesn't give my hands enough wind protection (as I ride all year long). Do they make aftermarket hand protectors that fit on this bike? There doesn't look like there's enough handlebar room to mount anything nor does the fairing look conducive to any type of an airwing. Also the back of the engine cylinder is extremely hot and right up against your crotch and leg. Are there any guards that can be installed to guard your body from this heat? Also, the front end feels really "heavy" on this bike, especially on slow movement. Is this normal? Also, what size person is this bike made for? The person had a back rest on the bike and I couldn't just remove it to try the bike, and it pushed me up forward quite a bit. When the back rest is removed, how much more room does this push you back? I'm 6' 1". I know I have to remove the front cruise pegs as it interferes with my shifting foot. Any info anyone could provide would be appreciated as I need to make a decision on whether to go ahead with the purchase or not. Thanks Woody
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