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  1. Just bought a 2005 Tour Deluxe. Notice the distinct whine/whistle at lower speeds and during acceleration. Seems to go away if I pull in the clutch or let off the throttle, not so noticable on the freeway. This appears to be a common phenomenon and I have seen it attributed to Clutch, transmission, and/or shaft. Looking for help here as to what exactly this is and what I need to do to have this fixed or reduced (if possible) and if I cant do it myself, how much it should cost and who can fix it. Thanks for ANY help. Paul
  2. I posted a little while back about this, and I've made some progress. I was having tranny issues so I did an oil change and previous to that threw some SeaFoam in the case for about 20 miles, it seems to have cleared things up quite a bit, while as earlier I could only shift If I toggled the back wheel back-n-forth, and pressed crazy hard, now I shift with almost no effort if the bikes moving. My question then is three-fold. 1. Is it normal that when you go into gear from start that the bike jerks forward a little bit even with the clutch in? it's kind of sounds like a big "CLICK" puts the gear in place a jerks a bit as it does so. Is that normal? I've never had a bike that does that 2. Why is that I can almost never get into first when I'm not moving? 2nd's usually ok, but 1st refuses to go unless I rock forward a bit, is that normal? and 3. It probably sounds like a stupid question to you guys who are so familiar with Ventures, but where's the air filter on this bike? Thanks! James
  3. So, I've heard alot about this infamous 2nd gear issue, I don't seem to have that on my bike, by struggle is getting into 3-5, the shifter won't budge past second, first,neutral 2nd all work, but it won't go further , i tried adjusting the shift , but after doing that I just ended up putting so much force into I bent the adjustment screw, any advice on what I should do or where to get a new screw?
  4. 83 VR So im doing some work that required me to split the case. But I see that the PO had already split the case for whatever reason. I was wondering what do I need to see to determine that the 2nd gear issue was repaired? I've got 55000 miles on the bike with no gear issues right now. Also, I understand that I could buy another years transmission and be done with transmission issues all together. What years would that be? Could I get a trans. from a 1300 that would fit or do I HAVE to undercut/ buy parts for my 1200.
  5. Well, now that winter has gotten here and I need to think about getting some things done, I was wondering what others were planning on doing. I am going to need to do some transmission work as it feels like I have lost the détente action in my transmission. I still have the spring action that will bring the shifter back to the middle, but I am having a problem finding neutral and feeling when it clicks in any gear. Several times I have put it in 1st and it came back out. I have also had the same problem with 5th after shifting and with very little load, it would slip back out. I still have the other engine that has 30K miles on it that I put the 2002 Venture transmission in it, but it had some rust in one of the cylinders and I am not sure whether the engine is worth putting in. I just need to get motivated in getting something done. RandyA
  6. I am feeling rather foolish to have to ask this -- but I don't have a Clymers manual for my 85 Royale as of yet... I need to check the trany fluid level -- and my feeble brain can't figure it out. I had noticed some leakage about a week and a half ago after bringing the bike up to where I am staying during the week. It was on the right side dripping off the exhaust pipe -- which was strange since it was leaning left on the kick stand. It did not leak directly after parking it, but a few days later after having sat without being run. It has since stopped the leaking... I do have it on the center stand now and the engine oil is very near the top line in the sight glass so I don't think it was engine oil unless that had been over filled. The coolant is where it should be (don't think it was coolant anyway) so the only thing left is the transmission... Would someone point a quasi weekend mechanic in the right direction? Thanks Scott
  7. So I swapped a (mostly) 1300cc engine into my bike and now I am left with a 1200 engine that I have no room for. I want to get rid of it, but keep any parts that I might need as spares. The donor motor had no covers, so mine went back on. Same with clutch basket. The motor has been pulled apart and will be heading to scrap soon. This is what I am saving so far: -Starter clutch (good condition, no cracks) -Valve covers -Misc bolts/nuts/washers -Valve shims If anyone has a suggestion as to what else I should keep from it, otherwise I will be tossing/recycling the rest of it: -Engine cases (upper & lower, 1200cc) appear to be in good condition -Heads (from 1300) - they are in rough condition, rusty & stuck valves (don't appear to be bent tho) -Rotating assembly (pistons, crank, counterbalance, transmission, output shaft) ---Main bearing journals have some scratches in them ---2nd gear issue on transmission parts -Camshafts & chains I am basically in the mindset of "I've been in there once, I'm not going back in", so I don't forsee the need of keeping the engine or any internal parts. Plus I'm not really an ebay seller type of guy so not saving parts to sell. -Andrew p.s. If anyone wants the remains for free...
  8. I wouldn't have any luck at all... With only 40 miles left to go, while hawling an excavator back to my Dad's, I managed to blow the torque converter seal. Luckily I made it to a wayside. Now it's hurry up and wait for a truck to come and hook up to the trailer I had to drop. Then it's back here again with the same truck and trailer to pick up my broken truck to get it back to the garage. Then I am going to have to make time to pull out this POS E4OD tranny and swap in something better. Which also means I am going to have to track down a new computer to bypass electronics for this transmission. D'OH!
  9. Well 7 months and 25K miles and so far the transmission has been replaced.The satelite radio is still acting up.I have a few more electrical issues since I got the bike.last shop visit was 26 days lets see how long they keep it this time.Yes I started the lemon law paperwork so we will see what comes of it.Evidently you cant ride a Honda like a First gen. Never had a transmission problem with the Venture other than the soft washer causing the second gear to pop out. thats been fixed for a long time now besides that I dont count that as an issue seeing as how it was an original problem with all of the 83s and 84s. I will keep you all updated on what comes of the lemon law paperwork hopefully it will be a good thing for me. Jeff
  10. Does anyone know if I can cut out the CB headphones and still use the mic by pulling the corasponding pins on the plug-in. What I'm looking to do is have the transmission come thru the bike speakers but I don't want to do any permanent damage to the DIN plug on the bike. thanks Markus
  11. Having problems i have a 96 royal star transmission is stuck in second gear checked linkage no problems there. Is this a common problem thanks for any help.
  12. So... my tranny needed some work. I have the parts. I am swapping gears and bearings over to my new transmission drive shaft. I have the end of the shaft with the proverbial wore out shims done which is the main cause of the second gear slip! I am trying to get the gears and bearings off the other side of this shaft. I see no circlip and the assy is tight...even put some light pressure on it with my press. The parts schematic shows a circlip, but I see none... ( part number 25 if you can open the attachment) Anybody? Hate to push to hard and damage something.
  13. I am looking for the shifting forks and drum. I am needing them to put the 2nd gen Venture transmission into my 1st gen. RandyA
  14. I have been collecting a lot of junk, but not getting a lot of stuff done. My son andI have figured why the 85 Royale did not have any spark when I bought it and it appears to be the TCI. I got one on ebay for $7.50 plus about $7 in shipping as the only bidder and when we plugged it up, the bike started. I have no doubt the bike will need a lot of TLC, but it is complete and we will just have to go through it and see what it is going to take. This was the bike and spare engine I got for $550. It was a bit weird that as part of checking things out, we took the original TCI off the 85 and put it on my 83 and it not only would not start, but when I plugged the original TCI back up, it would not fire either. But, when we plugged up the ebay TCI, it would run. So, I bought another one and got it for $7.99 as I got it with a set of coils and a bunch of relays for a total of about $35, including shipping. This was also exactly the same number as the one on my bike. Hopefully, that will work and maybe I can see if my original 83 TCI is bad. The other part of the projects on my 83 is to replace the engine with the one I got with the 85 deal that is supposed to have only 30,000 miles on it. My plans are to split it and replace the transmission with the 2nd gen RSV transmission that I have, which I only paid $25 for. But, in case there is a problem with the change over, I bought an 86 transmission for $24.95 and forks for $4.99. With all that, plus a starter clutch assembly to have as a backup, I got it all, including shipping for about $60. I thought I did pretty good on that too. I will also put the solid motor mounts in that I got from Steve (SGN) that really look good. The other part of this project is to install the V-Max rear drive I got that I think will go real good with the 2nd gen trans. The one thing that is going to cost me is I took my Corbin seat to an upholster today and that is going to cost about $250 the be redone, ouch. I really like the seat and it works real good for me with the modifications I have already done earlier, so I hope it will be worth it. Soooooo, now my biggest thing is to get motivated on getting something done. I probably need to get the 83 running good before I try to replace the engine as I will be using my original carbs. And, as a backup, if there are any problems with the 85 engine or transmission, even though it is about 500 past the serial number fix, I will have my 83 engine and it already has an 86 transmission. RandyA
  15. Attached is a list of gaskets, o-rings and other goodies that I am replacing in 1300 motor. All of the part numbers listed are for an 88 1300. For the most part these will be the same as the 1200. Head gaskets will differ for one. This is not everything that I am replacing, but it is the gaskets & o-rings mainly. Also includes everything in the oil pump galleys. Couple of optional things like the neutral pin on the shifter drum are included. Water bypass joint in heads needs to be removed to pull heads off. These are a pain to get out intact, but the sometimes can be saved. A question was asked in another unrelated thread about the list to fix the transmission in a MKI. This list is assuming heads are removed, case split, & all rubber stuff replaced. Some items are shown as not required or may be reused. Prices are from partshark.com I did elect to upgrade the shifter segment components as well. There is a complete gasket kit available for the MKI's from Athena. It runs around $220 I think. I didn't go this route due to what I saw of the kit, each component was not individually marked. Some of the o-rings have subtle differences as to where they go. Gary
  16. For many of you that are not of the southern persuasion, this means you are buying something you know very little about and not real sure what you are going to get. Anyway, yesterday I bought another 1st gen. It was listed on Craigslist as an 86 with needing some work for $600 and it was about 85 miles away. Thankfully for me, Skydoc did the last run for a bike that was not worth going after, so to say the least, I went into this with very little expectations. See Skydoc, you did a good thing for some of us and may not have realized it and no I am not going to contribute to your gas fund. Before I decided to take off, he did agree to come down to $550 so that helped a little. When I got there the first thing was that it was an 85 instead of an 86 and I let him know I was disappointed in that and the 85 may still have the 2nd gear transmission problem, which by the way, with his experience with 1st gens he was aware of. I did mention that the problem was apparently solved in the 1450 range on the serial number on 85 models . This one turned out to be 1588. The bike is a Royale and complete as best I can tell, but had an electrical problem that he said was an igniter or whatever. I suspect a TCI, but won't know for sure until I get into it. While discussing options, his buddy also mentioned there was an 83 engine in their parts warehouse that only had 30,000 miles on it. We took a look at it and it looked pretty good and with me planning on converting my 83 engine that has an 86 transmission over to the 2001 Venture transmission this winter, I was thinking I may be able to convert that one and replace the engine in my bike. So, I asked what he would have to have for the 85 bike and the 83 engine and he said I could have it all for $550 and I took it. Again, all this is a pig in a poke, so I won't know how well I did until I start going thru everything after I get it home. I did notice that the 85 had a real nice backrest on it. RandyA
  17. Hello guys, its been a long time since I've been on a bike, or even ridden a venture! Well after going through a yamaha v-star 650 and a honda shadow 1100, i'm again looking to trade for a venture. This time i'm getting a 1300 hundred because i would like more options and better transmission. Dad bought a royale star tour deluxe and it really made me want my venture back but hey guys, im back in the saddle again
  18. Can somebody tell me where all you need to check the oil on these bikes? I know where to check the engine oil but do they have oil for the clutch pack or is there a transmission oil on these bikes. I know there is rear end oil but don't know how to check it. Thanks for any help.
  19. I picked up this old custom built truck to haul firewood for the camp,haul weed eaters,chainsaws, and make diesel fuel runs for the tractor. Actually I drive it most of the time making the 1 mile trip down to the camp for the weekend. It has a 3/4 ton frame with an added dually kit. A steel flat bed with an 87 1/2 ton cab. 350 V8 with a 4 speed manual transmission and I love that granny gear for working. My question is on the 87 cab what is the color code on the temp gage wire coming through the firewall harness. I need to hook it up to the block sending unit.
  20. I have found another Venture cheap $500. It is an 84 in excellent condition and runs well. The problem is the transmission. 1st and 3rd are fine, 2nd skips and it will not go into 4th or 5th. Sounds like it is shot to me. What is the availability of parts and how much ballpark figure to fix it? Even if I have to replace the transmission. Recommendations as to buy and fix or not. I am reasonably mechanically inclined and have worked on bikes in the past so I may be able to do the work myself.
  21. Hello all, I just got a 88 1300 Venture Royale and well.. all the gears work fine.. but when I put it into 5th gear it makes noise like something is loose and bouncing around in the gearcase. Is there something common I should know about? or am I going to have to pull the engine apart and rebuild my transmission? I hope not. I just traded two good working hondas for this yamaha. I do have to admit .. this is one nice riding and handling bike.. I also couldnt get the cruise control to work either.. Shawn
  22. I saw twins each pulling a trailer last Sat. at the top of Monarch pass. You decide if it is a car or bike. They are called a Stallion. Ford engine, automatic 5 speed transmission, Air/heat, steering wheel. Looked interesting but not sure I would want one. http://www2.snapfish.com/slideshow/AlbumID=217082880/PictureID=33959842014/a=122922917_122922917/otsc=SHR/otsi=SPIClink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/ http://www2.snapfish.com/slideshow/AlbumID=217082880/PictureID=33959845014/a=122922917_122922917/otsc=SHR/otsi=SPIClink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/ http://www2.snapfish.com/slideshow/AlbumID=217082880/PictureID=33959850014/a=122922917_122922917/otsc=SHR/otsi=SPIClink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/
  23. On my second oil change away from MC oil and on the new silver cap Mobil 1 15W50 without the energy saving. Bike is still running better than before. My transmission shifts better than when I used the Yamalube. If anyone is wondering if it's safe, go for it. No clutch problems, and honestly the transmission runs far better than it ever had. less noise, easier shifting. This is on a clutch with 40,000 miles on it.
  24. veep1


    Is the chirp a warranty item? From what I have read here It seems that it can sometimes be solved, but not always. Is it a transmission or engine noise?
  25. i have a 1983 venture with transmission problems it started under hard acceleration in second gear it made a loud rattling noise then stopped. then started occasional vibaration and metallic clunking noises.through the left footrest and feels like it wants to lock up.it selects all the gears clean and precise i have checked the diff prop shaft and middle gear and cant see anything wrong.I think i may be looking at a clutch problem any ideas ? would be much a appreciated cheers chas.
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