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  1. I posted before about installing the 2" Equus gauges on my Royal Star. Well I found a 2" tachometer that matches the other gauges very closely. I got it at Princess Auto on sale for $20, regular price is $35, so the price is right. It is a car tach but works great if you build the adapter harness shown on this site. There are about six different backlight colours that can be changed by pressing a button. The adapter harness is very easy and cheap to make and allows the use of car tachometers which are much cheaper than most motorcycle tachs, at least in Canada. Ride safe Doug
  2. Check out the current Rider magazine, July 2012 edition. It has an interesting article as to why you should not use car tires on motorcycles. It also has a quote from John Mosby, a representative of Kumho tires, "Kumho passenger car tires are not made to absorb the reduced contact patch of high camber angles that motorcycle tires frequently experience. Because of this durability can be affected by operating at such high camber angles, which can lead to tire failure. We strongly discourage anyone from using Kumho passenger car tires on their motorcycle." It's a very informative article including detailed pictures and talks about in the event of a crash... will he be the target of a costly lawsuit because he fit his motorcycle with tires not designed or intented for motorcycle use and may have contributed to the crash. "Are the few dollars saved by turning to a car tire outweighed by the potential loss of a house and whatever dollars may be squirreled away for retirement?" I thought this was a very interesting read... i couldn't find it on their website, but please try to find it and read it. i know this probably won't sway the darkside believers... because.. well..
  3. Hello It s my first post, except MP with Gary. I m French and I have a side car ( wheelchair) the bike is a 1200 venture 1988 + french side car. it s hard for me to understand you but I try, my english is ............. I have put some pictures on my profile, and like it s more easy for me put pictures than whrite, I have made an album : " modification escape " . Michel
  4. This forum is for those of who have decided to run a car tire on the back of their Ventures, or for those who may be interested in trying it and looking for some information. PLEASE READ: By participating in this area you AGREE to the following. 1. Installing and running a car tire on the back of the Venture or any other motorcycle is NOT endorsed by nor recommended by VentureRider.org. 2. In this group you will mostly find posts from people who are using these tires and are sold on the idea. It is important that you understand that there are negative opinions also. Some of these include possible rubber compounds that are not optimized for motorcycles, some insurance companies may not pay for accidents if they know that you are using a car tire, possible problems with the bead profile of the motorcycle rim not correct for a car tire, profile of tire is possibly not optimized for motorcycle use. These are just a few of the reasons cited for NOT running a car tire on a motorcycle. These issues have been agreed to by some and disputed by others but you need to be aware that the use of a car tire on a motorcycle is NOT universally agreed upon to be a good idea. 3. The bottom line is, do your research and come to your own conclusion. Do not take my word or that of anybody else that this is a good or a bad idea. Do your research and come to your own conclusion but remember, should you decide to proceed with a car tire on your motorcycle, you do so at your own risk and you agree to NOT hold VentureRider.org or any moderator, administrator or member here responsible for any negative consequences of your decision. 4. There are people who have strong feelings on both sides of this issue. It this can be discussed in a mature way then that will be great. Please remember, this forum is NOT solely for the purpose of hearing from those who think that a car tire on a motorcycle is a great idea. There will likely be some posts from those who think it is a dangerous idea. There is likely to be discussion and debate. That is why this is called a DISCUSSION FORUM. If those who participate in this forum cannot do so without resorting to personal attacks and sarcastic comments then this area will be removed IMMEDIATELY. Don "Freebird" Nelson
  5. I have never seen something like this it is a 1970 RENAULT CAR TURNED INTO TRIKE CONVERT , WITH CAMPER.
  6. Went out for a ride today with a couple of friends and had a great time. On our way home I was riding in the back as I like to do. Some nut kept pulling up very close to me, I mean at times he was within ten feet of me! I tried waving him on by so tha he could pass, I tried slowing down to make him pass and I tried speeding up to get away from him. Nothing worked, he would still come right back up on me. I realize now that I should have just pulled off the road or turned somewhere but I was riding with a couple of other guys and it really didnt occur to me at the time. So finally after about five miles of this crap, we came to an intersection where we had to stop. I got off the bike and walked back to his car, I told him very politely that if he wanted to go for a ride I would be glad to oblige him but he needed to park his $%@!&% car and get on the bike! He declined my offer and went around us. After this was all over I realized that this could have really turned out bad for me. I am usually very even tempered and I dont get mad easily, but by the time it got to that point I was so ticked that I just lost my temper! I have no idea who this idiot was or why he did this but I do know that in the future I will just pull off the road and let the nutcases have it to themselves. Ok Im done ranting now and going to clean up the bike!
  7. Hello from SE PA. I ride with a number of other RSTD and Venture Owners and we've been talking a lot about "the whine" on the RS models. My '06 RSTD whines. Dealers have different responses, replacing the clutch, changing fluids, telling people there is nothing they can do about it and there have also been a wide range of experiences dealing with Yamaha. It's obviously a wide spread, well known issue on the RS models. It's not advertised - most people find out only after they purchase one and are frustrated that they have almost no options. These are touring machines that can be so loud it's no fun to ride them and putting them into the shop takes away time from the rider. I'm interested in finding out if there is a 100% fix and what Yamaha is doing about it. If there is no fix and Yamaha is not interested in taking care of their customers people will speak with their feet. After going through something similar with my old car (euro) I dumped it and went with a new one (japanese). With the new car I had a problem with 3rd gear - I told the dealer, they had gears ordered and installed within 3 days so getting rid of the old one was the right thing to do. Any input on a fix and Yamaha's response would be appreciated. Also see: Info on the Yamaha tech note http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showpost.php?p=55625&postcount=43 Tech Note: M2002013 (National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration) Regards, gp
  8. Guest

    Car Tire ??

    Has anyone ran a car tire on a RSV? I have a 2000 and would like to find a car tire for the rear. I used to run one on a Valkyrie and really liked it. Thanks, Oldman
  9. My friend Bobby was looking at the bikes a few days ago, and maid the commit that on the Venture I have car tire. On the kannon bike with a 350 chevy car eng I have a motorcycle tire. I told him I bought it that way, would change when the tire wears out. He said it was just a little irony there. LMAO Gregg
  10. A husband went to police station to report his missing wife: Husband : I've lost my wife, she went shopping yesterday and has still not come home. Sergeant : What is her height ? Husband : Oh, 5 something . . . Sergeant : Build? Husband : Not slim, not really fat. Sergeant : Color of eyes? Husband : Never noticed. Sergeant : Color of hair? Husband : Changes according to season. Sergeant : What was she wearing? Husband : Dress/suit/blue jeans -- I don't remember exactly. Sergeant : Did she go in a car? Husband : yes. Sergeant : What kind of car was it? Husband : 2015 Corvette Stingray 3LT with the Z51 Performance Package, shark gray metallic paint, with the 6.2 liter V8 engine with Direct Injection generating 460 HP. 8-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission, and GT bucket seats, and has a very thin scratch on the front left door....... At this point the husband started crying... Sergeant : Don't worry sir.......We'll find your car.
  11. Anybody out there using a car tire on an RSV with a Voyager trike kit on it? I spoke to my local Voyager dealer today, and he suggested that it might make the Voyager ride too hard, and/or bounce too much? Anyone heard of this being a problem? I have an 11 year old son who is wheel chair bound, but he LOVES to ride the RSV. However, he has gotten too big (5'10" tall and 190 lbs!), as have I, (240 lbs) for the recommended max weight, according to Yamaha. I ordered my Voyager trike kit today, and thought it might be a good time to switch to the car tire to get the extra mileage, since lean will no longer be an issue. But the MTC dealer strongly recommended against it. Any and all comments would be welcome. Thanks. Don from PA
  12. I was riding after dark when a car in front of me slammed on it's brakes and moved off to the side of the road a little causing me and the person I was with to have to make a quick move to the center of the road to avoid hitting the car. About a mile up the car rolled up beside us and said my high beams were on. When I told him (showed him) they were not on he said they were too bright (bright enough to cause him to almost run me off the road). When I got home I checked the aim of the headlamp and it was pointing into the sky - right where at proper following distance a rear view mirror would be. I had replaced the stock bulb with a silverstar and had not changed a thing. Lesson learned, from now on I'll check where the headlight is pointing...
  13. Went for a ride with the wife and a friend today. Just as we got into Martinsville we made a lane cahange to pass a tractror trailer and a car and as we passed the car shge decided to pull over on me. I was last in line as ususal.This lady pushed me all the way over to the comncrete medium to where I emidiatley started throwing sparks of of the concrete where my center stand rubbed it. Then she came on over completely in the lane and had me between her car and the medium. After a good hard kick to her driver side door she realized I was there. As she was pulling on up I was pissed so I kicked the back drivers side door also. We got up next to her at the light and tried to get her to [ull over so I could check for damages and she refused and drove off. I call the police and the officer who came to the scene told me not to worry about what i did as maybe now she will look before she changes lanes. Therre was no damage to my bike, just a little scrape mark on the center stand where it made contact. Now as for her car there is 2 size ten dents on the drivers side. Watch out there.They sure aint looking for you. David
  14. We did have a beautiful weekend here in east Tennessee. I saw 74 degrees both days while riding and for the middle of January, this was record temperatures. It was good to get out and get a little seat time on Saturday with a friend that has just converted from a Goldwing to an 09 Venture. On Sunday, I rode alone and just enjoyed the day. There were a lot of motorcycles out and about everybody waved. The bad part about about having a warm day in the middle of winter is it seems just about every time we have a local motorcycle death. This weekend was no exception. We had a 77 year old man in a Cadillac pulled out in front of two on Honda's and one struck the car and the other crashed trying to miss the car. The 28 year old rider that struck the car died at the scene and the other rider, who is 18, is in the hospital. The only information the Highway Patrol has released at this time is charges are pending. I just wanted to take a moment and say that we all need to be extra diligent when we get out there and take those "off season" rides because many people just seem to forget about looking for motorcycles. The other thing is it seems like after not riding for a couple of months that we always want to crank it on some to clean the spider webs out. Be careful out there. RandyA
  15. Consider the following please. Instead of buying the full HF trailer with car topper kit for $399 with the 8 in wheels, How about the HF small utility trailer #90153 frame with the 12 in wheels. And one of the hundred or so used car toppers sold on craigslist? They are averaging 50 to 100 bucks. Different shapes sizes and colors to choose from. Saving a bit of coin and getting something a little more customized. I plan on adding a plywood floor to mine first so I can remove the topper and use it to haul other things. (and with our car too). My only question for the crowd out there that already have the HF kit trailer #66771, How are they attaching the car topper to the frame? Dave
  16. Saw on the news today that Elio motors is buying the old GM plant in Shreveport to assemble their trike like car for $6800. Anyone ever heard of these people? Kinda of a novelty looking thing!
  17. What happen to the post of a video someone put up of truck and car crash. Went to show someone and its gone??
  18. After our near-death experience last night while driving home in the Silverado 4X4, there will be no more feet-dragging on getting a very loud air horn installed on the RSV. As we rounded a country road curve heading toward our subdivision at about 6:30pm, a small white car came screaming at us at what had to be 55+ mph in a 35 zone, heading right at us - in our lane! How we avoided the head-on collision is a miracle, but it involved some intuitive accident-avoidance techniques and a damn loud horn. That little car and the idiot driving (who I'm guessing was on their phone) just missed us, ran off the road back on their side, found their way back on to the blacktop and disappeared in the darkness. My wife and I just sat there and couldn't believe what had just happened. I have to admit that I've been in some close calls before, but that one really shook me up. I've been meaning to install the Stebel air horn for some time now, but never got the bracket to get the job done. That will be rectified this weekend! There are just too many cell phone addicts out there who can't stop texting or Tweeting while driving, and it's gotten too dangerous to not do everything possible to get their attention when they cross the line. My riding and driving skills are good, but they aren't enough sometimes, and my wimpy-a$$ horn is just useless in that regard. Be safe out there, and if you don't have a very loud ear piercing horn on your bike, you need to get one.
  19. 9:30am... Houston I-45 heavy traffic moving about 60mph... I'm in left lane... cars start to slow down and so did I... 3 car lengths space in front of me... slowing, not abrupt stopping, just slowing... now about 45 - 50mph... I hear screeching tires... look in rearview mirror and see closest vehicle about 4 car lengths behind me and also moving slow... still hear screeching... Wham! Hit in right rear corner by a car in center lane. http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/Owen064/IMG_4267_zps2030827b.jpg This being the perfect Pit Maneuver, I spin counter clockwise and smash into the center concrete barrier... airbag deploys... glasses gone... continue spinning counter clockwise... cross center lane and broad side an 18 wheeler that was still moving... as I see the center of the trailer rapidly approaching all I can think is 'This is gonna hurt!'... I hit hard just in front of the rear wheels and the force of his movement continues to spin me counter clock wise as the fender of his rear wheels slices through my front right fender... http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/Owen064/IMG_4263_zps553176f6.jpg On my journey back across the center lane toward the concrete barrier for the second time it was deja vu... Hit the barrier hard again and came to rest facing the wrong direction... http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/Owen064/IMG_0054_zpsfc0dc7d5.jpg http://i521.photobucket.com/albums/w337/Owen064/IMG_0053_zpsd36758d5.jpg EMS extricated me from the cab with neck brace and backboard... 6 hours later I walked out of the hospital with only arm abrasions from the air bag, sore muscles and slightly tweaked lower back. This little Toyota truck took good care of me. Interior cab was undamaged. Nothing crunched or folded into the passengers area. This was after 3 very hard front end hits. Now where's that rum....
  20. A friend of mine heard that some one on here replaced his fuel pump with one from a car. IF this is true, does anyone know what car it came from? and how it worked out.
  21. With my car that is. Coming home about 6:30pm. Fairly heavy traffic for a Saturday on GA 400 northbound just after dark. 4 lanes divided, limited access. Doing 75 in a 65 mph zone, I'm in the left lane. motorcycle comes up behind me. I'm just following the car in front and not a lot of open space anywhere. Slowly pass the car in the right lane and there's a small hole, so I flip on my blinker when I see the car in my right hand mirror and slowly start to pull into the right hand lane. Good thing I didn't switch lanes faster, cause mr ina hurry must have goosed it as soon as he saw an inch between me and the car in the right lane. I quickly stopped my lane change as I straddled the line divider. If I'd pulled over quick or not checked my mirrors again, I'd have gotten him.
  22. Anybody watch A P tonight ? Was that a 1st gen maroon bike in the garage with the Cord car ?
  23. Huh? What in the heck does that mean? Okay, I bought a Carbon_One style of lift adapter from one of the forum members, and it works great. Then, I decided to make an adapter for my car lift, to use the bike lift adapter. Yes...I do have a brand new bike lift. It works real good, but it only lifts the bike approximately 20" high. While it does allow the bike to be mobile while on the bike lift...I can wheel it around in the shop...it does not allow me to work at a good height. So, as you can see by the pictures...I have used some 4" wide channel iron, cut to correct length, and drilled so I can bolt the channel iron to my car lift. By removing the body lift pads from my car lift, I can then run the bike in between all the lift arms, install the Carbon_One style lift adapter, then install the new "Miles" style lift adapter, and by using my 9000 lb. car lift, the bright orange channel iron lift adapters make contact with the red Carbon_One style lift adapter, and I can raise the bike to any height to work on it. [ATTACH]72794[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72795[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72796[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72797[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]72798[/ATTACH] I can also use this new set-up with any of my bikes, but not using the Carbon_One style adapter, except for when lifting the RSMTD. I can tell you, even at full height, the bike is as solid as New Hampshire Granite. For you folks that have a car lift, this is very easy to make the two pieces of channel iron as an adapter. *************************************************************************** BTW, if any of you riders from Washington State want this license plate for your bike, let me know. [ATTACH]72799[/ATTACH] I have ordered a new personalized plate. It will be my 39th personalized plate. All I have to do is sign the DOL paperwork, so that you can register this to your bike, if you want it...for free. You will have to pay DOL a small fee, but I am giving it away.
  24. Coming home from running an errand, came upon an accident where a motorcycle rearended a car, both riders down. The couple on the bike where older husband and wife. We practically had to hold him down, he was bleeding from some cuts on his head and was complaining of pain in his groin. His wife was laying motionless on the roadway, but she was conscious and talking but not moving. It only took about 4 minutes for police and ambulances to show. They got them loaded on the ambulances pretty quickly after putting neck braces on them and getting them on backboards. He kept telling his wife he was sorry, for some reason he didnt see the car slowing to make a turn. The Harley looked to be totaled. Please pray for them, I dont know their names but I think they were associated with one of our local churches. Left me pretty shaken after it was all over. It can happen to any of us. Please be careful out there.
  25. A benefit and Memorial car and Bike show for Mark. http://www.mr-motorcycle.com/event_list_detail.asp?ecode=583922&smonth=10&syear=2012&emonth=12&eyear=2012&location=0&Submit=Search&inputpage=2
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