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  1. I have a quick question about valve stems. I am going to put 90 degree valve stems on my 03 RSV. There are two sizes available 8 MM and 10 MM. I have searched the forum and found threads on valve stems and could not find the answer to my question. I did read on the forum that the front and back wheels are different as far as the the valve stem hole. True or false? I'm going to put K&L valve stems on, either part number 32-5419 10MM or part number 32-5414 8 MM. Now my question is what size is the valve stem hole, 8 or 10 MM?
  2. This forum is for those of who have decided to run a car tire on the back of their Ventures, or for those who may be interested in trying it and looking for some information. PLEASE READ: By participating in this area you AGREE to the following. 1. Installing and running a car tire on the back of the Venture or any other motorcycle is NOT endorsed by nor recommended by VentureRider.org. 2. In this group you will mostly find posts from people who are using these tires and are sold on the idea. It is important that you understand that there are negative opinions also. Some of these include possible rubber compounds that are not optimized for motorcycles, some insurance companies may not pay for accidents if they know that you are using a car tire, possible problems with the bead profile of the motorcycle rim not correct for a car tire, profile of tire is possibly not optimized for motorcycle use. These are just a few of the reasons cited for NOT running a car tire on a motorcycle. These issues have been agreed to by some and disputed by others but you need to be aware that the use of a car tire on a motorcycle is NOT universally agreed upon to be a good idea. 3. The bottom line is, do your research and come to your own conclusion. Do not take my word or that of anybody else that this is a good or a bad idea. Do your research and come to your own conclusion but remember, should you decide to proceed with a car tire on your motorcycle, you do so at your own risk and you agree to NOT hold VentureRider.org or any moderator, administrator or member here responsible for any negative consequences of your decision. 4. There are people who have strong feelings on both sides of this issue. It this can be discussed in a mature way then that will be great. Please remember, this forum is NOT solely for the purpose of hearing from those who think that a car tire on a motorcycle is a great idea. There will likely be some posts from those who think it is a dangerous idea. There is likely to be discussion and debate. That is why this is called a DISCUSSION FORUM. If those who participate in this forum cannot do so without resorting to personal attacks and sarcastic comments then this area will be removed IMMEDIATELY. Don "Freebird" Nelson
  3. How many Oklahoma Venture riders do we have on this forum?
  4. My bookmark is set to go to; http://www.venturerider.org/forum/ and it works as normal there for me, HOWEVER, when I am at the above location, clicking on the 'FORUM' tab opens the 'ARTICLES' page ( http://www.venturerider.org/forum/content/ ). Subsequent clicks on the 'FORUM' tab returns me to the 'ARTICLES' tab.
  5. Was just sitting here wondering if it would be possible to add a "Restorations, Modifications and Customizations" forum section, where we could create our own threads based on our own personal motorcycle related restorations, modifications and or customizations and be able to add related photos showing the "before and after" progress of such, where we can keep this information contained in one forum and separate and not mixed in with, the watering hole and or other forums. Eck
  6. Any possibility of a "like" button on here? Or a "thumbs up" "thumbs down"? I find it a really helpful feature, like the thanks but not quite the same, and it keeps the forum from being cluttered with "good post" and such. So many times I've seen posts and thought, "Great post!" but "thanks" wasn't really appropriate and "reply" and then clicking a smiley then "post" then back three times to get back to the forum is, frankly, too much to be bothered with just to say "good post". Just a thought.
  7. I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed this forum and how much it has helped me to make the right choices for my 2008 RSVS. Based upon what I’ve read on this site and the technical library I have in the past month accomplished the following updates. Lift adaptor with legs (purchased from Carbon_One) Engine Guard support brackets (purchased from Carbon_One) Stebel Air Horn (purchased from Carbon_One bracket and harness) Upgraded the stock passenger floorboards Leather Lever grips Tachometer Driver back rest (purchased from Diamond R) Highway pegs with Long Horn adjustable mounts Luggage insert set (monogramed from TLC Products) Light Bar Passing lights and visors MP3 Venture from Spain (vs. a CD player) Trunk Rack Radiator Grill Chrome Choke Knob Front Fender Rails Saddle Bag Rails (lower) LED License Plate Frame Scorpio i900 Alarm system 3 Pocket Leather Harley dash mounted storage Chrome Rear Break Reservoir cover Chrome side covers (purchased from Diamond R) Tire Guard monitoring system Tuxedo Bib Chrome Tail Light cover Signal Dynamics BackOff XP Kuryakyn Battery Monitor Flash2Pass Joe Florida Accent LEDs TouraTech GPS locking mount with RAM Garmin 665 Cycle Pump and Tire Repair kit Sync Pro Motion Pro carb sync meter Progressive air shock pump Trunk Lid Accessory insert Clymer Service Manual Schubreth C3 World Black helmet with SRC All of this self-installed from instructions found on this forum. I bought this bike with 400 miles on it last October 2011. It had been ridden 3 times once each year since new and stored inside a heated guest house by the owner. The owner was a family friend. When he passed away unexpectedly the family hoped I would want to buy it. They were correct. It is a wonderful bike and deserved these upgrades. I am preparing for a coast to coast ride next year with my father-in-law who dreams of this ride for his 70th birthday. I’ll be making sure he has a good trip. He has a new Yamaha Stratoliner 1900. We should have little trouble if we plan it out right. Thanks to everyone who contributes on this forum for all the great advice from your experience I have been able to use to great advantage. I appreciate it more than I can express.
  8. OK folks..I know very little about this as I don't use an Iphone, Blackberry, etc. I had a request to add this feature so decided to give it a try. If you use one of the phones that support this app, you are welcome to test it out. I noticed on their website that they do have a beta app out now for the Blackberry also. Tapatalk is a mobile forum app for iPhone / Android and soon to be on Blackberry and Nokia. Tapatalk supports vBulletin (3.x and 4.x) and phpBB forums and forum owner can activate this service for free. Tapatalk supports all the usual forum functions plus full screen image viewing, image upload, caching (less reload), private messaging, all these features are accessible in just a few simple taps. Tapatalk for iPhone: Showing New and Unread Posts: http://www.quoord.com/tmp/iphone/IMG_0036.png Full Thread Viewing and Pagination Support: http://www.quoord.com/tmp/iphone/IMG_0037.png See Who's Online: http://www.quoord.com/tmp/iphone/IMG_0038.png Reply to Post and Image Upload: http://www.quoord.com/tmp/iphone/IMG_0041.png Some of the large forums activated Tapatalk support http://www.quoord.com/tmp/iphone/IMG_0042.png Tapatalk for Android Total Android Look and Feel http://www.quoord.com/tmp/android/main.png Same feature set as iPhone: http://www.quoord.com/tmp/android/threadmenu.png Quickly Reply to a conversation: http://www.quoord.com/tmp/android/thread_bottom_menu.png Latest and Unread Posts indicator and multi-tabs support: http://www.quoord.com/tmp/android/latest-v.png Full screen image support - support landscape mode also http://www.quoord.com/tmp/android/imageview.png Check out http://www.tapatalk.com for more information!
  9. It sure does appear that PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome), is pretty bad this year, given some of the posts that needed to be deleted or locked. Surely, there is something interesting and fun that we can talk about. On another forum that I occasionally go to, and it is not motorcycle related, it has come down to about the only thing that is discussed is the G & P words. I come here for fun, entertainment and to learn things and occasionally be able to help others. There are some really great people on this forum and I really do appreciate having this site available. If you feel you must discuss or argue about those topics, I guarantee you that there are MANY forums out there that would absolutely welcome you aboard. RandyA
  10. I want to start this first day of the rest of my life, by wishing each and every one of you a very Happy Holidays. I hope that everyone on this forum, and all of your family and friends have a warm, cozy, and peaceful Holidays.
  11. When I was riding my Suzuki Boulevard, I found a really great forum to be a part of. When we switched to the RSDT I was hoping for another great forum. It looks like I found it. I can read and read for hours and still not see all the great stuff here. Even though the Suzuki site was free I will have no problem paying a little bit for the great info here. Great job guys.
  12. Before responding to a thread, check to see which forum it is posted in before you go someplace you shouldn't in that forum.
  13. * this post is also on 2nd gen.venture forum , bc I didn't see THIS forum when I posted, MY BAD * Hello everyone I am interested in learning more about my 2003 venture which was recently purchased. I have ridden a total of 30 miles on it, but has 24xxx. I am confused and concerned about things such as the lowering kit, how it's on and any advice on what to look for. Was there any adjustments on the front end? Tires, brakes, electrical etc. the shop says all is good, but I feel weird not knowing much. I live in spring hill, and some that were on the left coast have expired memberships. I am willing to ride down and meet with anyone who is available and willing to show this newbie about RSV. Perhaps anyone in the Tampa / St. Pete/, or anyone near hillsborough, pasco, Hernando, citrus, counties. Heck, I will even trek to Ocala. There are some nice roads by me and some nice little beaches and bars / eateries if some want an excuse to ride this way I would appreciate all input and your time as well. No rush and perhaps there may be more free time after the holidays. I am open to suggestions. Thank you all. Barrycuda.
  14. I bought this 2006 Midnight RSV and the previous owner said he never used the CB, I have read all the threads on CB issues, the problem is the CB will come on and I get a CBERR message and it shuts off after about 15 seconds, I've checked all the connections as described on the forum and I do get 12 volts at the connector at the CB unit uder the trunk. Any Ideas?
  15. Gentlemen , I absolutely love this forum as a wonderful source of information! That being said , I was thinking of installing a CD player but after reading several posts, I believe an MP3 player may be a better choice? Is there a "clean looking way" other than using the aux plug on cassette deck, which I plan on converting to storage box as seen on other posts and since mine doesn't operate anyway,and is there a wiring harness or adapter to accomplish this? We ride in some remote areas that radio reception is poor at best. I may have placed this in the wrong forum as I have a '99 yamaha venture...don't know how to move to gen 2. Thanks for your help in advance! Last edited by Wayne McClain; Today at 09:23 PM. Reason: wrong forum I think Wayne McClainView Public ProfileSend a private message to Wayne McClainSend email to Wayne McClainFind all posts by Wayne McClainAdd Wayne McClain to Your Contacts Edit Tags Tags None
  16. The guy this morning on I-696 east heading to the eastside of Detroit on the first gen.....was it someone from this forum?
  17. Last Friday I finally completed the 87MKII 1st gen and got it back on the road. It's been on the center stand for about a year while I worked all of the known bugs out of it. At first I had a performance issue with old gas at the bottom of the tank but after running the tank dry and filling with fresh gas, then adjusting the idle it seems to be running great. I haven't had a chance to put a lot of miles on it yet to evaluate if the 4200 rpm stutter has completely disappeared. But, so far there has been no sign of it. I'm also expecting the 26MPG issue to have greatly improved. I'll report after a tank of gas or two has been spent. As always I would like to express my profound and sincere thanks, gratitude and pride in this forum and all of it's distinguished members that have graciously assisted me directly and indirectly in this on-going Labor-of-love. That assistance has been in the forms of advice, technical knowledge and support, donation of needed parts, well written and timely technical articles, friendships and camaraderie. And, so much more impossible to express in my limited use of the language, and without tearing up. Within the next few days it will be time for me to detail, service and return the 07 Midnight Venture That I have been riding for the past two years. That bike has been on loan to me by another true and valued friend who has generously allowed me to use it as it was my own. Now it is time to get him reacquainted with his bike since not riding for the past two years. Hopefully, I can encourage him to join and become involved in this forum. I know because of the type of person he is, and the nature of the people on this forum that he will find a motorcycle home here in doing so. As I have. I'm sure that he will soon discover as we all have, that it will be the best $12.00 that can be spent.
  18. Hi all, I just rejoined this forum. I bought a brand X bike and started hanging out on a HD forum. Anyway, my little brother bought a Royal Star and I thought I would re-join since he'll probably show up here eventually. My question is, I changed my profile pic to one with my current bike in it, but it doesn't show up when I post a comment. It's still showing my old picture. What am I doing wrong?
  19. New to the forum and starting a new project. I scored this beat 87' Venture and decided I was gonna chop it and see what I can come up with. I like the motor, if I can get it in good running order and want something mean and powerful, making babies cry and that sort of thing. Probably out of place in this forum but I thought what the hell. Lots of crazy crap on this bike including a car battery in the right bag connected with amplifier wiring. Pictures of the bike:
  20. Found this on another forum ... thought ya'll might like to read it. http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2012/06/an-open-letter-to-every-person-i-meet-who-finds-out-i-ride-a-motorcycle/
  21. Saw another red 1st gen here in Brampton this morning on Queen St...wondering if it's a forum member?
  22. I want to send out a big Thank You to all the folks on this list that have done work on their bikes before me, and have posted the mechanical and technical highlights and info, so that people that follow in their footsteps have an easier time of doing the same thing. For all of you that post info on this forum about improvements, additions, etc., and especially if you include pictures...Thank you. You know who you are, and "I" appreciate it. Today I received in the mail my new Speedhealer from HealTech, and my new Morgan Carbtune Pro, from Calif. Sportbike. Due to the info from trailblazers on this forum, I was able to pre-read all the details prior to my receiving the packages, and was very ready once the items did show up. Now, the speedo on the RSMTD reads accurately, and the carbs are nicely balanced. While the carbs were not too far out, it is nice to KNOW that they are now balanced, and that the engine does in fact run smoother. As a gearhead myself, I want to KNOW the facts of my engine...not just assume. Now, to all you VR and RSTD owners within the PNW, if anyone wants me to ride over to your place and adjust your carbs...for FREE...just let me know. If you want to, you are welcome to ride over to my place...but I am always looking for a reason to go ride somewhere. I will bring all the tools needed, so I will be happy to do the balancing, and show you how it is done. Remember...it is FREE. Thanks,
  23. The schedule of events have been posted and updated for 7 months.......many of your questions can be self answered by reading this page.....Its not that I mind your emails, BUT I rarely check them. THAT IS WHY my answers are sometimes a week or so late..If you have a question for me , please pm me here on this forum....
  24. As a member of the new Dark Side VR Group I would like to see a Forum or Topic that we could exchange ideas and experiences. I think it should be open to all who are interested as some VRs go forward with their Mods. I think it should go in the Tech Talk Category.. I think the sharing of experiences will make this a safer proposition for all that are willing to try this Mod. Thanks,
  25. I am new to the forum and have already learned a great deal. Thanks for all the great suggestions and ideas. I look forward to meeting new friends thanks to a good friend of mine who introduced me to this forum. Thanks KIC I bought my "83" Venture back in October 2011 with only 5,400 miles and it now has 7,400. It's a great ride. I understand she's known on the forum as a 1st gen. Sorry 2nd gen'ers...lol Haha, had to say that... Just kidding... Thanks again and great riding...
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