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  1. We are in the process of rebuilding our VR Assistance List. If you can and are willing to offer assistance to a member who is riding through your area, please edit your profile to include that information. Simply click on "Settings" at the upper right of the page and then scroll down to "Edit Profile". Near the bottom you will find a place to select "yes or no" in regards to offering local assistance and then a place to select services that you may be able to offer. Cowpuc just mentioned in another thread another, and maybe easier, way to get to it. Click "forum actions" in the small menu at the top. Select edit profile. Scroll down and you'll see where to select your information.
  2. Sena SMH10B-10 Review This is a review of my new Sena SMH10 Bluetooth Headset and how well it functions for my particular application. Spoiler alert! It works extremely well! The Sena is a replacement for a three year old Scala Cardo Q2 headset. I considered a new Scala 4 but the reviews were not stellar. I have tried several different wired systems over the years but have a need to go wireless for some of my activities. I have used starcom, kenedy, rider and a couple others. Basically I need connectivity between the headset and the following items: 2 GPSs, phone, MP3, intercom, ham/wx band radio. Why so much stuff? I have only one motorcycle and it needs to meet all the requirements for its intended duties; pleasure rides, long distance endurance rides (IBA), touring, bicycle charity ride escort (Motorcycle Marshal), and anything else that comes to mind. The idea is to throw my leg over the FJR1300, turn on the headset and go. No fuss, no hassle, just go. I will not discuss the installation and set up of all this equipment here. Only the bluetooth connectivity and headset operation. Here are the general equipment specs: Headset - Sena SMH10B-10 FW V4.1, BT V3.0 GPSs - Garmin Zumo 550 Ham/WX Radio - Yeasu FTM10R Transceiver, AM/FM/VHF/UHF, Dual channel Bluetooth Phone - Apple iPhone 4 The Sena SMH10 allows several connection profiles including Headset Profile, Hands-free Profile (HFP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio Video Remote control Profile (AVRCP). I have yet to try all the possible profile combinations but have already found that by simply using HFP and A2DP everything works as I need. With the multiple connects and the availability of the SM10 Dual Stream Stereo Transmitter (dongle), which allows wired audio connections, the connectivity is nearly limitless. The basic helmet mount comes with a single stereo 3.5mm input. My particular needs have been met without having to acquire the SM10 dongle. The old Scala Q2 worked pretty well but two major problems were the short battery life (3-4hrs) when connected to the ham radio, and the fact that it could not be paired to anything else when the ham radio was in use. When not using the ham radio, it was paired to another headset (intercom) and the GPS which also paired to the phone and those worked well also. Battery life was then extended to a more realistic 6 hours or so. The Sena allows for multiple connections via HFP profile and allows me to connect to the ham radio, GPS, and intercom at the same time. I use A2DP profile for the GPS to allow stereo MP3 streaming. Another plus for the Sena is the available volume is 3x that of the Scala. Instead of straining to hear, I am able to run it at about 75% volume at highway speeds. The audio is clearer and has more bass than the Scala even though the speakers are only slightly thicker. With the helmet on, I can fill up with gas at the pump, walk inside the store while still hearing and talking on the radio or phone. While assisting a down or injured rider, I can stay in contact via the ham radio with out having to carry a separate hand held radio on my belt. Audio reports from the phone and ham radio have been very positive. Audio prompts from the menu system are nice. I found this SMH10 on ebay for about $160. Not bad when comparing to other available units.
  3. Hi all, I just rejoined this forum. I bought a brand X bike and started hanging out on a HD forum. Anyway, my little brother bought a Royal Star and I thought I would re-join since he'll probably show up here eventually. My question is, I changed my profile pic to one with my current bike in it, but it doesn't show up when I post a comment. It's still showing my old picture. What am I doing wrong?
  4. The Salvage of my 91 VR came in at $300.00. The insurance co said that this value is non negotiable. $300.00 seems quite high when I passed up a 90 VR not running with all plastic intact for $500.00 this spring. Go to my profile and look on the right side in my Album for several pictures of the 91 VR. I would be interested in your opinion.
  5. I was just noticing that since I changed to google chrome I cant see my profile picture.When I log in using IE I see it but I dont when I use google chrome. So I thought maybey since the profile pic was set up using IE I changed it to a new pic while in chrome. Same thing. Not sure if somethings wrong or if its just on my end and everyone else see the pic. Help please. Oh yeah I can see everyone elses profile pics just fine. David
  6. Well I have saw some kinda strange profile pictures. Just wondering what some of them are and what inspired your profile picture ? Most are pictures of people or two or three people in a picture, some dressed kinda weird and so on ? Mine is me with my bike at Carter Caves State Park here in Kentucky. :confused24::confused24: :whistling:
  7. I'd like to talk to a plumber about my water leak. Any takers. If you reply I'll look up your phone in your profile. Thanks
  8. Marcarl


    Hey,, how come I can change my profile picture,, otherwise known avatar,,, ithink
  9. I am looking at Tires for my 83, I now have avon. I wanted to find out if any one has tryed a lower profile to elimanate the tippie toe stance I have at a stop. (I have a 29 inch inseam).
  10. We are here! Cabin a little disappointing but OK. Just in case no one has sleeping accommodations IF YOU CAN CLIMB a laddar 2 beds in the loft if needed.Phone # in profile. Tom
  11. If anyone needs a place to stay in Cody we are staying at the KOA and have a Deluxe cottage that has a separate bedroom for Debby and I and another that has bunkbeds. It has Toilets,shower and full kitchen facilities in it. You MAY be sharing it with Roadhand but he is a 50/50 that he is coming. No smoking in Cabin. We will work out the details on price.Negotiable.My number is in profile or PM me,but please list you are interested on here to be fair to any others..including myself,I forget ALOT.
  12. Unfortunately Lonna and I aren't going to be able to make the International in Cody. Way back when last year I reserved a room there in the hopes that we would be there. I haven't cancelled this reservation yet, but wanted to offer it up to any of our members if they want to have the room. Anyone interested PM me or post on this thread and I'll make sure that when I cancell that we get your name in there. This is a 1st come 1st serve deal, so the 1 responce I get is the one that will get it. If you want to call me my cell is in my profile.
  13. OK folks. A number of people have complained that it is sometimes hard to find the member who is selling something in the classifieds. If you clicked their username, it opened up a profile in the classifieds but not the usual member profile. So, I've done some custom programming this evening that will hopefully make it easier for everybody. If you are in the classifieds now and click on the username of the person who posted the ad, it will open up their actual forum profile instead of the pretty much useless profile in the classifieds. I also changed it so that if you click the "contact buyer" link in a classified ad, it opens up the private message screen here on the forum. I tested it and it seems to be working correctly. Sometimes though when I make a change like that, it creates some unexpected changes that show up later. Hopefully it will work as I intend and it will make things better for all. If you notice any problems with it though, please let me know.
  14. With some regret, I transferred the title to my '07 Venture to it's new owner this afternoon. He got a great bike. I feel certain that Dave will be joining us here on vr.org. I've changed my profile to remove the Venture from my info and I guess next I'll have to change my user name. Dennis
  15. I know this is short notice. I'm in Vancouver this weekend, docked at Main Street pier. If anyone is interested in an m&e let me know. My cell number is in my profile.
  16. Just wondering, Is it easy to put a link to the person's profile in the welcome posts ? It would be easier to find his/her profile Brad
  17. Hi All, I'm sorta new and was wondering how you get the neat little map thingy with your states on it on your profile? Ron:smash2:
  18. The other day I rode through my first full blown rain storm with my new Venture and I got a rude awakening to how dangerous the tall RSV windshield is in bad weather. Because it sits so vertical and because you can't look over it, the rain blocked my vision much worse then previous bikes I owned with windshields. Another thing I noticed about this windshield too, was that I still got hit in the face by rain that came in from the sides. I wear glasses, so this just compounded my vision problems. I'm going on a 4000km East Coast trip in a week so I decided to cut the stock windshield down. I've always set my windshields up to where I am just looking through or slightly above the top lip and, in bad weather, I can sit up a little straighter and look over the shield for safety's sake. One thing I like about that set up, as well, is that the slip stream from the wind coming off the top of the windshield takes any rain and deflects it away from my face. On my last bike (with a National Cycle HD Touring windshield) I could ride through torrential downpours and 99% of the water went over or around my head. I'm an airplane mechanic and I was going to do this myself, but a buddy at work offered and he's a wicked perfectionist (and a great machinist!) so I let him do it. - I first sat on the bike and then used a piece of paper and some tape to try different measurements for looking ahead and marked where the cut should be. - Then I used masking tape and taped off the area I was cutting on both sides of the plastic - I found the exact centerline of the screen and marked it then I freehand traced the profile on one side only in black marker. For me, I decided to cut the windshield at exactly 4" from the top, in the center. I then traced out a flatter profile then the stock one (one side only!) - I then copied the profile I drew onto a blank piece of paper and reversed it and transferred it over to the opposite side of the screen. this way, the two halves will be symmetrical... which is more important then the actual shape, IMO. - I used painters masking paper and covered the front and back areas of the bike - My buddy then cut the profile out using an air saw with a fine tooth hacksaw blade. The air saws are great because you can vary the speed and you won't melt the plastic. Another tip here is to start the cuts from BOTH sides and work towards the middle. DO NOT cut from one end only and go right across, because there's a chance when you get near the end that the vibration will cause the last little bit to crack off before you cut through it. Meet the two cuts near the centerline of the screen. Also, do this rough cut just above the profile line you marked. - The next step is to rough file the edge down to the mark - Once that's done, take a small wooden block with some fine grit sandpaper and then polish the end cut until its level and smooth. Then run the block along the edges and put a slight bevel on the plastic. I didn't do as extreme as the stock bevel though. I also left some rather sharp edges on both ends of the new cut to make the windshield look a little more "slammed"... sorta like some Harley batwing screens. I think my RSV looks much better "balanced" now when seen from the front. The results were great! A test drive after proved that 4" off was perfect for me (I'm only 5'8"). I could look over the windshield easily and there was no buffeting at all. I had to lift my head up almost 6" to start to feel the buffet. If I have passengers, they may get a bit of buffeting but I ride solo mostly, so that's not really an issue for me. Total cost = $0 Bike shop wanted $75 to do this for me and I would have had to remove the windshield and bring it to them. Here's some pics... http://www.ridecanada.org/photos/before_1.jpg http://www.ridecanada.org/photos/work_1.jpg http://www.ridecanada.org/photos/after_1.jpg http://www.ridecanada.org/photos/after_2.jpg
  19. I joined the group about 2-3 weeks ago and have been reading useful stuff about the bikes just about every day. I have already done a couple of modifications to my bike thanks to what I have learned here. Thanks to all of you that contribute so generously to help those who know less, like me. There is one small detail that remains a mistery to me: A lot of members have maps of the USA and/or Canada as part of their signature or their profile, and these maps have some states that are colored and some that are not. I imagine the colored states probably correspond to the states that they have visited while riding the bike. My question is: Where do you find those maps and how do you add specific states and then publish them as part of your signature or profile? Thanks,
  20. I've been looking for a utility trailer for several days, can't find a used one. What I need is a tandem axle, one axle w/brakes and 6 ply tires. A 14' trailer would work just fine but I don't have anything against a 16' except the price. If anybody knows of one within a hundred miles or so of Canton Ohio - pm me or call. phone # is in my profile Thanks in advance Dick B added because I'm not too bright - no ramps- no side load - no rails - no nothin' - just a flat bed trailer ( thanks barend )
  21. Where do I find the US map you all have on your profile? I would like to mark the states I have ridden in as well. Thanks JM:bagpipes-emoticon:
  22. midnite


    Okay i finally finished, for now puttin on acc. so now we got pics. I know i'm late but I wanted it to look right.: pics are in my profile page in album. Don't know how to add them to the thread,sorry.
  23. I want to add the Map of the USA profile and color out the states I've traveled to my profile. Also, how do I create a graphic or photo avatar? Thanks for your help. Sunrayman:sun:
  24. I am planning my 8 day September ride from Calgary to Las Vegas. I was playing with different map tools that are available on the web. I stumbled across the Harley Davidson Rider Planner tool. http://www.harley-davidson.com/wcm/Content/Pages/Ride_Planner/Ride_Planner.jsp?locale=en_US I have been using it to map out my trip and have found it to be very useful. You need to create a profile if you want to save your plans. They will even let you create a profile if you ride something other than a Harley.
  25. Just put together a carrier to mount a foot locker, cooler, or most anything else. Pictures in album in my profile.
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