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  1. Just got a USED set of BUBS. It appears that the slip-ons will not slide on far enough to accomodate the bolt lining up. I can see the muffler is hitting a stop that is welded. So Is there something I need to do differently? I think I have to cut the Very small amount off the mating end of the slip on. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi All; My CB won’t turn on (no light) I have removed the rear trunk put the CB into the L/Saddle bag I cut I small grove in the side making sure no to pinch the wire. When I checked the plug that goes into the CB there is power in 2 holes. I had a amp installed by a radio shop in the front faring. Is it possible that they have cut into something that has to do with the power going into the CB switch on the handle bars. If yes, what can I do to fix it without going back to the radio shop. ???????????
  3. Trying to clean the carbs but I'm stuck on step number one. It says remove the choke knob. Now I've tried twisting it off and pulling it off but I really didn't have any luck with it. Tried taking a short cut but i would really like to follow the book. Sooooo. Does anyone know how to get that knob off of there?
  4. I wanted a different look for around town as well as some natural air conditioning so i decided to cut and tint a spare windshield that i had. Now people are asking me what kind of bike i am riding and they cant believe how old it is. It sure gives the bike a different look.
  5. I recently purchased a lowring kit from Baron. I'm fairly short, 5'6", and after riding the bike felt I needed a little better stability. My favorite dealer says I should also lower the front end to equalize the handling. We've tried to find some new springs, but were not successful. He is suggesting we cut the existing springs and that will do the trick. I'm not so sure that's a great idea. How will that effect the steering and ride? Anybody have any experience with this option??
  6. http://i257.photobucket.com/albums/hh221/muaymendez/IMAG0264.jpg Im glad how it came out. If you look close you can see imperfections but who will be looking so close. I cut in angles with a hacksaw then filed down to a round shape. finished it off with some clear nail polish. While I had it off i sanded all the surface rust from the pivot points and greased all points with some moly.
  7. :cool10:This 11 year old kid created a social net work site that is kid friendly. His Dad was tired of all the bullying and curse words on face book and cut him off. So he got creative. If you want your kids on a safe site check this out. Please leave your thoughts here. http://www.gromsocial.com/ Joe
  8. Well yesterday I was finally feeling well enough to finish putting the R1 brake calipers with new pads on the 93 trike. At first it felt marginally better but not by much. I took it out for a test ride and after a few stops from varying speeds using the front brakes only (both sides) they starting getting better. By the time I got back home after about 20 miles I was able to cut down the stopping distance using front and rear by almost half of what it had before the change. Now as soon as I can save a few more dollars I will put the SS brake lines on, then see how much it improves. So far I only have $134.00 invested in this project.
  9. All, I'm differing to the vast knowledge of you guys. I've got a 2007 RSTD with a Hoppe Quadzillza fairing and every radio that I've mounted has cut out after a short time. The latest Kenwood has lasted the longest at just under a year. But they all start out the same, first the radio light will cut out but the unit still plays fine then after awhile the unit starts to cut out and restart itself, next it'll cut out and not work until I restart the bike. That's usually the point were I replace the thing but this one has now cut out completely. I may have a blown fuse and I'll look at it when I change to a taller windshield for the winter, probably this weekend. Now my questions are does anyone have any experience with an after market radio with a remote that can take the vibrations of a motorcycle, and would adding amps help with anything other than sound quality? Also has anyone used a Harley radio on a metric bike? Thanks in advance.
  10. Have a 07 RSTD. It has the quick release back rest/lugage rack. Anyone every cut the sissy bar section off? Is it solid or hollow tubing?
  11. I looked for this for a while. Haven't tried it yet and orginal poster is no longer around. I had to replace mine awhile back and I made my own from some 1 1/4" ID copper tubing. there are two ways to do it. 1) cut two pieces 1" long, split one longitudinally and slip it over the uncut one then solder the cut 2) cut a piece 1" long and then get a union sleeve, grind off the inside ridge and slip over the cut tubing. Works great, no problems or leaks for a couple years now.
  12. I just bought a '99 RSV, and the original owner had replaced the ignition switch, leaving me with a different key for the rest of the locks. My question is, since they are double-sided keys, if two locksets can be cut on the same key? I know there are more pins/tumblers in these locks, but on older Ford vehicles you could cut 2 different vehicle ignition keys on one key, one on one side, one on the other, it would require a blank key to start out with. Just an inquiring mind thing.
  13. My radio is giving me trouble and it is not always the same symptoms. Often is locks up completely or locks up partially. At times I will not be able to change channels or change settings. It does not seem to follow any pattern although I think it is better when you shut the key off and back on. Sometimes it will not play at all. Often times FM or AM stations will cut out when I open the throttle and immediately come back on when I let off (kinda sounds like a loose connection on this symptom). Any thoughts? Ryan
  14. I had a spare windshield laying around and being so hot outside the other day i decided to shorten it. First off I clamped it to my other windshield 5 inches lower with vice grips and masking tape underneath to prevent scratching.Than I contemplated on how to cut the windshield down without making a mess of it and decided on trying the router. I used a router bit with a bearing on it and set the depth just enough to cut through the one shield and not touch the other. It worked quite well. Surpriseingly it cut the plastic like butter and left a fairly smooth finish. It required just a lite sanding with 220 sandpaper to give the edge a smooth eye appealing finish. After mounting it I realized that the windshield is not quite as wide so there is a small space on either side. This doesnt bother me though. After I was complete I had to try it out. The extra wind is nice, I dont hear the clutch basket whine as much, the bugs now it my face, and there is some wind buffetting around my ears. All in all I am happy with the results. I will be putting my tall one back on in the fall.
  15. i was talking to a guy who had a venture and we were shooting the sh!t about pipes etc. he mentioned something about a saddlebag lid stuck closed??? he said a strap from a peice of luggage got looped around the locking mechanism and could not be opened IN ANYWAY. They cut through the side of the saddlebag to release it or something?? i guess anything could happen once, and i do not know what other methods they tried, but this sounded very bizarre to me and now i am paranoid. anyone ever heard of this??
  16. Does anyone have a picture of a stock muffler that has been cut open.I am confused about where to cut them. I have a set someone gave me,I don't want to mess my quite pipes up.
  17. Anyone know how I would cut the long tail part the bead seat.
  18. I have never been satisfied with the tail/turn/stop lights on my Harbor Freight trailer. I had changed the bulbs to LED's, but just not enough illumination, especially in the day-time. These were about $16.00 each at Wally-World. A bit of a challenge to mount, but I stuck with the measure twice, cut once rule. Well, I also cut the holes somewhat undersize then shaped them to fit the template I had made. Pretty much labor intensive, but I think the end result was worth the effort. I completed the install with wiring and connectors that I already had. I now have (additional) stronger lighting, located to be much more noticeable. I have some tidying up to do on the wiring, but it's basically completed. Pic 1- rough cut for left light (took a lot of patience and elbow grease to finish) Pic 2- some of the tools and "stuff" I used Pic 3- Hooked up with running lights and left turn signal on
  19. I want to put a fleece on my set just to cushion it up a bit, but don't want to cut it more than I have to. The best way to accomplish this would be to remove the driver backrest, so all I would have to do is cut about a 1 1/2" square out of it, slide it over the post and replace the backrest. There is a small screw at the top of the post that I would have thought would allow me to slide off the backrest, but it's still on there pretty good. I don't want to break anything so I'm not forcing it. Is there something else I need to do in order to remove it? The bike is a 2001 Royal Star. http://members.storm.ca/~cameron_antaya/ventureseat1.jpg http://members.storm.ca/~cameron_antaya/ventureseat2.jpg
  20. I just installed some LED turn signals/running rights from custom dynamics. Now I've got a yellow looking head light. I'm looking for a head light that'll cut the darkness like a knife. I'm not an electrician I just want a plug and play head light that's bright and doesn't draw to many amps. I was thinking about the Piaa lights from custom dynamics does any one have them and like them what one do you have? Part number if you have it also..
  21. star4772


    If anyone out there has a RSV trunk mounting bracket I need one. let me know and see if we can cut a deal. Thanks Joe
  22. Well it was listening to that whine from the back of my bikes(td and venture) for 3 years now that caused me to take matters into my own hands. I know i should have done this long ago but , hey, my feet were happy! I asked several people to come up with a way to lower the boards for my wife to no avail so this is my answer. 2x2 3/16 angle cut 3 inches long . kuyrakan longhorns. 1/4 gal pipe cut for spacers. (see pics). Since I dont really have the facility to make these they were kinda labor intensive since most of it was with hand tools I was hoping one of you guys with a shop might be able to do them if any others wanted. We have rode on a 450 mile day so far and she loved them. Said she like to be able to change from the boards to the pegs. They do flip up neatly when not in use. The 3/16 angle does have a little flex but not more than the stock floorboard. Perhaps if i was doing it again i'd use 1/4 angle. Anyway the whine is completely gone from the rear of the bike now. All is right in the world now! Jack in Los Osos CA
  23. info to cut down or cut out "gasohol" http://capwiz.com/amacycle/issues/alert/?alertid=51059636 http://capwiz.com/amacycle/issues/alert/?alertid=54681921
  24. I want to move the trunk back the one inch that is allowable. Has anyone done this? There are hard rubber guides in the way can they be moved as well or cut with out any problem?
  25. been working on a little project..... whadaya think? removed the silver diamond cut fins and replaced them with a set of rasberry painted to match the bike fins, then diamond cut them.... damn bryan!! it's all your fault!!
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