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  1. Anybody have an aftermarket (Corbin, Diamond or other brand) seat for a MM Venture they might want to sell?
  2. Just got done wiring bike for trailer . Put converter and 6 panel fuse box with ground under diamond plate and made ridgid fix for plug.
  3. added some bling to the saddlebag hinges to match the engine fins. hope to get some more made up for other members soon.
  4. Don spoke to Patti today at Diamond R Accessories. She asked us to let you all know that her father passed away yesterday. Some of you may have met him at the Intl Rally at the Hub 3 years ago. She was there with him. she also wanted you all to know that orders might be going out kind of slow for a week or so while they work thru this tough time. Please keep her and Allen in your prayers.
  5. Could some one please give me the measurements for a Diamond R Receiver ? I need some measurements from you kind folks pleaseeeeee. ? Thank you in advance..... [ATTACH]67619[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]67618[/ATTACH] A. Measurement from front to rear, measuring on the top side. B. Thickness of the receiver bar. C. Measurement from top to bottom of the receiver on the front side, not including the thickness. D. Measurement from top to the center of the pin hole. E. Pin hole size ? F. How wide is the receiver from one side to the other ? James
  6. I just got my Diamond R leveling links and they work great as advertised. Low speed handling greatly improved, must easier initiating turns at speed. Push pressure on the bar greatly reduced when getting the bike to turn in, I feel like I'm back on my old Honda ST 1300. The seat height is maybe a 1/2'' higher, don't really notice it. Thanks to Rick Butler for designing them, and to Diamond R for their craftsmanship and great service. Ron:cool10:
  7. Here it is, March 2, 2012. We just completed 2 months of the year and this morning I got an email from Choice Hotels congratulating me on achieving Diamond Elite Status for this year. I've been a Diamond Elite member for a lot of years but you have to re-qualify every year. That is the top level of their membership program and I think you achieve it at 40 nights. I am not bragging about it....I'm really just TIRED of being gone so much. It doesn't even include my last 8 or 10 nights on the road and yes, I'm writing this from another hotel room. I know that I am fortunate to have a job at a time when so many are out of work and I am indeed thankful for that.
  8. been working on a little project..... whadaya think? removed the silver diamond cut fins and replaced them with a set of rasberry painted to match the bike fins, then diamond cut them.... damn bryan!! it's all your fault!!
  9. Hello, Would anyone who owns the Diamond R Accessories RSV LED Saddlebag Light Bar be able to eMail me the installation instructions ??? I'm particularly interested in knowing if it is necessary to lower the mufflers in order for light bar installation. Thanks in advance, Mike
  10. I have Diamond R Light Bars installed on my 07 RSTD. The relay has quit working. I have power to it from the Switch the relay is not energizing so, no out put to the lights. Ground is good. Does anyone know where I can purchase another relay? is there a part number for the relay that may be common for a auto parts store to carry IE Auto zone or advance auto parts? Thank You in Advance for you assistance Jim Bell ky.widows.sons@gmail.com
  11. is anyone making the leveling links , here on this site or diamond r the only one?
  12. Shamue


    First want to that Diamond R Accessories for their great service. Ordered an RSV pillow stuff back rest on Thursday and got it yesterday. Great looking piece, nice size pouch, and matches my seats. Hope to install it today when I do an oil change and inspection for a long ride this weekend. Thanks again Diamond R, second time I've ordered from them and really like the product quality and service. Shamue
  13. A while back there was someone who would diamond cut the engine side covers. Does anyone remember?
  14. Just tried to go to Diamond R to take a look at the fork air deflectors (since it doesn't look like any more will be made here by our friend Ruffy) & got a "Forbidden" message. Anyone know anything about this?
  15. This post is about a subject that started on the diamond cut thread, and rather than hi-jacking the thread I thought it would be better to start another. I picked up a spare set of 2ndGen head fins with the idea that I might paint them black for a different look. After seeing the diamond cut examples I decided to go another direction. #1 because I'm not sold on the Diamond look, and #2 I'm broke... So this morning I stopped by my local auto paint supplier and picked up a roll of 1/8" Fine-Line masking tape, I then dropped by BriteTex, my favorite polisher, and discussed some options. We came up with some great ideas. Like grinding the fin edge flat, and buffing it to a mirror gloss.... and just buffing the edge out. Both options were over 100 bucks... too expensive So I decided to just go ahead and try taping the existing edge finish and see what happens. I also decided to do only one fin and then do the rest if the first one worked out. Attached is a running pictorial of what I did. There were some mistakes made that can be corrected on later efforts, but at 65mph they shouldn't be noticable. The over all look on the bike will happen a little later on, and I'll post pics of the finished product then. Cost.... $37 bucks for the fins, $9 bucks for the tape, and 10 bucks for a couple of cans of paint. $56 dollars total. I kinda like the look so far.
  16. Gonna be selling my motorcycle trailer. Thought I might use it, but witht he bike gone, the more I think about it the more I realize I wont. Its an Americas Best, http://www.americasbesttrailers.com/ AMT XL Diamond. I have had it two riding seasons. Always stored in the garage. Tires good. Trailer just has a little Aluminum oxidation, but a good wax would probably clear that up. Just can't do that with my shoulder. I would like $1500 for it. I would be willing to meet someone with it to save a portion of their drive. PM, email, or call my cell listed on the forum. Thanks,
  17. Just wanted to tell everyone what happened to me. That is usually a bad thing but not in this case. I purchased a new drivers backrest and a light bar from Diamond and they sent it like pronto quick it is great and the light bar it excellent. Then out of the blue I got an email from Diamond and they said that the shipping charge was not as much as they had orginally charged and they where going to credit my card with the difference between the two a little over 18 bucks. Now that is a class operation most businesses would have just let it ride and I would have never known the difference. Thanks again to Diamond R.
  18. I need to get a backrest. After doing a search, it appears to be a draw between the Diamond R and the Utopia with everyone being happy with their choice. I'm leaning toward the Utopia because it's $41 cheaper. Is there a reason other than them being a sponser of this board, that I should fork over more for the Diamond R backrest? Thanks for any advice.
  19. Anyone have these installed? Could you post pictures is so? How do they install? How long did it take, etc. I would like to get a set but would like to see them on a member's bike as opposed to the Diamond R site's pics! Thanks! http://www.diamondraccessories.com/yamaha/proddisplay.php?name=RSV/RSTD LED Saddlebag Light Bar
  20. I was just wondering if anyone uses this backrest? I know most of you guys use the Utopia or the Diamond R. I am leaning toward the Diamond R or possibly this one as they seem to be easier to install. Also does the Diamond R come with the pillow top look? It would be nice if it matched my stock seats.....thanks. http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/detail.cfm?model_ID=42&Category_ID=32&manufacturer_ID=6&product_ID=15939&related=short
  21. NOTE: For those of you who do not feel comfortable or don't have the tools to make your own leveling links, they are also available from Diamond R Accessories. An excellent vendor with great products. You can find them at http://www.diamondraccessories.com
  22. Heading down to Diamond, MO. Wednesday morning to go to my little sister's wedding this next weekend. Not only do I have to wear a Tux because she made me be in the wedding party, but I also got volunteered to help with getting the dinner put together. My better half and I will be down that there for about a week. Is there anything to go see or do down there? We'll be about an hour or so west of Branson. Thought about going there one day. I think there's a Ripley's Believe it or Not museum there. Just about anything would be better that Precious Moments Inspirational Park in Carthage that I got suckered into going to go see the last time I was down there. Anybody available for a tour guide?
  23. Could some please give me the DiamondR website address? Thanks...
  24. I decided to make some windshield lowers out of diamond plate aluminum. I think they turned out pretty good. Let me know what you think. I have some ideas for a few more items on the bike to be replace with this diamond plate.
  25. Diamond R's web site is down. Does anybody know when it will be up?
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