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  1. Just tried to post a classified add, way to complicated for a computer dummy like me, must be a easier then way to do it any help out there?
  2. I have a question for anyone that's used one of the Harbor Freight lifts, pros/cons, good,bad. I think I remember a post where someone said they were a little "tipsy"? They have 2 different models, a "motorcycle", and a "motorcycle/atv" which is 12" longer. My wife thinks that it would make my life easier with one of those vs the regular m/c jack. Hey, I'm all about something new for the garage. Thanks in advance.
  3. Why did the manufacturer of the computer mouse replace the roller ball type with the optic type? Because it's easier to clean a mouse's feet than it's balls!
  4. Well I finally got to use "Plastex" When removing the front lower cowling to drain and reservice my anti-freeze, I broke off a tab... I ordered the Plastex The link is below if you are interested. It arrived yesterday. Read the instructions and watch a short video they sent with the kit, then dove in. It could not be easier. It is drying as I write. I have some touch up paint, so after it is all dry I am going to paint it over. The pictures below don't look too good, but you can see how the repair went. Like I said "it could not have been easier" http://plastex.net/
  5. Am going to put a set of RK mufflers on my 06 RSTD. I realize it would definitely, probably, maybe, be easier to pull the bags off to replace them. Question is, , ,it is that much easier, , , , , , worth all the trouble pulling and replacing the bags. . . . . ..
  6. LtShame


    Is there a Facebook page for Ventureriders??...It would be easier to communicate with each other.
  7. Sure would make working on our bikes a lot easier! http://www.youtube.com/embed/iKqpvriKZuA Andy
  8. Have any of you ever had the fairing off? What about swapped wiring harnesses. I want to swap the harness from my 83 with a CB to my 83 without. I believe this is going to be a job, so what are some of your opinions? Would it be easier to splice in the CB? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks- CJ
  9. I'm 6 foot tall, weigh-in at about 280lbs, and carbon dated at around 71 years of age, and I can't get my '87 VR up on the centre stand on my own ! Is there a mod to make it easier so I can do it on my own ? Jim O'D..... Australia.
  10. I have not had good luck searching the 1st gen tech area on setting the carbs on my '86. I have done them, in the past, like the manual states. Frankly this is a PITA as you have to assemble and pull apart the carbs till the tube fill line is where it states it should be on the center. The G2's are WAY easier to set as there is a measurement where to set them. My question is to any of the 1st genners, have any of you come up with a measurement that can be used to set the floats, like on a G2? If I can't get a response in a day or so I'll be doing it the manual way, but if there is an easier way to set these things....I'm all ears!
  11. Two years old today.............Its been a rough two years....hope the next year is easier.........but we still love ya !!!
  12. there are four tubes that hang down from the middle of the frame on my 01 rsv. I'm not sure what they are but one of them is dripping oil, the other three are clean. can someone tell me what they are for and why one would drip oil. I tried to trace them down but it's easier to ask the experts. thanks
  13. found these surfing around. will these work on my mk1? seems a lot easier than changing forks. http://www.qualitypartsonline.com/r1_r6.htm.
  14. I am going to remove my rear wheel this weekend for a tire replacement. I have a jack and the carbon one adapter and a tire. What all do I need to remove before the wheel? The manual I have, says to remove the muffler, saddlebag guide bar (left and right) exhaust pipe, rear brake caliper, and of course the axle. This sounds like a major job. Do I need to take off BOTH saddlebag bars? And, does the exhaust pipe have to come off? I figured, I'd just remove the Right saddlebag and muffler, then remove the caliper and snatch out the axle??? I'm sure once I get into it, I will realize what has to come off. Just wanted some input, so I would be prepared. Sometimes, I spend too much time trying to "NOT" remove something that would have been easier to just remove in the first place. Thanks, for any tips that might make the job easier. dana
  15. Any chance of having the "quick reply" option I've often seen on sites like these at the bottom of every thread so I don't have to click "reply" at the end of a thread in order to reply? Just makes life much easier and I really use it a ton if it's available.
  16. Well, I think I am ready for some aftermarket exhauts. I know they aren't made anymore, I've been checking ebay with no luck. I may make a set but it would be easier if somebody had a set even if they need some work. Thanks in advance.
  17. Headed to Larry's (Carbon_One) on Sunday leaving Kitchener about 7am and probably cross at Sarnia then head down to Larry's. Getting the passenger arm rests for my RSV. Going thru Windsor/Detroit only saves about 20 minutes according to MapQuest, thinking Sarnia might be easier to cross at. Coming back same day so will be a quick trip... but should be a nice ride.
  18. Boy this is the toughest thing I have ever went through, my baby went to the Army a couple weeks ago. I am missing him so badly. How do those of you who have went through this get through it?? I am a mess thinking about him. He is in Ft Benning Army Airborn Infantry. He had been in the junior soldier program and worked to obtain E3 before leaving for bootcamp. I went from having my baby, my son at home to having an empty room. I have had custody of my boys since they were 1 and 2 without a Mother in the picture. When my oldest graduated, entered the workforce and moved on it was tough, but he is still here in town which makes it easier. With my youngest it was like one day here, next day gone. I am sure he is fine. But I have always been there to make sure they were ok. Now I have to trust in my heart things are ok. Nights seem to be the hardest to get through still. I know it wil get easier as time goes by. Prolly just was wanting to vent a little. Thanks for listening to lonely Dad..... Back to your regularly scheduled programming
  19. Boss, Maybe you could once again urge the members to utilize the "Custom User Title" to show what the are riding. We all know how much easier it is to respond to problems/questions if it is known up front for what specific motorcycle they are seeking help/answers.
  20. I updated the speed calculation sheet I had posted a while back. I can't find the thread so I started a new one. I added a feature to be able to display speeds in Kilometers/Hour. Also modified the tire size inputs a little. I got a new rear tire and found it was easier to measure circumference accurately than it was to measure diameter. Added correction factor for wheel slippage in each gear. The password to unlock the sheet is dingy if you are an excel guru and want to play with it. Only locked it as it is easier for user if only cells that need input are editable. Gary
  21. --- some pics of the new adventure that has come along. Hey Tom, was that me you were hinting about in midrsv's survey about how many GW riders? I don't think I'll ever get all of the use out of this thing that I wish I could. I also think I'd like it if it would be a lot easier to check/change the air filter! Some engineer had a brain fart when he did this.
  22. You know I've probably dropped 4 nuts putting my seat back on and I think Ive only found two. Where have you guys seen them go? I just ordered 6 more. I tried the nylon ones but like the length of the stock nuts. Makes it easier to install.
  23. Since Eck asked, I thought I would post my initial observations on my new Goldwing compared to the RSV. With the crappy weather we've had this week I've only been able to put about 180 miles on it. First, these bikes are different with good and bad attributes for each. The Wing is an easier bike to ride. With the greater engine torque starts are effortless and you don't have to shift as frequently. I rarely let the RSV get below 2500 RPMs and the Wing rarely gets over 2500. The Wing has incredible acceleration and I've been good during the break-in period. The Wing feels lighter, more nimble, and is easier to get off the side stand. Slow speed handling is better. The RSV has a better ride. It is smoother going over bridge transitions and road defects. The wing translates a lot of these bumps and vibrations through the handlebars. The RSV has better wind protection. I get significant head buffeting on the wing and that is a dissapointment. I've got to work on that. The brakes on the Wing are better. They are linked so you get some rear brake with the front and some front with the rear. The riding position is more relaxed on the RSV, of course we all knew that. I do prefer the floor boards and heel/toe shifter. For height challenged individuals like myself, the Wing sits a little lower and I can get my feet planted better for parking lot manuevers. The dash layout and instrumentation on the Wing is better and the audio controls are more intuitive. The Wing is quieter with less mechanical noise between your legs. I think the RSV is easier to work on. Everything is covered on the Wing. I'm sure I'll learn how to get under the covers. Probably this weekend when I install my GPS and a 12V outlet (which should have been standard on the bike). As I stated earlier, these bikes are different. I wish I could combine the features of both and create the perfect bike. The choice of one over the other is a series of compromises. On the Wing I compromised leg comfort. Your mileage may vary. Dennis
  24. Does anyone know if ANY of the premade lid covers for Harley's fit the RSTD bags? they look similar to our bag shape. Seems it would be easier than trying to get someone to make some. I'm getting things ready for spring and I would like a set of the covers. Thanks Reno
  25. Just wondering, Is it easy to put a link to the person's profile in the welcome posts ? It would be easier to find his/her profile Brad
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