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  1. My handlebars don't seem to be quite right. Seems like I have to reach a little farther than is really comfortable. I don't really notice it until a longer ride. It seems like the handlebars are *just* far enough away that I end up tensing up my arms, shoulders and neck. Once I realize I'm doing it, I can try to relax a little but usually by the time I've noticed I'm already in pain and it's too late. I ran across these for the RSV [ame=http://www.ebay.com/itm/200603911792?_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649&viewitem==&item=200603911792=&vxp=mtr#ht_500wt_1413]Yamaha Royal Star 1.5" Handlebar Risers Venture | eBay[/ame] and I'm wondering if they have something similar (or if these ones fit) for a RSTD. I don't think I need a whole lot, just need to move the handle bars about an inch closer to me. Thanks folks!
  2. Does anyone know where to get carb rebuild kits. I am having a hard time finding them. I called my local Yamaha dealers and they said it is to old. The only things on Ebay are full sets of used carbs. I an inn Grand Haven, Michigan.
  3. My 87VR always had carburation problems ever since I acquired her used at 40k miles. The last mechanic that worked on it before I gave up on other techs, and took over the full responsibility of being the only one to work on it told me that the intakes that were on the bike when i got it were the wrong intake manifolds. He said the ones on the bike were vmax manifolds that had a crossover port that the 87 xvz1300 did not have. He explained that the extra ports were sucking air that affected the air intake with the gas mixture to intake port causing the gas/air mixture feed to the spark plugs to be wrong. The end result was that the fuel burn was rich and the bike didn't idle properly and the fuel burn in the cylinder was not efficient causing poor ignition at the spark plug. It sounded reasonable to me so i gave him the OK to order the right intake manifolds. It ran a little better for a while but the same poor performance quickly returned. Then the bike died altogether. Note: The next few paragraphs are background describing my mental reference at the time If you not interested in my thought process and want to skip to the point scroll down to the paragraph heading "The Point". It was at that point that I started believing that i was the proud owner of a dinosaur too old for reliable professional service and abandoned by Yamaha since a lot of the parts i needed were no longer available. And the parts that were available were so cost prohibitive that I couldn't justify the expenditure needed to keep her alive. I was almost ready to part her out. In fact the Yamaha dealers wouldn't even talk to me about working on it since it was more than ten years old. Evidently Yamaha in their marketing strategy has decided to only stand behind their product for no longer than ten years. As much as that pisses me off I guess I can understand that they have to cater to the new money and twenty year old + bikes are past history, from their corporate point of view. But as a builder and contractor that has made my living built on my reputation of providing quality work and a man of character that stands behind his product, engineering, service and workmanship no matter how longs it been, I felt deserted and violated. So anyway I had a decision to make. Do I give up on her, Part her out and and commit her usable organs to Ebay. Or do I stand by the old girl and fight for her life even though she was on Life support and could possible already be dead. I started looking at new Goldwings, BMW 1200's, Victory Visions. The ride on the Goldwings somehow felt like a park bench, the BMW's had a nice ride but the saddle didn't fit my crouch, the vision took my breath the first time I saw it. As I was considering it as a option the reoccurring thought that popped into my mind was about if George Jetson rode a motorcycle it would be the Victory Vision. I was weighing out my options when I investigated ebay for the first time as marketing research to test the market for used 87 Venture Royal parts. My plan at that time was to generate the down payment on a new bike by parting out my 87VR. To my amazement I found out that ebay offered what Yamaha no longer did and what I needed could be won realitively cheaply on the internet ebay auction. The first Auction I won on ebay was a set of Carbs from Sean Hess (Hessforless ebay seller & member of VentureRiders.org) which I was sure was the root of my bike problems. During that transaction I talked to Sean on the phone and he told me about Venturerider.org God Bless you Sean. Well I BELIEVE THAT LIFE IS ABOUT TRIAL AND ERROR. Thomas Eidison was once asked about his failures in testing 300 and something different materials to use as the filament for the light bulb before he discovered that carbon tungsten worked. His response was, "None of those test were failures, in fact I succeed in all of those test by discovering what did not work". Dragonslayer philosopy: Failures are learning experiences you can profit by. Am I rambling? The carbs didn't fix the problem so I timidly entered a tech thread that seemed to be related to the problems that I was experiencing and asked for help as a newby to VR.org. GeorgeS (my VR.org hero) responded offering his assistance. Typical of what I have since discovered is the nature of this club and it's members he selflessly committed his considerable time addressing and walking me through troubleshooting and fixing my bike. God Bless you GeorgeS, God Bless you VR.org each of you one and all. With his help and others we breathed new life into her. With all of that said I'll get to the point. She ran better than she ever did. Well enough for me to feel good enough about her to break her down for a new paint job and going over which I completed just in time to make the Clay18 Bike presentation. Which was the first time I had met any of ya'll in person. Muffinman stepped up at that event to offer to sync my carbs in the parking lot. An offer I deeply appreciated and humbly accepted. Even though I felt that I had managed to get the sync fairly close judging by her improved performance. I was floored to discover from muffinmans carb sync that the intakes were still sucking outside air and as Muffinman explained it, meant that the current efficiency was equivalent of operating on 2 1/2 carbs instead of four. Evidently I still had some work to do. I limped thru last summer diagnosing low compression problems on one cylinder, chasing Ohm demons through the electrical and electronic systems then finally starter clutch failure on top of the never resolved carb problems. So I committed to another ground up going over including a new to me, used 9000mile 1990 model engine. During that process i won a ebay auction for a November 1986 issue of Cycle Magazine which evaluated the 1987xvz1300 Venture Royal with technical changes from 1986 to 1987. The Point One of the technical points the article mentioned was larger carb bores from the 34 mm mikunis to 35 mm mikunis in 1987. And I quote, "These measurements come from the carb's mouths- at the venturis, the jump is even bigger: 30.3mm in 85, 31.6mm in 86. To even out the mixture, both pilot and main jets grow larger this year yet fuel consumption remains remarkably close to the numbers from our last test unit." When I first read that information it didn't mean anything to me. During the history of my ownership and the foregoing background dialog I have ended up with three different sets of intake manifolds. All of which look exactly the same visually. But on the work bench they got mixed up. Then as I was preping carbs to mount on new motor I noticed that some seemed to fit tighter on carb mouths than others.:lightbulb:I Got out the ruler and guess what? There is a measurable difference in the opening (Where carb throat inserts in intake boot.) size between the three different sets of Intake manifolds/boots. is it possible that my problem all along was that the intake manifolds were not the same year as the carbs therefore the clamps did not fully constrict the boots around the carb throats and therefore not completely sealing or preventing air being sucked through that incomplete seal. I have no clue what year carbs I bought off ebay nor do I know what year each set of intake boots are. I figure that I will us the tightest fitting set to mount to this new (to me)1990 motor. Then the next question occurred to me that I would welcome some input on... I wonder how many internal carb changes might have occurred between whatever year carbs I have and the 1990 motor I'm getting ready to mount them to and to what degree will those changes adversely effect the performance of the 1990 motor potential performance. These carbs just got brand new diaphragms and fuel enrichment/air cut off diaphragms if I'm gonna need to change jets to match 1990 engine I rather do it now while they're on the bench instead of putting it all back together and having to do it later.
  4. Hello all, In trying to help with bleeding of the linked brakes I bought a brake line with the bleeder from an '89 Venture Royale on ebay. It didn't come with a mounting bracket for the bleeder, and I can't figure out from the parts house diagrams what I need to mount it. Can someone take a picture or point it out to me on a parts diagram? I figure I may be able to find one in a parts or bolts lot that are listed on ebay. This is the line I have, bracket would be for the top end of the line. Thanks, Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good ride! Richard
  5. I just bought this from ebay. Is anyone familiar with it? I think it is from progressive suspension, but doesn't look like anything on their site. [ame=http://www.ebay.com/itm/330850145158?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_sacat%3D0%26_from%3DR40%26_nkw%3D330850145158%26_rdc%3D1]1987 Yamaha XVZ13 XVZ 13 Venture Rear Shock Absorber and Linkage | eBay[/ame]
  6. To start off. What size is the bar on a stock 85 Venture? The grips need changing. I have the stock style rubber ons on right now but was thinking of going to foam. I always ride with gloves. Insight? What works best, and bang for the buck? I was looking at highway pegs on ebay. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Heavy-Duty-Universal-Yamaha-Chrome-Gold-Inlay-Highway-Pegs-Footpegs-1-1-1-4-/271114329183?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f1fac5c5f&vxp=mtr They look really cool. Anyone have experience good or bad? Of course the price is right. Thanks Brad
  7. I got a neat clutch tool from ebay today. It locks inner and outer clutch hub/basket together when working on motor. Nice heavy tool made by EBC. Ebay sellers name is worldwide_motorcycle_equipment. Current auction at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&vxp=mtr&item=310498062254 Few pictures attached. I destroyed a crankshaft last winter when removing flywheel, wouldn't have happened if I had this. About $32 with shipping. I got it in 4 days priority mail. Gary
  8. I saw this on ebay....just exactly what is it and do we have a copy on the site? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/USED-86-Yamaha-Venture-Royale-XVZ13DS-XVZ-13-DS-XVZ13DSC-Assembly-Manual-/270944733172?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f159087f4&vxp=mtr&_uhb=1#ht_859wt_1178
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-1300-Royal-Star-Venture-Billet-Carb-Covers-Chrome-ballmill-Tourer-Deluxe-/230880016494?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item35c185786e&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/Yamaha-1300-Royal-Star-Venture-Billet-Carb-Covers-black-ballmilled-Tourer-Deluxe-/230880006934?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item35c1855316&vxp=mtr
  10. Bought some items from Ebay seller "dewsweeper64" . Just wondering if it was someone here. Items came from Bloomington, Indiana.
  11. I sell some of the wrenches a have made on Ebay, and some are international shipments. Ebay ID is Dingy101. I had a Neutral feedback left by a buyer in Great Britian, comment left was "Not all postage paid customs charge". I shipped package at Post Office counter, so I am somewhat sure it had correct postage, it was same as evry Int. shipment except Canada, which is a little cheaper. That then leaves customs fees, I have no way of knowing what a foreign country is going to charge, never paid this. The buyer that left feedback has 261 - 100% feedback, so he is somewhat experienced. Anyone experienced buyers complaint about international shipment custom fees. Buyer irritated me, if you haven't noticed. Just sent him a tersely worded thank you note. Gary
  12. looking to buy a ventrac 4200 diesel. slope mower .... will give $800 better than wholesale and accept as is... getting tired of the STEALERS..... Did ya know........... they take all the options off of your trade-in mowers and resell at 75% of the origional cost???????????????? WTF! So....... do yourself a big favor and take the options off, and sell on ebay. was looking at one and the dealer let it slip that he took the dualies off and it was ging to cost me an additional $2500. I'll never buy anything off of that a$$&()*)!
  13. Anyone know how to get Ebay auctions history for the past 2 years of entire Venture m/c?
  14. I sure hope that the eBay buyer protection plan works. I bought these [ame=http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=221078918507]2 pcs high mount 2 wire RED LED strip 3rd brake light with 28 leds inside each | eBay[/ame] Got it in the mail and thee is only one in the package, Seller claims the auction is for 1 bar but he has 2 available. I read it as the auction is for 2 bars and that is all he has. The seller is also trying to hang his hat on it being advertised "as is no returns". Please take a look at the ad, am I reading it wrong or the seller? I did pay with a CC thru PP and it has eBay buyer protection so I should be covered from something. I do not think the seller really wants a bad feedback over such a small amount.
  15. I wanted to share this with everybody here since I was SO impressed with this Ebay Seller. I just bought 2 Belstaff Zodiac summer jackets on Ebay for $49.99 each & they even REDUCED the shipping. (I paid $15 to have both shipped) The jackets I bought are made of Cordura with Hiena wear panels. It has reflective panels, vents velcro & zipper closure It also has a Thermalite liner. It's also waterproof and comes with ELBOW/SHOULDER/BACK ARMOR. Incredibly light & comfortable. They seem to run small so if you get one buy a size larger than your usual. The woman there Doris, was unbelievebly helpful on the phone. Here's a listing of their stuff, I highly recommend them. http://www.ebay.com/sch/roseburg.c.c/m.html?hash=item563fbb12f9&item=370436412153&pt=Apparel_Merchandise&rt=nc&_trksid=p4340.l2562
  16. Here is my latest RSV completed project... (MTCVoyager off eBay) http://photos3.meetupstatic.com/photos/member/5/2/e/6/highres_32721222.jpeg JohnB
  17. I have a 96 royal star. The front rotors are pitted. I was wondering what years and models would work for used replacements off ebay. Thanks Dave
  18. Could someone tell me how far back in years will they fit the 08 RSTD? Looking at a remanufactured one on Ebay from a 97.
  19. I found these forks on ebay last week and missed the end of the auction. I asked the seller if they were truly in good shape and if he would sell them for his minimum bid plus shipping. He said yes so I took a chance, $100 shipped. They showed up today and look great. Nice to know not all ebay sellers are selling crap. Since buying my basket case this spring i've received a lot of junk off ebay. I hope I can find the rest of the stuff I need for this conversion in as nice of shape as these forks. Now I just need the rotors and the calipers and the progressive springs and some anti-dive block offs and a fork brace and new brake lines and...and...um...nevermind...Now i'm bummed out...i'm gonna go get ready for work...talk to you guys later.
  20. Someone here on the site was I think looking for these ITEM on E-Bay 300738041812 Copy and paste in ebay search. :080402gudl_prv: Joe
  21. I have a question that may sound dumb buy here goes anyways. Will a 2nd Gen final drive fit on a 1st Gen? Mine is making some serious noises when maintaining speed but not while accelerating or decelerating. I was looking at some on ebay and just wondered what my options were if I need to replace it. Thanks
  22. Just spent over $250 for my light bar and lights and saw this on ebay today, doesn't include the lights but those are cheap......somebody is going to get a deal! http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Passing-lamp-bar-with-hardware-only-/160832227079?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3ARoyal+Star|Submodel%3AVenture&hash=item2572590707&vxp=mtr
  23. As both a procrastinator and one who's latest promotion has consumed a ton of my free time, I admit that I have had almost all of these parts sitting on the shelf for a full year. What a colossal mistake on my part. The last bit I was holding out on was a 14mm master cylinder. I found what I wanted on eBay last week -- had to strip and refinish, but that took less time than I expected. Skydoc_17 had provided the SS lines (I asked him to special order black so it would look more like stock and it does) and VMax splitter; all of which were still in the sealed USPS box that he mailed them to me in. I cleaned and painted my eBay sourced R1 calipers solid black to get rid of the blue anodized stars. Installation was straightforward and uneventful. Since I already had the bike torn down for the valve adjustment (another big thank you to skydoc_17) it was a couple days before I could get it on the street. My initial impression was, lets say much below satisfactory. I was actually pissed within the first 2 stops at how much time I had put into the project. To be fair, I had gone cheap and reused whatever pads (still had good meat, no idea what brand) were loaded in the calipers. Fortunately, my local shop had a pair of the EBC HH pads on the shelf. Second impression was light years ahead. I couldn't have asked for a better result. The albino water buffalo now bleeds off speed equivalent or better than any other big touring bike I have ever owned or ridden. If you are on the fence, let me shove you over to the other side. Even if you stick with the stock 5/8" master cylinder, its a step in the right direction. Iz
  24. just saw them on there, looks like they have 3 for sale. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MENS-YAMAHA-STAR-MOTORCYCLE-VEST-/140671131055?_trksid=m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D3%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D9083682475525833443&_qi=RTM1084481
  25. I'm looking at purchasing the exhaust adapter for HD pipes. I was trying to search through ebay....under the store name "Hills" and found thousands listings....2 of which were the adapters. 1 has the plates and SS couplers. The other just the adapters and instructions etc. Problem is, they were both different sellers and not sure if either were Hills? I'd like to buy from site members if at all possible. I PM'd Hills a couple days ago but haven't heard anything back. The first was from ebay ID r-rebel2.....and can't recall the 2nd one. Thanks guys
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