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  1. I just put a Roadliner/Stratoliner 18" front wheel on my Venture. It looks awesome, and the low profile radial tire handles like a dream- rock solid and glued to the road. Handling response is much quicker. The rotors are also an upgrade, because they are full floaters. It is a perfect match, same size rotors and axle, bolted right up, din't have to change anything. I got the wheel tire and rotors off of ebay for $240 plus $50 shipping.
  2. I've contemplated installing the EBC HH pads on my laden '90, but have reservations due to the reported high rotor wear. Rotors for my bike are very expensive if one can even find them. Any First Gen owners with long term HH pad installations out there? What is the accumulated mileage with the HH? Notice any significant rotor wear? What kind of riding have you subjected the bike while wearing the HH pads? One probably shouldn't attempt to put a price on safety (good braking), but if after spending $100 for just the pads and then perhaps several hundred more for rotors (or worse, having no ride-able motorcycle because one can't get any replacement rotors) after a couple seasons of back roads, two-up, trailer towing touring, well that is unacceptably expensive.
  3. Hi everyone! My major maintenence project on my 86' is coming along and today I got my R1 calipers. So now my question is which pads? I like the cleanliness of the cermics but is this going to halve the life of my $200+ new rear rotor? In the past I would by pads all willy nilly but since I'm starting with mostly new stuff (R1 calipers, delinked brakes, new rotors, SS lines and E3's) I would like to monitor the wear better and overall just start with the best. We don't ride fast but pull a very heavy trailer. Thanks everyone!
  4. I have a 96 royal star. The front rotors are pitted. I was wondering what years and models would work for used replacements off ebay. Thanks Dave
  5. Hi all! I'm about to get some R1 calipers and am trying to find some front rotors. Has anyone used the EBC md2096's? Also, someone had mention early vmax rotors will work. Will they work with the r1 calipers? They seem really thick too. 7.5 mmish? Several cheap sets of those floating around. Thanks everyone!
  6. I have a question regarding the 1st Gen front brake. My Venture stops fine using bothe the front brake & the linked rear/front pedal but if I try to stop my Venture with JUST the front brake it struggles . I'm not saying stopping from 60 mph but say a 25 mph stop. is this normal? The reason I ask is my CB750 has only 1 front rotor & when I hit that front brake I can easily stop...even if I had no rear brake. My Venture's front pads look ok, as do the rotors. So is this just because of the weight of the Gen 1 that it needs both rotors or do I need new/better pads?
  7. Hi everyone, I read somewhere on here about a guy using FJR rotors up front on his MKII. I have an 86' and all the rotors are shot. Specifically, which year FJR rotors fir? Has anyone bought the rear from perfectbrakes.com? In the process of delinking, overhauling the whole brake system. Trying to sift through all these different years of compatability. Thanks!
  8. I need a rear brake rotor for my 86. Any suggestions on what to get. Thanks.
  9. I don't know if that has been asked before, but, for a VR90 are the front brake rotors swappable? I mean keeping the correct cooling air flow? From pictures I've seen on the net they look to be, but anyone has hands on experience with that? I know there are different part numbers for the two rotors... Also, what is the minimum acceptable thickness of the rotor? My right rotor is about 6.1mm and the left is about 6.5mm. I just found at a seller a used LEFT rotor that is about 7.0mm and I wonder if it can be a replacement for my RIGHT rotor. Regards, Corneliu
  10. hi everyone bikes at dealership for hopefully a good riding season valve adjus. tuneup etc. got a call that rotors were warped and unsafe....400.00 for the two..rode it there and and i dont know what to think.......any input would be greatly appreciated........enjoy the site and after last year really looking forward to this riding season..its a 2000 m.m....thanks for any input
  11. Hope to get some feedback from anyone who is rideing with the ebay 5mm thick from china, do they work as good as stock, is there anything we should know about them. thanks.
  12. Recently I replaced both front rotors with EBC drilled ones, along with new brake pads. I noticed when I tighten the axle nut to the specified 72 ft/lbs. of torque, the wheel does not spin freely. I follow the order of tightening the different areas that the manual recommends. When I put the nut on hand tight, it does spin somewhat freely, but still binds, just less than when I tighten it down. I do have an upgraded fork brace installed. Braking all around is much improved over the stock rotors, however I am just concerned that the binding btwn the rotors and pads will do some damage. Anyone have experience with this issue??
  13. My 83 rotors are too large in diameter for the r6 upgrade. (Found 89 forks and r6 calipers) Any recommendations on rotors that fit the 83 wheel but have small enough diameter. Current rotors are 297x8.
  14. Will RSV front rotors bolt up to a 1st gen. front wheel ?? I need a set of 298 dia. rotors for the front wheel. Gary
  15. Anybody have experience with EBC brake rotors for the Royal Star ? Pros and Cons ? pete
  16. Has anybody tried to polish the RSV front rotors ,after removing the chrome covers, for a different look . Maybe sand ,polish, and clearcoat 'em. Or will they just rust? David
  17. Good Day: I have an '07 Venture and was searching for the thickness specs of the brake rotors. (I found the specs for the 96-'01 Royal Stars, but not specific to the Venture.) I plan on replacing my front tire this weekend, and if I had to replace the rotors, I would do so at the same time. I have 19,700 miles on the bike. I already replaced the rear tire and brake pads around 14,000 miles. Thanks!
  18. 1988 Venture Royale. Two questions: 1. The 1200 Mk I (83, 84, 85) Venture rotors. Will these fit my 1988 VR Mk II? I suspect not, but please let me know for sure. 2. Are the left and the right rotors on the Mk II (86-93) VR interchangeable? Thanks in advance. Nick Diaz Middletown, MD
  19. ok i have a 2005 pontiac grandprix i had new tires installed about 3 weeks ago. now my front end shakes while braking? are the darn rotors warped? it goes shaky shaky and the whole steerring shakes.? while brakeing? im not sure if these new type rotors can be turned down like i use to back in the 70,s and 80,s. also could the shop have done this by useing a impact wrench? seems like you should just snug them and tork them like the old days and do it in a pattern? i know im old school shade tree mecahnic from the old days when a cresent wrench screwdriver ductape and a few choice #### words could keep it running but these new cars are way beyond my old school knowledge.
  20. Replaced front brake pads on my 97 RSTD about a month ago and now my right rotor has enough warp to cause bad brake pulsing. Torqued according to specs .Kinda strange.. Can anyone give me a good place to shop for rotors? If anyone has one for sale here I would consider buying it from ya. Thanks Steve
  21. Can someone tell me how hard it is to replace the rear rotors on a 93 VR? I do have the repair manual. Also, where can I get replacement rotors other than from Yamaha? Can you trust used ones on ebay?
  22. Where is the best place to purchase rear and front rotors for a 1989 Venture Royale?
  23. I just replaced my brakes (F&R) with EBC Sintered HH pads. I cleaned both front rotors with brake cleaner and install the pads. After 200 miles, the brakes didn't seem to "grab" enough...brake lever is solid (didn;t monkey with the brake fluid). Took them off, cleaned the rotors and brake pads with brake cleaner...get much better braking capacity, but now I get almost a metal-on-metal sound when I apply the front brakes. Any ideas or thoughts? I've seen folks here have sanded thier rotors and scuffed up their pads with sandpaper. That scraping sound is getting annoying...
  24. Like others, my rear brakes are toast after less than 1.5K miles. Hannigan was real good about this and express shipped me new rotors and pads overnight free of charge, but I'm still not overall happy with the Brembo pads, they are too coarse and chew the rotors up. Soooo, what I found out is they are pads for the rear of a Ducati. I believe KTM's use the same. Herre are a few cross references for you. EBC FA266 and FA266HH, and Dunlop DP601. I'm sure there are more but that's a little more groundwork. The reason for the puny Brembo calipers lies in the rear master cylinder. It is only a 1/2" bore and can not deliver enough volume of fluid to the stock Honda calipers. So, one of my many winter projectrs will be to try to morph a 3/4" master on to the RSV, and I hate to say this, but it will most likely be from a Harley unless I can find something from a metric bike...
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