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  1. Every now and then someone asks what size a particular bolt is. Just thought it would be helpful to post this from another site. FYI, you can get the part# from most Yamaha dealer websites or here. "How to get sizes of bolts from the part numbers... The Yamaha microfiche shows the bolt size, you just have to know how to read it. Here is how it works... The part number is broken down into 3 parts 99999-06012-00 is an example. The second part, which is 06012 tells you the size. That bolt is 6mm in diameter and 12mm in length. If the second part was 08024 the bolt would be 8mm in diameter
  2. Files Updated on 10/28/2009>> All Audio circuits now on main page, so that all schematics are now just one page. Other minor corrections done to all schematics. Text realigned for easier reading Some Line types changed for easier reading. Gary I have completed the 1st Generation schematics. My goal in doing this is to make them easier to read and reduce the number of pages needed to display the information. I have used color and line types to make the wiring easier to follow. In some cases I could not use the exact color that is
  3. Like some of you might now I was looking into buying some Second Gen carbs that were listed on eBay by Pinwall Cycles. Well I got them for 304 US$ with shipping in USA and am one happy guy. They are already on their way to Earl Harell (skydoc_1). Then Earl sent me a mail Saturday morning and told me he had found some V-Max cams for my bike and was on his way over to Harrisburg to have a look at them. These cams are from a 1989 Vmax and only have 80 miles on them!!! Thats right, only 80 miles! The guy who had them rebuilt the motor, ran it 80 miles, sold the block and heads and had the cams l
  4. Hello all, I am trying to locate the schematics and wiring diagrams for the radio and the CB on my 99 RSV but I am ending nowhere. The sticker on the radio says: ------------------------------ YAMAHA Model ER-1129V 4XY-88132-00 Clarion P\N 286-9182-00 ------------------------------- CB: I didn't remove the trunk to see if there a label on the CB unit but I am sure there is one , is there someone who has the info?????? ( Yamaha model, Clarion model, P\N's etc.. ) Your help in locating the wiring diagrams will be greatly appreciated, I am having a CB transmit p
  5. ... of his local Yamaha PRO dealership, and states he is here because the engine on his RSTD blew up. The service manager smiles and says, "you are kidding, right?" The man assures him that he is not. Maybe it wasn't an explosion, but there was a cloud of oil and his engine lost power. It was exciting to get to the shoulder from the left lane, dodging between cars in the right. So then the man tells the manager that he and a buddy had seen the hole in a mirror, and it is in the front of the engine, near the seam of the lower and upper case. The service manager is filled with wonder
  6. Thinking about buying the Yamaha tank Bib Leather Tank Bra STR-4XY49-10-01 Its the dual pocket studded version Big bucks from Yamaha Any recommendations on where I could get the best on line price? Appreciate any other ideas or recommendations as well!!
  7. Guest

    New Yamaha Bagger

    Did you click on this new thread thinking it was a new offering from Yamaha? Well...not exactly...but it IS cool looking. Click on the link to see just how good a bagger can look. http://www.corbin.com/yamaha/ylnrbag.shtml Saw this in a recent Bagger magazine.
  8. It was probably about a year ago that I picked up a used trunk spoiler. I think I'm going to finally install it and have a question for any of you that have added the Yamaha spoiler to your trunks. It came with rubber washers and flat washers. Does the rubber washer go on top of the trunk or do both go inside?
  9. Hello from SE PA. I ride with a number of other RSTD and Venture Owners and we've been talking a lot about "the whine" on the RS models. My '06 RSTD whines. Dealers have different responses, replacing the clutch, changing fluids, telling people there is nothing they can do about it and there have also been a wide range of experiences dealing with Yamaha. It's obviously a wide spread, well known issue on the RS models. It's not advertised - most people find out only after they purchase one and are frustrated that they have almost no options. These are touring machines that can be so l
  10. everyone is buying aftermarket fairings. My question is why cant or wouldn't you buy a fairing from Yamaha for a venture, and mount it on a rstd. would this work?
  11. Please add to this list if you think of something that I have missed. Chirp. There has been a lot of discussion on the "chirping" sound on the second gen Venture and Royal Stars. There is often some confusion about this sound. These bikes use straight cut gears which create a whine that is best described as the sound made by an old granny gear truck when you are letting it coast. That is a normal sound that is characteristic of the straight cut gears. The sound that is NOT normal is a high pitched chirping sound. This is a result of improper clutch basket clearances. Yamaha has repla
  12. I know this is not a vid of a motorcycle, but it sure is cool! Maybe this will be the Next Gen. from Yamaha in a three wheeler, Yea, Right! [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR] [TD]The AeroMobil 3.0 Flying Car Has Arrived [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Enjoy, Earl
  13. I went to Costco, and was looking at big screen tvs- thought I could buy one with the insurance money I got from the Yamaha. Then I thought, I could die of an embolism in front of that thing watching other people have fun, so against the advice of (some) family and friends, I have resolved to use that money to rebuild the Yamaha RSV from the frame up! The new (to me) frame arrived today. I am stripping the old frame of everything not broken, and buying used to replace what was to keep the costs down. Hopefully I will heal before the bike does My question is- in the wreck, the left rear mount
  14. Guest

    Air Deflectors

    I just bought a new RSV. I am looking for a solution to reducing the air flow off my upper legs. Is there a vent / deflector out there to cut some of the air? In the summer, not a problem. In the winter, I can see this will be a cold spot on my legs. I checked the Yamaha catalog and they have a set that mount on the outside of the lower fairing. This is great for the lower legs. Thanks.
  15. While getting ready to go for a ride today I noticed that one of the braces that support the trunk bracket was broken at the weld. Has anyone had this happen to them? I have pulled everything and have the trunk bracket pulled and ready to go to the Yamaha shop tomorrow as they are closed today. I have attached a picture. This is a 2007 RSV
  16. Yamaha Royal Star Venture - Models 2001 vs. 2007 (I have my 2007 RSV listed here in the classified - but maybe some people might find this little blurb of mine interesting?) One year ago I never thought that I could afford to ever own Yamaha Royal Star Venture. Today I own and ride 2 of them! PTL! A short note here to let the reader know the differences that I have experienced riding each. Handling 07 - Better in maneuvering from pushing it around in the garage or a parking lot to the open road. Both have 40 lbs air in both tires. 01 has Dunlop, 07 has Bridgestone tubeless tires. Bu
  17. I have the Yamaha passing lamps on my 07 RSMV. I have also upgraded to the HID headlight. The HID is so bright, you can't even see the passing lights or they just barely appear kinda yellowish. I want to change them out for something that puts out more light and will hopefully be able to use the current Yamaha light bar. Any ideas?
  18. I just took delivery on an '09 RSTD. It will fit in the garage with Yamaha GTS - you're a real Yamaha fan if you are familiar with a '93 - '94 GTS. Having been the owner of a V-MAX, I've always been a fan of the V-4, and I love the style of the Tour Deluxe and Venture and can't wait to get some serious seat time. I've already picked up some useful info from you all, so thanks for the site!
  19. www.cruisercustomizing.com/detail.cfm?Category_ID=2&manufacturer_ID=935&product_ID=77431&mc=ESS-CC-NP111006&utm_source=JangoSMTP&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=ESS-CC-NP111006:lightbulb:Hal
  20. Need a Right side lower cowling for 2000 RSV MM. Looked on Pinwall Cycle Parts with out any luck. Couple of web sites show they can get the part, but being a 12 year old bike I'm concerned that Yamaha would even have any of these left. Does anyone have any sugestions where I might look, or someone, on the outside chance, have one laying around they don't need?
  21. Well I jumped off a ledge and bought these for the VENTURE. I wanted to post what I bought so if any other member is looking for the same thing it makes it easy. I want to thank everyone here with there help and assistance in making up my mind. I spent quit abit of time talking to there staff and figure this is the right way to go. Thanks again Custom Dynamics Yamaha Cruiser LED Turn Signal Conversion Kit GEN200-Y-KIT LEDs: Amber Front, Amber Rear Bases: 1157 front, 1156 rear Equalizer: GEN-UNV-STABILIZER & GEN-MDK (Add $45.00) Genesis 100 LED Yamaha Tail Light Board GEN-100
  22. Just a thought- Has anyone considered creating a letter to Yamaha from this group as a whole, signed by any of our members that want to, that would express our collective admiration about our ventures as well as our frustrations with recurring issues (i.e. the whine), the lack of updates and give our suggestions regarding new models? The idealistic part of me would like to think that if we were able to send this (ultimately as a hard copy as well as electronically) to one of the upper Yamaha corporate officers that it may at least peak their interest. Even though the cynic in me says "what's
  23. Yesterday I tackled the project of a coolant leak on my '86. The hose that went from the thermostat to the radiator was deteriorated and seeped fluid. The part number for that hose called "Hose 3" is 26H-12578-00-00. It has been discontinued by Yamaha, boats.net said they had it for $24.26 plus S&H. I bit the bullet and ordered it from them:mo money:, it did not ship and i heard nothing from them so I called and they said they don't have it and can not get it . So I went into AutoZone and gave the old hose to the lady at the counter and sure enough they had an almost EXACT one in stock! I
  24. Yesterday I tackled the project of a coolant leak on my '86. The hose that went from the thermostat to the radiator was deteriorated and seeped fluid. The part number for that hose called "Hose 3" is 26H-12578-00-00. It has been discontinued by Yamaha, boats.net said they had it for $24.26 plus S&H. I bit the bullet and ordered it from them:mo money:, it did not ship and i heard nothing from them so I called and they said they don't have it and can not get it . So I went into AutoZone and gave the old hose to the lady at the counter and sure enough they had an almost EXACT one in stock! I
  25. Does anybody have a set of Ball milled ones they would like to sell or no of anyone that does. Have called and emailed at least 40 yamaha dealers. How about our friends to the north? Anybody in Canada.
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