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  1. When removing the fuel tank from the MC I disconnected the fuel hose from the fuel valve and the brass tube that the hose connects to came out of the fuel valve and remained in the fuel hose. Can I just reinsert the brass tube in the fuel valve, or will that cause the valve to leak gas?
  2. Ok so being that my New2Me 91 VR has only 6700 miles, I decided to drain the gas tank. Being that I had a heck of time doing that with my 89VR at the fuel filter, I decided it would be easier to do it at the Fuel Off/On switch on my 91VR. So I removed the hose clamp and then broke some of the seal from the rubber to the brass fitting, the hose would not come off. So I pried and pried at the hose until it finally came out. Well what came out was the brass fitting from the fuel Off/No switch. With some more digging the brass fitting finally broke loose from the hose. Well on the brass fitting there were some hose particles. Which means that I will need to clip off the end of the hose where the pieces of hose came off. I took some steel wool and got the rubber off the brass fitting. I drained the tank by using a 2 ft long fuel line and put it over the one end of the brass fitting and then gently placed the other end back into the fuel Off/On switch. Then drained the gas into the can. So now I need to get the brass fitting back into the Fuel Off/On switch. Now all the while draining the tank I only pushed and held the brass fitting into the Fuel switch and not a single drop of fuel leaked from the brass fitting. The brass fitting only went in a little bit and has more room to go into the fuel switch. My though is that I should be able to use some permatex gasket sealer (used on fuel sending units) and then press it all the way back into the fuel Off/On switch. So my question is, does my fix seem workable, or is there a better fix?
  3. Gents, I broke a plastic part while removing my carb rack and it is not listed on the parts sites. The part is an elbow that connects a small rubber hose to the bottom of the carb. The hose is listed as call-out #47. The elbow is pictured without a call-out number. I don't know if this part can be removed! Any help will be appreciated . . .
  4. While removing my tank.. The gas hose to the petcock was very stubborn - stuck on the nipple good.. After much work I finally got it to start twisting so I could try to slide it off the nipple.. Well it was the actual brass nipple that was turning and came right out of the petcock! Can this be shoved back in and it won't leak or do I now need a new petcock? Anyone have this problem before? I finally managed to get it out of the end of the hose.. not sure if tapping it back in the petcock.. maybe a little JB Weld would work? Thanks
  5. Saturdays forecast.....56 degrees and sunny....gonna go for a ride ....Road salt ? thats why they invented a hose to rinse it down with.....YA HOOO !!!!!!!! " I LOVE GLOBAL WARMING"
  6. Yesterday I tackled the project of a coolant leak on my '86. The hose that went from the thermostat to the radiator was deteriorated and seeped fluid. The part number for that hose called "Hose 3" is 26H-12578-00-00. It has been discontinued by Yamaha, boats.net said they had it for $24.26 plus S&H. I bit the bullet and ordered it from them:mo money:, it did not ship and i heard nothing from them so I called and they said they don't have it and can not get it . So I went into AutoZone and gave the old hose to the lady at the counter and sure enough they had an almost EXACT one in stock! I had to trim less than an inch off each end and it fit perfect! The AutoZone part number is A71651 at a cost of $4.99 Long story short.....Yamaha part #26H-12578-00-00 = AutoZone part #A71651 (need to trim just a little off each end)
  7. Yesterday I tackled the project of a coolant leak on my '86. The hose that went from the thermostat to the radiator was deteriorated and seeped fluid. The part number for that hose called "Hose 3" is 26H-12578-00-00. It has been discontinued by Yamaha, boats.net said they had it for $24.26 plus S&H. I bit the bullet and ordered it from them:mo money:, it did not ship and i heard nothing from them so I called and they said they don't have it and can not get it . So I went into AutoZone and gave the old hose to the lady at the counter and sure enough they had an almost EXACT one in stock! I had to trim less than an inch off each end and it fit perfect! The AutoZone part number is A71651 at a cost of $4.99 Long story short.....Yamaha part #26H-12578-00-00 = AutoZone part #A71651 (need to trim just a little off each end)
  8. OK, how screwed am I? (hold that thought) I was taking the tank off to run wire for the HID headlight last night. I did the normal thing of attempting to break the seal from the brass tube and the carburetor hose like I've done so many times before. As I was putting things back together (in the daylight) today, I realized the brass tube is sticking in the end of the hose. SOOOO. 1) Is the brass tube just pressed into the petcock or brazed somehow? 2) anyone know of a fix to keep this from happening again in the future? 3) Any Ideas? Signed Two steps forward and one step back!
  9. So... a week ago I went to ride the 89 and by the time I had rolled backwards out of the garage and was ready to leave... bummer.. no clutch. Then saw the puddle by where the kickstand was. Ordered the parts for the clutch slave cylinder. Rebuild it Friday night. Saturday morning... fluid puddle. Guess it is the short hose from the long tubing to the clutch slave cylinder. The problem... i can not locate the part number, or find it on Boats.net/(aka) Powersports. Their microfiche show it a a ghost part under clutch, but I can't find the part to order. I looked in my manual (copy attached) and found the part, but again no description. Any help out there on where to order this hose ? Also, would a hose off of an 84 MKI be the same one as a 89 MKII ?
  10. The vacuum hose at the actuator has a crack in it allowing it to leak and drop the cruise off. Is there a way to get to the hose and cut it off or replace it without removing the fairing? I was able to get one finger on the hose and feel the crack but couldn't see how to get to it.
  11. I read the instructions for my steibel horn, it has a plastic L that pushes in from underneath and suggests some hose to a protected place. http://www.bikerhiway.com/images/stebel/mountingbolt.jpg My question is, without getting too personal, has anyone who mounted one of these run a hose and if so where is your "protected place" ??
  12. hey all ok leaking clutch fluid from what i can see looks like it coming from hose seal where it attaches to slave valve or valve it self. dont want to take off gear cover yet cause im not sure if there is a gasket on that and i dont have one to put back on if i go to get parts . guess what im getting to is is it a big deal to pop that cover just to see whats going on or just get all parts first then do job. and who has least expensive hose and push valve . ill most likely just change everything any while im in there.
  13. My bike has been running like crap for a while now and i finally had time yesterday to have a look at things and clean it up a bit. I found a hose connector broken and both ends of the hose open and one end has a good vacuum on it, when its plugged the bike runs way better, so for now until I can get the connector replaced is it ok to just plug the hose ends? Just what is that hose for? Any ideas? Thanks for your help, Brian
  14. /Users/talonsx2/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2012/05/22/20120522-205256/IMG_1654.JPG ARGH So I wanted to post a pic but I don't think that worked...Anywho I have put the bike completely back together (2nd gear) and even synched the carbs. The day I synced the carbs it ran great (2 weeks ago). Took it out today and it isn't the same as before...It just isn't running right today? (cant assume full power?) I will try a re-synch tomorrow but I have a question for you. There is a tube that connects to the bottom of the air box and goes down to the breather but this tube connects to a T joint before it hits the breather, and another hose comes out and connects to something? Does anyone know what that something is? (FYI, its not the coolant hose coming out of the breather). Thanks in advance for deciphering this more than confusing post.. Keep the rubber on the road.
  15. I recently purchased my first Venture, a 1986 VR, and just hours after getting her home I couldn't help but take off a few parts to start cleaning. The bike had sat for a couple of years, only running occasionally, so the dust build up was pretty bad. During the inspection I found that the air box was broken so I'm working of finding a replacement. While I was cleaning and shining today I noticed two small drops of anti freeze under the bike and found a wet spot on the hose between the rad and the thermo housing. Looked like it was on the radiator side at the hose so I started browsing for a new one (Yamaha part # 26H-12578-00-00). All the sites I found stated that part is no longer available. So my question... Is there a substitute for the hose? I scoured VR.org before posting but couldn't find the solution. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  16. Question for you guys, I git a hose leaking on me and wondering where I should be looking to find, is this an ebayer or custom shop type fix or head to the cycle yard and see what I can find . Thanks bags 84 VR 120k brought back from the dead.
  17. need a little help on finding where this hose goes. i thought it would be simple do to the fact the hose is short i would just hold it in everywhere the hose would fit and find it, not so. i hope its not just a vent hose. i looked in the manual but after my eyes started crossing i thought I'd go to the pros, thanks. hope the pic is good enough. o, my bad, its the hose just above the oil sight glass. its hooked to a nipple coming out of the bottom of the casing.
  18. Watched a brake job today. The instructor used an old Gatorade bottle and 3/16th hose as the vacuum for the job. Really worked well. The way it was set up is to take a length of hose that fits over your bleeder valve and drill a hole in the bottle cap that the hose will just slip into. Run the hose through the cap into the bottle. Then hook the free end to your bleeder valve. When you are ready to start bleeding/draining the fluid, open the cap on the bottle slightly, and squeeze the bottle. While holding the bottle in the "crushed" condition, tighten the bottle cap which will create a vacuum in the line. Open the bleeder valve and the fluid will flow. If the vacuum is exhausted before the bleed is finished, just close the valve, open the bottle cap and crush again. I was impressed with how well it worked.
  19. http://www.jpcycles.com/product/3300773 You will also need to get hose at your local auto shop I used vacuum line get 5 Feet the inside die was just enough to be able to push the two wires through. [ATTACH]64242[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64243[/ATTACH] Get 5 feet of whatever hole you want, I use vaume hose [ATTACH]64244[/ATTACH] remove the 8mm nut [ATTACH]64245[/ATTACH] make SURE you have the bottom nipple down and drill at the top [ATTACH]64246[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64247[/ATTACH] Break all of the old lens out (watch your eyes) [ATTACH]64248[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64249[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64250[/ATTACH] I used this type sander to make my surface flat Your just removing the outside edge lip. [ATTACH]64251[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64252[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64253[/ATTACH] Now cut your hose in half 2.5 feet, spray WD 40 inside the hose on both ends and pust the wire through. it will go with no problem. [ATTACH]64254[/ATTACH] IMPAORTANT: Make sure you have your wires through the back plate then then run the wire through the hose see photos. [ATTACH]64255[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64256[/ATTACH] Clean off the left over WD40 with cleaner [ATTACH]64257[/ATTACH] Now peal off the 3M backing and I used GOOP and file all around inside and up around the black vac line. [ATTACH]64258[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64259[/ATTACH] Then clamp together, wait about 30 minutes and your ready to use. [ATTACH]64260[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64261[/ATTACH] Run the hose at the same area as the front brake hose is routed. and up to the the wireing in the front cowl.. I will most tie into the cowl area you could also tie into the running lights area as well. [ATTACH]64262[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64263[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]64264[/ATTACH] Use a hose of your chioce that the wire just will fit into. [ATTACH]64265[/ATTACH] LET THERE BE LIGHT. Any Qustions feel free to email or PM me. Enjoy, Jeff
  20. Got the bike running today...thanks dingy . It has a couple of issues, though. It leaks more oil than the Exxon Valdez, it's got a water leak that I think is a bad hose, and 1 carb slide is a little sticky. But it's firing on all 4
  21. I saw this on another site and don't know how reliable it is but I thought I would post this here just in case it involves any of you. Please forgive me if it's false. Hello everyone. I just received a letter from Yahama Motor Corp. stating it has been decided that a defect which relates to motorcycle safety exist in all 2009-2011 and certain 2012 XVS95 {V-Star 950} and XVS95CT {V-Star 950 Tourer} model motorcycles as well as all 2007 XVS13 {V-Star 1300-Tourer} models Reason for Recall,,, " In Affected motorcycles, there may not be a proper seal between the fuel pipes for the fuel injectors and the fuel hose that connects them due to an improperly molded fuel hose. Over time, pressurized fuel can begin leaking at the hose connection points, which could result in a fire hazard. " CONTACT your dealer if you have any questions.
  22. you've ever made a soaker hose by shooting a coiled up garden hose with a shot gun. (saw this done on Rocket City Rednecks on NatGeo)
  23. Dealer just completed warranty on the 07 RSV replacing the cylinder head gaskets front and rear. I have found what appears to be a vacumm hose disconnected beneath the fuel tank. I can't tell where the rear connects, however the forward end of tube is long enough to reach the air cleaners and perhaps more. Idle is not smoothe and there is a vibration getting up to higher rpm's. Once you reach mid to high rpm's it smoothes out. Mechanic stated it is a vent tube and stuffed it back under the tank. The end of the hose physically is expanded and looks to have had a clamp on it originally He did a carb sync and it seems only slightly better. Next step is to remove the tank myself and determine where the hose originates on the connected end and go from there. I don't see specifics on the vent tubes in the service manual, however I may be missing something. Note: The checked the valve adjustment at this time as well, 30K, and stated all were within spec. It was running great before their having worked on it. Appreciate any suggestions/guidance here.
  24. I took the week off to ride around. It's been beautiful in WI this week and I've put about 1000 miles on the bike just putzing around. No serious rides, just here and there with no real purpose. It's been fun. Anyway, my travels today took me to my local dealer. My sales guy was interested in taking a look at the mods to my bike (flanders bars, Road King exhaust being the main ones he was interested in). Well, I was getting ready to leave and backed out of the stall and noticed a wet spot where I'd been parked. I said, "well at least I'm in the right place for a leak to start!!!" So, they pulled the bike into the shop and took a peek. The tech looked it over and said it was coming from the overflow hose on the gas tank. That has never happened before and I've got just over 10,000 miles on the bike and have been in the exact same situation many times before - i.e. warm day with a half tank of fuel. That leads me to two questions which I was hoping to get some thoughts on. First, as long as I've owned the bike I've never had a leak from that hose. Why now? I could completely understand if I over filled the tank but that wasn't the case with only a half a tank. Second and more importantly, the liquid that was coming out of the hose smelled like gas but had the consistency of oil. Any ideas? I asked the tech about it and he said if I'd never experienced a leak before from that hose, who knows what was in it when the fuel started coming out. Huh!!! That didn't make any sense to me at all so I thought I'd better ask all you experts. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank, Les
  25. Two questions, anyone know the dimensions for the fuel hoses? Nice to have bought the right stuff before I ripp it apart...5, 6mm or something really odd? the two breath hoses connected under the airbox, is there a mod that doesn't upset anything that makes things a bit easier regarding assemble? Wouldn't it be possible to connect it differently? 80% of the time of working off the airbox, playing with the carbs and reconnect everything is that airbox hose... regards
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