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  1. I am in the process of installing cruise control on my 1983 Venture Standard. I have purchased almost all of the items I need to do this upgrade from ebay. Prior to installing the parts, I will be disassembling the ones that I can and cleaning them. I have made the following write up of the process of cleaning the clutch side switch housing that came off of a 1988 Venture. The pictures show the switch completely removed from the bike. It is fairly lengthy, 47 pictures, but thorough. I would recommend removing switch from bike if you perform this cleaning. There are a number of small springs and ball detents that are very easy to lose unless you have a large well lit working area. If you are unable to open the PDF file, PM me with your email address and I will send it to you. I have detailed the throttle side switch in another thread. Picture below is of the switch detailed in this PDF file.
  2. I know that somewhere in this site is a thread about how to properly clean a windshield and what to use but I can't find it. I have read about the use of Pledge cleaner and a 210 cleaner are these good products and are there others? Has anyone used Rain X to let the rain run off. I worry about getting a rainbow effect when the Sun hits it. What does everyone carry with them in there bags for cleaning?
  3. So I got this Venture about a week ago as a project bike. It wasn't in too bad a condition for sitting for four years, so after two days of cleaning it up it looked pretty good. Spent the better part of another two days making repairs and cleaning the carbs. Put it back together synched the carbs and it now runs like a champ. Thanks to all for suggestions and comments!
  4. On my bike (96 Royal Star) I have the original exhaust and those 4 big old mufflers. Say I had a bunch of carbon deposit inside the mufflers...how would you go about cleaning or flushing them out? Could ya remove them from bike and get a few cans of carb cleaner and a air hose and go to sprayin and a blowin? Would that accomplish anything or not?
  5. I have a K&N Airfilter on the 89. What is the best way to clean it ? Do they also use a light oil spray after cleaning like foam rubber ones ?
  6. --to nest in the neck of my Venture! Had spider fly out from the neck and splatter my faceshield today. Surprisingly the sucker managed to stay there for 23 miles. Musta got tired on the 24.6 mile. Come to think of it, should of taken a picture.... but... I was more concerned with cleaning the bug off.
  7. I've been cleaning the new bike for some days now, completely stripped her down to get to all those little nooks & crannies. This is my 1st Yamaha, I've heard their paint is much thicker than other manufacturers & so far it seems it is true. I've always used Mer on my bikes as it cleans paint & chrome without scratching, but it really doesn't suit this paint & as she's black, the film left behind by it looks terrible. So I gave her a good T-Cut, which should have removed anything on there (pervious owner only used Mer) used Mer again, still had coating of film. So what do you all find best for your bikes??
  8. Here's a pile 'o pics we shot while enroute, during, and return home from the rally. http://s393.photobucket.com/albums/pp16/SilvrT/KruisnTheKootenays2012/ http://s393.photobucket.com/albums/pp16/SilvrT/ I'll get around to putting comments on them eventually and cleaning out some that didn't turn out so well.
  9. I figured since many of you have been helping me with this bike, it's only fitting that I show you the progress so far. When I bought her last month she was running strong. The major thing was cosmetics. This is how I picked her up. She needed some repairs but a lot of cleaning and plastic work. One of the first things I did was buy a new seat. I found this one on EBay for $50. The original seat had a rip by the gas fill & was covered with stick junk. I've since read this is protectant breaking down & quite common. I understand that when the original owner died & the bike sat for years. A major part of my work so far has been tearing her down & cleaning, scrubbing & polishing. When I took her apart, you could not imagine the amount of dirt I found. The next thing I did was slap a trunk on her. When I bought my 81 Honda CB750, she came with K&G hard saddlebags & an aftermarket trunk. Since I pulled all the bags from the Honda, I decided to recycle the trunk. This is how it sits right now. I'm going to start the plastic welding on the fairing and other ABS parts. I will make videos of the repairs & post them so that anyone else looking to try their hand at plastic welding has at least a heads up to what to expect.
  10. I recently purchased my first Venture, a 1986 VR, and just hours after getting her home I couldn't help but take off a few parts to start cleaning. The bike had sat for a couple of years, only running occasionally, so the dust build up was pretty bad. During the inspection I found that the air box was broken so I'm working of finding a replacement. While I was cleaning and shining today I noticed two small drops of anti freeze under the bike and found a wet spot on the hose between the rad and the thermo housing. Looked like it was on the radiator side at the hose so I started browsing for a new one (Yamaha part # 26H-12578-00-00). All the sites I found stated that part is no longer available. So my question... Is there a substitute for the hose? I scoured VR.org before posting but couldn't find the solution. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  11. Before I got my VR, it had sat for a very long time and had gunk all over it. Last night I decided to put the windshield back on but first had to clean it. I took it in the house and put it in the bathtub (the wife was proud of me:whistling:) and thought it would be a easy job. After some gentle cleaning with mild soap, I still had a film on it. I am pretty sure it is tree sap. Is there an easy way of cleaning it that won't damage it. I've tried dish washing liquid. I know windex isn't recomended but I tried it on a small area but it didn't help either. I am able to scrape off with my finger nail so I know it should come off. Any ideas? The seat also is covered with what is probably sap, although, it actually looks like tar.
  12. My "new to me" 05 RS Midnight Venture would not run off choke when I picked it up a month ago. After draining the old gas, new plugs and running a few tanks with seafoam through it it will now run off choke once fully warmed up. However it's still not right. Takes a long time before choke can be full off, idle is rough, can hear it missing and lacks power right off idle. Once rpm's come up a little it screams. Today I decided to pull the carbs for cleaning. Is there a write up on adjusting the floats (they all seem to be too high) and the mixture screws (they were set from 1.5 to 3.25 turns)? Also anyone have any tips on separating the carbs to make it easier to disassemble for cleaning? Thanks
  13. 4 to 4 Nasty boys not perfect need good cleaning a LX Star half helmet.
  14. warm weather on the way i thought i might as well get ready to uncover the old girl. and do some cleaning. gas at $4 a gallon i think im going to ride it for a while. just to get maybe my last joy out out of it before she goes on the for sale list. someone left the key on ?? when i showed it a few weeks back:whistling: and i killed the battery. i took it to a shop to be charged and load tested. when she,s up and running and i hope i dont blow another rad hose. like last year. im going to see if i can get the rootbeer gang down here to help me get it out from behind it,s hidding place. like some folks here im not worried how the old gilr looks for now. just want a good run out of her. and if i get this small time job this summer. cutting lawns. i will be doing okay. i figure if i go for a long haul on it and something breaks on it i have towing. so i should not be afraid of trusting it any more. if she brakes down. im coverd. my knees still hurt but i think i can hadle the beast for a while. i see no reason not to ride it while it,s up for sale.. i think this is my year to enjoy it for a while or hate it if she brakes down. wish this oldgoat good luck.
  15. Having trouble getting the cables off 1983 Venture so i can take the carburetors of for cleaning. Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks Dave
  16. Hope this is the right place... I have a '83 Venture Standard. Anyone in the Columbus, Ohio area have access to a ultrasonic cleaning tank? Or someone on the list know of someone with one. The shops around here want $50 per carb body, with me doing the dissembly/reassembly. I used to send them to a guy in texas, but it has been a few years, and I cant find his info. Also, anyone have experience with the Harbor Freight (or similar) tanks? A waste of money, or worth it? Any input is appreacited. Thanks, Kurt
  17. steamer

    New toy!

    Robin and I took a ride in the truck today to look at a timeout camp trailer. Guess what climbed into the back of the truck? Yep a 2004 standard size trailer. Not to bad condition. Needs to be aired out, doing that now. Has a little mold on the carpet. going to air and dry it out for a couple days then give it a good cleaning. Can't post pic's cause it's in the garage at this time. I don't have enough head room in the garage to set it up.Can't wait till warm weather.
  18. Last year I was stumped :scratchchin:on what this was all this was about, So I did my research and it only took a year to get it just right. but it makes since now. There is a method to this madness !!! At first I could not figure out what the difference was with Polishing and Waxing. then found out about cleaning clays. (what's that?) *lol* So basically vintage cars and Trike in my case. WASH Trike/Car Use cleaning clay to remove all the rest of any surface dirt. Use Polish (1) (2) or (3) after that to remove any surface scratch marks and finely WAX . There are different polish and wax applicators as well. All used with Griots Orbitals I use mostly the 3" on the Trike and I also have the 6 " for the Vintage cars. Today it is real humid out so I am doing this in the Garage with the Air Conditioner running. Man oh Man what a difference in the paint job after doing this the correct way. Rather than the basic way-- wash and slapping wax on. AMAZING !! So Shinny !! Jeff
  19. Cleaning my Honda ST was a breeze... like cleaning a car with all that tupperware. I LOVE my Venture, especially when it is gleaming clean, but what a PAIN to get it there. I am sure there are many tips that members might share. What's the best way to: Clean (and wax?) the paint? (I used boat wax on the ST) Keep the chrome gleaming? Clean in the nooks and crannies? Keep the stock seats clean? Maintain black plastic (bib, radio, etc)? Clean the back wheel? Clean the windshield (I use Pledge) Any suggestions about tools, rags, chamois, microfiber, tooth-brushes, bottle brushes, waterless solutions? What about wiping the bike down without water? (I am concerned that the grime will scratch the paint, chrome, etc. My partner, Dianne has a good way of keeping her V-Star clean. She gets me to do it!
  20. Hi All, Still working on the '87, coming along. Alot of the engine has, what I would call, agold patina to is, from years of oil and stuff I guess. Waht would be a way of cleaning and polishing the aluminum, to give closer to a new look? Thanks D:confused24:
  21. Wow!! Just checked the member list to find an old member, and it looks like someone has done some house cleaning?? Not nearly as many members as I remember..... Or am I halucinating again??
  22. Fragments of grunt: Guys, are you married to a shine freak?? If you are then nothing is safe. And you know what im talking about. 32 1/2 years ago I married a wonderful woman. She can cook, ride a bike, drive her own hot rod, etc. What I didnt realize then but found out soon enough was that she was a shine freak. NOTHING IS SAFE AROUND HER!! Put your newspaper down to get a drink and in less time then it takes to pass wind its in the recycling bin. WHY?? Because you were foolish to leave it. Eat food in the living room and set it down...its assumed that you are finished with it and it magically disappears in one fell swoop. Never mind the plate is still about 1/2 full. Make sure you have enough ketchup and drink by your side so you can protect your well earned meal from invaders by not leaving it alone for a minute (or less) I swear she gets faster with age. Now you ask, just how does this apply to dirty dogs and extra screws? It does in its own weird way. See, if you werent married to a shine freak, you wouldnt be waken from a sound vicoden induced sleep on your first day off to give two great danes a bath. Oh joy!! About the time you finish FedEx arrives with a package and you shudder!!! Was it something that I bought for the bike and never told her??? NO, its the replacement oven door glass that was shattered no doubt caused in part to its excessive cleaning regiment. I thought it would take a week to get here and id be safe.noooo, the part was ordered on Sunday and it flies here in a rush, just to make me do more work caused by excessive cleaning. Screws you say and how the fit in here? OK men, we all have at one time or another had a few leftover screws/bolts, even parts when we put the bikes back together. Well this theory also applies to oven doors. You tape over the shattered glass to take it out in one piece, remove the 16 screws that hold various parts in place, meticulously clean all the parts of old grease because you fear "She Who Must Be Kept", (who is out shopping at this time, Yea thats another story for another time). Proudly clean up the work area (Kitchen counter) and discover 2 screws laying under the door. Hmmmmm. So you patiently take it all apart again and discover the location of your missing screws and put it all back together nicely again. She comes home.....proclaims the area a mess (even after the thorough cleaning you just gave it) You hide, quaking in fear......And after all that work you feel that a nice home cooked meal in that oven would be nice. WRONG.....she wants to go out to dinner..no way is the oven getting messed up by greasy meat substances. You sigh.....she says what did you say?? I say sweetie, lets go out to Texas Roadhouse tonight. And all is well again. Moral of this story: were wimps....and if she sees this then im hoping Boomer has a spare female pygmy I can run away with because both of my legs will be cut off at the knees.
  23. i have a 2003 ranger with 106,000 miles, 3 liter v-6. i think the converter is clogged. sears says it's not the converter, it needs to have the fuel system cleaned. it runs great but does'nt seem to have the power it once had. and it has a roaring sound when it gets over 2500 rpm, like it is laboring. could sears be right. they get $150.00 for a complete fuel system cleaning. question is does this really work or is it a waste of money?
  24. Spent the day cleaning up the electrical connections under the seat. Over the past two years I have added plenty of electrical items to the bike and just 'hacked' them in using crimp splices and such. I was having an intermittent failure with the brake lights so I figured now was a good time to do it. No 'before' photo because it was just too embarrassing but here is an 'after' photo. Also put in a new battery. http://gallery.me.com/k1oj/100024/IMG_2312/web.jpg?ver=13018627720001
  25. Ok, I was cleaning up my computer last night and came across this link from several months ago. Just wondering has anyone on here tried this on their bike or know of someone who has? Looks interesting. Might even get rid of the "chirp and/or whine". http://www.efmautoclutch.com/dirt.shtml
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