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  1. These bikes never cease to amaze me, the forethought that was designed into the bike. thanks D
  2. Hello All, Was doing a quick walk around on my 87 Venture, and my headlight isn't on. I pulled it apart and the bulb is good, both low and high. When I unplug the light the Warning light comes on on the dash. Then I plug in and it shows fine, but I still have no light. Any Ideas? D
  3. Neil86 Got it, won't be able to dig into that fro a few days D
  4. Should have mentioned that, the side stand switch died last week, right now that is not in the mix, till I get a new on I have the wires wirenutted together. My green neutral light comes on so I assume that the neutral safety is ok? D
  5. Hello all, Well my '87 VR left me sitting only 2 miles from home today. i have tested the solenoid and starter work, so I guess I am down to the starter switch unless I have missed something else. I started digging into where the starter switch is and that is no picnic, any suggestions or hints? Thanks D
  6. I took it off and tested it, it just doesn't work. the plunger moves and all, but doesn't connect the circuit D
  7. Hello all, Well, I went to go for a ride yesterday and I guess my Sidestand switch bit the dust. Flatout has them for $44, is that about the best place, or... Thanks D
  8. It's a bumpy gravel road Idle in first is almost too fast D
  9. Yeah that's about right, I get it down as soon as possible. I live on a gravel road so I am not able to wind it out till I get to the blacktop, or I could put the choke down sooner D
  10. Well, this morning I put a Brand new plug in and decided to go for a little ride. So, I went to Fort Collins and back home 280 mile round trip. I don't think the plug fouled and it seems to have run well. I am wondering if the little short trips in the relatively cool weather with the choke on would have been a factor in fouling plugs, and when it is warmer and i don't have the choke on so much, and when I can do more lengthy trips that may solve the issue? D
  11. Ok, I'll answer all of you. Yammer Dan It is the right rear cylinder BobbyDuck I assume you are talking about what i consider to be the choke on these, granted we don't choke the air we enrich the fuel. If that is what you are a talking about I will check, but I have completely redone these carbs. before I did that some of those were totally locked up. I will check them tomorrow. Sqeeze, I don't think the floats are adjusted wrong, I adjusted them whe I redid the carbs, but... As for a week coil, I will have to do some reading and see if I can further diagnose. Randya
  12. Hello all, Wow, these bikes are amazing, they run so well on 3 cylinders, you hardly know one is fouled. It seems that I keep fouling one of my plugs, when I take it out it is wet, then I put a new one in and it runs real well for a while. I have gotten pretty good at touching the exhaust pipes shortly after start up to see if they are all warm. So what is the most likely source of this fouling do you think? D
  13. I think I am going to get this amp and use my Nano, that should work http://cgi.ebay.com/300W-2CH-MOTORCYCLE-SPEAKER-AMPLIFIER-MP3-IPOD-AMP-AMPS_W0QQitemZ270229357708QQihZ017QQcategoryZ39732QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem D
  14. Thanks for telling me about Flatout. The vent is $50, I'll wait on theat and get the panel for now, I can pop the vent in later. D
  15. I would be curious about this too? D
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