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  1. I am really enjoying my recently acquired 83 Venture Royale. I believe the radio speakers and in desparate need of replacement. Can someone tell me what size replacement speakers I need to get? I don't want to take the fairing apart to see because I want to ride the bike up until I'm ready to do the speaker swap. Thanks!
  2. If you are ever inclined (or have to) remove the fairing (aka Cowl) on your GL1800 Wing, there is an undocumented "step" that you need to be aware of in order to get it off the bike. Hopefully the following link will work for you; however, if not, let me know and I will re-create a post here with the info. http://gl1800riders.com/forums/showthread.php?335313-Removing-the-Fairing-question(s) See my posts #15 and #21 in the above link.
  3. Can't believe this happened but last night as I was pulling off the carbs, I attempted to sit my butt down on an empty 5 gal pail I use when working on bikes, and I missed. I could not avoid my falling backwards. All I could do was brace myself for the hit on the concrete floor. But when I landed on my back, I also landed on the lower left fairing piece that I had sitting nearby and it shattered into several pieces. Lesson learned; pay more attention when sitting on something used for working on the bike, or, move all items far enough away from the bike so you don't land on them if you do fall. Now then, does anyone have a lower left fairing for a 1st edition; any color? I've looked on E-Scam and none are listed. I will pay whatever. Thanks all. MasterGuns
  4. I've removed my fairing on my 2006 RSV for painting, as it has a few scratches on it. I need to get the 2 small pieces of trim off. Do they simply pry off? As they're only plastic I'm afraid I might break them if I don't do it right. Thanks in advance......
  5. I just purchased a fairing for my 05 RSTD it has two 6x9 cutouts my question is I found some really nice stuff car audio quality and I looked into Marine grade stuff but it seems to me it cost more for less audio quality based on tech charts I'm paying more for water proof ? Does that make sense ? so my Real question should be is it worth it to get marine grade products if my bike is garage kept and not a Daily rider only time it gets wet is if I wash it or rain comes in on road trip I didn't plan for (rare)
  6. Hey everyone, I'm in the search for information regarding the cowling on a 1300 V-Star Deluxe. I like the new shape Yamaha has gone with, and considering the cowling on my '02 Venture has seen better days I decided to look into replacing it with a new one from a V-Star. I've contacted my local dealer for some schematics and called the corporate office but I haven't gotten too far. What I'm mostly trying to answer is: 1. How similar are the mounting screw positions for the two bikes? 2. Has anyone also looked into this, and received any better information? 3. Is the V-Star 1300 relatively the same as the Royal Star? That's all. Let me know your thoughts!
  7. You folks have helped me more than I could ever thank you for! So, I'd like to make a small contribution that may have already been shared by someone else, I don't know. While trying (no telling HOW many) different epoxies (from fast to slow cure) with a certain amount of succuss, I finally discovered the one that is absolutely perfect! It's PERMATEX "PermaPoxy" Epoxy Stick Item # 84315. Can be found at WalMart for $4.00. My fairing had a corner chunk missing, various holes drilled for bogus switches and just about every tab cracked or missing. You just cut off a slice, knead it, smash it in place, shape it a little, wait 5 minutes, apply final grinding, and WHAMO! A jack hammer couldn't knock it loose! I have even glued "fixed" nuts on metal parts. It can even be drilled and tapped out. It glues everthing (including ABS, obviously) except oil and water! And I'm not sure of that yet. Friends, you'll not be disappointed, I promise.
  8. everyone is buying aftermarket fairings. My question is why cant or wouldn't you buy a fairing from Yamaha for a venture, and mount it on a rstd. would this work?
  9. Has any put Baker Air Wings on their 1st gen? I got upper, mid, and lower ones but the two upper ones you have to drill into the fairing. No I' m not crazy about doing this. I wondering if anyone has had any problems with the fairing cracking eventually from the drilling? Do you like them?
  10. Hi, I'm a new member with a new to me -84 xvz 1200. Quick question: should the engine run without the fairing ( radio, intercom, signal lights etc ), it should, right ? Got the bike a week ago. It started and ran well. Due to the winter wasn't able to do a proper test drive, but it idled ok. Started several times. I took the farings off and now the lights come on , the computer seems ok, it cranks but doesn't fire up. The battery is not the issue, I use backup fullycharged battery when testing. To my understanding only wires I disconnected were radio, signal lights, speakers, emergency signal, intercom. Are any of those connected to spark circuit ? I also sprayed some starter liquid to air box while starting, with no success. I seem to have lost the spark. I didn't see any badly made jumps in the wiring, I assume it's standard wiring other than fuse box. That has been changed. Bikes has 52 thousand miles on the clock. There are some minor cracks in the front fairing. I think it's royal with class system removed. This is my first touring bike, and also my first bike so much modern tech I've previously had xj900, cb 750, gsx750 all from early 80,s. Simple bikes for simple rider. XVZ seems to have more electronics than those together. It's gonna be 3-4 months winter where I live, before riding season starts. During that my aim is to repair fairing cracks, clean carbs, check valves, clean starter motor, change all fluids .... Been following this forum for a while, didn't want to sign up before I owned the bike. There seems to be huge knowhow within the group. I'll check the plugs and report back. Thanks, Anssi
  11. So I just got a Reckless fairing for my new to me RSTD Midnight. The fairing came black gelcoated. The plan was that when the gelcoat started to fade, I would get it painted and clear coated. Well today our warehouse manager brought in some parts he had hydro dipped. They looked incredible. Just like paint and were even clear-coated afterwards. I couldn't even tell it wasn't paint. The shop locally where he had it done guarantees it for life from fading and peeling. That seems like a great deal. So now I might go ahead and do the fairing. Cost would be roughly $100. So to my questions: Has anyone done any parts with hydro dipping and if so how has it held up? I have a 2006 Midnight RSTD so everything is black. If I do this, I was planning on just going straight black on the fairing to match. Well looking at the website, I really like the carbon fiber film. So would a carbon fiber fairing look good on the rest of teh black bike?
  12. I would like to inquire of those who have removed the front lower fairing leg on what they feel was the benefit and or what they regret or miss? I would also like to ask if anyone has blocked the front fairings air vent and again what they regret or miss? The purpose of these question is that I am still building my 85 project and am considering using the air intakes for the lower legs to mount a set of auxillary running lights in. In this forums opinion the pros and cons? I ask as I want to see if anyone else will come up with something I have not thought of or overlooked. I am considering installing a set of lamp in the least obtrusive location. Thanks in advance to all who reply and share their thoughts and opinions.
  13. I was told by a fellow VentureRider that it is not if, but rather when my VR will go over. Well, it did recently, and left some minor scars on the corner of the fairing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make these scars that you can see in the pictures less visible without repainting the fairing?
  14. Has anyone purchased a Premeux Fairing or Hoppe fairing and if so, How did it effect the handling of the bike? Thanks
  15. We all know how fragile the end of the windshield tabs are so I decided to beef up mine before there was any damage done. What I did was used a small flat head screw and counter sunk drilled the hole already near the ends of the metal bar. That allowed the screw to sit below the rubber strip that the windshield is sandwiched between it and the outer fairing. Next I spot welded a small piece of 16 guage steel and an 1/8" welding rod together. Cut the rod to the right length and welded another tab to the other end. I mounted the lower tab to the bottom speaker mount. You'll need to bend the rod for the proper angles but that's easily enough done. The ends of the windshiled mounts are rock solid now. Another additional support I did was to add some brass flat stock to the mounting screws for the outside fairing. I cut the two outer pieces 1 1/2" long and the two inner ones 2" long , then drilled a 13/16" hole for the screws 1/4" from the top on center. The two inner pieces will need a slight bend to conform to the curve. Adding these pieces will spread the load over a larger area thus saving broken tabs under the washers. I've found that adding the brass pads will also help prevent the windshield from loosening as you can tighten the screws a bit more rather than squishing the plastic tabs at the screw heads.
  16. At the risk of beating a dead horse for you members, I have a couple questions. First, does the fairing come off in one piece. I've removed the luggage, side trim, left and right tops off the upper, the lowers and the trim around the head light. I can see several mounting bolts, but can't determine if the head light as well as all the wiring and the instrument panel will stay with the bike. Not much room in there for my big hands to start undoing plugs etc. Second one concerns the replacing the collector. Do you have to drop the entire exhaust? Whats the secret hand shake for getting the two rear pipes into the top of the collector if you don't have to remove everything from the manifolds down?
  17. I was looking for a replacement left side fairing mirror for an 85 venture. 50 or 60 bucks on ebay sounds like a lot of $$$. I see some of the goldwing aftermarket mirrors on bikebandit ($10) look awfully close. Has anyone ever tried mating one to the Venture?
  18. I saw this RSTD for sale on craigslist. Looks to be a fair price. What I'm curious about is if you click on the link to see all the pictures, does anyone recognize the brand of fairing he added? It's different than the usual ones I've seen. Haven't quite decided if I like it or not. Glenn http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/mcy/3334460778.html
  19. The vacuum hose at the actuator has a crack in it allowing it to leak and drop the cruise off. Is there a way to get to the hose and cut it off or replace it without removing the fairing? I was able to get one finger on the hose and feel the crack but couldn't see how to get to it.
  20. Never, ever, ever forget to put your kickstand down, especially when you're parking your 800lb Venture next to your other motorcycle! I got lucky there, at least. I heard plastic cracking and freaked out that both bikes were screwed. The fairing hit the lower fork of the Vulcan and just put some paint on it. Didn't even knock it over. Cracked the fairing pretty good, popped the radio console out, tore loose the screws on left side and f-ed up the left airvent in the fairing. So the glue is drying now, and the bike will look just a little more worse for wear when I get it back together. Anybody have a spare 2-tone brown 85 fairing they want to sell? What a freaking brain cramp. At least I wasn't moving when it struck.
  21. I'm sure I should have known this but..... I was installing my new ClearView screen which requires removing (at least partially) the front fairing piece. I've had that off once before but this time I notice that there is a knob on the left side way down near the bottom of the fairing for adjusting the headlight. Don't know why I never saw it before.
  22. Guest

    Reckless Fairing

    The fairing I won on Ebay didn't work out so I'm still looking for one for my 2007 RSTD. Does anyone have a Reckless fairing on their Royal Star. If so does it fit high on the bike? In the pictures on the website it looks like it fits kinda upright and away from the handle bars. I would appreciate any input.Also, has anyone put one of those handlebar stereo systems on their bike? What kind?
  23. So, I finally broke down and bought a fairing for my 2007RSTD Midnight. I got it off Ebay new for a good price. It's fiberglass and has spots for 4 speakers and a radio. I think it may be a Reckless or at least looks like one. My problem now is what brand radio and speakers should I add? What have you guys used? I know it should ne a marine one i guess. I would appreciate some help. Thanks
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