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  1. I was driving down the road today and had to flip a u-turn and follow this rig until he pulled in to a auto store. It is a Boss Hoss with a Chevy 350. The side car is how you ride?/drive? this rig. The driver/rider was the builder. He built it for a paraplegic friend. Took him 2 years. It is all custom made and he said only two exist since he has built one other with a Honda. A friend skinned it with the fiberglass. You actually drive/ride from the side car with all controls in the custom sidecar. The passenger rides on the bike. He had incredible suspension, disc brakes, shifting etc. He
  2. My wife and I are planning to motor around the east coast next summer around June. In order to have more riding we are planning on shipping the bike to Va and working our way back to Idaho. Having never done this before I thought I'd see if anyone here has ever shipped their bike. I'd like to know Who did you use? How was the pickup done? How was the delivery done? Did you have to be there to meet it or could they hold it until you showed up? Were you satisfied? Anything I need to look out for? Thanks for any help.
  3. Please oh great and wise ones... I'm going nuts here. About two months ago now I got stranded at work on my 99RSV. Rode to work just fine. When I went out to start it to go home, the starter turned and turned but she wouldn't start. I pulled the two back plug wires (cuz I could reach 'em) and stuck a screwdriver in there. No spark. I got the bike towed home and checked the other two plug wires. No spark there either. Checked resistance to the coils, and I'm easily within specs. Same on the batt'ry voltage. I then skipped all the other smart things to do and ordered a new pick-up coi
  4. I'm looking at a 89 Venture at a dealer, and it seems everything on the bike works except for the cruise control. They called the guy who had the bike for a year prior to trading it in and he said it never worked for him either. Where would be the first places to start checking. Thanks
  5. Parts from 83 xvz1200 still for sale. I had to shut down my used parts offer when I took my recent trip to Sturgis and out west. But, Now I'm back and I'm finished with the Mattcharva's bike rebuild project so now the parts store is back open. There are many, many good parts left and I need to wrap this project up as well . I need to move these babies and clear out the over flow of parts that run from my work area through the sunroom art studio into the house and on to the kitchen table. Most every thing has been disassmbled from the bike down to the engine and frame. Still have all the
  6. OK. I have absolutely no experience with a stator going bad on my Venture Royale and I have no idea what to look for if a problem is developing. I've heard that on a Gold Wing, when the stator goes out, everything goes out. You're basically dead in the water. I have no idea if that is typical with this bike or not. Here's what I've experienced today. I had to run to the parts house to get some new brake pads for the wife's Geo. Everything went as clockwork. I fred up the bike, drove to the Zone, got the parts, and driv back. I went back out to fire the bike up about four hours later. The bike
  7. Hi everyone, just completed a 4k ride with the R1 upgrade, Vmax rotors, stainless lines and EBC HH pads. Wow, what a diff. However, I can really notice the limitations of the stock, front master cylinder when leaning on them. What's the upgrade for the master cylinder? Also, has anybody come up with a fork spring solution other than the progs? I just put them on before the trip (block off plates, AD's removed) and once most of the oil blew passed the seals, they mellowed a little. Still, I'm not liking them at all. Way too stiff. I look down at the forks and unless I really lean on them or
  8. Anyone Familiar with this bike. A friend of mine is looking at one with the intention of maybe buying it, so he asked me about. but other than having seen the odd one I know next to nothing about it. If anyone can give me some pro's and con's about it that would be great. I think they are asking about $4,000 canadian and I believe it has about 40,000 KM on it. The bike is apparantly in mint shape with lots of extras.
  9. I hit a small (300 - 400 ) cow or steer in California yesterday. I was headed home to Vegas from a 3 day ride with 4 buddies, we had just turned onto 166 from the 101 near Santa Maria. There were cattle ranches on both sides of the road, all fenced in and I saw a coyote out in the middle of the field. Just up to around 55, I was leading the group when a black cow comes out of the bushes on the right side directly in front of me. It was around 30 feet away, saw me tried to stop and fell down. I had time to say "oh S t" and grab brakes. I ran over it's rear legs and the hind end hit the right
  10. Hi ya'll... I'm not a terribly active member here on this site, but I thought I'd share this with you all to see if you'd be interested in giving it a go. I can't claim this as an original idea, as someone on another motorcycle board I frequent came up with it... We're having so much fun (that thread is 115 pages now), I thought I'd pass it on here. Since we are heading into some beautiful weather, and we're all looking for any excuse to ride, lets see if we can have fun while we're at it!! Here are the simple and basic rules... Don't forget.. this is for fun and entertainment!! Th
  11. I finally had time to do a few things to my bike and one of them was to tighten up the head bearings. Now the wobble is gone but the bike seems to wander a bit on the road. Im thinking that i tightened the nut a little too mutch. What is the best way to know just how tight the steering bearings have to be ? I had my bike on the centerstand when i adjusted mine but i gave the nut a little extra snugness and that might be where the problem lies. Any ideas ?
  12. Well, I finally pulled the trigger on rebuilding my '83. It is in ok condition, but I think I paid too much for someone's put-back-together parts bike. It is a Royale, but someone removed all the Royale stuff (Class, radio, CB, etc) and hacked all the wires/connectors for them. Plus a lot of the plastic is cracked, missing tabs, randomly screwed together and zip-tied. It needs a lot of attention, and for a short moment I considered just trading it off and looking for a better bike. But I figured whoever got it would probably just part it off and one less 1st gen would be on the road. So here g
  13. Well these aren'tthe best pictures in the world, but I thought some might be interesting. This bike was my first experience of towing. I was a mobile motorcycle mechanic, specialising in fixing punctures on couriers' bikes around London. The trailer had fifty or sixty inner tubes, a tool box and axle stands etc with half a dozen tyres on top. The bike carried two or three more tyres, a CO2 bottle for tyre inflation, a radio, spare cable and assorted other stuff. At 40mph-ish the bike went into a violent weave, but with experience and a strong upper body you could keep control. At the time w
  14. I'm new to the forum, but no stranger to the Royal Star. Eventually traded my RSTD for a car some years ago and now it's time for another one. This time, I want the Venture and so the search began. Online, local, classifieds, marketplace etc and of course by doing so, I came across https://Rumbleon.com. Hesitant to buy online and have the bike shipped, I kept looking. After about a month, I circled back after reading more about their company, warming up to the idea of their online business model, making sure they were legit. (BTW, I don't work for and I'm not affiliated in any way other than I
  15. Just saw that Web Bike World had picked this as one of their products of the year. I've never even heard of it but I know there was a recent discussion here about the best action cameras. At a list price of $399.00, it had better be very good. Sena Prism Review - webBikeWorld
  16. I bought this Venture Royale last spring and it ran great. Near the end of the season, Every time I would hit a bump it would lose it's oomph. The electric didn't go away just stumble on it's self and then pick back up. It did this intermittently. At the end of the season, My buddy and I went through the carbs as we thought it may be a carb issue. Didn't hurt. We found some clogged jets so it was worth it. After getting it back together, the bike just had no power from idle to full throttle. We started to check fire and found none at #1 and #3. This is my second bike the first ever was a 69 Ho
  17. I need a source (auto parts store, amazon, etc) and a part number for a LED Flasher for my 1st gen bike. Do I need a 2 wire or 3 wire flasher? Where is the stock flasher located in the fairing? I read about a dual component flasher and a starter circuit unit that's combined into ONE unit together; then I read of a individual flasher; I'm just a little confused. Does my bike have the dual component or the single flasher? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hey Guys, I need some help. You would have thought as many RSV fork springs that I have replaced this past year, that I would have already done this, but I just haven't For anyone that still has stock springs in their RSV and has a motorcycle lift that takes the front wheel completely off the ground, I need your help. I need you to get me the static sag measurement of just the bike as follows: 1. Lift the bike completely off the ground to where the forks are extended all the way out. 2. Take a 4" length of masking tape place it on the right lower fork leg with one end slipped s
  19. Went out for a ride today with a couple of friends and had a great time. On our way home I was riding in the back as I like to do. Some nut kept pulling up very close to me, I mean at times he was within ten feet of me! I tried waving him on by so tha he could pass, I tried slowing down to make him pass and I tried speeding up to get away from him. Nothing worked, he would still come right back up on me. I realize now that I should have just pulled off the road or turned somewhere but I was riding with a couple of other guys and it really didnt occur to me at the time. So finally after about f
  20. Anyone have any experince with the Pass. highway pegs. We're using the bike more and more for vacations and the wife would like to be able to stretch her legs a bit. Any isues with them? They look as if they would interfer with your legs if you were stopped, just standing up holding the bike? Thansk!
  21. Has anyone else experienced this. I have an 07 RSV with 3800 miles on it. This problem just started over the weekend. As I was going down the road I tryed to turn on the radio and it wouldn't come on. Tryed the cb, same thing. It was like it wasn't getting power just a blank. So I pulled over, turned the ignition off and turned it back on and the radio worked. Since then it has done the same thing a few more times with the same results, Turn ignition off and back on and the radio works. Tryed wiggling the cable going to the radio and that didn't fix it. The only thing that works is to turn the
  22. I just bought a r/r on ebay because my battery was not getting the correct voltage and I did the voltage test that was recommended. The bike was running fine at this point, just not charging the battery. (83 Venture) I recieved the used R/R and installed and the battery picked right up. I thought all is well until now the bike seams to be missing and the tach keeps dropping. from the assorted forums I suspected I had a bad TCI or moisture ect. I did the ohms test on the cables. After removing both plugs from the TCI and testing the 6-pin connector's black wire I did not get a connection to
  23. Something I don't understand. I have a mini-mag light, and put the conversion kit on it to make it a LED flashlight. Powered by 2-AA batteries. Man, that makes some light. Has 3 LED bulbs in it. How come can I not get that brightness from LED lights on the back of the bike?
  24. Does anyone have a good set of eyebrows from a 2 gen they would like to sell? I would like to add them to the front of my sidecar to match the bike.
  25. Well folks, I have been having some weird issues with my 2001 RSV and I am not really sure if they are in fact issues or related so here we go... Summary of 'symptoms': 1) Engine cut out (like someone hit the cut off switch; engine died only, no stumbling/starving for fuel, no interruption on the radio) when shifting from first to second and from second to first 2) Engine sometimes cranks for a long time before starting (happens hot or cold) More detailed explanations of each: (1) It was a slightly cooler morning (30s-40s ish) but not any cooler than it had been in prior weeks, a
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