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  1. Hey Earl, I need one of your kits to replace a fuse panel for a 83 Venture I'm working on. Do I just send the money via PayPal to your address? Thanks, Rick
  2. Hi Rick. I'm only a year back on a bike, 2008 RSV. Looking for help in improving lower back support for my Venture seat. (Tried to message you. Said you didn't receive messages.  ?)

    Live in the Fort Worth area. Also looking for Venture support, ie. parts, maintenance and expertise in this area.

    Would love to connect up with you.

    Jim Poole

    817 657 3661


  3. Guys, I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a driver pillow top seat cover laying around that I could buy (regardless of the condition). Yeah, as many seats as I have done over the years, you think I would have one...but I don't. What I need it for is to give it to my upholsterer so he can use it as a pattern to make us some new covers.....as these seats are getting long in the tooth and the older covers are coming loose. I can rebuild the foundation foam to get it back to the original shape but when a seat needs a new cover, that's another issue. Now Yamaha still has a part number on this cover, but it's still just over $200....and all of the stock in the US is gone and I understand that they now have to come from Japan. Let me know, Rick 214-926-3905
  4. No, But in 81 or 82 Yamaha took a standard XS1100 with a Vetter Fairing with a rectangular headlight and bags and called it the Venturer. The first Venture I ever saw was at the Motorcycle show in January in Dallas....where I told my dealer that I wanted the first black one he got in....which was in March.
  5. Guys, It's been a while, but what is the general tire preference on your 1st Gens. I always like the ME880s but I know others preferred the Avon Venoms. Has anyone tried the new Avon Cobra or even the Michelin Commander III? Thanks, Rick
  6. Guys, For all of the 2nd gen Ventures, you use the 1.2 kg/mm spring rate in a Sonic. Since the RSTDs don't have that heavy fairing, you can probably get by with a 1.1 spring rate. Rick
  7. With that many miles, your fork springs maybe have lost all of their sag and your forks may be bottoming out? I have always said that the best thing you can do for a suspension on the RSV or RSTD is to replace the fork springs. But rather than just tighten up the head bearing, you really need to repack the head bearings. And the perfect time to do this is when you have pulled the forks to replace the springs, bushings and seals? Hope this helps, Rick
  8. Hey Guys, You can find everything you need on my seat reconstruction in the Classifieds under 'Member Vendors....Rick Butler: [TABLE=width: 79] [TR] [TD=class: xl24, width: 79]http://www.venturerider.org/forum/photopost/showproduct.php?product=21&title=butt-butler-seat-mod&cat=16 And what many of you may not realize is that for the most part I am exclusive to the seat needs of the VentureRider members. Now word of mouth has gotten out on me over the years and I now reconstruct seats for just about every bike. When the members of the GL1800 forum found out about me, they covered me up with seats for several months. And this seems to be my "Seat Time" of the year. Just let me know how I can help you, Rick[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  9. Yeah Jeff, That's the seat I first started on. In fact I think I mention that since I started in 2005, I've just about reworked just about every seat attached to 2 wheels, and that includes GL1800s to Piaggo scooters. So even though I'm pretty much exclusive to Ventures (of any year) I will not turn down anyone that needs seat help.....with the exception of most Corbin seats Rick
  10. Well Guys, I guess this is the perfect time for Yamaha to release the 3rd Generation Venture...Right? Rick
  11. Hey friends, I just thought I'd post a friendly reminder that if you have ever considered doing something about your seat, now is the perfect time to send me your seat to rework. If you are new and not familiar with my work, I have a classified ad in the Member Vendors section (Rick Butler) that explains what I do and pretty much everything you need to send me your seats. And as an addendum to what I do, I have started using stainless staples which unlike the oem staples will not rust. And even though I have been using thicker gymnasium foam inserts to rebuild older seats that have become deteriorated, I've also been using these inserts to do other things like make the seat wider and thicker to provide more outer support, which has really worked out well in these cases. And if you are curious if you already have a bike that I've reworked the seats, take a look at the staples. If you don't see any additional staple holes in the cover and the staples may be getting a little rusty, then it's probably stock. But if the staples look like they belong but you can see other small holes where staples have once been, then there is a good chance it's one of my seats. I'm pretty proud of the manner I staple the cover back on, unlike many seats that I have received that someone else has already been into it....with staples everywhere at any angle. If you have put your bike up for the Winter, this is the perfect time to let me have your seat (s) for a couple of days and a week to get it here and back to you. So if you are interested, take a look at my classified ad and get with me to see how I can help, Rick [TABLE=width: 98] [TR] [TD=class: xl24, width: 98][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  12. EBC HH pads.....you will not be sorry
  13. Well Bill, Corbin already has done what you asked and made a nice set of bags that look like they were produced by Polaris: http://corbin.com/slingshot/pssbag.shtml I have a couple of friends who bought the Slingshot when they sorted out that they could be licensed in Texas as a motorcycle and these bags were their last upgrade and they really look nice and complete the look of the rear real nicely. Rick
  14. Yeah Mike, If it's a pillowtop, you may be talking about separations in the ends of the pillow seams, where a black Sharpie works well to cover up the exposure. But rather than the clear silicone try some GOOP that you can find at Home Depot. It has an adhesion better than anything I have ever used. And I use toothpick also. Rick
  15. Mike, Are they at the edge close to the seat studs. I see tears like that quit often from someone using a 10mm open end wrench instead of a 10mm socket to remove the seat nuts. And when I rework the seat, I glue a vinyl patch on the under side of the cover to close up the tear. Let me rework your pillowtop and I'll fix them at no extra charge. I also sell thumb nuts so you can remove your seat without any tools. You can find everything in the Classifieds under Member Vendors/Rick Butler Let me know if I can help, Rick
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