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  1. Time for a rear on the RSV. What are you running that you are happy with? THANKS!
  2. This is really helpful and I appreciate your time. It seems to have been a bad solenoid, after all... brand new too. I love your test light instructions. Thank you so much.
  3. Well, cant thank you enough for your time and patience. I Took one look at how deep the started was buried, and bought another solenoid. Swapped that out and have started without issue about 50 times! Despite some frustration - or a lot of frustration - I learned a thing or two. So thanks for your time. I owe you (and everyone else who helped) lunch someday.
  4. I didnt get to it last night, and I have meeting tonight and tomorrow evenings ... so ... but, before I dig in, can you explain what you think is happening? I can't shake the thought that if I have a no start and jump out the solenoid from B to M .. it starts 100%. It seems to me that eliminates the downstream between the solenoid and the starter motor, no? I jump that solenoid and it starts... every time. Like you said at first, I wouldn't be the first guy to get a bad part, and when I look at what I need to do to get to that starter ... well, I just wanted to ask. Thanks as always. Mike
  5. OK, thanks. I'll have to finish digging down to the starter itself after work today. Standby! Thank you so much.
  6. Thats no joke. Thanks for your time, and here's what happened. I am definitely hearing and feeling the starter solenoid, as well as seeing it connect using the continuity meter. One thing is that I am no longer getting 12v from the battery, I am getting 11.8-.9 volts. Actually I am not 100% positive I was ever getting 12+ volts, since I've been checking, I am recalling it always in this range. I doubt that has much of anything to do with it at this point though, because sometimes it starts perfectly, like a brand new bike. What are your thoughts considering everything? This is stunning to me, but every time I did this I got the usual 11.9 - 11.8 volts through the solenoid, and when I touched the starter cable to it, voltage stayed and the bike started. Twenty times. Ready for this one - very confusing to me.? When I did this, yes, I got voltage from one side to the other, even with a no start. In addition, while holding down the start button, at the same instance when I had voltage between the two terminals, I had zero between the starter terminal and ground, or the starter terminal and the battery negative.... seems tome that there is no voltage being transferred through the solenoid I am not sure that I understand how I get voltage from one terminal to the other across the solenoid. I was under the impression that I needed to go from hot to ground to measure voltage. So I tried some things again, hopefully not to muddy the waters.... Starter cable disconnected - voltage across the two terminals, and voltage from starter terminal to battery negative. Twenty times Jump the starter cable to the starter terminal - starts ... twenty times. Connect the starter cable to the terminal, no start, no voltage between the terminals, no voltage from starter terminal to ground or to battery negative. Jump the two terminals and it starts... every time. Like a champ. This has me completely turned around.... hopefully something here makes sense. The only thing I can think of is this: is 11.9-11.8 volts not enough to start it "sometimes" through the starter solenoid? But then why would it be different after 10 pushes of the start switch ... or two pushes ... or twenty? So I hooked up my jump starter to the battery, let it charge for 5 minutes, but still got the start/no start condition. Exactly the same. I don't know if that means anything. **** EDIT --> Took the battery to be tested and they told me it is fine, just needed a little charge. Thanks again and as always, Mike
  7. You guys have all been great, I appreciate it ... but I am beginning to think I am one step away from setting the bike on fire. So, here where I stand, maybe someone will see what I am missing. I bought a new starter relay and got it installed, but pretty much the same thing is happening. A good solid click, but starter not turning. I have the lower fairings off to try and get to the starter connections, but you probably know that not possible unless I commit to taking out the radiator etc. So I thought I'd start from the top again. Battery terminals are clean, and connections are tight. Key on, hit the start switch, and *if* it doesn't start, I get the good solid click (new relay) Key on, jump the relay direct to the starter lead and it starts. Over a dozen time. Like a champ. Put the starter relay back in ... same problem. Take the starter relay out and connect it to the battery and check for continuity. Perfect 0.2-0.0 ohms. Put the starter relay in hook up the hot but NOT the starter lead. Click = 12v through the relay to the starter led terminal - literally more than 50 times. (So frustrated I counted 50). Connect the starter lead back to where it lives on the starter relay hit the starter switch - bike starts and starts and starts, then it doesn't. I never let go of the start switch, hd a good solid click, but now no voltage coming out to the starter lead. Then it starts a time or two, Noting changed, didn't touch shifter, kickstand, ignition switch, just used the kill switch. Try again - push the start button, good solid click, no voltage coming out of the relay. Take the relay out and do the continuity test again ... and again .. and again ... Perfect every time. Hook it back up and get the click and no start again ... no voltage out of the relay to the starter feed. The previous troubleshooting step involved the starting circuit cut off relay, which is maybe 2 years old, and I am pretty sure I tested it OK. The next steps involve the main start switch and the engine stop and neutral switches etc... I cannot believe it is any of those because I have had multiple instances of the bike starting then not starting and no voltage through the relay, even though I hear it pull in. The relay wouldn't pull in if there were a problem with those switches correct? Pulls in every time that I recall, every time. Then sometimes no voltage through the relay. Seems like a bad relay, right? BUT this is a NEW OEM relay, and its doing the same thing the old one was doing, so I doubt it's a bad relay, it would have to be a new one, defective the same way as the old one??? That can't happen, but I don't know what else to do.
  8. Hi again.... hopefully this bumps back up. So Things were no better and no worse, but life got in the way, and I'm just getting back to this. Bottom line is, with no clicks .. and then sometimes a click but no start, I got a replacement relay, and put that in. Now I pretty much have it clicking reliably, but then there's nothing else. So, I guess I'm looking for advice again... before I set it on fire. I guess the starter is next, correct? Why would it not turn over ... and then after a click or three or maybe 10 (seriously) it starts? Sorry ... I'm just easily frustrated I guess. Thank you all Mike
  9. Thanks .. but no. Unfortunately I'm in Rhode Island.
  10. You are too kind, but it's just what I needed. Thanks for the quick reply, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon!
  11. Ok ..I'm replying so everyone know when I ask for help, just how much help I really need. Anyway.... yeah... did you know that ALL the power for everything goes through the starter relay first.... Once I put the relay back in everything works..... So, sorry about that last post. My fault. Guess I know now. Sorry guys...
  12. Sorry guys, it's me again .... the forum problem child! Anyway, while working on my clicky-no-starty issue, I was checking out the starter relay. I had forgotten to disconnect the battery, and got a small quick spark when I grounded out the top right hand bolt on the starter relay. Now I have no power, no radio, no neutral lights, no dash lights... nothing. The two 30 amp fuses in the starter relay ring out, and look fine, as does every fuse in the fuse box under the left side cover. Battery is fine. The bike was starting and running just before I began working on it. I could use some advice please. Super frustrated so I apologize if it comes through the post. I know the bike is 14 years old but only 50k on it. I just cant believe the small issues I'm having.... Is it possibly time for a new bike? This is certainly no fun!! TIA
  13. Hi all, Hope you're all safe from the COVID's.... Any thread or advice on taking the starter switch block apart to clean the starter switch contacts? I think I might have to do that... ... if I ever get a free minute! Thanks Mike
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