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  1. Thank you for everything you do
  2. Thank you....... we are on a cruise, so spent part of the day in Dunedin New Zealand. Brrrrr, a cold day. Planning to have a nice dinner at the on board restaurant to finish my day 😊
  3. Hi to all our Dear friends at VR.Org I know I haven't posted in here for the longest time.....but the past 12 months or so haven't been good to me. My PTSD has been pretty bad, and aggrevated by an accident I had last June. Had to take evasive action to prevent hitting riders when traffic conditions suddenly changed in front of me!! My body faired a bit better than my trike, but it is all repaired now and back on the road. Took the opportunity to change the colour from blue/black to Sedona Orange and black. Sometimes life and family seem to take over a little and things go by the by, and you just try to function and take one day at a time. (Have kept up with some of you via FB In that space of time have also lost friends to the dreaded cancer. At the end of last year we decided there would be one last big holiday.....so we leave soon to go on a cruise to New Zealand, Tahiti, Hawaii....and leave the cruise in L.A. 4th May. We will be in the States for a shorter stay, so won't get to see too many of you but will catch up with some Venture Rider family. States we will be in are: Utah, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana and Texas. Just wish we had more time to see more of you!! Ya'll keep drawing us back
  4. Our very best to him, and our Prayers The Aussies
  5. Cannot take this in ...... So totally in shock Dan and I had been sharing messages, and photo’s of the new trike over the past week, he was so excited about finding one at last. My heart goes out to Patsy and the family
  6. We enjoyed meeting videoarizona and his lovely wife Pat today. They were kind enough to bring us a goodie bag of products from around here in Tucson. They then took us to dinner, where we enjoyed great conversation, and a nice Mexican meal. Love meeting new Venture Riders 👍
  7. Alan and I spent a nice time with Utadventure (David) and his lovely wife, Jan. Was great to catch up with them, and our other friends in Salt Lake City. Friends, Susan and Don once again extended a kind invitation for us to use their condo in Las Vegas, and so we spent three nights in Vegas.....Boy it's grown since we were there last ! Today we travelled to Tucson, Arizona...and its hot! When we passed through Phoenix it was 115F Tomorrow we are planning to spend some time with a VR member, videoarizona, and his lovely wife. Then we head toward Texas........
  8. Sincere condolences to Patsy and your family, from Alan and I
  9. Congratulations to you and Shirley. Now to sort the packing
  10. We met up with Patti and Don yesterday afternoon in their RV park at Island Park, Idaho. Today we had a very enjoyable day with them touring through the top section of Yellowstone National Park. We have plans to meet for breakfast tomorrow, then off to spend the day together
  11. We left Sturgis, and headed for Casper, WY for an overnight stay. Today we arrived in St Anthony, ID and we are here for five days. We are catching up with B2mom and B2dad, who are going to be up the road in an RV park near West Yellowstone in a couple of days. The drive through the Teton National park was great, and the traffic and tourists in Jackson Hole was amazing....looked like New York !!
  12. We've enjoyed our two days here in Sturgis. There have been a few changes since our first visit in 2011. We drove up to the Crazy Horse monument today to look at the progress since our last visit. Then a call in to Black Hills H-D for a look see. Finished our day back in Sturgis with dinner and drinks at the Knuckle Saloon. Tomorrow we head to Wyoming.
  13. Hope to see some of the folks at the root beer stand in Oglesby today. Cell phone number is 570-424-2074
  14. Bongobobby and Becky, then Taters and Big Tom, top left is Bodner ( Kenneth) right side of table is Aussie Annie, Amy ( Frogger) and Tom Ploetz
  15. We enjoyed getting together with some of the VR folks for dinner at Chanderson's tonight
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