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  1. Do you still need this ? I have been off the site for a while due to "life". But I can look to see if I still have one
  2. I left you twirling in the wind. I still have one on one of my 84's. I just sold one off of the other one and it worked fine for him. If you still need one, I sent you a PM with my phone number in it. Sorry for the delay, life has been really crazy this year.. Bill
  3. If you need it I pulled the whole unit off of one of the MKI's
  4. I have 4 bikes, two MKI's (less parts left) and two MKIIs (87&88) . I need to get rid of them all since my "storage location" now has a new "landlord", and my son says all bikes/parts must go ! I guess they don't fit into the new landscape model he wants... Trying to sell the whole lot locally, but would be willing, if not a big hassle to remove and ship, to let some individual parts go. Too many parts to list. KIC/Bill Tucson. AZ 520-9 0 9-5 9 7 9
  5. I have 4 parts bikes I am ready to get rid of, 2 are 83-85... post a picture of you exactly need and I will look at what is left on mine. We can also cross reference to see if any of the 86 and/or 87 parts I have will work. I think the master cylinders should be he same... I also have complete calipers Bill
  6. Hey, who are you calling a lop eared varmint ?? I resemble that comment !! I would love to meet you.. Proving that PUC and Sasquatch really exist are two of my bucket list items. Of course Sasquatch was listed as the easiest to accomplish. I am in Alabama until Wednesday.. but if yo come back to the Southwest in the winter, Dave and I could take a ride ( we ride year around since we keep ice in the freezer where it belongs) and meet up with you. Come to think of it.. I've seen pictures... maybe i can knock off the Sasquatch item at teh same time... hmmmmm..
  7. Brian, I remember your accident well. Boy, it seems like last week. I sadly sold my 89 in Feb when I bought my Stratoliner. I had also inherited my son-in-law's 86 Venture that we bought from 1Rooster several years ago. After my son-in-law passed away last July my daughter just couldn't part with his Venure and asked me to keep it running for the girls to ride. I couldn't keep all 3 bikes so I kept his 86 and the Strat. My wife asks why I don't ride as much now, and I just answer that life gets in the way. I do ride, my 3 & 6 year old Grand Princesses LOVE riding on the bikes. We just
  8. I just found that this was posted in another thread..
  9. So it looks like Puck has relatives that like the Venture too...
  10. I too am shocked at this turn of events. When i joined Dan made me feel welcomed. We sparred at times and he helped me many times with answers to my questions.. As all others here have stated, he will be missed. RIP Yammer... Ride the skies..
  11. Anybody ever go darkside with a mid 2000 ( 2006) Stratoliner ? Just bought one with a new tire on it, but looking into the future since I hear they are rough on rear tires.
  12. So I flew to Oklahoma and picked up my 06 Stratoliner. Sold my 89 baby though in the process. Came with Cobra pipes and a Mustang seat. Also have the originals of those. I still have my son-in-laws 86 that I will start working on to upgrade/repair a few issues it has. New chapter in riding for me ......
  13. That's a very rare Yamabird 100. Only several known to still exist in the Southwest. Taste like gassy chicken. Must be boiled
  14. IT GOES AND GOES AND GOES... Mine started to leak so bad it made a Harley look like it was potty trained. I think my main mess of a leak was the Air filter box inlets. The round tops inside the box. They seamed to be leaking down to the left side. I sold it before I could attack it. I am sure I will be dealing with that issue on my daughter's 86. So practice up David .. I need an expert.. By the way: 7 days and counting until I fly to Oklahoma to pick up my Stratoliner....
  15. Thanks guys.. I have a guy coming in from Phoenix tomorrow.. I will show him this info. I have to work early in the morning so I didn't want to tear it apart and then have to hand him a torn apart piece. We'll see how it goes. Guess I will probably knock off a hundred bucks to deal with it. I am running into crunch time on getting the money together for the Stratoliner.
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