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  1. Hi All, I was contacted today by a guy who is broke down in Mexico. It seems maybe his CPU went out. I am going to go to my parts bike to see if I have one. He ask me to get ahold of PUC, who seems to now be an expired member. If anyone knows how to contact PUC or would like to text/help him with repair/test ideas you can text Matt at 406-880-2921. I do not know him personally bit he lives in Northern AZ and we have communicated over texts in the past over parts before his road trip. Bill
  2. So I finalized the sale of my late son-in-law's 86 Royale. The last of my running Ventures.. Now I just have 4 parts bikes to try to salvage what I can to help keep other's bikes on the road before I have to dispose of those.. For some reason I see another Venture in my future at some point... For those who remember, this was Red Rooster's bike I helped buy for my son-in-law about 5 years ago
  3. I have a couple if you ever need another one..
  4. PUC you ol' mile buster, how are you ? Long time no chat.
  5. Thank you for the input...... All I want is both...lol... not looking at any get rich quick scheme and in the Get rid of the "stuff" and put some money into my bike fund for future tires, maintenance etc. I would rather all this go on some bikes to keep them all going, I also have $$ invested in rescuing these bikes from the scrap yards. Again, the $$ goes into my bike. Thanks for the insight .. Also I have 2 full sets of matching keys/ bag locks/gas cap/ignition .. Again looking for a fair price ... FYI.. I have "given away" more part then ever sold off of these bikes only asking for actual shipping costs ( which most have covered, some didn't)
  6. Hi All I am getting rid of my parts bikes and I have somebody interested in the two bags, crash bars and the dashboard off of my 87 .. I want to be fair, but all the $$$ goes to my bike fund for maintenance etc. What would be a fair amount for these items ?? ( Dove not included )
  7. They definitely have the power. My son loves mine and you know how the young ones are on power and speed. I am going to try the Darkside in a short while since my tire will soon need replacing. The only PIA on these are the oil changes.. 3 ..count them 3 oil plugs and two are are real pain to change ..
  8. Helllloooooooooo Helllooooooooo...... hello......hello... hello...... Anybody out there ...?? out there....out there....out there ... ?? So quiet... maybe I should have bought a Harley ... 😄
  9. Just wondering if anybody else has a Liner ? I will be selling my last Venture, my 86 that I inherited from my son-in-law's passing. We bought it from Red Rooster some years ago. I still have my 2006 Roadliner and just renewed my membership here. Hoping to maybe start a Liner thread .. C'mon any more 1900 113 CI monster bikes out there.. ?
  10. Do you still need this ? I have been off the site for a while due to "life". But I can look to see if I still have one
  11. I left you twirling in the wind. I still have one on one of my 84's. I just sold one off of the other one and it worked fine for him. If you still need one, I sent you a PM with my phone number in it. Sorry for the delay, life has been really crazy this year.. Bill
  12. If you need it I pulled the whole unit off of one of the MKI's
  13. I have 4 bikes, two MKI's (less parts left) and two MKIIs (87&88) . I need to get rid of them all since my "storage location" now has a new "landlord", and my son says all bikes/parts must go ! I guess they don't fit into the new landscape model he wants... Trying to sell the whole lot locally, but would be willing, if not a big hassle to remove and ship, to let some individual parts go. Too many parts to list. KIC/Bill Tucson. AZ 520-9 0 9-5 9 7 9
  14. I have 4 parts bikes I am ready to get rid of, 2 are 83-85... post a picture of you exactly need and I will look at what is left on mine. We can also cross reference to see if any of the 86 and/or 87 parts I have will work. I think the master cylinders should be he same... I also have complete calipers Bill
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