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  1. I received my 86 Venture for a christmas present from my family. I have been able to get rid of that rust in the gas tank, rebuild the carbs,now I am on my exhaust. The collector needed to have the baffles taken out. I was successful but the pipes are all rusted. The welder doesn't think he can fix them. I would like to buy a collector that is not all rusted out. Thanks Tom
  2. At the risk of beating a dead horse for you members, I have a couple questions. First, does the fairing come off in one piece. I've removed the luggage, side trim, left and right tops off the upper, the lowers and the trim around the head light. I can see several mounting bolts, but can't determine if the head light as well as all the wiring and the instrument panel will stay with the bike. Not much room in there for my big hands to start undoing plugs etc. Second one concerns the replacing the collector. Do you have to drop the entire exhaust? Whats the secret hand shake for getting the two
  3. I got my used collector today in the mail. $90.00 shipped from cyclepsycho.com It needs the tabs for the front mount rewelded, but it looks to be in good shape otherwise. Should I paint it with a anti rust paint or something. Before I install it? I also have to snug up one of the rear exhaust pipes, cause it can be wiggled a little.
  4. For anyone who followed the thread, my 87 was making some crazy exhaust noise that caused me to remove and inspect the collector, the mufflers and the pipes several times. The issue was resolved when I replaced a seemingly healthy collector. I took the problem collector and cut it apart to see what was inside and what caused the problem. Lemme tell ya. A healthy collector would be very tough to get apart without destroying it. Using a die grinder with a cutoff wheel, I first cut along the perimeter of the bottom side hoping to peel away the skin with no luck. I was trying not to
  5. For anyone who followed the thread, my 87 was making some crazy exhaust noise that caused me to remove and inspect the collector, the mufflers and the pipes several times. The issue was resolved when I replaced a seemingly healthy collector. I took the problem collector and cut it apart to see what was inside and what caused the problem. Lemme tell ya. A healthy collector would be very tough to get apart without destroying it. Using a die grinder with a cutoff wheel, I first cut along the perimeter of the bottom side hoping to peel away the skin with no luck. I was trying not to
  6. Been round and round with this exhaust problem. The good news is that now that I've had it apart 3 times, and have lubed the pipes and collector with a hi temp never seize, it all comes apart and goes together quickly. I pulled it all apart to get the closest inspection of the collector. I was sure there would be some visible signs of failure, but there's not. Externally it looks great. No cracks, all metal seems solid, but put it back together paying special attention to all gaskets and connections, and she still has "the sound" .....you know...the "hotrod" sound. I'm out of opti
  7. I posted a week or two ago that I was having muffler issues with my 87 standard. I was getting significant flow from the drain hole at the inlet of the muffler on the left side. I found a replacement muffler, put it on, and while the tone changed, it still has the "hot rod" sound. As cool as it sounds, it's not the sound I was looking for. This problem started after loading / unloading the bike on a trailer, after I noticed that the bike hit pretty hard on the trailer when the back tire dropped down onto the ramp. I'm now figuring that the topside of the collector has gotta be c
  8. My parents have an old J.C. Higgens cooler that was bought in the early 50s. Does anyone know if it has any collector value? What it may be worth? I searched all of Craigs list and ebay but could not find one similar.
  9. OK so it was bound to happen. My 88 collector, which had been repaired by the PO rotted out at the weld. I have it all unbolted and I have the new(used) one ready to go in. BUT....How can I get the front headers off without removing the rad etc. From this thread it looks like I should be able to. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1002 But I don't see how it's possible. it doesn't look like you can move the header far enough forward to get it out because the rad is in the way...and I can't move the rad without draining it because the lower hose is too restrict
  10. My Mark's exhaust collector is here. Hopefully a little bit more horsepower in it. Nice construction, stainless steel. Needs some polishing. Good communication from Mark, a little delay in getting it due to his workload. He made it and sent it to me, before he asked for payment. His email address is markmcpipe@gmail.com Collector was $321.49 and $14.90 shipping. Gary
  11. I am going to need to cut open my best collector after the spare I had on my bike had the output pipe on the right muffler break off. I took my other collector off last fall because it was rattling bad. My question is, if I take the center wall out that seperates the two sides, will it make the bike louder? I have had a set of Jardines on the bike for about ten years and really don't want the bike to be any louder. In the tech write up, it does state that it opens up the bike a little, like putting a crossover pipe behind a set of headers on a car. Suggestions appreciated. RandyA
  12. Posting this simply as a problem solved. Others will have this issue and hopefully they will find this thread in a search, and it might help. 1st Gen VRs sometimes suffer from exhaust rattles. The noise is internal and frequently caused by a deteriorating baffle in the collector. Ever since I have had this bike it has suffered from a rattle which isn't evident in a cold engine, but soon makes its presence felt as the bike warms up. At best it is annoying, but now it is fixed. Sometime ago I had the exhaust off to have the collector repaired. It needed new stubs making and welding on a
  13. barend


    Any way to fix a small leak in the top forward right side of the collector without having to drop the entire system????
  14. I am having a very noticeable rattle under the bike and I am trying to determine if it is a loose baffle. I have another collector that I had a sleeve welded on where one of the pipe connections had broke off and when I look into the muffler tube hole I can see what looks like a baffle. When I stick a foot long rod in and peck on the baffle, it is solid. When I pulled the right muffler off, where the knock seems loudest, and did the same thing on the collector on the bike, it also seems to be mounted solid. It there another baffle in there that I am not seeing or feeling that could be loose?
  15. Back in 2006 someone posted a link to an aftermarket 4 to 2 exaust collector without the "will break off baffle" for the first gens. this is that link-- http://markspipe.com/index.htm and I couldn't find anything about it! Besides cutting it open and re-welding it, does anyone know if this aftermarket collector is still made? Thanks Bill, P.S. glad you got your phone dried off Dano, kind of fitting RICE helped recover a Jap phone!
  16. Hi ... I have my collector box off. Contrary to popular wisdom, removing it was quite quick and easy, no doubt helped by one of the front header stubs being completely fractured. I thought the collector had the infamous rattle, but apparently not, when I shake it, it's silent. So ... I need to get the stub weded back on, and a couple of small cracks closed up, which will be easy enough. My question is about gaskets. There are six, and they are expensive. There are two part numbers 3JJ-14653 and 3JJ-14623. Boats.net lists them separately at $15.72 and $25.85 respectively.
  17. On my way to Marcarl's this spring, I ran over something that did a job on my exhaust collector (on the highway at 70mph). Ended up with two fairly large holes on the botom, one with a large dent. Carl tried a patch but that did not hold. I tried more patching with some muffler cement and again, the heat and pressure blew holes in the patch areas. Any reason why I can't weld a patch in place? How important is it to try to straighten out the indent before patching? All comments appreciated!
  18. Hi Well since last yr when I would start my 83 VR I got a loud rattle from down under the bike. So today I took off the exhaust collector. I think it came off in a fare amount of time about 30 mins, So I made 3 cuts and folded the flap open. took out the screen that was loose. Now hears where Im not sure about something. On the inside there is a layer of screen that is tight to the skin or the top of the collector. It dosent feel or look loose can I leave it and weld the collector back up? Or should I try to get it all out? Also should I drill holes in the corners that I cut to stop any
  19. I got the collector off, cut it open and removed a bunch of loose baffling, also noticed that the left side exit pipe had a crack where it is welded to the collector body, the crack was about 3/4 of the way around. I took it to a local welder, he fixed the crack and welded a new stainless steel plate over the opening, and also rewelded all of the tacks that hold on the chrome covers. $30, not too bad! Also decided to remove the airbox, clean the oil out of it, and remove the breather tubes. I used a rubber tube with a 90 degree bend off of the "twinkie" so the hose exits to the side with
  20. Never again will i remove an exhaust collector from a MKII. finally after TWO years of dealing with "life", i got back to my 86vr. lost my "religion", 14 times, before i got the blamed thing off! NOW! if you haven't had your MKII collector off, you might need to do a double check. mine has rusted out/through, about 3/4 of the circumference on ALL 4 exit pipes.only option is to take it to work and fabricate all new connections. one good thing!!!!!! my baffles are all still good! lol just jt
  21. I'm working with a local custom exhaust shop on a collector replacement. It will be two pieces, one for the front/rear left cylinder banks, and another for F/R right cylinders. The original collector acts as a crossover for all cylinders, would my system cause any tuning issues? I will post info and pics as we progress. Thanks, Briley.
  22. Just got off the phone with Mark, builder of the after-market collector for the VR, and what an awesome guy. It is apparent this guy knows his way around the Yamaha V engines and was a heck of a conversationalist as well. I should have a new collector for my bike within three weeks and then the madness begins bbaaawwaahhahhhaaaa ,,,cough cough cough
  23. I just recieved my collector plates from ICBC for my 86 Venture. now I basically get to ride the same way and same places for 1/4 the cost of insurance Ya baby:thumbsup:
  24. Well we are trying to get the engine out of my 84 so that we can fix 2nd gear. Right now the problem is that we cannot get the pipes to separate from the collector. Tail pipes are off but the front and rear exhaust pipes just will not come loose. Afraid of breaking the collector and it appears to be in good shape. Any ideas? Is there a trick? I already broke one of the bolts trying to loosen the clamp on one of them. (gonna be looking for a clamp probably) At least that clamp is loose now. :-)
  25. Just put the collector back on the bike last night from the repair, just had to fire it up without the mufflers....... it was 11:30 PM, inside the garage.......thought I had my sons small block Camaro in there with headers only! Skip 12 hours till today, was getting ready to re-hang the mufflers when I decided to run up and get gas first. WHAT AN EYE-OPENER! First , the local neighborhood Harley guys are now EXTREMELY jealous! You know, the ones who run straight pipes and think their stuff sounds good. Let me tell you, they don't hold a candle to a Yammy V4 with the open collector! As fa
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