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  1. My '84 VR has turn signals and emergency flashers that work about 1/2 the time. Before I start tearing things apart, is this a common issue with the self cancelling feature on the signals? When the t/s won't work, neither will the 4-way flashers. The handlebar switch works freely. Anybody? Thanks
  2. I have a Sebring 2002 LXI that had the issue on the timing chain 2 years ago and make the engine to stop working. Since I had health issues, I had never the money to decide between fix it or replace it for another one. Today they ask me around 4800$ for the total replacement of the engine with 5 years warranty from Jasper, or I have as option a good deal on a Saturn Aura XR 2007 with 125000 miles for 5500$, and as far as I can see only some rust in the hood latch internally, that I was checking and it is a normal issue. Did somebody has any experience with Jasper or Saturn that can help me to decide what to do? Thanks in advance for any opinion about it. calperin
  3. Here is the article which was recently discussed here regarding the use of car tires on a motorcycle. Though it did cause some of the typical bickering, I know that some were not able to read it. Please take it for what it is, an opinion. You don't have to agree with it but part of a discussion forum is actually....discussion. http://www.venturerider.org/darkside/darkside.pdf Thanks to Rick Butler for sending me the article. Remember folks. If your mind is already made up then that is fine but those whose minds are NOT made up certainly deserve to hear both sides of the issue.
  4. I would like to order some risers inserts from Baron's as most of you seem to prefer those. But I've notice that most of you who have posted on this issue are over 6' tall, and I'm only 5' 7" so I'm really not sure what size risers to order. Any suggestions?
  5. Seems like a standup guy to me.
  6. I have an issue with my '86 that I believe is either the TCI or a Pickup coil. What I'm looking for is a know good TCI to borrow to troubleshoot my bike. I dont want to necessarily buy it, but borrow it to see if my issue goes away. If someone has a good TCI from an '86 to an '89 and is willing to let me borrow it for a week, I'd love to chat with you. I'll obviously pay for shipping both ways, if someone can help me out please PM me....Thanks
  7. No problem, I have Firefox and Chrome as well, but Windows installed an update last night and now IE opens but never finds my home page. It still works fine internally but I can't get onto the internet with it. I use IE as default. Anyone else having this issue???
  8. My fuel pump won't run on it's own. Does fine when wired direct, but won't run in the circuit. The positive wire has momentary power when I turn the key on with the pump disconnected. So where might be my issue. It actually left me stuck just one block away from home tonight.... not nice, although it sure was quiet riding it downhill for about half the distance.
  9. I have Win Vista Home Premium installed on my PC which is a Acer Aspire M5200. It says I have Phenom™ 9550 quad core processor 2.2 Ghz 64 bit I use Google Chrome mostly but also have IE 9.0.3 64 bit edition Here's the problems I'm having. Lately it wants to "Scandisk" about every 2nd or 3rd time I boot up. PLUS, I believe this is a 2nd unrelated issue.....windows update tries to update but fails everytime...then has to undo and reset and it sometimes takes me 15 min just to turn the darn thing on!!!!! Any suggestions?
  10. I just talked to my insurance agent (Allstate) and she told me that the bike wouldn't be covered when we tow a trail. Has anyone else had this issue?
  11. Hello all, new to the forum and the cruiser world. I have been riding crotch rockets for all my life, but due to recent surgeries that is now over, and I can't be any happier. I MUST ride, I love it to death, and I am so happy to have a big ol cruiser now. It's a world of difference in comfort and style. Freebird said I shouldn't disclose my age though. I am now the proud owner of a 1996 RSTD. Got it for a great deal and the bike is flawless. But I have encountered an issue. I have been searching the forum and believe I have come to the r/r connections, but I just cleaned them and I am having the same issue. The problem I am having is that on occasion when I started the bike, the speedometer would bounce around and lights on the cluster would flash while revving it up in neutral, but would run at idle like the electricity is dying. From my previous ownership of bikes, I immediately ran out and bought a battery, charged it, slapped it in and same issue. Then listening closely every time I would cycle the key, I would hear the main relay, kind of "fizz" if you will. Searched the forums again, and determined that I needed to clean all the battery/ground connections. Did so, still same issue. So then I bought a new main relay, and replaced it. and everything was awesome for about 4-5 days, now the same issue. Every time I did something I could ride the bike for a day or 2 and then my little gremlin came back. Now I cannot ride it at all. . So anyone have an idea, I'd love to hear it. I have attached an image of my new love, also have attached a picture of my exhaust, anyone have any clue what type of pipes these are? The PO put them on, and I bought it from a dealership.
  12. I have to adjust the cable until I hear the relay click, then I can start it. Sometimes it will even have issues immediately if it dies suddenly after starting. I have to go back and do it again. I was having issues getting it started the other day. Not sure if I couldn't hear the click since the battery was low, maybe not enough voltage for the relay. Hoping that's the only issue. But I would like to ride it again. Planning on taking the trip down to Yellowstone before I move. Pretty much the whole reason I bought it, plus I only paid $1000.
  13. Looks like I found us another good vendor. I ordered 2 baron style lenses, cost:$2.95 each plus shipping for a total of $11.90. I did this on April 21 2012. Order received today, no additional shipping, nothing extra but then I noticed on the shipping envelope that the cost of shipping came to $12.90. Now it cost them more to ship those 2 little lenses than what I paid for the whole issue. Yes,,, it took a while, about 4 weeks,,,, I'm not surprised, they're getting harder to find. Thanks goes out to: Outdoors in Motion, Rutland VT http://www.outdoors-in-motion.com/index.htm
  14. Well, fork seals... non issue... those will be fixed in time... just need to make sure I got oil with me. But... heres current... pressing issue, current today. Bike idles fine. she'll idle 900-1000K ok. After getting warmed up tho, really well... the idle likes to stick high, 2K area. Today she stuck at 2500, I turn the engine off, turn the engine back on, she starts up and idles around 1, 1.2K What gives? Also happen to get crappier MPG now -.-' 29-31... before it was 35 average right up until we had to garage her this year. We've replaced the caps. I got cracked intake manifolds tho... I can probably clean the K&N AF. Could it be the Ignitech TCI?
  15. Has there been a certified "fix" for the Royal Star Whine? I understand some have worse than others. Later models seem to have it better. Synthetic oil helps. But has there been a source identified (clutch basket is thought to be the cause) and a fix? Saw this in an earlier thread: After 3 trips to my local dealership to see about an I-basket swap, the dealership felt it was a final drive (rear end) issue and not a clutch issue. Two trips and a call to Yamaha yielded that there was a "message" out about improperly installed spacers in the final drive housing. Mine was found to have this issue. The tech pulled mine apart, found the grommets that hold the spacers were not seated correctly, liberally lubed everything and put it all back together. I have only been riding it for about 150 miles since the "fix", but so far all the whine and chirp is gone. Wondering if there was something to this.... Needless to say, my 2006 has the whine bad. Pretty much whines in all gears if there is a load of any kind on the motor. Love the bike EXCEPT for this. It's something I don't want to live with...might have to get a different bike if I can't come up with a solution.
  16. Every so often the oil warning (bottom left) symbol comes on. It stays on for a while, then goes off. Sometimes it does it a couple of times in a row, then goes off. No particular pattern. There is plenty of oil in the sight window. I do know how to check it. Oil can be new or old. Driving fast or slow. Short haul or long haul. Level or hill. Once it goes off I may not see it again for weeks. The rest of my computer is working. I have two theories based on the best source - near total ignorance. Some kind of electrical connection issue working up on me, or an actual issue with the sensor/sendor. My understanding is this isn't an oil pressure sensor, but something else. What else I don't know. It works like my toilet bowl for all I know. Any clues or suggestions you can send my way much appreciated. Thanks Tom
  17. Hi all! Just bought myself an 85 Venture xvz12! I'm now in the process of fixing some of the issues it has. The biggest one is the CMS doesn't seem to work! The rest of the gauges seem to be ok except the RPM gauge is intermittent. Nothing at all shows on the lcd. I've tried replacing the 15A fuse but same issue. I have read about the CMS needing to be resoldered but all the posts I've read have some function! Mine has none!! Suggestions?
  18. Posting this simply as a problem solved. Others will have this issue and hopefully they will find this thread in a search, and it might help. 1st Gen VRs sometimes suffer from exhaust rattles. The noise is internal and frequently caused by a deteriorating baffle in the collector. Ever since I have had this bike it has suffered from a rattle which isn't evident in a cold engine, but soon makes its presence felt as the bike warms up. At best it is annoying, but now it is fixed. Sometime ago I had the exhaust off to have the collector repaired. It needed new stubs making and welding on and this was done. At the same time I cut open the collector to fix the baffle. To my surprise it was undamaged, so the hole was simply closed up again. More recently I have had an issue with cylinder #2 firing when it wanted to. This too is fixed. New Plugs, Wires and Caps took care of it. I still had the noise and something else unusual. The front downpipe on the right was heating up much faster than the one on the left (#2). That wasn't right. Cylinder #2 was firing correctly so it had to be another issue. Then I realised that those downpipes are "double-walled". What if there was a break internally. Here is what I found: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/DSCN0277.jpg And another view of same: http://i1092.photobucket.com/albums/i418/twigg2324/1986%20Yamaha%20Venture%20Royale/DSCN0279.jpg Note the break that extends almost the whole way around the internal pipe. Newish downpipe from eBay demonstrated two differences .... Firstly, it had no break, so a good sign Also, the new pipe had a thin but unbroken layer of carbon completely coating the inside. This is normal. As you can see from the pictures the carbon layer is broken, and feathers towards the crack. There was some serious upset in the gas-flow in this pipe, and could be the equivalent of an exhaust hole causing lean condition and an idle that could be reluctant to fall to normal when the motor was very hot. So ... All bolted up, engine running quietly and smoothly, and no rattles. Hope this helps.
  19. Susan found this for me today on ebay, and I figured I better run it by you fellers before buying it. There is precious little info like dimensions, etc. but the price is right, and it is stainless, so no issue with cheap chrome. I'd rather have the Yamaha part, but they are pretty $$$pendy... I DO know the dimensions, by the way, and it looks like it should fit. http://www.ebay.com/itm/260936394379?item=260936394379&viewitem=&sspagename=ADME:X:RTQ:MOTORS:1123&vxp=mtr#ht_4044wt_1185 Thanks for your time. Bert
  20. If you have not had the opportunity to check out Roadrunner Magazine, you don't know what you are missing. It is a publication that is truly dedicated to motorcycle touring with fantastic photography and a great ride map in each issue. They also over VentureRider members a discount so check them out. http://www.rrmotorcycling.com/ Club discount code - vencr5
  21. Before my long trip in april, i am considering replacing my rear shock. Has anyone done this? Do they make a good aftermarket shock. I dont really need an adjustable one, just something that i know wont fail during my long trip. (i started reading about the broken frame issue, and think a new shock might help, since my frame doesnt have a rust issue.). Is there a way to see if my shock is working properly? In the past i have increased the air pressure in the rear shock, just to see it go back to its original pressure and height days later. My bike is not a Royale. I just want some imput, because i know that these are very pricey.
  22. OK, so my '83 has a new noise, I thought maybe the speedo but I pulled the cable and lubed it and it still does it. The "whine" starts pretty much when I start rolling, builds up to a constant level and stays there. It is louder when the bike is cold but still somewhat noticeable when I've ridden 30 miles. Any ideas? I do have an issue with the tach not winding up as it should. It does go up or down but takes about 5 miles to show cruising RPM and will not respond rapidly, even going down, but the thing is electric, so I don't know that would be it??
  23. Found a good size and long crack in my basement cement floor. It's about 1/8 inch wide and 5 feet long. Could be longer when I get to the other side of the wall and replace that carpet also. I plan on using fix-all to fill inthe gap. My questions is, is there something better to fill in the crack or does it even matter. Also I plan on putting DryLok (Home Depot - Masonry WaterProofer) on the cement floor before laying new wood floor and carpet. Is this a good Idea. My wife believes that mold is a health issue that our medical world has not done much research and really is ignoring this issue. There is paint residue from the initial buildng process on the cement floor, but not much. Or will such a waterproofing cause more of a mildue and mold issue. I was thinking that maybe it is better to allow the cement floor to breath. Thanks for your opinion. PS I do not have a water problem in the basement for I'm on a gently sloping piece of property.
  24. OK, I'm new(oob) to this forum so maybe I'm just not adept at searching yet but I'm sure I saw a thread with instructions and part numbers for replacing the shifter segment with a VMax or later model Venture. This is to fix the loose dowel pin issue. Ride safe, Mike
  25. First, This is my first post to Venture Riders. This looks like a great place to be if you ride a Venture or Royal Star. Secondly, I would like to apologize; this post will be a bit long. I have an electrical problem that has me baffled. I have a 1997 RSTD, 31280 miles. Bike runs great, very comfortable, love the look. But it developed an electrical issue. Riding along, the bike died. Other electrical items remain on. Turn the key off then back on, it started right back up. This condition was very random; it may be fine for the rest of the ride or it may die again in an hour or it may die in a mile. After research I believed it was the ignition switch. Everything I read, heard or saw indicated the switch was bad. Since the Yamaha switch ws so expensive, I decided to use a generic switch and duplicate the switch circuit; one hot wire in and 3 power wires out. I built the circuit, replaced the switch, spliced in the wires. Turned the key, had lights, turn signal, horn, CB, fuel pump etc. Hit the starter button, nothing. Pulled in the clutch, nothing. Raised the kickstand, blew the main fuse. Aha, the kick stand switch. Jumped the switch, put in a new fuse, turned the key and blew the main fuse again. Pulled the starter cut out relay, and reading the service manual checked the continuity across the blue/yellow pin and the sky blue pin. The relay appears not to have continuity. There is infinite resistance showing on my meter in both directions. I believe the relay is bad. So is the relay bad and it caused the issue, or is it bad because of the ignition switch issue. OR is the kickstand switch bad and it caused both the stalling problem and the possible dead relay? Again, sorry for the long first post. Thanks in advance for any advice, I really appreciate any help John
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