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  1. does anybody have a set of apes on their RSV 2nd generation or know where to get a set
  2. Does anyone make a Center Stand for the 2nd Generation?
  3. There is a complete 2nd gen trans on ebay right now for about $50. It has everything to fit a 1st gen. It has about 7 hours left. RandyA http://www.ebay.com/itm/09-Yamaha-Royal-Star-Venture-XVZ1300-TRANSMISSION-GEARS-/190656254323?hash=item2c63ff9173&item=190656254323&pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr
  4. Does anyone know what would cause an '87 VR to red line in 2nd gear at 65 mph but not get above 4500rpm and 75 mph in 5th gear. It does sputter a little around 6000 rpm but will recover up to the red line. I normally don't do this to the engine but was trying to blow out the jets in the carbs after 2 cans of Sea Foam run through her this past year. It runs great but just a little slugesh in high gear. Any insight would be great and I just got carbs sync. this weekend. Is this normal? THANKS!!!
  5. I ride with a few other Venture riders and recently we noticed all of our speedometer/oddometers are incorrect. When comparing the speed noted on our speedometers to our GPS units we noted our speedometers. all read out about 8% higher speeds than we were actually riding. we have also confirmed this using mile markers oddometers indicating 10 while mile markers had just passed the 9 mile mark. We have compared with automobile speedometers as well as other Yamaha bikes. Now while this allows a little buffer room, well it did untill we started riding a bit faster to make up the difference, it also racks up phantom miles that erode our resale values. Tire warrentes run out before their time, we change oil more often(not a bad thing) 0 to 50 is really 0 to 46 so we think we are faster than we think we are, but not actually half fast Have any other 2nd gen riders noted this? is it possible to recalibrate the speedometers? Al
  6. I had this posted in the 2nd Gen Tech area, but since time is running out, I am throwing this out to all. I am going to help my friend install Sonic Progressive springs in his 2001 RSV this Thursday. I need to know what to expect. I have done this to my 1st Gen, but want to know what to expect on a 2nd Gen. I hope to complete it in less than 4 hours. I have looked/searched for a thread on the spring installation process and the best I found was a statement on another thread that there were no 2nd Gen installation threads. I put Progressives in my 1st Gen, but the 2nd Gen looks different enough with the newer fork style etc. So, any hints, tips, suggestions or good excuses I can use while working on this bike ? The fairing removal looks challenging, does the fork caps come off using a crescent on the square area right below the air valve ? It looks like once you loosen the 2 fork bracket cinch bolts, they should unscrew. Any and all information will be helpful. I hope to knock this out in around 4 hours. Does that sound reasonable ? Also, how far form the top of forks should the oil be while the tubes are compressed ? How about any spacers on top of the new springs ? Info...I'm begging for info... Bill
  7. What constitutes a 2nd. Gen starter...Is it a starter from a 1300cc bike or is it a starter from a 1999 and beyond? I guess my simplier question could have been what constitutes a 2nd Gen bike? Newbs gotta ask newb questions....
  8. While cleaning block up today, I took some pictures of the 2nd drain plug on the 1st gen blocks. I Don't know if the 2nd gens have a similar 'feature'. On the left side, directly under the middle drive cover there is a 14mm head bolt that goes into block and drains an oil pocket. This pocket appears to serve as a lubrication pool for the middle drive gear. Not very big, maybe about the size of a milk container that I remember from school, half pint I think. This pocket is isolated from draining, so a normal oil change will not drain this oil. Curiously, there is another pocket that is isolated that lays outside of the pocket that has the drain screw It is an 'L' shaped pocket that is below & to the right in the 1st picture. No drain provision for this area though. It would be nice to know what the design intent was for the 2nd outer pocket, and why it is not can't be drained. Gary
  9. Changing 2nd Gen Speakers From what the guys posted last week about the Polk's I ordered two of them and I think they are great sounding! Two Summers ago I changed the stock speakers to Pioneer TS-G10400's the speakers are OK but just not there yet. I then added bass blockers and it helped. now with the blockers added to the new Polk's (front only) Moocho better. The Polk's can handle a little more power (amp in trunk) so combined with the bass blockers it really sounds great even with-out the fairing on the bike. That is the problem with the fronts.. not like the rear on the RSV. (in a pod un-cased) sound much better. So I left the Pioneers in the rear for now. Here are some pics of all 3 speakers OEM SPEAKERS (Junk) Pioneers Much Better Polk's Even Better 107DB400Polk Audio db 400 4" 2-way Speakers 1049.9949.99 Here is all 3 of them top view And side view Now with that being said, here is how you remove and put them in a 2nd Gen..... #1 Remove Fairing. (there is no going in from the front) #2 Remove the gold bracket and the black box (blinker box>?) #3 Remove the Philip's screw for each speaker #4 Start removing the four screws holding the speakers in place.. use a 8mm wrench when you can and a 5/16 deep socket for the hard to get to ones. #5 Now with all the screws removed you start to pry the front bikes grill along with the speaker a part. If adding Polk's you will need to enlarge the (2) inner holes a little bit.. (2 holes that will face the middle of the bike) #6 when adding the new speakers the (inside holes will be placed in-between the plastic as show) NOTE: I did place small pieces of cardboard in-between the metal bracket and the magnet so it Will help NOT to demagnetize the speakers. #8 DONE (replaced everything in reverse order) Now CRANK IT UP! Happy Riding! Jeff Notes: 2-way 4" car speakers polymer/mica composite woofer with butyl rubber surround liquid-cooled, silk/polymer composite 3/4" dome tweeter certified for marine use 2-way crossover network recommended power range: 4-35 watts RMS peak power handling: 105 watts frequency response: 85-22,000 Hz sensitivity: 91 dB top-mount depth: 1-13/16"
  10. TRADE IT FOR A 1st GEN!!!! This thing will show me how many 2nd Gen owners couldn't resist looking!!:rotfl:
  11. I've seen 2 different firing orders listed during a search. 1-3-2-4 and 1-3-4-2. Is 1st and 2nd gen the same? Mine is 2nd gen. Just putting an excel cheat doc together. Tired of rumaging though manual for little stuff.
  12. The 1st thing I need is a trailer hitch for my new to me 2nd gen , new or used is ok . anybody got one . Thom
  13. Hi everyone I am looking for a right side engine guard that the highway peg mounts on if anyone has one I will buy it if it is for sale . Thank you Barry
  14. Dingy stopped over for lunch!! Well, he had a hidden agenda, it seems as he bought the remains of s 2nd gen from a certain Canadian member, and another certain Canadian member brought the parts down to my place! I won't spoil the surprise but I will tell you it's gonna end up being a very nice 2nd gen!! Gary, it was great to see you again my friend, hope you and all the parts made it home OK!!!
  15. Intereted in someone ho has triked their 2nd gen venture. My shoc has started dripping a little oil so i know it is not long before i need to replace it. If you have one let me know. Thanks
  16. i want to thank 2 people on this forum Tazmocycle for the help he gave me fixing my carbs on my 99 RSTD without his help i never would have found my clutch problem and too SkyDoc_17 who helped me find the clutch problem walked me through it and is sending me the disc i need to fix this problem so i can ride my 2nd gen between the 2 of them they have gotten my 2nd gen on the road to a full recovery for many many miles of safe, happy, and fun riding. i also can not leave out the many of you who have responded to my questions as well as others questions and to the aid of other venture riders with valuable information and open invitations to help. Thank You VR.Org members Have a Happy and Safe ride no more of this for me by next week
  17. I have Win Vista Home Premium installed on my PC which is a Acer Aspire M5200. It says I have Phenom™ 9550 quad core processor 2.2 Ghz 64 bit I use Google Chrome mostly but also have IE 9.0.3 64 bit edition Here's the problems I'm having. Lately it wants to "Scandisk" about every 2nd or 3rd time I boot up. PLUS, I believe this is a 2nd unrelated issue.....windows update tries to update but fails everytime...then has to undo and reset and it sometimes takes me 15 min just to turn the darn thing on!!!!! Any suggestions?
  18. Came across an '87 Venture, and I'm toying with the idea of buying it. I would fix it up and then do a cross country trip. My last such trip was in '04 on an '02 Concours. - Is this an OK year for the Venture? - I'm OK with cleaning carbs, etc, but what else should I look out for? - Is 2nd gear a hazard on the 87 model? - Whats an OK price for an average '87 that's been sitting for a few years? - Are tires, parts, and so on reasonably available? Thanks!
  19. where is the ground, for the battier on the 2nd Gens?
  20. This shot was taken by my daughter & her b/f when they were in Nice, France recently. [ATTACH]71541[/ATTACH] (those 2nd gen's are everywhere!)
  21. I have rear running lights which are wired directly to the ACC fuse block thru an illuminated switch. (switch lights when rear lights are on) What I want to accomplish is to add a relay feeding this switch and a 2nd switch for my front running lights. I already have the 2nd illuminated switch mounted on the dash.....now I just need to know how to wire it up! I have this wiring diagram for relays (see attachement) but CAN or should I run 2 switches off one relay? and how would I do it?
  22. Does anyone know of a reverse gear kit for 2nd Gen RSVs?
  23. Has anyone developed a parking brake for a 2nd gen. Now that I have a sidecar, I can't use my kickstand anymore.
  24. I would like to find some stock exhaust pipes for a 2nd Gen in the Vegas area.
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