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  1. My condolences to all his friends and family. I never met the man, but family is family
  2. Noop, now 10 months , and my trailer is still in Kanab Utah:crying: if anyone is interested in it. This is what it looks like, Its a Matrix rover trailer, new wheels, LEDS, Id take 500.00 for it, I paid 1750.00 plus shipping
  3. well, I'm coming up on 7 months since my interruption in life. arms, are what they are going to be. still gaining strength. I tried to get partial disability, but was turned down, for age and not enough. income for 2017. applying for medicaid. still out of work. started the process of re-activating my contractors license with the state. I have to give it some time to see if I'll be able to ride again. ( Hopes are high). just FYI, Joe & some of the boys are going to Nova Scotia this year. ( I'm in the well see mode ) June.
  4. well, I guess, a nice long week, camping, in southwest Georgia, maybe some canoeing, hiking, would also like to be doing it on a bike ( but that will have to wait til next year ) This year I'm taking my wife to Guntersville for a long weekend, and go look at land on the lake. ( possible Build ) we are moving out of Florida.
  5. Insurance paid off the bike, I still had Medical bills to pay, so over half of the recovery fund, went to covering the last of the bills.. I'm slowly gaining strength back. going to re-open on construction company for Jan. of 2018. In the process of paperwork, fingerprints, and background check ( Pass the popcorn ) and a tissue, this is going to take awhile. My buy another bike next year. Goldwing hopefully. I have a question. I see, people move trailers, from house to house here. would I be able to do something like that? My trailer is in Kanab Utah. at the Xray techs. house, where I was 1st taken, after the crash. He offered to house it for me. Joe stated the Coupling was bent, so I'm having one shipped to this gentlemens home in Kanab.. I will contact him soon, to ask if someone can come take it and start a train east. ( Not until spring or summer ) It's cold here in Vero Beach, this morning, I have wooly socks on ( shirts and a Tee shirt ) I am willing to cover fuel for your journeys. Talk to me, is this possible?
  6. Geico, final paid off the bike. we put the monies into savings. and we'll see, what my arms feel like in a year. therapy is over. , I'm finding out what my limitations are., right now, I know if it's going to rain. still can't put too much pressure in both the forward and pulling. My trailer is still sitting in Kanab Utah. I'm driving my truck.mostly with my left hand. My wife retired, a few weeks ago. she'll be 65 on friday, I still have 10 years left. I closed my construction business, & put my Armed guard Licenses on medical leave for two year. I will however, keep my license active/but in-active, and do continuing education. to keep it up to date. I found the little S.O.B, going to school @ Far East University in the philippines. I contacted the school, about the accident he caused while on his granted Field trip to the USA/Grand Canyon. awaiting a reply. my lawyers, is turning into a real meathead. he doesn't think ( after 6 months ) that he wants to pursue my case. Been here, twiddling my thumbs for weeks now. That's it for now. Mike
  7. Hey this is Mike just giving you guys an update on how my arms are recovering. I did three and a half months of intense physical therapy and completed that about two and a half weeks ago. Left-arm as you know had two breaks, and were put back together with screws and some kind of flex band. I have about 97% usage out of my left arm. Right arm is another story. This arm was broken and second locations, basically basically lower arm crushed in 4 places below the elbow and three places broken above the elbow. A specialist from St George Utah worked on my right arm for 7 hours. All the local doctor worked on my left arm for 2 hours at the same time. Now for the bike. It took Geico insurance company for months and 3 weeks to decide to Total the bike. I owed about $3,200 on it. It took them a good 20 days to pay the loan off. The bike shop that did the inspection on it didn't even know that Geico totaled it they contacted me today and I informed them that the bike was totaled. Now here it is since June 22nd when the bike was totaled we still have not yet seen a check. As far as me getting another bike. Because of the way the right arm is healing I doubt very much that I'm going to get back on a bike again. My motorcycle trailer is still sitting in Kanab Utah in a garage. It is for sale I'm asking $700 for it it's a matrix Rover trailer before the trip I put all new tires on it new LED lights new side marker lights it has a swivel hitch Chrome rail across the top. I paid $1,750 for it when I bought it in new. I will not be retrieving it. So if anybody's interested I'll give you the address the registration and title are in side the trailer underneath the spare tire. My dues are good here until June of next year, I'll check in every once in a while see how everybody's doing. And if Florida calls meet and greet well you know I'm going to show up. My decision to stop writing, Well for now is I'm having a hard time gaining strength back in my arms. I know it's going to be a slow go for a long time. And most of you know motorcycling and camping is a passion of mine. I don't know maybe somewhere down the line all surprised myself but for now it's a no-go. Ciao for now. Hope all is well.
  8. went out looking ( just looking) saw this, and like the set up. I just have to wait to see, if Both (I) and the wife would like this. https://www.kawasaki.com/Products/2018-Versys-650-LT#gallery-photos-studio-0
  9. The wife and I are going to wait awhile before deciding what to buy next. I need to make sure my arms heal up right. I have another doctors appointment this coming week. I hope to get release to go back to work for FEMA. and hopefully stay local. My trailer is sitting in a garage in Kanab Utah. I will not be going back for it. (It is FOR SALE ) where she sits. asking 700.00 ( I bought her new for 1800.00 a few years ago) If you're interested, I'll ask the owner of the place where its located. if I can give out his number and address. this is my email: dcijams@gmail.com This is a Matrix Rover Trailer; weight 198 swivel hitch, LED lights, chrome top rack. new tires and rims, including one spare inside. this are 12" tires speed rated for 78 mhp.
  10. more up dates: Insurance group total the bike today. not worth repairing. the trailer is sitting in Kanab Utah, I guess, I'll sell it, for 700.00 bucks. just put new tires and LED lights, its a matrix rover trailer just finished therapy today. I'm going to wait awhile to see, what i'd like to buy next. maybe something in the line of a cross/touring. we will see. [ATTACH=CONFIG]110670[ATTACH=CONFIG]110670[/ATTACH]
  11. more up dates: Insurance group total the bike today. not worth repairing. the trailer is sitting in Kanab Utah, I guess, I'll sell it, for 600.00 bucks. just put new tires and LED lights, its a matrix rover trailer just finished therapy today. I'm going to wait awhile to see, what i'd like to buy next. maybe something in the line of a cross/touring. we will see. [ATTACH=CONFIG]110670
  12. I'm just pissed that I only got 12 days into my 35 day trip to see the western portion of the country. I had/Have plans to finish this trip. but didn't think, it was going to take this long, One to recover and two, to have the bike repaired. now, 3 months and 3 weeks. but the doctor figured 6-8 months on my right arm. I'm now expected to make it in 5 months. but I'm doing all my homework, as therapy requires.https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Kanab,+UT+84741/Zion+National+Park,+Utah/Bryce,+UT/Grand+Teton+National+Park/Yellowstone+National+Park/Missoula/Walla+Walla/New+Pine+Creek/Reno/Hoover+Dam/@40.3327422,-111.8734877,5.14z/data=!4m67!4m66!1m5!1m1!1s0x8734d4210af85b03:0x884e8329a56fd317!2m2!1d-112.5263145!2d37.0474855!1m5!1m1!1s0x80caead08844f8d9:0x7c2e3a15aa3656f5!2m2!1d-113.0263005!2d37.2982022!1m5!1m1!1s0x8735661d424f7aa5:0x2d8a03fa99f95372!2m2!1d-112.1564018!2d37.6739665!1m5!1m1!1s0x0:0xa5a0b88ecc91a337!2m2!1d-110.6817627!2d43.7904282!1m5!1m1!1s0x0:0xaca8f930348fe1bb!2m2!1d-110.588455!2d44.427963!1m10!1m1!1s0x535dcc2a50f367cb:0xe9e31277ca94802e!2m2!1d-113.996586!2d46.8787176!3m4!1m2!1d-116.2434007!2d46.2588054!3s0x54a08a702da6eb7f:0x9382ac3895213989!1m5!1m1!1s0x54a2154ba0d0f73b:0x12c4afcfe71db1d4!2m2!1d-118.3430208!2d46.0645809!1m5!1m1!1s0x54ca283a044f41a3:0xcd0747c238b2af9d!2m2!1d-120.2980281!2d41.9930188!1m5!1m1!1s0x809940ae9292a09d:0x40c5c5ce7438f787!2m2!1d-119.8138027!2d39.5296329!1m5!1m1!1s0x0:0x89d59d0bd29de37!2m2!1d-114.7377325!2d36.0160655!3e0?hl=en https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Hoover+Dam/St.+George,+UT/Kanab,+UT/''/Winslow/Chandler/Hutto/27.6946367,-80.4368678/@33.0893759,-90.6400364,5.73z/data=!4m53!4m52!1m5!1m1!1s0x0:0x89d59d0bd29de37!2m2!1d-114.7377325!2d36.0160655!1m5!1m1!1s0x80ca44d0984939e5:0x531707f2f8a11c1e!2m2!1d-113.5684164!2d37.0965278!1m5!1m1!1s0x8734d4210af85b03:0x884e8329a56fd317!2m2!1d-112.5263145!2d37.0474855!1m5!1m1!1s0x0:0x591a531a916c0ac8!2m2!1d-111.4990853!2d36.997326!1m5!1m1!1s0x872e420b60a443b7:0xc1c851aff51726e8!2m2!1d-110.6973571!2d35.0241873!1m10!1m1!1s0x872a55595c22b693:0x386ce373138cfdf0!2m2!1d-111.8412502!2d33.3061605!3m4!1m2!1d-109.1007588!2d32.7153985!3s0x86d86bd0917cee7f:0xea2936d960e4463d!1m5!1m1!1s0x8644c2b246ec0d49:0xc8455c227b7bf889!2m2!1d-97.5466702!2d30.5426995!1m0!2m2!1b1!2b1!3e0?hl=en damn, japans tourists.
  13. we bought one, a few years ago. right now, I use a paste Joe from WV gave me, ( its for cow udders) to keep soft. it really works well, for scaring
  14. It was Express to me by the doctor here in Vero Beach, that if my right arm heals good and bone is showing improvement over the next year and a half or so, the plate that supports that section of elbow can be removed. Allowing for more flexibility toward a straighter arm. Leaving the rest of the metal in however. As the right arm as you see in the X-ray was broken and crushed in seven places.
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