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  1. Have you looked at some of the universal types like a Givi I think its called
  2. They would have had to been a very good deal for me. 800 miles would have been over 50 gal of gas so $210 round about and 12 hours drive @ oh say $12 an hour (work cheap for the other half) $144 . I guess you did OK hope it wasnt to bad of a trip.
  3. My take on alot of the chrome add ons I have had in the last 5yr or so is it does not last. I have some foot pegs from Kuryakan and about 2 years in chrome was popping all over. My Victory has arm rests and the chrome in spots has small rust. A luggage rack I bought (knock off HD) about a year in at welds was rusting. On the luggage rack over a year ago I wire brushed it, a little scotch brite work and I forgot what I used to treat rust. Something easy like a baking soda mix. Then Krylon rust prevent primer, and black krylon rust prevent paint then clear poly and looks like it did day I painted it over a year later. So my take is powder coat will serve you better than chrome. You may be best to fabricate something up to make you happy.
  4. In the muffler swap. Yes there is a post on here with a template to make what they called "hockey stick" bracket I think. But even easier was I think 3/4" adel electrical clamps off the back HD muffler bolt hole, a 1/4" 3/4" maybe long bolt. The clamp goes around the saddle bag guard at back and bolts to the HD muffler. You will also need a clamp V -twin manufacture used to have a slightly wider clamp. I personally used a stainless worm clamp, not pretty but worked fine.
  5. The mufflers are an eazy fix pretty much. Finding OEM's might be tough, but HD touring factory jobs are pretty much a bolt on deal. No muss no fuss. The info is around the site here somewhere. The HD OEM take offs go pretty cheap say under $50 pair.
  6. Thanks, Ill put it in my think about list. Dont know what I will do for sleeping for a couple days up there. Id probably jot up Friday and come home Sunday.
  7. Hmmm When I was teaching class the August meet never worked. But with the new job, I may be able to get a kitchen pass for 3 days or so from the wife. Whats dates? Aug 15 thru 20th?
  8. Being this has went on for a couple weeks, guess I'll have to go see if I still have mine. As long as the tool for the second gen works. I'm not sure I still have it so will have to look.
  9. OUCH I see nothing the fellow could have done.
  10. WE downsized a little and moved closer to our Son and Grandkids. You'll know if its right. Things will go smoothly if its supposed to be. Thats what has worked for us.
  11. WE just switched from Verizon to T-Mobile. Our son's family was looking to switch and did the research on price. Where we live Verizon coverage wasnt terrible, but spotty. To use at home had to use wifi to get good signal. T mobile has been OK, but coverage is not absolute everywhere here. Price wise on the military plan it only saves us about 8 bucks over Verizon. But it helps out the kids. He also signed up for T mobiles internet. He lives about 50 miles as crow flys north of us and says his internet is very good. Now if I could only have a choice of internet/TV providers. Looked at the whole stream thing and its no deal anymore. Heck it can run you more.
  12. Leaving Sat AM to visit a friend in Highlands NC area for a week. We have not been in like 3 years, we cant wait.
  13. djh3

    Hurricane Ian

    PHEW It exited just south of Daytona I think. But we got a lot of rain and constant wind for a day and half. Finally has slowed down wind wise and the rain has slacked off as of 8 pm EST.
  14. LOL Thats usually how it goes for us past few years. Its almost as warm there as here in Fla. Then we leave and next day shazamm its fall.
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