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  1. I EEEEEE Get ride of those guillotine scotch lock POS. Either make a proper connection or use posi-taps. Also watch for pinched wires up under there. The travel lock for forks like to catch them and pinch wires and short.
  2. Blue Beard and I made a trip up to bike week the year they came out. Got in a test ride. I cant remember alot about it, and that is kind of sad. Nothing that was memorable per say. It was cool the sport vs road mode, but some had that before. It seemed sluggish unless in sport. And this is from a V-twin rider. It was a nice rider, but I wouldnt trade in my current ride. I also like alot of us thought the V-4 water cooled motor would have been a better bet.
  3. I had just posted on another Venture site that I see some of the 2nd gens and RSTD occasionally when out on rides. But I can say I have seen no 3rd gen new styles.
  4. I have metal valve stems on my Vic. I added TPMS a couple years back and its been great. No more laying on the floor every week to check tire pressures.
  5. I saw a you tube video a fellow posted. He said HD didnt even show up with the test ride truck. Thats pretty sad folks. Looks like Leesburg got moved until Nov??
  6. Early in my years of the mechanic business I did some light work on the old Screamin Jimmy's. 8-71 6v73. When I was working at the race shop here I had a Snap On top box, 3 or 4 long drawers and then the half drawers at top. Not a lot of tools really. Some creep broke in to my garage and stole it (hope he brought a friend it was heavy) Lucky we had went to Canada a few weeks before so I had an inventory when I reported it to my insurance. Alot of it was Crafstman stuff. Still was 70k I was shocked how much I had accumulated of the years.
  7. Ah OK. Low ball offer so you would go away. Did they have possession of parts when they made the offer? If not I would have sent them a few pieces and told them pay up. But I understand, sometimes its better to just walk away and not fight a battle that is not worth going that way. But it sounds like buying their insurance is not worth the time of day.
  8. My mystery size is 8mm. Damn little sockets keep disappearing.
  9. At the college I work at we buy sets and special tools from a place tooltopia.com. Most stuff has good pricing and free freight over $75. I agree 80% of the time with kits you end up with stuff you dont need. And as far a pieces, they count the box, the little trays and separators etc. If you can get smaller sets of what you need socket wise, wrenches etc I think your better off.
  10. LOL Dexion. A GI answer to adult erector set.
  11. Yea my other half when we first started doing long trips thought she needed 5 pairs of pants 6 or 10 tops etc. Something for every day. She finally believed me there was laundry equipment everywhere we stayed. So some of that stuff got curtailed. My self, a couple pairs of jeans, depending on weather a few shirts and I'm good. No fashion show and most times nobody knows me where I'm going for more than a day or so.
  12. Little Gizmo called a Boosteroo. They make a few different models. I modified mine and added a 12v wired in part for the battery so I didnt have to take things apart. I just wired it in line under the fairing.
  13. So they wont insure "used parts". But yet every salvage yard on E-bay ships stuff UPS and USPS n FedX. Hmm So what do you do about shipping next time. Tell them its all new parts?
  14. I have a cruzr caddy knock off. On the back for the wife its a clamp on style. Mine swivels hers dont. I think I gave maybe $20 for mine ebay find
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