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  1. The one you did for my "cooler rack" for the victory works great too Steve.
  2. I did the fork mod and then later added the taller front tire. Dont remember the right size but should be able to find it here, or I can go research my maintenance records. Its probably there. But made a bid difference.
  3. Funny how I thought the chrome looked good. But on a sunny day it sure threw some bad glare. So my Victory has a black cap. But I rode an Indian dresser (not sure which model) but it had a chrome cap and brought back memories. As ET said Brite light Brite light
  4. Here is one mounted on top of another, for a double stack. Easy to install on home made aluminium bracket. Shoot I cant even remember how I mounted now.
  5. A dim light would lean towards a failing ground or possibly low voltage. If a fuse is blowing its a direct short. Power to a ground directly without going to the load (light, electric motor etc)
  6. I had some carbon fiber decal stuff and covered mine. then it eventually came off as the stuff was made to go on flat surface. So my son had some Plasti dip spray paint matte black and I sprayed. Looked fine and if I didnt like it , it can be peeled off.
  7. You probably have done this. But rotate the switch thru a few cycles and see if it starts. I think there is separate contacts in switch that connect ECM to power. If not let me know and I'll dig thru my wiring stuff and get you the info to rig up a switch by pass to test out.
  8. I took an old towel, tapped it to fairing and then I think a saw horse or something so it kind of acted like a catch for them small bits.
  9. Yea it took awhile and I imagine where they are (lower) road chips probably didnt help none. But I take them apart, sand them a little and paint with a Krylon hammered style paint. Good to go.
  10. The HD touring OEM mufflers are decent sound wise. Even though I had them on mine, on long trips they could get old. 500-600 miles a day that noise gets old.
  11. djh3

    Test rides

    That second one there is probably their best selling bike. It's the Indian version of my Victory IMOP.
  12. So by chance was it a left turn into the gas station? I'm thinking the switch contacts are "stuck". If you take it apart be fore warned there is tiny parts in there that can jump out.
  13. Any trip on the bike is way better than in a car. I sorely miss my yearly trips with my friend Lynn. RIP buddy
  14. I used the Kury offset highway design. Shoot they have been on 3 different bikes. First was a Kawi 900 then the RSV and now the Victory. They are looking pretty raged now. The chrom actually went south about 2 years or so after I got them.
  15. I am actually working as an assistant instructor in auto tech. You would think with things being what they are our class size would be strong. Actually the China virus messed things terribly with the whole no face to face thing and distancing. And this past semester it didnt pick up which was surprising. But we have one local dealership we partner with that will pay a starting guy over $10 an hour. Which is pretty sad. But the kids of today dont have the values we experienced folks do. If they can do it on a damn phone its to much work and effort.
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