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  1. I did the front forks, and it helped me out a ton. The Barrons kit you need some kind of longer brake arm or something too. It probably is all included in the kit. But I would say try the free option first.
  2. When I lived in Oklahoma, they use to "resurface" some county and secondary roads by what they called "tar and chip". OMG no warning you run up on it and they had poured a coat of hot tar then chips of stone on top about 2" thick. Cars would drive over and eventually you had a somewhat better surface. But hit that on a bike and you were in a world of mess. Even a few days later you would have trenches where wheel ran and rock built up in center of lane. When we ride up in the mountains all those corners I have to keep eyes peeled from folks cutting corner and kicking up gravel and dirt.
  3. Well Puc, I think the monster thing was after the year I was up there. I think the demonstration team was the Bud Lite folks. They were pretty impressive in the airplanes they had. I have seen the Thunderbirds and Blue Angles over the years and I was impressed with those little aircraft and precision.
  4. I did an air show there back in the 80's with my C-141b. It aint no small jet for sure. We landed there in Muskegon and were one of the first as we were large. Then some smaller jets and my assistant crew chief and I helped tow and park a bunch of aircraft A-10 OV-10 and I think a C-130 showed up. Lots of civilian aircraft that were neat too. I think it was 86. WE hung out a bunch after hours at a place called Sandy's homestead inn. They actually met us at the air show the day we got there and was like our "host" for the afternoon.
  5. Long mileage= Michelin Commander 2 Cost effective= shinko I got better than 15k out the Michelin and around 5200 out of the shinko. If memory serves rite. Did not care for the Dunlap, it got notchy edges and sounded funny and the wet grip (when you could find it) was not good for me.
  6. I had to send an SOS to MA1mech to make sure it wasnt me messin supthin up.
  7. Looks good. I have rode a couple on test ride days when they bring the truck. But I am not a big fan of the front fender and the leather trimmed ones. But I could probably learn to live with it. LOL I really like the handling of my Victory Cross Tour vs the RSV but the ride aint quite the same.
  8. djh3

    Vogel 2021

    I hope so. I'm ridin a Victory and it looks like we could make this. Depending on when school starts back for me. This year I didnt have to be back until the 17th.
  9. The HD tour mufflers are a good compromise. And budget friendly if you swing by your local HD dealer.
  10. djh3

    Ear Bud, IEM

    I have made a couple runs around here with them, no say hour rides yet. But so far I think they work well. Its not complete silence like some imagine. If its a Prius yea you dont hear it, but the ear plugs them self reduce noise by 26db if I read this stuff right. Any how I bought another batch of the mold stuff as a stand by in case I think I need to remold. I imagine the more $$ you spend on the IEM the better quality sound. I am happy so far with the ones I got for the money. My radio SUCKS, heck even the station that is a few blocks from the house is bad most days. I pod is great.
  11. NAPA oil filters are made by Wix, so they are one of the best on the block.
  12. When I read this today I was like "WTF??" Then common sense took over, California will be broken off into the ocean or burnt to a crisp by then. So I did not read the article. Does it say they will not licence gas burning vehicles after that? Just go to Nevada and buy a car.
  13. Post a pic and some of us may be able to identify it for you.
  14. I would agree. For the most part my stuff is delivered without issue. Boarder crossing has always been slow.
  15. Britches have kept me dry in almost all rainstorms. The jacket when I have got wet is usually from around the neck area.
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