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  1. One of those "impact" screwdrivers are nice for taking out various tight screws, bolts. Needed to take of some various side covers. thats when I learned about Japanese fasteners being JUST a bit different from other metric fasteners. Back then we had to order replacement stuff from JC Jip Me. I put in allen head screws.
  2. Been a long time. But I think I just trimmed them up to fit.
  3. Wait until you ride 8 or so hours you'll be looking to quiet things down a bit.
  4. At one time I had sourced out for a fellow in Iceland or somewhere a generic switch with a key that would work with the bypass relay and key bypass.
  5. Mine had a Dunlap when I bought it. How many miles one it before me I dont know. But a couple thousand miles in it developed a "howel" in corners from the rear. Noisy no problems in traction, but you could see obvious cupping. I ran a Michelin Commander 2 and got 15K + out of it . Very good tire. I have also ran this tire on my Victory before.
  6. There is some on Ebay. But $280+ is a bit steep for a pair of mufflers in my book. HD road glides worked fine for me. Actually I took a long trip with a set and declaired not again. So around town I didnt mind the HD muffs, but trips I put the OEM back on.
  7. Done it a couple time from north to south. But the last time I was going to ride it would be from south to north. I didnt get out of site of the restaurant and a big rig ran me off the road and never looked back. So I'm done with it. I would say if you have to do it go north to south. For some reasons big rigs think its a good short cut from Tn to NC. Even though there are huge signs telling them its against law .
  8. Great. WE have to take things as a win in small steps.
  9. Well I looked in the parts diagram and couldn't run across where the plastic thing goes to. But it also appears to be a vent box. If you look the tube starts low and goes higher before it can exit. Indicating it is capturing a liquid possibly and if it gets to high it can then drain out. But its idea is if there is some liquid it can evaporate before it would drip. Would make sense if it was some sort of crankcase vent, or possibly fuel?
  10. When I worked at a race shop, we had an engineer. Some of things we tried because they made the cars better....Argh Behind every good train wreck is an engineer
  11. Yea I picked up over on the Victory site. Reminded me of a joke from many years back when I bought a Vette. Went something like Got a good deal on a Vette only paid XXX. Dozen roses to break news to wife X. Dinner when took wife for ride in said car XX. New scarf, sunglass XX and so on so the total went up.
  12. As Chico used to say "Looking Goood". I thought about a HD with the water cooled for a little while. But I have stayed with the Victory. And I totally understand the heat you felt with the Indian. Enjoy man.
  13. Thanks' for the up date Don. I rode one of the new R18 at Bike week and liked it. For me the K bikes are out as my inseam is to short. LOL But have entertained the thoughts of an R1200. Lower reach point. Keeping you all in our thoughts. Hope your treatments work out in your benefit.
  14. On the site here there is a procedure in the tech section I think, for cleaning the contacts up. Also under the tank there is the leads that go the the switch. Loose or bad connection puts a draw and melts the plug.
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