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  1. I would suspect the vent is where your getting water in. There probably at one time a piece of foam like material in it to keep crap out like dirt. They have a tendancy to deteriorate over time and then its pretty much free flow. If it does not vent, they build pressure and will blow out the seals. If you are not showing any drips, I would say the seal is OK. Depending on how old the fluid is, it could be just old and moisture gets trapped in there over time and fluid will look like that. Run some dino gear lube for a few hundred miles or more. I think I would go maybe at least 500 and drain a little and see what some looks like drained in a solo cup or something. Once you get a good sample put some synthetic in it and let er rip.
  2. I built one for the RSV. I still use it on the Victory with a slight addition of some spacers. I suppose you could fabricate one out of wood.
  3. You got to be kidding. A parts store didnt have a freakin 5 pin relay? Pop the top off the relay and see if its burned on the contacts. You could clean them up for temporary use. But Amazon will probably have out one as quick as your parts store. This parts store thing is nuts. I have a bad water pump on my wifes 5.7 Durango, pretty common car right? Parts store had to order the O rings for a water pipe that goes into the water pump.
  4. Standard Bosch type 30/40 amp relay. Available at auto parts store. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/standard-ignition/lighting---electrical/relays/accessory-relays/accessory-relay/09b63088360c/standard-ignition-5-terminal-multi-purpose-relay/std0/ry1770/v/a/97145/automotive-suv-2011-dodge-durango?pos=0 This one is pricey, but you get the idea rite?
  5. Very few on board built in Nav systems I know of are worth a darn. I have/had connection with a Dodge dealer. My cost would be over $300 to upgrade the maps on a 2011 Durango. My connection who worked there had a 2 or 3 year old pick up and his cost was the same. I have heard similar with the Fords and Honda I think. So why doesnt any of these OEM get with Garmin or Tom Tom and make these things easier to update? Because they feel they would loose some market $$ because DIY folks would figure it out and cut them out is my guess.
  6. I had some custom jobs from work radios. Heck probably 10 years ago now and with the "discount" Racing Radios gave us my cost was still $130 or 150. For me the in ear monitors work well and the sound quality is pretty darn good. Better than my 150 buck ones.
  7. Bell Mag 9 3/4 style mostly. I wear glasses also, but the bows on my sunglasses are bigger so we had to modify the ear foam to not bind the glasses up and give me a headache
  8. I switched from standard ear buds to "in ear monitors". For a little more comfortable fit you can custom ear mold them with this stuff. An d some help off you tube with "custom in ear monitor" I think this is the video one I used
  9. Yea Steve I agree. The post office went up again. Its kind of crazy. Little over a year ago it went up some. But this year its almost $2.00 more for me to ship the relays.
  10. Could do what we use to on points bikes. Carry a piece of sand paper and file them. Be all good for awhile and get ya home.
  11. Me thinks the garage floor is on hold for now. Substantial investment in a fence and decent shed.
  12. For stability, for me what helped. Lowering front forks in triple tree like 3/4" and the larger 130 (I think) front tire.
  13. Tire pressure? Steering bearings tight? What kind of tires. The E3 were noted for a wobbly feel in corners when they got some wear on them.
  14. I have I thinks its a 760 Garmin. Anywho I use to plug it into the aux jack at cassette player. uploaded music on the garmin SD card so I had music. On the Victory it will break in when it needs to spit out directions. I dont remember really how I had it on the RSV. I did have a Buddy cable also so maybe thats how I had it.
  15. Looks like it was run underinflated most of its life. Tread depth looks OK. The Dunlap E3 use to wear odd on edges and would feather edges and howl in corners. I dont see anything visually I would worry about. Check the sidewall for date and also visual cracking incase they rode it a lot low, it could cause damage.
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