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  1. I wired up my SENA SMH 10 for ear buds. I agree the speakers (for me at least) are distorted sounding. So I use to have to use custom ear monitors/buds at work with the radios we used. Very noisy environment at race tracks. So I just was used to them and using them in my helmet was an easy adjustment. Recently my high dollar custom ones one side bit the dust. So I watched a couple you tube videos on making my own from some materials for ear plugs for shooters. I currently am using what they call In Ear Monitors. Similar to ear buds but better sound, and I think they fit better under the helmet
  2. Check out a fellow on you tube Adam Sandavol, he did a trip on the TAT. Had some interesting things go on during his trip. One of the Veterans he took with him crashed, broke his ankle and had to ride it out like 20 miles or more. One tough Marine.
  3. I know more about the Netherlands now then I ever did. She has been fun to watch during this crappy time. I hope she gets to finish her world trip.
  4. I subscribe to his channel. He has some goodies. Just saw one about the killer 3 wheelers.
  5. I'm guessing he dont exercise a bunch.
  6. I kind of like the days I was stationed in Oklahoma. CCW my arse, strap that sucker to your side. See a coyote, plug um, see a robbery in progress when your gettin you Slurpee, plug um.
  7. Cowpuc will swear by the Shinkos. I would agree, especially if you are a few k a year guy. If you need a lot of miles in a year then maybe higher priced tires. But I have got very good service for my $$ with the Shinkos.
  8. I lowered the forks in the front triple tree and that worked well for me on the 2ng Gen. Also if I understand rite when lowering the back you have to move the rear caliper with some kind of bracket because it hits the swing arm or something.
  9. Just ran across this. Hope all goes well and a speedy recovery.
  10. From Wikipeda. Most automobiles in Brazil run either on hydrous alcohol (E100) or on gasohol (E25 blend), as the mixture of 25% anhydrous ethanol with gasoline is mandatory in the entire country. Since 2003, dual-fuel ethanol flex vehicles that run on any proportion of hydrous ethanol and gasoline have been gaining popularity.
  11. From the looks, you should have been eatin the bait and to heck with that fishin thing. I would like to take a ride down that way. I'm over in Sebring off US 27. last time we drove down it was better than 8 hours driving to get home. Traffic was SLOW coming off the Keys. Glad you had a good trip.
  12. I'll take the vacation. Thanks.
  13. I bought a pair of wired in ear monitors (similar) device to replace my custom ear monitors that craped the bed. I can tell you the advancement in these type devices has jumped a bunch since I had bought my other ones. Only trouble I have is ocasionaly I will have an ear pad dislodge the monitor. I didnt go BT because I am using my SENA and bike for comms
  14. So I'm not an engineer but have been around motorsports for years. So different series of cars run different fuels. Some what we call "pump gas" Usually the rule states something like fuel from readily available stations or something like that. Some use special race gas like VP or Sunoco but if checked they could get disqualified. But a local track cant do that anyways. Our rules for Legends cars said something like this and gave an octane rating. I just went to the airport and bought "can gas" 110 low lead. Some run straight up alcohol. They run cooler engine temps and make plenty of power, a
  15. Can it still music share? My Victory I had to add a connection to "broadcast" bluetooth music, GPS from bike. So the harness had 2 plugs for a OEM BT transmitter @ like $100 a piece when you could find them. The VIctory is the only bike that uses this particular module. So once I read my SMH 10 would share the same music signal I only got on broadcast module.
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