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  1. WE are over by Daytona area if you decide to ride out somewhere when you get down here. Could meet somewhere in between for lunch or short ride.
  2. djh3

    New Bike

    My first glance at your pic I thought it was a BSA. If you dont plan on multi day trips I could see where its a good scooter. But then I also remember the days when a 650 was a "big bike". My brother back in late 50's rode a 500 I guess BSA from MacDill (Tampa) to Detroit. LOL MY parents thought he was nuts to go that far on a bike. Yours looks like fun, enjoy.
  3. I rode one last year at bike week. I liked it, but like Don mentioned the toe shifter takes a bit to get used to getting your size 10.5 boot under there. But way outa my price range. A couple folks I follow on You Tube have had them for extended periods and seem to like them.
  4. Looks good. Hope she get to enjoy it this spring and summer.
  5. I seem to remember some issues when guys used the TSC type less expensive LED Par 36 bulbs. Something with radio maybe. As far as headlight I ran HID headlight and I found some housings that fit and had LED plug in type bulbs.
  6. Don ours are old er vintage SENA SMH 10. I can stream music, push a button and talk. They do have an option for the voice to automatically interrupt music and talk. But much like on the RSV intercom wind noise can cause you to have a "hot mike" most of the time. Pricewise I dont know where they sit now, and they have come out with some upgraded newer stuff.
  7. djh3


    When I close my eyes to go to sleep I keep hearing jet aircraft flying.
  8. djh3


    Boy dont ya know it.
  9. Also I would have to look it up but, I think it was early 2000 they had the Cat in one of the sides of the FL mufflers also. Somewhere on here I had posted the "good" part numbers. I think the tech section.
  10. I'll pass on the entry also. But I moved over to a Victory Cross country Tour. It felt a little more stable and lower weight CG. Recently I have thought about maybe a BMW R 1200 tour.
  11. Kind of depends on what your looking for. Do you want just a shell like the old HD or do you want something you can put a radio in? Matzu has some, you may have to fab up brackets no matter which one you go with. This one off ebay looks to have potential.
  12. One of those "impact" screwdrivers are nice for taking out various tight screws, bolts. Needed to take of some various side covers. thats when I learned about Japanese fasteners being JUST a bit different from other metric fasteners. Back then we had to order replacement stuff from JC Jip Me. I put in allen head screws.
  13. Been a long time. But I think I just trimmed them up to fit.
  14. Wait until you ride 8 or so hours you'll be looking to quiet things down a bit.
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