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  1. i can attest that this is a great course. Took it a bunch of years ago with my 2003 RSV. I was only one of 2 people who signed up and it was with the man himself, Jerry. At first I was nervous and had troubles, I blamed the bike but when Jerry told me to get off and saw him manage the bike as if it was a toy, that motivated me. At the end I was making U turns and figure 8’s with no difficulty. It takes some used to to trust what he says and to practice but his techniques and class is invaluable. Have fun and breathe!
  2. set it up Dion! Don’t be shy...I’ll be there
  3. I am not on here much due to life and changes, and since I sold the venture, I’m not helpful with repairs etc. However, you fine folks made me feel welcome and like family and met plenty of fine folks so, I paid for another year!! Thanks everyone for being so great...
  4. Mine was received also. Thanks Jim, looks great and makes me remember what a great guy he was...
  5. Maybe I just had beginners luck, I found a long screwdriver from Sears years back. No issues...
  6. When I had my ‘03 it came with Baron lower link from PO who was about 5’4. I left it as is because I am 5’7. Some people insisted this will mess up handling, curves, performance etc. I was able to do anything and any turn I wanted, including ride the dragon at a previous VOGEL event. The stock seats are amazing, and for ME, I wouldn’t mess with them. If someone has a lowering kit and is willing to part with them, give em a try. Also with my the rear was at 7PSI to avoid bottoming out. Keep us posted as to what works for you, maybe it can work for another down the line...
  7. R.I.P Bongo. This man was oozing goodness out of every pore in his body. Was lucky enough to see him on 2 major events and always felt a warmth coming from him. The man was a gem. I hope some day to be as cheerful and giving as he was.
  8. Bob was a great guy. A GREAT guy. Last I saw him was the WV international and no matter what he had going on, he was always cheery and smiling. R.I.P. my friend. Thanks for sharing your time and space with us...
  9. It’s been a long time since I’ve checked in Sorry to hear about your issues. I would also suggest what has already been said: change in BP meds, eyes and ears checked and or vertigo. Whatever the issue is, speedy recovery and know myself and everyone on the VR forum care about you...
  10. ill be interested in the dates myself, as I would like to attend another Vogel...
  11. Great pics PUC. Awesome indeed. Now get your crazy backside down this way for some winter riding.
  12. I always check in on Yama Mama since I've been here. May not know motors or what not but who cares?! You're delightful, helpful when you can be and apparently make killer pies. Maybe there will be a VR road trip you're way for those amazing pies!
  13. I just renewed for another year with you fine folks. Thanks for letting me know how you feel and for allowing to share your lives with me. I'm truly grateful. Now when's the next Florida RTE???
  14. See?! See what I mean, you guys are above Fantastic. It wasn't about the subscription fee, I felt I didn't have anything to add but it seems you feel otherwise, so...I will reverse my decision and renew. I may not be on that often or for a stretch at a time but if y'all ok with that then so am I. Earl, I appreciate your generosity, but use it for someone who really can use your assistance. Now I feel bad ever considering leaving. You guys rock...
  15. Hello everyone! Life has me going in a different direction at this time. I don't visit the site much at all these days and sadly I haven't had the time to do the met and eats, which has been extinct in Florida, or the bigger events due to my life schedule. This forum and the people in it gave me much joy and opened themselves up to a newbie many years ago. Since then I enjoyed 2 internationals, A B2mom BBQ and a Vogel with tail of dragon. I met and love many of you who even today treat me like family. So it is with sadness that I am announcing that I will not be renewing my subscription which expires next week. Please know that I 100% sincerely enjoyed meeting those who I have come across and love you guys. It's just time to say goodbye. From Freebird, to Patti and Don, Larry, cowpuc, Dion, diamond cut and Cheri, bongo Bob, Eck, Steve K, Australian Annie and Al, and the late great Yammer Dan as well as anyone I have missed, THANK YOU. I have never been with a forum that truly is caring of each other. Safe travels and well wishes this holiday season and everyday afterwards. I am happy to have been able to ride, eat,, laugh and cry with some of you. This is by far the BEST forum hands down for camaraderie, sincerity, friendship with no malice or garbage. May you ride safe and be well. I hope I can see many ventures on the road as I am traveling. I appreciate every one of you. God Bless...
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