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  1. Yeah, well...so does Varicose Veins, and Vasectomy.
  2. Evan, when I lived in Vermont, I used to go to the Ben & Jerry's factory in Waterbury about every 2 months. It is a hoot. Makes for a great destination for a future Venture Northeast gathering...hint, hint, hint.
  3. Chief, I am very glad you are back on the road, and safe. This is why I never leave home without my Tire Plug Gun kit, and my Cycle Pump. I am well practiced at repairing tires with a plug gun, and every one I have ever had to do, has worked well, and allowed me or someone else to get all the way home. Personally, I do not have a problem riding on a tire that has a plug in it. Of course it all depends on where the plug was placed, and how bad the leak was. If the tire was already old, I could see replacing it soon, but if a newer tire got a hole, and I plougged it, I would ride it... Just sayin'... Buy a plug gun kit...practice plugging old tires from your last tire change, or...go poke holes in the neighbors car tire, and then practice plugging it. That is what Barry would do !
  4. Congrats on your first Saddlesore 1000. It is always an experience doing the first one. As for anyone else doing any this year...I do one on just about every ride I take. It takes a little bit of time to have all the paperwork approved by the time you send it in to the IBA, but you will love it when you get your IBA certificate. Again...Congratulations.
  5. James, I like the bike better every day. While the bike is still not fully broken in, not until it hits 10,000 miles on these GL-1800 engines, it does have over 7,000 miles on it now, in the last 2 months. The fuel mileage, considering that I do not ride slow...has been averaging about 38 mpg. I could get a LOT better, if I rode the way that most people do, or as slow as Texas2sturgis does on hs Ural:rotf:. I know I can easily average 45 mpg, if I wanted to, but speed is a demon I have not tamed yet. I have added a lot of things, and taken things off, and on, in the past 2 months. I did replace the stock windshield, which is only 9 inches tall, and installed a Tulsa Sport windshield, and I love it. It is 10 inches taller than the stock one, and I can still see over it. I did have Rick Mayer make me a custom seat, rode that to Tennessee, and have now sold that seat, and am having Russell Day-Long seats make me a new one next week. I have changed some lighting on the bike, adding Red LED lights to the rerar t/s housings, and that makes a big difference. Changed the front t/s lens', to a smoked lens, with amber bulbs. Changed my low beam headlight bulbs to PIAA Ultra White bulbs, and have installed two sets of lower cowling lights onto the front cowling area. The first ones from BikeMP3 did not have good brackets. Sent those back, and am now using the Electrical Connection Single Shooter LED lights, with a yellow lens. People at the Tennessee gathering can tell you how bright they were. I have added my Valentine One radar detector, and my Garmin Zumo 550 GPS, and all are intergrated into the helmet. The handlbars have been lift, pulled back, and moved twice now, and I have one more move to go to make them perfect. I did add Kuryakyn highway pegs for riding comfort, as well as a new item...a Kuryakyn Cubby Box, in the center console of the dash area. It works great. As I said, I really like this bike, more and more every day. I am very close to finishing the changes, and once done, it should have about 50k on it by the end of this year, when the bike is not quite 9 months old.
  6. Brian, this is NOT meant as sarcasm, or meant to hurt you. This is meant as a friend, and because I do care. Since the bike accident, things have not been right...in your head. You know what I mean. It bothers me to have to say that, but sometimes it needs to be pointed out, if a friend is making an "odd" decision. Right now the Chevy Luv Mikado is worth about $ 100.00, as scrape metal, and you can get someone to come tow it away, pay you that $ 100.00, and get that project off your list. You already have enough projects going on at your place. If you invest $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 into this little Chevy Luv...when all is said and done, the resale value on this little pee-cup is still...$ 100.00. That is it. The only real value in doing this project, is keeping your hands busy, doing something while your wife is watching Downton Abbey, and therapy for your bad hand. Okay, there is some value there, but...I would hate to see you spend good money on a vehicle that is not going to gain one red cent in value, when the project is done. Now, my friend, you do as you wish, and if working on the Chevy Luv makes you happy, then go for it. In fact, play the music for Mikado...while working on this Chevy Luv Mikado. As long as your head is straight, and you know what is ahead, then go for it.
  7. Brian, I have told you time and again, when it comes to questions about Subarus...you are supposed to come to me first, and only me. I am now put in a position where I have to cut you off, from all my knowledge base on Subarus. Bad Brian...bad Brian:no-no-no:
  8. Once again...Brian...with the ambiguous questions. Pleaswe tell us what application or vehicle you are referring to. Flyinfool was right about the belt...on the very early Subaru Justy, but it was a metal belt, not a rubber one. Everyone else was right about the more moderrn trans. So, Brian, what vehicle...make..model...year...arer you talking about ??????
  9. Kevin, that is one of the reasons that I removed the entire AIS system completely off my '06 RSMTD. Zero backfire after that. But, I think one of the others may have suggested the real problem, in that after you sync'd the carbs, it made it worse. I would check the rubber caps and vacumn lines for the ports to where the carb sync tool connected. You may have a vacumn leak. Thta is very easy to diagnose...just get the engine VERY hot...spray carb cleaner all over the engine..., and if it does not catch fire...but does raise the engine RPM's, then you have a vacumn leak.
  10. Have a great time, and be safe.
  11. Rick, you got 2000 kilometers already. That is great. What did you do on the second day ?
  12. Brake Pad....what is it that you need an SD card for ??????????? On my 2013 Honda F6B...which should be similar, unless you need the SD card for a Nav package...on my bike we have the ability to plug in a Thumb Drive, or any USB related item, i.e., a MP3 box, etc., into the left saddlebag. On mine, I have a 16gb thumb drive, it is micro-sized, but holds 16gb, and it is loaded with 11.4 gb of music, and this is plugged in to the cable inside the left saddlebag. Once plugged in, the audio system on the bike will recognize that you have plugged in an USB item. There are steps to take to get into the right Mode...and then put it in an A-RDM mode, so that from that point on it sercves as your music source, and will always play at Random. I did mine up before going on the ride out to Tennessee, and it qworked perfectly. Since I returned, I removed it...asked my wife to load up all her music on my thumb drive, and re-inserted it back onto the bike. Once the thumb drive has been removed...even for a second...and then you re-insert it back into the bike...you need to go through the button pushing steps once ahain, to set it for A-RDM. Now, I am not aware at all of a dealer supplied SD card. I "think" that the salesman told you a falsehood, unless you have something on the '12 Wing that I am not aware of.
  13. How many of you are familiar with Muth Mirrors...for motorcycles ? http://www.muthco.com/products/vehicles/?make=Honda+Motorcycle&model=Goldwing&submit=Search I have known about them and seen them on other peoples bikes for 10+ years. I have not had a need for a new set of mirrors myself, despite liking the turnsignal indicators inside the Muth Mirrors. Well, (pictures WILL follow) I will be receiving here very shortly...the very first set of HEATED mirrors from Muth. On my recent ride from Seattle area out to Tennessee, I experienced all kinds of weather, and got tired of fighting the rain covering my mirrors. Given that I prefer to ride in the cold weather, and dislike riding in the heat...I decided to contact Denise at Muth, and we worked up a deal to have them install their heated mirror units onto the backside of their mirrors they sell for the F6B. The F6B mirrors are upside-down compared to the Goldwings mirrors, so they had to make a new mirror for the new F6B. Once they got that part done, that is when I decided...Heated mirrors would be good. The F6B, like it's red-headed step-sister, the Goldwing, has enough alternator output to easily power a set of heated mirrors. So my new heated Muth mirrors have been shipped to me, and they are wanting ME to do the first install...with NO instructions...so they have asked me to write up the first set of installation instructions, and take a lot of pictures. While I know that heated mirrors do not keep 100% of the rain off a mirror, it does keep 93.14159 % (you asked for it) of the rain off the mirror face, so it makes for better visibility. Now, we all know that Eck will be the next guy in line on this forum to want a set of these Muth Heated Mirrors. Sorry, Eck, but there are alrwady others ahead of you in line, but they are on other forums, so you can be # 2 on this forum. It would have been SilvrT, but he got conned into getting rid of his pumpkin Wing, and bought a Victor/Victoria bike. Once I get these, and take pictures, I will post them.
  14. Gee, Brian, he must get his good looks from his Mom, because he doesn't look a thing like you:rotf: Good on Tye for all that he has done, and for his future endeavors.
  15. Oh, Barry...oh, oh, oh...Brooklyn Bling Barry, you should not have taken that shot at me. Now, I have to wish you in your attempt to get this bike all back together...and working.
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