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  1. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=WHO+WON+THE+VIET+NAM+WAR+UTUBE&mkt=en-us&httpsmsn=1&msnews=1&plvar=0&refig=e8a94c0ae06c42f09beef1a190e78fdd&PC=DCTS&sp=4&qs=HS&sk=PRES1HS3&sc=8-0&cvid=e8a94c0ae06c42f09beef1a190e78fdd&cc=US&setlang=en-US&ru=%2Fsearch%3Fq%3DWHO%2BWON%2BTHE%2BVIET%2BNAM%2BWAR%2BUTUBE%26form%3DEDNTHT%26mkt%3Den-us%26httpsmsn%3D1%26msnews%3D1%26plvar%3D0%26refig%3De8a94c0ae06c42f09beef1a190e78fdd%26PC%3DDCTS%26sp%3D4%26qs%3DHS%26sk%3DPRES1HS3%26sc%3D8-0%26cvid%3De8a94c0ae06c42f09beef1a190e78fdd%26cc%3DUS%26setlang%3Den-US&
  2. My sharing this link is to continue honoring November as Veterans Month. November has been officially declared as Veterans Month on 1 Nov 2017 by President Trump. https://www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/42710/president-proclaims-november-veterans-military-families-month/ Here is a great interesting life story of a deceased Veteran and his contributions. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=tripple+ace+olds&view=detail&mid=81C3D27C14EFD996B65081C3D27C14EFD996B650&FORM=VIRE Thanking all Veterans all year long especially during the month of November.
  3. Well my propane tank was initially installed in the basement garage 30 years ago. My thought is that the heat lost by the tank is only heating that area of the garage, heat rises which in turn heats the ceiling which is the floor of the main house. So the heat lost is not really lost. Well thats just my thought. tks for your input.
  4. My question is “Not” to determine which way to go either On Demand or Traditional Propane Hot Water Tank. My question is; Can I safely install an On Demand to feed my Propane Hot Water Tank I replaced my Propane Hot Water Tank 3 years ago with a new Propane Hot Water tank. Currently I have a basement apartment with 2 showers and my upstairs with 2 showers. During weekends and holidays, the last person taking a shower can have a cold shower. Sometime the 2 dishwasher and or 2 washing machine can be going also. So we stagger the shower usage. Soon my Daughter, Husband and 3
  5. Anyone knows a good suggestion for a reasonable over night stay. Could be up to 4 or 5 days. Palo Alto is a very expensive place to live. My daughter is expecting any day now. They just have an apartment.
  6. Just tested the inlet and outlet heater core hoses and they both heat up fine. Also the Air conditioner does not blow cold air. I'm pretty sure it is the blend door. Anyone know of a good reasonable costing 12 volt car heater to defrost an icy windshield?
  7. I have a 1998 Lincoln Continental V-Tech 32 Valve V8. Want to put as little $ as possible in it. Need creative ideas on fixing or a work around for the following issues. First Both banks of fuses (Engine & Inside) all have been checked out "good" with a Volt Meter 1) Dash lights do not work (But All gages work). 2) No Heat (Fan Blows good, Back flushed the header core-no junk and water flows freely. Let engine idle about 30 minutes. Thought if the thermostat was stuck closed then the engine would heat up past the normal range fairly quickly. If the thermostat was stuck open then w
  8. Tks Paul for asking about pictures. Here are a couple pictures. The Family picture is about 7 years old without my grandson Brayden. The 2nd Picture is our Ice Cream Sandwich club, but once in while I substitute it with a Hazen Das. When my newest, soon to be born grandson gets old enough for his first Ice Cream Sandwich the members has to vote and it has to be unanimous. Family picture from Right to left, Me, My Wife Rachel, My daughter Leah, My Grand Daughter Kailia, Leah's husband Bryson and then my Son Tye. There a few other reason for hanging up my helmet. My daughter Leah calls me "
  9. Guess it will be a learning experience for me. I wasn't raised on a farm. Is it worst then chicken or cow manure or human treated sewage fertlizer? I'm on 2 acreas and so I can at least move them up or down wind away from the house.
  10. This is my first year of Straw Bale Gardening.. With a couple of my upgrade ideas. Absolutely no weeding.
  11. First Not riding there. Like to get some advise from locals or previous vacationers. There from Mon 30th July to Fri 3rd Aug. Any good shows. Nothing close to sluty or bad language nor cursing. Any good restaurants to recommend. Looking for 3 reasonably priced but nice golf courses, with in 30 minute drive, up to $50 per round. Fri 3rd Aug Temtations. Are they the origional? Any must do while there? Tks...
  12. I've decided to hang up my helmet. I've not ridden my 89 VR this year and only once last year but did more in 2015(first riding year after my accident). I had that terrible accident in 2012 with my 91 VR, but because I had the 89 VR, I moved the carbs from my wrecked 91 VR to the 89 VR and the 89 sprang back into life in 2015. Surgeries and Phy Therapy took 3 years and today, one could not tell that I was ever in a bad M/C accident. I was in Disneyland this past Christmas with my daughter and husband (with 1 granddaughter and 1 grandson). My daughter handed my wife and I each a Disneyl
  13. Anyone in the Washington Puget Sound area with a golf ghin of 21 or a bit higher interested in a 2 day, 2 man golf tournament. Kent Riverbend 2 man, 2 day tournament. June 9th & 10th. Scramble and Best Ball Format. If you need to ask what a ghin is then you wouldn't be the right person.
  14. Let me know if you would like one of those speedo bearing greaser tool. It has been a while and so I would need to see if I have an extra. If not I could see what it would cost to make a single one. Maybe start a thread and see if there are others that might want one.
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