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  1. Well I am back. Not that it matters much. I have been off and on ill for a while now. Turns out I have Parkinson's and I am at stage 3. Woopee. Thank you Viet Nam Ok enough of that. It's on to motorcycle stuff. Mike
  2. MikeWa


    That's to bad. Because his were very high quality and a good design. Mike
  3. MikeWa


    I got a PM from zsilverfish wanting to put armrests on an 08 Venture. When I tried to respond and tell him I got mine from Larry Skeels at Venture Rider I discovered his membership has lapsed. I just wondered how he was able to contact me. Any ideas? Mike
  4. Yes. What they said. It also keeps the tank from blowing up. So I would put it back on if I were you. Mike
  5. Make sure the vacuum hoses are connected to the AIS valves. Years ago in automotive we used to call these "anti backfire valves" and for good reason. Mike
  6. Ok I am confused. I thought the front turn signal bulb was a BAZ15d3 not an 1157. I didn't even think an 1157 would fit. Also blinking faster is due to a lower current flow . As happens when switching to leds due to the bypass type flasher unit. My brain is on overload so I think I will just take another dumb pill and go back to bed. Mike
  7. Torque is a measure of the amount of force applied. Horsepower is the rate at which work is done.
  8. Turn your intercom down. You may be picking up noise. Mike
  9. We are very sorry to learn of Buddy's loss. These little guys always give all of their love and ask little in return. Our prayers and condolences go out to you. Mike
  10. While it may not be the best, I use contact cement or weather strip adhesive. When I want to remove it I just heat it with a hair dryer or heat gun to release the cement. Mike
  11. My bike is a second gen. You can find pictures of the flasher mod here. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?128789-LED-Turn-Signals-Driving-Lights/page2&highlight=signal+flasher Mike
  12. I do not like the load resistors. A simple mod to the signal flasher will correct the flashing speed. In my opinion that is a much better way to go. If you check my second post on this thread you will find pictures. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?128789-LED-Turn-Signals-Driving-Lights/page2&highlight=signal+flasher Mike
  13. These were aftermarket vents sold through the Yamaha web site. I do not know if they are still available you will have to search for them I suspect. I think the part number for the 'lower wind vents' was STR-1D608-80-00 but my memory is fallible. Good Luck Mike
  14. The A.I.R. system sends air (oxygen) to the exhaust. This causes any left over fuel in the exhaust to burn. During periods of deceleration extra fuel is wasted into the exhaust. This could cause popping and detonation during deceleration. To prevent this a vacuum controlled valve (vacuum is very high on deceleration) cuts off the flow of air into the exhaust during deceleration. Mike
  15. I believe in easy stuff first. So check to see if your battery still has power. Also check the other end of the battery cables. If all of the cable connections are good and the battery has power then continue with your more in depth analysis. Mike
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