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  1. Hey Puc, Is this what you are looking for? They are yours for the cost of shipping. I can find out from USPS tomorrow what the cost would be..
  2. Mama Yama failed miserably with this bike. What did they expect? It's not a Vtwin vs Vfour issue at all. The biggest problem I have heard from other riders is that it looks like tupperware on 2 wheels. And misplaced tupperware to boot. I for one, wished that they tweeked the 2nd with some modern electrics, and put a fuel injected Vtwin power plant in it, water cooled or not, to get the weight down low in the frame. Add abs brakes and revamped suspension. Make the tourpack quick detach so it could be ridden at lighter feel when one up . also have the option to put a quick detach sissybar for around town 2 up riding. And make the saddlebags quick detach for easier tire valve stem access./rear tire& exhaust work. It's kind of funny, I have had this wish list for the 2nd gen for years and now "my new to me" 2016 Indian Roadmaster has everyone of those features and more. It's most likely the last bike I will own until I hang up my helmet. No wonder Indian's sales are growing rapidly, HD's are stagnant at best and Mama Yama's are failing.
  3. How do change cassettes while riding down the road with that GPS blocking the cassette player? 😄
  4. grubsie

    Engine Oil

    These water cooled V4 engines are pretty bullet proof. Any oil, dino (conventional) or synthetic will do as long as it is Jaso, MA or MA2 rated for wet clutches. The difference between the dino and synthetic is the miles you can run between oil changes. A good range for most oils is 10w40. Rotella runs at 15w40 which is fine as well. I have run just about every brand of motorcycle rated oil in my 1 Gen 1, and 4 Gen 2's and they all ran fine.
  5. https://www.visordown.com/news/general/top-mountain-crosspoint-museum-burns-down-over-200-historic-motorcycles-lost?fbclid=IwAR2E07rziwrwu448IiN8goDRQbO_I4R711C88k2-9px1Sz2Hgal5eqtvYG4
  6. Go the cheapest/easiest route 1st to see if that does the trick for you. You can always go to the more expensive option later. Do not raise the tubes any higher than 7/8". I actually would recommend 3/4". The reason being, the ears on the lower fork sliders that the fender bolts to will hit the lower fork tube covers that are attached to the underside of the triple trees and damage the covers. If you need to go lower on the front, then the spacers are the way to go. That's whole other topic that could be discussed later if needed. Lowering the front allows for better handling in slow maneuvers. Not a lot, but better. Changing out the front tire to a 130 improves the handling even more. I have had 4 RSV's over the years and tried probably every option you can think of. I found that although lowering the rear made it easier to be flatfooted, the slow speed handling was sluggish. I settled on lowering the front 1 1/8" (internal spacers), using a 130 front tire and modifying my seat so it sat 1/2" lower and a little narrower in the front.
  7. It has to do with road crews leveling the road shoulders with gravel after a re-pave of the road. Why in Gods name do they level the gravel on the shoulders running along corners? When we get a strong rain it gets washed onto the pavement. I have talked to road agents in surrounding towns about it and nothing has changed. It was getting close to dusk and as I approached a somewhat sharp right turn corner I came upon quite a bit of loose gravel rocks, mostly pebble sized, on the road through the corner with nowhere to avoid it. My front tire kicked out and the next thing I knew, I was in the oncoming lane. Fortunately, there was a driveway in that lane right in front of me, so I rode into it. A mere few seconds later, and I would have been head on with car in the oncoming lane. I have talked to road crews until I am blue in the face about this. All they have to do is leave the gravel 2" lower than the tar instead of leveling it with the tar. I lowered the gravel on a corner close to my home and there has never been any more on the street. It's obvious that the people in charge and the people doing the work don't ride motorcycles or bicycles.
  8. A 2016 Indian Roadmaster I had been looking for easier handling ride than my 2008 RSV before I totaled it, so I had purchased a 2015 HD Ultra Limited. Only had the HD a short period before totaling the RSV, so the HD became my everyday ride. It's a nice bike , but after putting around 10K on it this summer, I just don't love it. About a week ago, the Roadmaster popped up at a local dealer so I went to look at it. I was a little hesitant because I bought a 2015 Roadmaster before I bought the Harley. That bike had a whine and howl coming from the straight cut primary gears that was ridiculously loud. At idle, in any gear, rpm or speed so I brought it back to the dealer I bought it from and he returned my money which I then used to buy the HD. Anyway, this 2016 Roadmaster is awesome to say the least. There is a little whine from the primary but no where near the 2015. It's noticeable in 1st thru 3rd gear but non-existant 4th thru 6th gear. This thing has gobs of power all the way thru the rpm range, runs super smooth almost to the point that you wonder if there are only 2 cylinders supplying the power, Seat height is low, weight is low, probably the best handling bike I have ridden, suspension is fantastic. And the best part? My wife absolutely loves it. But then again, so do I.
  9. Not so amazing. I downloaded those pics from ebay and your welcome. Any time.
  10. Shaft friction could be caused by a washer/shim on the shaft behind the part that holds the spring. That would cause the whole unit to extend too far outwards towards the outer clutch cover. If there is a shim or washer on that side, your better off doing the double gasket instead of removing the clutch and the gear shift linkage on the the other side. I would just monitor for leaks for a while.
  11. Can't believe I just saw this today. I have been visiting here everyday. Anyway. Didn't enjoy reading this post Don. Scary to say the least. Your poor wife must be crazy also. Sure hope things heal quickly for you.
  12. You pay with young deer? Alive or dead? How exactly do you get them to Don? What does he do with them? It's gotta be easier paying in dollars.
  13. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. Hopped on my Harley this afternoon and headed out for a spin. I got about 10 minutes of riding in when I came to a stop sign. The stop was on an incline and the bike was in 1st gear so left hand was squeezing the clutch lever and my right squeezing the front brake. Out of nowhere, a bee, don't know what kind, decided to go into my left ear and sting the crap out of it. I was stuck there helpless. Finally with no cars in sight, I was able to cross the street and pull over. I wear a half helmet so I checked to see if the bee was still there but it was gone. I haven't been stung in years and am not allergic so I figured that I could continue on my ride. In a matter of a few minutes, my ear and side of my face started throbbing. I decided to turn around and head home. Had my wife check my ear and it was all red and swollen. She found the stinger and pulled it out. Since then, I have taken an antihistamine, some Tylenol and have been icing it. Although that stuff seems to help, my ear and the area around it is swollen and red and sore. What the heck is happening this year? My 1st road accident in 51 years on the road and now a bee stinging the crap out of me while I sat on the bike helpless. I hope someone's not trying to tell me something. Come on 2021.
  14. That article sent chills up my spine. That was me 5 weeks ago. Thankfully I am here to talk about it. An elderly couple literally pulled out in front of at the last second. I had approximately 3 car lengths at 35mph to work with. Almost got around them but the my saddlebag caught their front bumper. I posted pic here after it happened. First words out of their mouths was that they didn't see me. The intersection was almost a open as the one in the google pic from XV1100SE. I am having a little difficulty since getting back on a bike again. Every time I see a car at an intersection now, I tend to brake and swerve away from them. A couple of days ago, there was a young girl at a stop that kept creeping and creeping. I stopped my bike in front of her and walked over and told her to knock it off. Then told her the story of my accident and this creeping she is doing is scaring the crap out of riders. Normally I wouldn't do stuff like that, but since my accident, I have lost my filter.
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