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  1. Go the cheapest/easiest route 1st to see if that does the trick for you. You can always go to the more expensive option later. Do not raise the tubes any higher than 7/8". I actually would recommend 3/4". The reason being, the ears on the lower fork sliders that the fender bolts to will hit the lower fork tube covers that are attached to the underside of the triple trees and damage the covers. If you need to go lower on the front, then the spacers are the way to go. That's whole other topic that could be discussed later if needed. Lowering the front allows for better handling in
  2. It has to do with road crews leveling the road shoulders with gravel after a re-pave of the road. Why in Gods name do they level the gravel on the shoulders running along corners? When we get a strong rain it gets washed onto the pavement. I have talked to road agents in surrounding towns about it and nothing has changed. It was getting close to dusk and as I approached a somewhat sharp right turn corner I came upon quite a bit of loose gravel rocks, mostly pebble sized, on the road through the corner with nowhere to avoid it. My front tire kicked out and the next thing I knew, I was in
  3. A 2016 Indian Roadmaster I had been looking for easier handling ride than my 2008 RSV before I totaled it, so I had purchased a 2015 HD Ultra Limited. Only had the HD a short period before totaling the RSV, so the HD became my everyday ride. It's a nice bike , but after putting around 10K on it this summer, I just don't love it. About a week ago, the Roadmaster popped up at a local dealer so I went to look at it. I was a little hesitant because I bought a 2015 Roadmaster before I bought the Harley. That bike had a whine and howl coming from the straight cut primary gears that wa
  4. Not so amazing. I downloaded those pics from ebay and your welcome. Any time.
  5. Shaft friction could be caused by a washer/shim on the shaft behind the part that holds the spring. That would cause the whole unit to extend too far outwards towards the outer clutch cover. If there is a shim or washer on that side, your better off doing the double gasket instead of removing the clutch and the gear shift linkage on the the other side. I would just monitor for leaks for a while.
  6. Can't believe I just saw this today. I have been visiting here everyday. Anyway. Didn't enjoy reading this post Don. Scary to say the least. Your poor wife must be crazy also. Sure hope things heal quickly for you.
  7. You pay with young deer? Alive or dead? How exactly do you get them to Don? What does he do with them? It's gotta be easier paying in dollars.
  8. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. Hopped on my Harley this afternoon and headed out for a spin. I got about 10 minutes of riding in when I came to a stop sign. The stop was on an incline and the bike was in 1st gear so left hand was squeezing the clutch lever and my right squeezing the front brake. Out of nowhere, a bee, don't know what kind, decided to go into my left ear and sting the crap out of it. I was stuck there helpless. Finally with no cars in sight, I was able to cross the street and pull over. I wear a half helmet so I checked to see if the bee was still there but it wa
  9. That article sent chills up my spine. That was me 5 weeks ago. Thankfully I am here to talk about it. An elderly couple literally pulled out in front of at the last second. I had approximately 3 car lengths at 35mph to work with. Almost got around them but the my saddlebag caught their front bumper. I posted pic here after it happened. First words out of their mouths was that they didn't see me. The intersection was almost a open as the one in the google pic from XV1100SE. I am having a little difficulty since getting back on a bike again. Every time I see a car at an intersection now, I te
  10. Good news. Here's to many more miles with smiles.
  11. Now I know why every time I posted links to here from a particular facebook page, my post was deleted. Thought I was breaking some kind of rules for the page. Apparently, it must be a "none posted, hurt his feelings rule". I started pointing people here in a roundabout way so as to not get deleted. Now i have to go back on fb to see which site it is so I can push the limits. I don't give a damn I get banned from it.
  12. As much as I didn't care for the whine on my RSV's, I noticed that the earlier 2002 I had was very loud. Could only run dino oil 20w50 in it so it was tolerable. My 2006 was better and my 2 2008's barely had any whine. The last 3 ran synthetic oil. Now you want to talk about annoying whine. Earlier this year, I traded my 2014 Harley Ultra Limited in for a 2015 Indian Roadmaster with the 111 engine. Thank God that the dealer had a 14 day satisfaction policy. I turned it back in in 2 days because the whine was totally unbearable. It whined from idle, clutch in or out and all the way through t
  13. Your best option if you are looking for outside help is to contact Mike Eyekamp who is a member here and also is the Diamond Cut Guy that you see advertising here. He has a carb swap program that is awesome. He sends you fully rebuilt carb set and you send him yours for a very reasonable price.
  14. Just out of curiosity, are you using a gasket for the clutch cover? If not and just using sealant may cause the cover to get too close to the engine thereby too tight against the end of the shaft. It may need that gasket for a gap.
  15. Here's a pic of the shifter. The return spring (circled) fits over a pin near the clutch. Very easy to miss getting this spring on the pin if you have never done it before.
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